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    During the raptor pen scene, Laura Dern can be seen at one point almost cracking-up, due to director Steven Spielberg's raptor-noises from off-camera. (From: Ryan)
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    Invisible Killer 2 [Treatment]
    By Aragorn

    I plan on doing up treatments of all my old stories I wrote as a kid. This is #4 in my treatment series.

    Other Treatments I have done up:

    StarCraft 2
    Invisible Killer



    The story starts off by explaining that Henry and Jack did their best to relay the Ghost’s message to the world, but nobody believed them and they were regarded as crackpots. It wasn’t long until they were blamed for the deaths and disappearances of the people at the camp and were both locked away. Henry went to jail and Jack went to a Boys Home.
    Nobody has returned to the camping grounds since, but only because a place where people were murdered doesn’t tend to make for a great family vacationing spot. It is a few years from the events in the previous story and mankind has once again returned to the cursed camp grounds.

    Two older teenagers with hiking bags on their bags walk down an overgrown trail, the sun shining down on them. The male is Frank and the female is Fran. Fran complains about the heat and asks if they’re almost there. Frank stops and looks around and states that he thinks so.
    They keep walking and the sky slowly starts getting darker as night approaches. Fran complains about how creepy it is and asks why they have to meet the others there. Frank sighs and reassures her that the two people who murdered all those people years before, are safely behind bars and that there’s nothing to worry about.

    Hours later, night has arrived and Fran is so exhausted that she’s practically falling asleep on her feet. Frank is convinced that they’re almost there. They hear the sound of someone walking behind them and turn around.
    Someone dressed as the grim reaper is standing behind them. A dog is standing at its side and it starts barking at them. The figure points a finger at them and tells them to turn back or die.
    The figure and dog seem to fade away right in front of their eyes and the barking stops. Fran freaks out, wanting to leave. Frank tries to convince her that it’s just some old hermit playing a prank.

    They reach the camp grounds and walk through the main gate. They go to the Main Cabin and just as Frank is about t put his hand on the door knob, the door slightly opens by itself. Frank passes it off as the door not being closed all the way and a breeze pushed it open.
    Frank and Fran push the door open all the way and walk inside the building. The building was pitch dark and Frank started feeling along the wall for a light switch. His hands fall upon something that feels slimy and he starts getting a disgusted look on his face.
    Fran finds the light switch on another wall and flips the switch. As the lights come on, Frank looks at his hand and sees that it’s covered in blood. He looks back at the wall, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary on it.
    Fran screams and Frank whips around. The wall that Fran was near, seemed to be made out of guts and other organs, all meshed together. The lights began to flicker and when they stopped, keeping the room lighted, the wall was back to normal. Frank looks at his hand, but it too no longer has blood on it. He rubs his eyes and passes it all off as over-tiredness and exhaustion.
    Frank suggested to Fran that they catch some sleep and everything will be better in the morning. Fran is still freaking out and Frank leads her upstairs.

    In the middle of the night, Fran and Frank are woken up by scratching noise. It was all over the room, as if thousands of mice were scratching at the walls. Then the wallpaper begins to rip, as if giant claws were ripping them from inside the room.
    They ran out of the room and down the hall. The door leading downstairs was rapidly banging open and closed. Frank touched the doorknob and the door stopped moving. They run down the stairs and the wallpaper on either side of them rips as if the invisible giant claws were chasing them.
    They reach the bottom of the stairs and duck as a lamp flies at them from across the room and crashes into the wall behind them. They run out of the cabin and into the night. The door slams shut behind them.
    They stopped to catch their breaths. A Ghost flew up into the air from under the ground, its mouth inhumanly wide. It flew up right under Frank and carried him away in its jaws.
    Fran screamed as she turned and ran. She reached an Outhouse in the woods and ran in, slamming and locking the door behind her. She sat on the toilet as she cried. Suddenly she jerked down a bit and she stopped. She tried to stand, but couldn’t. Then she was jerked so hard, she folded up and was sucked down, blood spraying up out of the toilet.

