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    Land Cruisers were the vehicle of choice in the JP novel, not the Ford Explorers as in the film. (From: 'Drakkenfyre')
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    Doom (Part 4)
    By Aragorn


    An army of zombies and Imps glance at something off-screen. A second later, a blinding green flash tears them to pieces.

    This thing's got five shots left in it.

    Think that'll be enough?

    It has to be.


    She points to a steel plate stuck in the ground. A giant pentagram is etched into it.

    What is this?

    A Teleporter.

    Are you really ready for this, Doc?

    As ready as you are.

    Taggart nods, and together they step onto the plate - and vanish.


    Erected in a huge red valley, the Gateway has been increased in size, and is still crawling with Trites. Its crimson field is surrounded by legions of the undead: Imps, Pinky Demons, Hellknights, and something else. Huge blobs of fat with cannons for arms and long floppy tusks coming out of their heads, which have two large yellow eyes. They are MANCUBUSí.

    In a cave hidden from view, Taggart and Chen materialize. A zombie sergeant gawks at them. Taggart punches him to death with the BFG. Chen has both shotguns and belts of shells, but Taggart stays in front of her with the BFG.

    Okay. Here's how it goes. You get up on that ridge and provide cover fire while I mop up the freaks down below. If you can destabilize the Gateway, and we make it through before the thing falls apart, great. (pause) If not, we've gotta stay here and make sure that the job gets done.

    Chen nods solemnly. And they separate. Taggart watches her climb up the hill, then sneaks out himself.

    Behind the Gateway looms a monstrous creature the size of a skyscraper - a goat-headed object impaled on countless skewers which hold it in place. It barely moves, just enough for Taggart to know that it's alive. The other demons mill about in front of it. This is the GATEKEEPER.

    That ain't a red cape and a pitchfork but it gets the job done.

    He takes aim at Hell's army and glances up to see if Chen has taken her position. A rumbly sound like indigestion echoes through the valley. Turns out a Mancubus has spotted him and instantly, every creature turns to stare at him.

    The Gatekeeper sags its head in his direction, a distorted voice coming from an unseen mouth.


    Whatever, asshole.

    He fires the BFG. The energy field expands to the size of a Mack truck before it hits the demon front, splattering several dozen zombies. The rest charge.

    Fireballs come raining down on Taggart from every angle. He jumps to a new position and fires another shot.

    Chen leans over the ridge's summit and begins firing both guns. It barely dents the army but it does distract them long enough for Taggart to get off another nice shot. The Gatekeeper turns its head and seems to look directly at Chen. Its forehead has been flayed, layers of skin pinned back to reveal a throbbing brain. From the brain comes flying a bronze cube with skulls etched into its sides.

    The army stops, all turning to stare at the flying cube. A few fireballs piddle out at Taggart's feet.

    What in the...

    He trails off as the cube comes down a hundred yards behind him. It vents a huge cloud of acrid smoke. The smoke begins to take a solid form - a large form. A gigantic horned form with cybernetic hooves, a grotesquely-muscular torso and one hell a missile launcher mounted on its wrist. On either side of its bull-like head are two long, gigantic, curved horns.

    The CYBERDEMON roars and fires as soon as it spots Taggart. The demon army scrambles for cover. Taggart manages to take a step and a half before the first impact throws him. Subsequent explosions keep him airborne as an impossible number of missiles are hurtled into the valley floor.

    The guts of zombies and Imps streak through the air; a Mancubus attempts to fire on the Cyberdemon for revenge for hitting it, but is burned away instantly. The Cyberdemon turns its wicked glare to the top of the ridge. Chen rises and fires on it.

    Taggart can't even find the strength to yell at her. He grabs a handful of red soil and tries to get up, but falls back down, too weak.

    God damn you!

    He rolls over and uses his other arm to lift up the BFG. He fires and the force sends him sliding back through the dirt. The BFG cuts into the Cyberdemon's thigh, and several nearby Mancubusí
    explode; but the behemoth itself stays standing. It fires a shot at Chen.

    Chen ducks just before the ridge explodes.


    Taggart turns to the Gateway with a bitter stare.

    Forgive me.

    He aims at the arch. Just then, a squeal cuts through the smoky skies and catches not only his attention but that of the Cyberdemon.

    The Vagary comes over the ridge, chaingun blazing. Any demons still standing are now not. On its back is the hideous resurrector, the Arch-Vile, laughing in its deep voice and searching the valley for Flynn Taggart.

