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    In Michael Crichton's JP novel, the ages of the children are reversed: the boy is older, while the girl is younger. Spielberg reportedly flipped the ages of the kids so Joseph Mazello could play Tim.
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    By Aragorn

    When reading these, you will realize how I can come up with half of my ideas for my School Day novel, lol

    You'll also realize I have some of the most screwed up dreams ever, and that maybe I should lay off the horror movies for awhile, lol

    Possessed Park

    I walked up my high school and went inside. I never saw any teachers or kids; it was completely empty, so I wondered if it was a holiday and I had just forgotten about it. But then I heard laughing cut the silence.
    Suddenly Blood started to flow down the stairs and fill the hallway and class rooms like a river. I went up the stairs, slipping and sliding in the pouring blood, and when I reached the top and walked out into the hall, the blood was up to my waist.
    I followed the laughing all the way to my math room and saw Mr. Park, my math teacher in there. He had one leg in the blood and the other on his chair and he was laughing.
    He reached down into the blood and hauled out one of my friend’s body’s. My friend pleaded for him to stop but he suddenly ripped off the head and threw the body back into the blood.
    He held the head high and it suddenly ignited into flames! Mr. Park laughed and dropped the head back into the blood. He turned and saw me and his eyes turned to fire, fire flickering from where his eyes used to be.
    He leaped out and chased me out of the room and down the hall, growling like some kind of demon. We were running through the blood and I looked back to see that he was shooting fire at me from his eyes. I slipped in the blood and fell down. I looked back just as he reached for me.

    Mbwun Jungle

    For this one to make sense, a Mbwun is the creature in the book 'Relic', which looks diffrent then the one in the movie did. (Try to find a picture of the cover on Amazon.com or something to see what it looks like in teh book. I'm too lazy to discribe it, lol) Anyway, onto the dream:

    Me and my friends Ryan, Justin, Steven, and a bunch of nameless hunters were in a jungle walking around, brushing through the foliage. We left the shelter of tress and climbed a grassy hill. After we got to the top, we walked to the other side, about to walk down, but instead we saw a group of Mbwun.
    Someone gasped and they all turned to look at us and started screeching as they ran at us. We turned and began to run back down the hill and back into the jungle.
    The Mbwun were still after us, gaining with every few steps.
    Suddenly crates started to fall from the sky and once they landed around us, we opened them. Inside were guns. Lots of different guns. I raised a machine gun and started to fire. I aimed for the eyes, since that’s the only way to kill them, and got one. I aimed againa nd killed another. Then another. Ryan picked up a missile launcher and fired. The explosion that followed blew up a few of the Mbwun, but not enough to help greatly.
    A Mbwun came up behind Ryan and knocked him down. It looked at him, snarling in his face, and dug it’s claws into his face.
    Everyone was firing in different directions as the Mbwun began forming a circle around us and a few hunters ended up being killed but so did some Mbwun.
    Steven Raised a shotgun and fired point blank range into the eyes of a Mbwun. That one fell, dead, but another Mbwun jumped up from behind the dead one and landed on Steven, tearing him apart.
    Me, Justin, and two hunters were all that was left. We were all firing machine guns and AK-47's and we killed a few more. One of the hunters were hauled away by a Mbwun as it dug its nails in his back and pulled him away, screaming. We continued firing. (That’s when I woke up)

    Mbwun Winter

    It was Christmas vacation and Ryan had come to mine and my parents cabin with us for the weekend. There was snow on the ground and my parents had just left for a walk with my dog.
    It was dark out and I say to Ryan how they’ve been gone for a really long time. We were getting worried and tired, so we went to bed, knowing that they would be back when we woke up.
    We woke up the next day and they still weren’t back. We went out looking for them and saw strange big three-toed tracks in the snow. We went back inside and I got my dad’s rifle from under his bed and loaded it.
    We walked down the snow covered dirt road, following the tracks, and came across some woods with a trail going through it. The tracks turned to went up the trail, so we followed them on up. Shortly we reached a secluded cabin.
    In the snow around the cabin was some blood. A drop of red blood dripped from a nearby tree and we looked up, not seeing anything. We began to push on the tree, shaking it.
    Soon my parents and dog fell down, decapitated.
    We smelled something that caused us to wrinkle our noses and heard a wheezing noise. We turned around and a Mbwun was standing a few feet away, staring at us. I fired but hit it’s chest, causing the bullet to bounce away. It screeched at us as it moved closer and knocked the gun out of my hand. It hissed and we turned to run, but as we did, it chased after us.

