The Lost World
By Michael Crichton
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    Eddie Carr was originally supposed to be the "hero" in TLW, which explains why the Eddie action figure comes with the so-called "hero hat". (From: 'Salvester2')
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    Ginger Snaps Prologue: The Corpse
    By Aragorn

    Prologue: The Corpse

    It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in the town of Bailey Downs, Canada. The sky was covered with gray and near-black clouds as a warm breeze sifted through the area, going through the fields and empty streets.
    Almost all was quiet with the exception of a dog barking and a group of young kids playing street hockey in front of a row of houses.
    One of those houses belonged to Mary Wilson, a single mother in her late thirties. Her husband had been an abusive drunk and ran out on her and their two-year-old son, Danny. Mary had gone into a state of depression afterwards, but decided to keep herself busy and her mind off being depressed. She worked as much as she could at the local restaurant and hired a babysitter for Danny. However, on days she had off, like this Sunday, she occupied her time by doing chores. Her main chore for this day was to rake the recently fallen leaves.
    Mary moved around her fenced backyard, racking up the brown and yellow leaves, humming a tune she heard on the radio.
    A lot had happened the past week. It had started when a young teen couple was found ripped up and shredded, left for dead in their car on the edge of the woods. The car showed signs of a break in such as dented doors and broken glass, and the bodies proved that it was some kind of creature that killed them.
    After that, a few pets turned up slaughtered here and there, all across the town. Another person went missing only to be found the next day in the same condition as the previous victims. After that, hardly anyone went outside unless they had a good reason to and never loitered around.
    Mary could hear the sounds of the boys playing hockey on the street in front of the house and wondered to herself how long it well be until the animal is caught so everyone can go outside and enjoy themselves like those kids were doing.
    She stopped raking leaves and turned her head to look at Danny, who was content with playing by himself in his sandbox. He was scooping up sand with his little plastic shovel and putting it into a little plastic pail, just to dump it out and do it all over again. For a toddler, that’s the best thing in the world, and he showed his signs of glee with a big smile and playful laugh.
    Mary smiled as she saw her son having so much fun and then turned back around to pick up the pile of leaves and put it in an already over-flowing garbage bag.
    Danny continued scooping up the sand and putting it in his little pail, when he saw a red gooey substance. He reached his hand out and moved his fingers through it, bringing them up to his eyes to look at it.
    He went back to digging and then stopped when his shovel hit against something hard.
    Mary looked back over at her son and smiled again. She walked over to him and bent down, watching him dig something out of the sandbox.
    “What have you got there?” Mary asked her son. She looked down at the object he had dug up and her eyes went wide as she quickly reached down for it. She pulled the object out of the sandbox to get a better looked and then gasped when she realized what it was.
    After her husband left and she was busy with work, Wendy had bought Danny his very own dog to keep him company. She made sure it was a German Shepard so it could also guard the house and protect Danny.
    Now Wendy gasped as she looked at a dog’s paw with some bone and muscle sticking out of the severed end, blood dripping out. It can’t be Baxter. She thought to herself. Bowser is a strong dog.
    She threw the paw back to the ground and picked Danny up in her arms as she rushed to through the backyard to the side of the house where the doghouse was. Before she even reached the doghouse, she knew the worst had happened.
    There was blood splattered all over the walkway, with intestines and other organs sprawled everywhere like wasted spaghetti.
    Baxter the dog was laying on his side by the doghouse, mouth curled up in a growl, unmoving. His entire back half was gone, and in its spot was a giant pool of blood with intestines hanging out.
    Mary let out a blood-curdling scream. The worst has happened. The creature had killed her dog.

    4/14/2004 8:17:12 PM
    (Updated: 4/14/2004 8:18:03 PM)

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