    Chapter 1:

    The next day, the sun was shinning and a car pull up to a stop at a highway gas station and a bunch of older teens climb out of them. We are introduced to Josh, Noel, Chris, Carl, and Veronica. It is revealed that they are supposed to be meeting Frank and Fran there, and their other friend, Richard, is meeting them there later that night.
    Carl says that he needs to refuel and that it’ll be the last stop before they reach the camp and so if anyone has to use the bathroom, now would be the time. They split up, some going to the bathroom, others wandering around the store, looking for some kind of snack food to buy as Carl fuels up his car.
    Josh goes to pay for the gas and buy a couple bags of chips. The 70-year old clerk asks where they’re headed and Josh tells him they’re going to the old Camp Blue Moon grounds. The cashier tries to talk him out of it, saying how the place is cursed and anyone who walks on those lands will also be cursed.
    Josh tells him that they’ve already heard the story and that they’re going to prove that there’s no reason why the camp grounds can’t re-open. He walks back outside and the others soon follow. Carl is waiting in the car.

    The car is driving down the highway and turns off down a dirt road. A sign for Camp Blue Moon was knocked down to the ground, covered with dirt and over-grown grass.
    They drive down the dirt road for awhile and soon reach the parking lot for Camp Blue Moon. Everyone piles out and starts unloading the car. Josh looks in Carl’s trunk as Carl is taking bags out and notices a bunch of guns.
    Josh freaks out and Carl tells him to relax. He only brought the guns to make the girls feel safer. It is revealed that the girls were too scared to go on the trip unless Carl brought guns.
    Veronica and Noel start calling out Frank and Fran’s names. Everyone goes inside the Main Cabin and drops their bags on the floor. Veronica continues calling Frank and Fran.
    Chris suggests that maybe they stayed in another cabin, or might be out wandering the grounds someplace. Veronica and Noel go outside and stand on the spot, looking around, trying to decide where a good place to start looking is.

    Inside the Main Cabin, Josh comes down from upstairs and states that Fran and Frank’s bags are up there, so they have to be around someplace. He then says that there’s only one bedroom and suggests that they all stay in another Cabin. Carl says that he’ll good look for a Cabin and Josh tells him to take the girls with him.

    The car drives down the main dirt path, Carl and the girls looking for a good cabin. They pass by a long building with the words ‘Indoor Swimming Pool’ stenciled on it. Noel tells Carl to stop the car and he does so. She complains about the heat and asks Veronica if she wants to go swimming. Veronica and Noel get their swim suits out from their bags and Carl says he’ll go find a Cabin and unload the car, and then meet them back here.
    The girls get out of the car and it drives off down the road. They go inside the building and are shocked to find fresh water in it. Noel states that she thought they’d have to fill it up but Frank and Fran must have done it the night before.

    Carl passes by an area that has two cabins really close to each other, with only a rocky parking lot in between. He pulls up to them. He starts unloading the car, putting the girl’s stuff in one cabin and the guy’s stuff in the other, and putting some guns in the girl’s cabin, to make them feel safer. He then goes into the Guy’s cabin and lays on the couch, falling asleep.

    Chris and Josh are waiting for Carl to return. Chris complains that he’s taking too long and Josh suggests they go see if they can find them. As they walk down the road, they swap at flies. They pass by the Swimming Pool and look inside and see pieces of the wall are crumbling and the equipment closet is smashed with all the water toys and things all over the floor. The pool itself is empty, no water in it.
    They continued on their way.

    Inside the Swimming Pool, Noel and Veronica are racing each other back and forth. Noel stops when she sees Chris and Josh looking in the water and she waves at them. Veronica shouts for them to join them, but the two boys act like they don’t see them. Noel calls them rude assholes and goes back to swimming as the boys turn and walk away

    Chapter 2:

    Carl wakes up on a big rock in the middle of the forest. He looks around, confused, and sees that he’s next to a stream. On the other side of the stream is someone dressed as Grim Reaper with a dog standing next to him. The figure is pointing a finger at Carl and both the finger, and the dog, has rotting flesh on them.
    The figure tells Carl to leave right away, or he’ll suffer the same fate his friends did last night. Carl blinks and the figures disappear. He gets off the rock and looks around, but sees no sign of the figures.
    His leg gets tugged and Carl looks down, seeing a skeleton’s hand coming out of the ground, pulling on his leg. Carl screams and crushes the hand with his foot, shattering the bones.
    He hears a high pitch scream and whips around. A ghost that looks like a skeleton with long hair is gliding through the air, making a screaming noise, heading right towards him.
    Carl backed up quickly and slipped on a rock on the edge of the stream, falling down. His head snaps back.

