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    Nedry's container in JP looks as though it only has spots for 10 or 11 embryos -- it would have been pretty difficult to get all 15 off the island. (From: frohike)
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    Dan's Page: Kill All Zombies repost
    By Aragorn

    JL Productions…

    Cameron was walking alone down a dark street at night. He stepped in a puddle and moaned as he shook his foot dry.

    And ‘Dan Adventures’ Players…

    Cameron continued walking down the street. He heard a slight moan. He stopped and started looking around.


    Cameron backtracked and looked down an ally. “Hello?” he called out. The moaning turned to a growl and his eyes darted to a garbage bin. There were glowing eyes coming from it. Suddenly a zombie shuffled out. It roared, showing its sharp teeth. Cameron turned and ran away screaming like a girl.



    Three hours before…

    High above Dan’s JP3 Page, a space station sat in space. Two Astronauts stood around the outside of it, trying to make some external repairs.

    “Hey Gentry, why do we have to do these repairs anyway?” A third Astronaut asked as he exited a door and walked out onto the top of the station.

    “Because Snore, our communications to the Site are down.” Gentry explained. “We need to get it up and running again before the Flooders launch another attack. If they are sighted now, with our communications down, we’ll have no way to warn the site. Hey Cyros, hand me that welder.”

    But Cyros was not paying attention. His gaze was set on a glowing object flying through space, headed right in their direction.

    “Cyros?” Gentry and Snore turned to look at him, and they too notice the object.

    “What the hell is that?” Snore asked.

    “Beats me.” Gentry answered.

    “It’s, uh, headed this way…” Cyros finally spoke up.

    “Let me see…” Gentry held up his arm and activated a small screen on a control panel located on the sleeve of his space suit. He entered in some information and a small diagram appeared, estimating the most probable trajectory. It showed it colliding dead on with the station. T Minus 3 minutes.

    “Move your asses!” Gentry shouted. “We got 3 minutes to evacuate!”

    “So I guess this means we won’t be fixing the communications?” Snore asked.

    “Fucking move!” Gentry shouted at him.

    The three took off running back to the door. Gentry pushed the button to open the door, but it wouldn’t open. Gentry looked at the button and pushed it again. Same result.

    “What the hell is wrong with the door?”

    “Oh, that…” Dino-Snore spoke up. “Sorry.”

    Gentry turned to look at him, angrily. “What do you mean, ‘sorry’?”

    “Well you see, on my way out my gum lost it’s flavor, but there was no garbage around, so I just stuck it on the wall. But maybe it wasn’t the wall…”

    Cyros also turned to Snore. “You got anymore left?”

    “Yeah, back in my quarters. I can get you some when…”

    “AHHHHHHH!” Gentry shouted. I’m surrounded by idiots!” he turned and started running over the top of the station, getting further away from his two comrades.

    “Hey, you’re going the wrong way!” Snore shouted at him. “The door is over here!”

    “God, Deliver me from them!” Gentry shouted as he jumped off the edge of the station and started floating through space. Unfortunately, it was in the same direction as the speeding glowing object. He didn’t last much longer after that.

    “Did he know that all he had to do to get inside is go to the second door over there?” Cyros pointed to another door about three feet away.

    Dino-Snore turned and saw the object much clearer now. It was an Asteroid with the symbol of the Flooders on it. It was just about to hit the station. “Jump!” Dino-Snore turned and jumped off the side of the station, but Cyros, not knowing what Snore meant, jumped straight up.

    The asteroid slammed into the station, destroying it and Cyros in a matter of seconds. The explosion gave Dino-Snore a lot more momentum as he continued down to the Site below. The Asteroid was not far behind.


    Snore was falling through the skies of Dan’s JP3 Page, hoping to land in an ocean or at the very least, on a trampoline. However, a plane was flying by and Dino-Snore was smacked up against the windshield as it flew right into him.


    The asteroid plummeted down and slammed into a remote part of Dan’s JP3 Page. It engulfed that entire section of the site as it shot out an invisible shockwave.