    A few chaingun rounds ping off of the Cyberdemon's leg. It curls its lip and fires a missile down the giant spider's throat.

    Ha Haaaa!!

    The Arch-Vile slams headfirst into the dirt. Taggart turns back to the Gateway.


    Chen tumbles down the slope, shotguns in hand. She hits the bottom and pops the Cyberdemon in the belly. It hardly even notices.

    Draw his fire!

    Sure, why the hell not.

    He launches a BFG round into the Cyberdemon's side. It roars, fire racing up its back, and discharges a missile into the earth at its feet. A cloud of dirt momentarily obscures the monster.


    He shakes the BFG. Nothing happens. He's out of ammo.


    Chen reaches the base of the Gateway and tears open a panel covered in human tissue. The wiring inside is all the same; she gets to work.

    The Cyberdemon shakes itself clean and regards Taggart with utter contempt.

    Put the gun down, pussy. Letís fight mano un ugly fucker-o

    Its answer is to place the barrel of the launcher mere inches from Taggart. His entire head could fit into the thing.

    You forgot somebody.

    Behind the Cyberdemon, the Arch-Vile splays its claws over the decimated remains of the Vagary and they reform. The Cyberdemon takes a brutal hit from the Vagary to the spine and doubles over. Taggart struggles to his feet and limps toward the gate.

    Flames race over his armor, and a thunderclap throws him back down. The Arch-Vile is coming for him. It wants him for itself.

    Taggart rises with an all-American battle cry and slugs the pasty fucker in the face with the BFG. A backhand sends the demon sprawling and Taggart leaps onto it, hammering it with the BFG.

    Letís see you resurrect yourself, motherfucker!

    Chen glances past the Gateway and sees the Gatekeeper looking curiously down at her. Its brain begins to throb again.

    Oh, no. Don't you dare...

    She rips out a handful of wires.

    Come on you piece of shit!

    The Arch-Vile slashes Taggart's exposed chest and kicks him off. Now it's the demon's turn to beat the shit out of him.

    Where'd you (gets punched) learn to fight? (gets kicked) Heaven?

    He's seized by the throat.

    I've got it!

    The Gateway begins to tremble. The Cyberdemon lifts the Vagary off the ground by one leg and fires missile after missile into its belly.

    Taggart, slowly suffocating in the Arch-Vile's grasp, fumbles for a stimpack on his belt. Draws out a syringe. The Cyberdemon spots them and takes aim as he drops the dead Vagary body.

    You're gonna need this.

    He jabs the needle through the Arch-Vile's wrist. It throws him to the ground in a rage, grabbing the wound...then hears the missile launcher firing.

    KA-BOOM. The missile sends the Arch-Vile flying. Taggart crawls to the quaking Gateway. Chen grabs his arms and hauls him toward the light. The Cyberdemon launches one final missile, headed straight at the two humans.

    They pass through the Gateway, just as the whole thing explodes seconds before the missile can
    follow them through, bringing down Hell's last hope for an Earthly apocalypse. The Gatekeeper's bony face is riddled with flying shards of metal.


    FADE IN:


    Chen and Taggart lie unconscious on the floor of a pristine, well-lit lab in perfect condition. There's no one else there, yet the Gateway is operational. Chen rolls onto her back to stare at the red throbbing light. Taggart sits up and touches her face.

    Nice job, Lieutenant.

    Thank you...Sergeant.

    He starts to lean in to kiss her, but she pulls away.

    We need to take this gate down.

    Taggart grabs the double shotgun from the floor and shoots the center of the arch. It falls apart in two halves, wiping the crimson light out of existence.

    An unmanned Gateway functioning in the middle of the night...seems odd to me.

    Taggart rolls his eyes and gets up.

    Anyone home? (shrugs) Maybe it's automated.

    Something wet drip-drips on the floor nearby. Chen approaches a console and finds a dead technician lying on the other side with blood everywhere. Beyond that is more blood and more bodies.

    Flynn, who killed them?

    He walks past the mutilated techs until he comes to a crispy corpse.

    Goddamn the luck of that guy.


    The fucking missile blew him through the gate! He's here!


    That fuckin' white-ass maggot son of a bitch!

    Tearing the BFG off, Taggart grabs the shotguns from Chen.

    He's mine.

    I'm calling Marine Command.

    Good, they can clean up the mess I'm about to make.


    Taggart runs out into a quiet downtown street. The UAC building is very lovely, surrounded by thick bushes and full trees. The entire city is a picturesque scene with a touch of futuristic flair. All in all, too good to be true.