    Carl’s eyes snap open and he notices that he’s still in the cabin and realizes that what just transpired was a dream. He goes to the car to pick up the others.

    Veronica and Noel are walking down a dirt path, their clothes on overtop their wet bathing suits. They round a corner and see Josh and Chris far ahead. They call out to them and the guys wait for them to catch up.
    Josh asks them where they were and Noel says that they were swimming. Josh says they passed by the swimming pool, but it was deserted. Veronica states there must be more then one swimming pool.
    Carl drives around the corner and everyone gets in. He asks if anyone’s found Fran or Frank yet, but no one has. Carl tells them about his dream and Josh asks if he thinks Frank and Fran are dead. Carl admits that it was just a dream and probably didn’t mean anything.
    The car pulls up between the two cabins and Veronica and Noel go to their cabin as Carl, Chris, and Josh go to theirs.

    That night, Veronica and Noel were playing cards in their cabin. Veronica looks out the window across from her and watches the trees sway in the wind. Noel suggests that they should all go back to the Main Cabin and see if Frank and Fran have returned yet. Veronica looks at her watch and sees that it’s past midnight and says that if they have returned, they’re probably asleep.
    Veronica yawns and says she’s going to bed and stands as Noel starts picking up the cards. Veronica goes into her room and closes her door. She starts changing into her P.J.’s when the door slightly opens on it’s own. She calls out to Noel and asks her if she just opened her door.
    Noel walks out into the hall from her own room, also changing, and says she didn’t. Suddenly something heavy thumped on the roof, and kept thumping as if something heavy was walking around up there.

    In the guy’s cabin, they were all sitting around the kitchen table, having a few drinks and telling stories. Josh hushes them up and tells them to listen. In the quiet, they hear gun shots coming from the other cabin and they all rush over, picking up a couple guns along the way.
    The door to the cabin is opened and the guys see the girls firing at the ceiling. They all make eye contact for a split second, before the door slams itself shut. The lights go out in the cabin and the guys can hear the two girls start screaming high-pitched. They all rammed into the door trying to get it open, but it wouldn’t budge. Carl is about to shoot his way in, but Josh stops him, afraid he might hit one of the girls.
    A window shatters as Veronica goes flying out of it. They rush over to her and help her stand up. She’s covered in cuts and bruises and she starts screaming and ranting about ghosts.
    They hear another high-pitch scream come from inside, and then it stops. The lights come back on and the door slowly opens. Chris stays outside with Veronica as Josh and Carl step inside the cabin through the shattered window, calling out Noel’s name. They search the cabin, but there’s no trace of her anywhere. They go back outside.
    Veronica rants that the ghosts killed her and before anyone can say anything, they hear a raspy voice say that they’ve already killed Frank and Fran. Veronica starts screaming again and the others turn around, seeing Noel standing there. She has an evil glint in her eyes and she’s smiling evilly. She laughs and says that Noel’s soul suffers.
    Josh asks her what she’s talking about, but she snarls and picks him up with inhuman strength and throws him across the parking lot. Josh hits a tree and falls to the ground. Noel starts laughing in a raspy voice.
    Carl swears and runs at her, knocking her to the ground. Veronica and Chris run and helped Josh to his feet and then rush inside the guy’s cabin, Carl back on his feet and not far behind.
    Just as Carl reaches the cabin, he turns around and sees Noel gliding through the air, slightly off her feet, standing straight up. Carl fires a shot at her and she falls to the ground, seemingly dead. He turns and goes inside the cabin, locking the door.

    Chapter 3:

    Carl freaks out, asking just what the hell is going on. Veronica states that the ghosts are attacking. Josh states that he thought the place being haunted was just a tall tale, but he knows now that he was wrong.
    They start arguing over what’s going on, but are interrupted when they see a ghost walk out of one of the rooms. It looked and acted like a zombie, but it was slightly see-through like a ghost. The ghost had an axe sticking out of its face.
    It says that it wants to eat their flesh and Carl fires at it, but naturally the bullet passes through and hits the wall behind it. The ghost disappears and shortly after, a lamp lifts up into the air and flies towards them.
    Carl aims and fires, shattering the lamp. They all stand around, quietly, but nothing else happens. Josh states that it seems that if they destroy an object while a ghost is possessing it, that they may destroy the ghost as well.
    The wall formed into a giant hand and the hand punched Josh, sending him flying across the room and into the other wall. Then that wall formed another giant hand and the ceiling formed a giant face, but with no features. Just hollow eyes and mouth. It moaned as the hands reached out for the teens.
    They all ducked and dodged and Veronica picked up a gun and fired at the face, but nothing happened. It roared at them and they started screaming as they turned and ran out the door.
    They piled into the car, but Carl couldn’t get the car to start. He jumped out and quickly opened the hood. The engine was smashed. The others saw his expression and got out of the car to see what was wrong.
    They heard barking and whipped around. The figure and the dog were back, only now they were just skeletons. The figure tells them that they will all die, and then the two skeletons disintegrated into a couple piles of sand that gets blown away in the wind..
    Carl suggests they walk back out to the highway and hitchhiker and the others agree. They start down the road.