    That evening, Cameron was walking alone down a dark street at night. He stepped in a puddle and moaned as he shook his foot dry. He continued walking down the street. He heard a slight moan. He stopped and started looking around.

    He backtracked and looked down an ally. “Hello?” he called out. The moaning turned to a growl and his eyes darted to a garbage bin. There were glowing eyes coming from it. Suddenly a zombie shuffled out. It roared, showing its sharp teeth. Cameron turned and ran away screaming like a girl.

    An old red pickup screeched to a stop right in front of him, nearly running him over. Guilty Spark was behind the wheel. “Well don’t just stand there, get in! We’re under attack!”

    Cameron scrambles to the passenger side door and gets in. Guilty Spark zooms away. “I’m heading for my cabin in the country. You’re welcome to join me if you want, or I can just let you off anywhere you want along the way.”

    “What’s happening?” Cameron asked, ignoring Guilty Spark.

    “No one knows for sure. But somehow the dead are returning to life, and anyone bitten by them are also turned into one of them. The city is in chaos. Where have you been for the past couple hours?”

    “Star Trek convention.”

    Guilty Spark looks at Cameron with a dumbfounded look.

    “Watch out!” Cameron shouted. Guilty Spark looked ahead again, but it was too late. They slammed right into another member of the site. The pickup screeches to a stop.

    “Is he dead?” Guilty Spark asked.

    “I don’t know. Get out and see.”

    “Are you crazy? You get out and see!”

    “You’re the one that hit him!”

    “It’s my car and my rules!”

    “Flip you for it?” Cameron asked.

    “Ok.” Guilty Spark reached into his pocket and took out a quarter. “Heads I stay, Tails you go.”


    Guilty Spark flipped the coin in the air. He caught it and showed it to Cameron. “It’s heads.”

    “Damn it. It was a close call though.” Cameron opened the door and got out of the vehicle. He started walking towards the body. Once he reached it, he lightly kicked it. “Are you ok?”

    Nothing. He kicked it a bit harder. Still nothing. He brought his foot back, prepared to kick it as hard as he could. He swung his foot forward, but right before it connected with the body’s head, the body sat up. Cameron’s foot missed, causing him to loose his balance and fall backward.

    The body turned and looked at him. It’s eyes glowed and saliva dripped from it’s mouth. The zombie grabbed Cameron’s leg and started pulling him towards it. Cameron screamed like a girl as the Zombie leaned in and took a huge bite out of Cameron’s leg. It started climbing up his body, heading for his head.

    Guilty Spark made a disgusted face. “Ick.” He turned back around and drove off, leaving Cameron to his fate.


    Guilty Spark drove down the street, avoiding crashed vehicles and the slow-moving zombies, trying to run over as many as he could without swerving off the road.

    Suddenly he saw one zombie rear back and then sprint forward, running right at his truck. It leaped in the air and crashed through the window to the passenger side door, screeching and growling.

    “Brains!” It growled.

    “Fucker!” Guilty Spark reached onto the floor and brought up a single barrel shotgun and aimed it at the zombie.

    “Oh shit!” Guilty Spark dropped the gun to the seat as he quickly put both hands on the steering wheel and braced himself as the truck went up some slanted debris, like a ramp. The truck landed with a crash soon afterward and continued down the street.

    “Now, where was I?” Guilty Spark asked.


    “Oh, right.” He reached down, picked up the gun, aimed it at the zombie once more, and fired, blasting the zombie’s brains out all over the inside of his truck. “Ewwwwwwww.” Guilty Spark moved his lips back and forth, Ernest-style.


    Guilty Spark turned to look behind him and saw a zombiefied Cameron running towards him, drooling.

    “I got some brains for you.” Guilty Spark aimed the gun at the running Zombie-Cameron, and fired, but only heard a click. “Shit, I’m out of ammo!” He looked down to reload. He heard a large BAM! Noise and quickly looked back up.