    Down at the corner, a sleek city bus makes its stop. A second later, every single window is instantaneously splattered with blood.

    Fuck me!

    The bus peels away from the curb and Taggart chases madly after it.


    Taggart rounds the corner, looking like a madman with his tattered military clothes and guns. A couple of cops leaning against their patrol car see him.

    COP 1
    What the fuck?

    They draw their pistols.

    COP 2
    Hold it right there!

    I'm on official government business!

    COP 1
    Yeah, and Iím the Queen!

    Taggart shoots the car. The hood pops off and then the entire thing is rolled onto its back by the ensuing explosion. The cops hit the deck as Taggart takes off in a run, in pursuit of the bus.


    It's a big cemetery in the center of town. Very nice, well kept, expansive with rolling hills and hanging trees. Very big. The bus lies on its side inside the smashed gates. Taggart thuds to a stop, wheezing, and stares into the graveyard.


    The Arch-Vile's laugh can be heard in the distance. Taggart's got no time to waste. He goes in. There's nothing to follow but a few bits of broken glass. He dodges behind tombstones, rolls past mausoleums, going deeper and deeper into the cemetery. No trace of where the Hell creature is or went to.

    He hears someone behind him and he spins, being face to face with a in funeral attire, its jaw hanging at an angle, shriveled eyes wiggling in his skull. It moans at Taggart.

    Fuck off.

    He blows the guy's head off. However more are coming through the trees.

    Bring it on!

    He pounds the zombie onslaught with everything he's got, taking off limbs, heads, chunks of gravestones and anything else unfortunate enough to be within eyesight. Still they keep coming.

    The double shotgun goes empty. He smashes its butt into a zombie's teeth.

    Keep 'em coming, maggot, and Iíll keep mowing them down!

    The Arch-Vile drops out of a tree and slaps Taggart through the concrete door of a vault.


    Taggart just about snaps his back as he slams over a coffin and hits the rear wall. The Arch-Vile laughs evilly. Taggart tries to get to his feet for the umpteenth time, but he's taken too hard of a hit. He slides back down, his eyelids flickering. They close.

    The Arch-Vile raises its arms over the coffin and chants an unholy rite...Something rattles inside. Taggart weakly grabs the lid and hauls himself up, placing the shotgun against the Arch-Vile's chest. It slaps the gun aside and quickly skewers Taggart through the throat with its claws.

    Taggart gapes at the horrid creature, flapping his mouth, but nothing but blood comes out. It smiles back and withdraws the claws. Taggart stumbles, leans on the shotgun for support, groans, then falls down.

    Then he gets up again.

    You finished the job when you threw me in here, fucknuts. Thanks for bringing me back.

    He stuffs the shotgun right down the stunned creatureís throat and blows its skull to bits. Taggart sighs, a bit of blood spurting from his neck, and reloads the shotgun.


    Chen runs up to the gates alone, with only her pistol. Sheís shocked at the sight of countless re-dead zombies.

    A shotgun blast rings out. A minute later Taggart appears on a hilltop, slinging the shotgun over his shoulder and strolling down to her.

    Flynn, you...(sees his throat) Oh God.


    Her hand flies to her mouth, followed by the tears. Taggart's too wrecked himself to roll his eyes at her.

    (crying) No.

    Yes. This time, yes.

    Chen realizes what Taggart plans to do.

    I won't leave you.

    Then Iíll have to leave you.

    He looks down the empty street with another ragged sigh.

    I've been given a choice, I think.


    Between Heaven and...well, you know. Somebody up there apparently likes what I do. And he don't like it when the ones downstairs try to bend the rules.

    What are you saying?

    I'm going back. (pumps the shotgun) We'll see each other someday, Lorelei. Maybe I'll be a sergeant again, who the hell knows. But you can't live out your life with someone who isn't alive anymore.

    Shrugging, Taggart rests the shotgun on his shoulder again and touches her face.

    You never got that kiss.

    He smiles sadly and brushes his lips against hers.

    I'll see ya, Doc.

    Flynn...it's Hell.

    Hell's only a state of mind, sweetheart.

    With a cocksure grin, he starts off down the street.

    as Chen watches him go.



    Taggart is on a mountaintop in Hell, backhanding an Imp and feeding a shotgun shell to a slavering Pinky Demon. There are hundreds of demons of all kinds surging up the mountainside towards him. He smiles and beckons to them.

    The Cyberdemon roars from the base of the mountain and it fires a missile directly into the camera.


    8/24/2005 4:41:01 PM

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