    Chapter 4

    They group is walking down the road when they hear a crackling noise behind them. They all whip around, but nothing is there. When they turn back to the front, Noel is standing there, looking evil, and with a gun shot wound in the chest which is squirting out blood.
    She taunts them, telling them that they’ll never escape. Carl raises a gun and tells her to move out of the way. She goes in to attack him, but Carl fires. Noel’s head snaps back and her body falls to the ground.
    The group starts to move again, but Noel stands back up, a bullet hole in the middle of her head. She leaps at him and knocks him to the ground. She takes out a dagger that Carl had tied around his leg and rams it down into Carl’s chest. Carl screams as Noel jumps off and Chris and Josh fire at her.
    Noel turns around to face them, bullet holes covering her, and laughs. She leaps and jumps on Josh, knocking him to the ground, scratching at his face with her sharp nails.
    Chris takes the dagger out from Carl’s chest and tosses it near to Josh, who picks it up and slices it into Noel’s neck. Noel stands up, the head hanging on only by a new strands of flesh. Veronica picked up a log from the edge of the forest and slams it into Noel’s head, knocking it the rest of the way off.
    Carl moans in pain, signifying that he isn’t dead yet. The others quickly run over to him and help him stand up. Josh suggests they get off the main path because the ghosts will find them easier there. They quickly go down a small, overgrown path that goes through the woods.
    The trail opens up into a clearing and Carl starts panicking. It’s the same clearing from his dream. He opens his mouth to say something, but only blood comes out. They lay him down on a rock – the same one from his dream – and tell him to rest for a bit.
    They hear a screaming noise and the ghost from Carl’s dream glides out, rushing towards them. Carl, freaking out, stands up to run, but gets picked up by the ghost, which carries him across the stream and then slams him into a tree and disappears. Carl falls to the ground in pain and lands in the stream. Then his body flies up from the stream and lands on his back in front of the teens, as if something threw him.
    His chest is ripped open and his eyes are gouged out. Veronica freaks out and throws up. Carl’s body slowly sits up and sneers as he turns to face them. He tells them that they will all die, and Josh keeps shooting the body until he is out of ammo. The body stumbles back and falls into the stream, going under the water. Josh reloads and keeps the gun aimed at the water, but Carl doesn’t re-surface.
    Chris suggests they keep moving and Veronica and Josh agree. They turn to leave, but a skeletal hand breaks through the ground and pops up. Veronica screams and stomps on the hand, shattering the bones. The three of them run back through the woods.

    Chapter 5:

    The lake is peaceful. Not a ripple in the surface. The three teens emerge from the woods onto the beach and look around. They are obviously lost and don’t know their way back to the highway from where they are.
    The trees behind them start shaking and moving back and forth as if something big is following them and they run further out onto the beach. They look around and Chris spots a near-hidden trail further down the beach a bit (This is the same trail that Cindy and Jack went on at the beginning of the first story).
    They race towards it and when they reach it, they take off at a run down it. As they run down the trail, they hear the snapping of branches behind them. Josh turns his head around and Possesed Carl leaps out from the forest. Josh screams and fires, knocking Carl off his feet and lays motionless on the trail in front of them.
    Josh slowly steps over the body, keeping the gun pointed at it. Chris follows as does Veronica. However, when Veronica is stepping over the body, its arm jumps out up and grabs her by the ankle. Carl drags her to the ground and leaps on her, biting into her shoulder and ripping a chunk of flesh out. Veronica screams in pain.
    Josh doesn’t want to fire because he’s scared he’ll hit Veronica, so he slams the butt of the gun down, knocking Carl off of Veronica, and then he swings the gun as hard as he can and decapitates Carl.
    Josh turns to Veronica and looks at her shoulder. They need to get her to a hospital and fast. They continue down the trail, running as fast as they can. They get to the end of the trail and come out right behind a cabin. Chris freaks out because they just went in a circle and aren’t any closer to the highway.
    They run out to the main trail and start running down it, heading for the Main Cabin and parking lot area. The hear growling and see a ghost wolf and the ghost of a pudgy 5-year-old boy comes out from the woods. The ghost-wolf is running across the ground and the ghost-boy is floating above the ground.
    The two ghosts give chase as the humans run down the trail. Josh fires, but the bullet goes through the boy and he remembers that he can’t hit a ghost. The boy however, disappears, as does the wolf, but wolf prints could be seen being formed in the mud as the invisible entities continued the chase.
    The wolf forms again just as it leaps. The people stop on the spot and duck, the wolf passing over their heads. It lands and turns to face them, growling. It leaps again and knocks Chris to the ground. Josh and Veronica continue running as they hear Chris scream and the sounds of him getting ripped to shreds.

    Chapter 6:

    They round the corner and are flooded by bright lights. The jeep screeches to a stop and Josh and Veronica rush up and jump inside of it. Richard is behind the wheel and asks with a cheerful smile what’s going on.
    Josh and Veronica scream at him to turn the jeep around and to drive away as fast as he can. He does so, but still wants to know what’s going on. Josh starts to explain.
    They reach the Main Cabin and parking lot area and drive out onto the dirt road that’ll bring them to the highway. Richard doesn’t fully believe Josh’s story, but soon enough the trees on the edge of the woods start crashing down onto the road, trying to crush the jeep. The jeep stays one step ahead of the falling trees.
    A giant log flies out from the forest and rams into the side of the jeep, flipping it over a few times as it comes to a crash upside down. Josh and Veronica get out of the vehicle and Josh reaches in to help Richard out, but a tree slams down onto the jeep, crushing it.
    Josh quickly backs up and runs with Veronica as the trees continue to fall. They jump and a tree lands right where they were a second before. Josh gets to his feet and starts to help Veronica up when a tree lands, smashing her leg and pinning her there. Veronica screams in pain.
    Josh tries lifting the tree up a bit, but it was too big and heavy and he couldn’t budge it. Josh jumps back just as another tree slams down, crushing Veronica underneath. Josh turns and runs. Just as a tree lands on him, he jumps and lands out on the highway.
    He gets to his feet and turns back and sees that the entire path to the camp grounds is covered with fallen trees and nobody would be able to drive in there again.
    He turns and starts walking down the highway, sticking out his thumb.


    Info on the unwritten Invisible Killer 3 and Invisible Killer 4:

    I started writing IK3 as soon as I finished with IK2, but only got it half written before the computer crashed and I lost everything. I never bothered trying to re-write it. It took place in the Western days and started with a group of bandits robbing a bank in which they killed many people and took one as a hostage. They took off across the desert, trying to get away from the pursuing soldiers.
    The first half of the story dealt with their journey across the desert, sleeping in caves and dealing with hungry wild animals, and even a shoot-out with the soldiers that caught up with them. They escaped from the soldiers and ended up reaching an abandoned town in the middle of the desert and decided to hold up there for awhile due to an approaching sand storm.
    The sand storm starts and the remaining soldiers are killed in it. The bandits are cut off from the rest of the world until he storm ends. That’s where I got to when the computer crashed. I was going to have the town be haunted by all the ghosts of the people who died there, and the history behind it is that they were killed by a group of bandits that were passing through and because of that, they take their revenge out on all bandits that hold up there for a night here and there as they cross the desert. The rest of the story dealt with the ghosts killing off the bandits and the bandits trying to survive. In the end, I was going to have no one live and the ghosts win.
    My plans for IK4 was going to deal with Selt Klein going on her murderous rampage and then leaving town, followed by the police, and coming across that town from IK3 where at first her and the police work together to survive, but then she makes a deal with the ghosts and she kills herself, becoming a powerful ghost and killing the remainder of the cops. It was going to end with her finding out that because she died there, her ghost can never leave that town.
    Of course, as we know from IK1, her ghost does end up leaving, and it’s still a mystery as to how, but it does fill in a lot of back history.

    5/14/2005 8:00:24 PM

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