    Cameron fell to the ground, a huge hole in his head. Standing a few feet away from him was Snake-Mark, wearing a trench coat and holding a revolver with a long-ass barrel. He walked slowly towards Guilty Spark, his foot crunching on small pieces of debris.

    Once he reached Guilty Spark, he raised the gun again and aimed it at him. “Wait!” Guilty Spark shouted, holding his hands up. “I’m human!”

    Snake-Mark sighed and holstered the gun. “Good.” Suddenly he heard a growl nearby.

    “Behind you!”

    Snake-Mark whipped around, while taking out a sword from under his trench coat, and decapitated a zombie that had snuck up on him. The head rolled across the ground as Snake-Mark continued to turn, returning back to facing Guilty Spark. He put the sword away.


    A few minutes later, Guilty Spark and Snake-Mark were driving down a street. “I’ve managed to put enough pieces together to understand that these are zombies,” Guilty Spark said as he drove. “But I can’t figure out why some of them can run. They’re zombies! Zombies aren’t supposed to run!”

    “I think I got that figured out.” Snake-Mark said. “The newly-turned zombies aren’t very decomposed or rotted. Since they’re fresh zombies, they still have the energy to run. Which also makes them just a tad more dangerous then the slow-movers.”

    “Well I’m headed out to my cabin. Gonna bar the place up and hold out there. Care to join me?”

    “Sure. I guess we can hold up there until this blows over. If it ever does.”

    “Do you know what caused this?” Guilty Spark asked.

    “No idea, although there are rumors going around that it’s a pre-emptive Flooder attack. Some kind of new chemical warfare. But there’s nothing to back that claim up.”


    Raptor Dude stood around in his small apartment, his back up against a wall as he fired his two pistols at the zombies trying to get in through the front door. His roommate, Tobycompy, is against the opposite wall, shooting at the zombies trying to come in through the back door.

    “Do you know the number for Ghostbusters?” Raptor Dude called out to Toby, yelling to be heard above the gunfire.

    “These aren’t ghosts, dumbass! These are fucking zombies!”

    “I know, but they’re the last major company I have left to prank call and I want to do it before I die!”

    Tobycompy looks at him, dumbfounded. In those few seconds that Toby wasn’t firing, zombies emerged into the apartment from the backdoor and grabbed hold of Raptor Dude.

    Raptor Dude screamed as the zombies ripped into him and chewed him to pieces. “No!” Toby raised his guns to fire, but without Raptor Dude fending off the zombies from the front door, that group of zombies shuffled inside and grabbed hold of Toby, also ripping him to pieces amidst high-pitched screams.


    Outside in the streets, Aragorn walked down the street dressed in his Nightshade clothes (which is a black cap with a white ‘N’ on it, sunglasses despite it being night, a black cloth covering the face from the mouth down, dark grey shirt with black pants and a black jacket, and black gloves and boots).

    He raised his twin 9MM’s and shot at the nearby Zombies, blasting holes in their heads, splattering the streets with brains. One ran up to him from behind and jumped, knocking him to the ground.


    Aragorn rolled over and used one hand to hold the zombie’s head up and the other to blast its head open. Aragorn was splattered with the brains. He heard more running and quickly got to his feet as two other Runners were approaching him. He filled them up full of holes and then whipped around to kill a few Slow-Movers that were shuffling towards him.

    “Brains!” Aragorn turned to his side and saw a zombiefied Mikeymike shuffling towards him.

    “Oh great, it’s Mikeymike.”

    “I’m not Mikeymike!” The Zombie managed to say with garbled and strained speech.

    “Sure, I believe you. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.” Aragorn raised his guns and fired at Mikeymike, however his guns clicked on empty. “Oh come on,” Aragorn shouted. “Of all the times!”

    Aragorn holstered his guns and then ran towards Mikeymike. Once he reached them, he jumped in the air and back-kicked him. Mikeymike stumbled back. Aragorn did a spin kick next and knocked the zombie to the ground.