    Michael Myers

    My cousin was sleeping over at my house for the night and we were in my room, playing Nintendo at late at night.
    My dog began barking so I decided to check it out. I left my room and walked down the hall to my parents room and found my dog stuck to the door by an axe, blood pooling on the floor. My parents were laying in their bed, both decapitated.
    I turned and ran back to my room and closed and locked the door. I told my cousin what I found.
    My cousin went to the door and looked through the key hole, to see if he could see anyone out in the hall. He unexpectedly started screaming and as he moved his head back away from the door, I saw that someone or something had rammed a long, skinny, peice of metal into his eye.
    Something banged on the door a few times before the door gave way and broke. Michael Myers was standing in the doorway, butcher knife in hand.
    As he walked into the room, he rammed it into my cousin’s chest, causing the body to fall to the floor, and then turned and looked at me. He started taking a few steps towards me, but I broke the glass to my window and jumped out.
    I landed on the lawn below the window, but broke my leg seeing as how I live two floors above ground.
    I turned as I heard mmy door open and Michael walked out and moved towards me.

    Amityville Haunting

    I was at home, at night, with a picture of the Amityville House in my hands, that I had printed off the computer. As I looked at it, I noticed that the window ‘eyes’ on the picture were glowing. I ripped the picture up and threw the pieces in the garbage. I went to use the bathroom and once I entered the washroom, the power flickered and went out.
    I turned to look in the mirror and in the mirror, behind me, I could see the Amityville house with the window ‘eyes’ glowing.
    I whipped around but there was nothing there. I looked back in the mirror and it was still behind me.
    I smashed the mirror and turned around and in the wall I saw the window ‘eyes’ glowing and staring at me, but just those. The rest of the house wasn’t there.

    Bingo Monster

    Me and my friend Andrew stepped out of an old house (It possibly could have been a Haunted House, but this wasn’t really made clear in the dream). Before us was a yard of bones, guts, and other insides and human organs.
    On the other side of the yard was a big creature. It had 2 long horns on it’s head and it had hooves on it’s two feet. It was holding Allison in its grasp, and looked like it was about to kill her.
    Me and Andrew both shot off across the yard, stepping on the bones and carful not to slip. When Andrew stepped on a bone however, he slipped and fell into the guts and organs and sank down into it as if it was an ocean.
    I made it to the other side, but the monster threw me and I landed a bit of ways away. I got back up and ran at him, and once I reached him, brfore he could grab me, I began to scratch him.
    He began screaming and part of him melted away and underneath was a giant ‘B’. I scratched some more and uncovered an ‘I’. Soon I had ‘BINGO’.
    The monster started to scream and I scratched some more until he melted away fully and there was a giant Bingo card where he used to be.
    Allison came over to kiss me for saving her but I looked closely and told her to get out of my way and shoved her away. I looked closer at the card and I realized I had won the Bingo jackpot for that week.


    I walked into my Parents room and saw someone sleeping in the bed. I apologized and the person said that it was all right.
    I closed the door and went down stairs. I saw my dog and father playing around in the living room, throwing the ball as my dog went and caught it.
    The front door opened and I turned to see my parents and dog walked in. I turned back around and the other father and dog were suddenly gone. I asked them how long they were gone for and they said they had been gone for the entire day.

    The Man with the Hook

    I went to school went to my class. My teacher, Mr. Hoveland was sleeping at his desk. I approached him and shook him a little and he fell to the floor, his guts spilled.
    I turned around and Dillon, one of my friends, was hung from the roof with rope around his neck, his feet just barley above the floor.
    The door leading to the Health Room opened and the fisherman killer from ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ walked in and raised his hook.
    I ran out of the room and ran into Allison. I told her what happened and what I saw, but she didn’t believe me and turned around to leave.
    The man with the hook was standing there and swung the hook up, digging it into her chest. And then hauled up some more.
    He took the hook out, letting the body fall to the floor, and then turned around and dug the hook into Curtis’s head, who was just about to attack him from behind. He looked at me and slashed the hook down at me.

    Michael Myers 2

    I was in the mall, walking and looking into stores. When I looked ahead, at the end of the hallway I saw Michael Myers.
    I turned to run and part way down the hall, I turned my head back, but he was no longer there. I ran into a music store to hide, but Michael was there already.
    He took a music CD out of its case and dug it into the throat of the cashier.
    I ran into the back storage room and two more employees were in there. Michael followed and when he reached the room, took out a knife and slashed one employee and jammed the knife into the dick of the other one.
    I left through the back door and ran to a one man plane that was outside and I started it up and flew off.
    I landed on a topical island and saw Ryan, Andrew, and Kristen waving at me and running to meet me.
    Michael hopped off of the bottom of the plane and picked up a scorpion from the ground. He flicked it at Andrew and the scorpion dug it’s claws into his eyes.
    Me and Ryan ran, leaving Kristen to defend herself. Michael took out another knife and hacked away at Kristen.
    I found a gun laying on the ground and picked it up and turned around and fired. But instead of bullets coming out, all I heard was the loud click of the gun running on empty.
    Michael had reached us and stabbed Ryan, but before he could get to me, I turned and ran.


    Me, Drew, Mike, and Jimmy were at school and looking in the window to the old library. There, crouching down beside an aisle, was Ghostface (Scream movies).
    He looked at us and stood up and started to walk to the door. Drew yelled to run and Drew, Mike, and Jimmy shot off and out of the school before you could blink an eye.
    Ghostface came out of the library and chased me down the hall.
    I got to the exit and pushed a little girl out of the way, who then fell down and started to cry. I turned around to see if she was ok, but Ghostface stabbed a knife into her.
    He wiped the blood off with his glove and I ran some more. Len, another of my friends, grabbed onto me and asked me what was going on. We walked around in a half circle cause I tried to get him to let go. Then his body straightened and he fell down, dead, a knife in his back. I looked up and Ghostface was there standing there.

    The Insane Woman

    Me and my friends were playing Hide and Seek in an abandened building. I was hiding on the first floor, behind some machinery, when I heard someone approching. I looked and saw a woman, about in her thirties, with scraggly hair, wearing a gown like she was in a mental institution, walking towards me. I asked if I could help her and she said that if I wanted to help, I could play with her. So I agreed and she took out a really, really, really long needle (I hate needles), and started walking towards me. I turned and ran up the metal stairs and hid around a corner. heard her coming up the steps and I peeked around the corner and saw her reaching the top, whispering in a soothing voice 'Come out. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to play.'
    I turned and ran, but not before she saw me. She gave chase and caught me by the arm, pulling me back towards her and ramming the needle down into my leg. (I woke up, and the place on my leg that she rammed the needle down into was hurting like hell)

    The End

    Me and two of my friends were driving down to the movies (In my dream we're living in some location I've never seen before. It was a city, and I lie in a town right now, but oh well).

    Suddenly the sky just gets really, really dark, almost as if it was night, and as it does, a giant shadow passes over the ground as the sky gets dark. Suddenly things begin to shake, and something flies up in the air infront of us and we watch ti fly up to the clouds. In the clouds above, there is some kind of wormhole (That's what I'll call it, cause I really have no idea what it was).

    And basicly, as we're driving to get away, we find out there are certain spots that lift you up into the worm hole. But if you're heavy enough and moving fast enough (Like the jeep we were in, if we drove it fast enough through one of the 'lifting' spots, we'd start to lift off the ground, but we'd be through the spot before we really got any height)

    Anyway, people and objects and animals were being fed to this thing as we ended up getting out of the city, and trying to go to some caves in the mountains, however as we're going up the rocky dirt road thingy, going up into the mountains, we hit a rock and I go flying out the back of the jeep (Its one of those jeeps without a roof and stuff), and I roll part way back down the trail, and when I look up, my friends had dissipered from view. I look back, and the giant worm hole thing was slowly making its way in the direction I was at so I turned off the road and ran up the mountain, dodging rocks and boulders, however I saw a group of people hiding in an area with alot of boulders near each other, and they were all hdiing behind seperate boulders.

    They come out to greet me, saying how their happy there's someone else alive, when all of a sudden some little ball of light, around the size of a basketball comes zipping through the boulders, and runs right into one of the people, causing him to explode.

    Everyone else starts running but three more of those light orbs attack and kill the people while I run and hide behind a boulder. One of them slowly hovers by, and as soon as it gets past the boulde, it turns and heads for me. I trip and fall to the ground, lifting up a rock and using that to hold the orb away.

    I see a scrap of metal on teh ground and reach with one hand to throw that and the orb follows after it, causing it to explode after it reaches it. I turn and run before the Orb can get close enough to me again. (At this point, I hzve no idea how it happened, but I suddenly knew that the Orb things only went after metal, and that when I looked down, I was wearing a metal belt, and I had a metal neckalce thing around my neck, and it only explodes the metal.)

    As I run, my friends from earlier end up finding me again and I jump back in the jeep as we drive away before the Orbs could come back. We look up and the Worm Hole thing is still slowly moving its way here. (Oh, just incase I forgot to say it earlier, this worm hole thing was located in the clouds, like the clouds themselves formed it, and it looked, from the ground anyway, that it was on fire or something, and the clouds were extreamly dark, almost like ash, and soem were even black)

    Suddenly the worm hole thing slowly pulls up inside itself and the clouds brighten again. We continue driving until we reach a huge 2-floored cabin, where other survivors are staying, and we and the other survivors go tothe edge of a cliff and looked out, looking at the destroyed city below, in the distance, and wondered what the hell happened.

    We all went back in the cabin and two poeple were in charge of looking after the children, and that person took them outside to play. Another few people was making food for everyone else. A few others were discussing what to do if that worm hole thing came back, or if those orbs came back, some were actualy cleaning the cabin, and others were just milling about.

    I went to use the phone to call my girlfriend in Newfoundland, to tell her what happened, but the phone lines were down, so I burrowed someone's cell phone, but when I called, it said that the area I was trying to call was temporaryily unreachable due to phones in that area being down. That's when it hit me that whatever happened here, was happeningin other areas around the world as well.

    Suddenly the kids and the people looking after them ran back inside, screaming. Everyone ran outside and saw that the clouds, closer this time, were darkening again and within minutes, the worm hole thing was back again.

    Then that's when I woke up.

    7/14/2003 2:54:44 PM

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