    Mikeymike snarled as he started getting back to his feet. Aragorn kicked his head, twisting it into an unnatural angle. “That…hurt…” Mikeymike rasped.

    “My god, just fucking die!” Aragorn grabbed a nearby metal pole that was on the ground and rammed it straight through Mikeymike’s forehead. The body fell back down, but no brains oozed out.

    “Well I guess I’d be looking for brains if I didn’t have any either.” Aragorn turned and walked away. Behind him, unbeknownst to Aragorn, Mikeymike’s hand slightly moved.


    IKK Viper ran from his house. His entire family, now zombiefied, ran out after him, growling and snarling. His younger sister reached him and grabbed onto his arm, taking a bite out of his flesh.

    Viper screamed in pain as he elbowed his sister in the head, knocking her back. He spotted a motorcycle nearby and made a dash for it.

    He hopped on and started it up, driving away, leaving his zombie family behind. Blood gushed out of his wound.


    Paleeoguy rushed down the stairs to an apartment complex, shotgun in hand. Behind him, a horde of zombies rushed down after him, snarling and growling.

    Paleeoguy turned around and fired a round. The shot went into a zombie’s head, out the back, and into another zombie’s head. They both fell down. A few of the other zombies stopped to feast on the fallen remains.

    Paleeoguy continued on down the staircase. One of the zombies jumped the rail and fell a couple flights of stairs and landed right in front of Paleeoguy, causing him to stop on the spot.

    “Fuck you, stinky.” Paleeoguy raised the butt of his gun and slammed it into the zombie’s head, snapping it back. He lowered the gun into the firing position, pumped it, and fired, blowing the zombie’s brains out the back of it’s head.

    Paleeoguy leaped over the body and continued on down the stairs as the other zombies rushed after him.

    He rushed out of the exit doors at the bottom of the stairs and ran outside, right into someone. They both fell down, screaming and within a few seconds, they both stopped screaming.

    “I thought you were one of those things, man!” The other person, Seth Rex, said. He moved one of his hands to form claws, and made a mock growling noise. They both broke out laughing.

    Suddenly Seth Rex got splashed with blood and his laughing stopped. There was a bloody hand protruding from Paleeoguy’s forehead, his brains in the hand. The hand pulled out and behind Paleeoguy’s dead body was a zombie, feasting on his brains.

    Seth Rex took up Paleeoguy’s fallen gun and fired, killing the zombie. He stood up and pumped the gun, looking around at the empty streets.


    The Mod Force that consisted of Ben, Malcolm, Rick Arnold, Yvonne, and JPJunkee were barricaded inside the Mod Headquarters. A window smashed as a zombie’s hand broke through. Rick Arnold aimed a grenade launcher in the direction and fired. There was a small explosion as blood and body parts flew into the room.

    “Score another one for the badasses!”

    “We should be out there,” JPJunkee said. “Assisting the members of the Site.”

    “Fuck them!” Malcolm shouted.

    “It’s out job!” Junkee shouted back.

    Rick Arnold walked over next to Malcolm. “Take a look around, Junkee. We don’t have a job anymore. The Site is in chaos. There’s nothing we can do but just try to survive.”

    “There has to be something we can do.”

    “Junkee’s right.” Yvonne agreed. “We have to protect the site.”

    “There’s no fuckin’ way I’m opening those doors!” Malcolm shouted. “If you want to go out there with your brothers and sisters and die, that’s fine, but you’re not taking me out with you. If you want out, find another way out.”

    Ben spoke up. “There’s an underground tunnel system. We have a trap door that leads down into it. You two can take that if you want.” Ben reached down and ripped open a part of the carpet to show a trap door.

    “What about you?” Yvonne asked.

    “I have to stay and wait for Dan’s communication. He’s Off-site and he’s supposed to be calling in sometime today. He has to know what’s going on.”

    Yvonne nodded, understanding. “Come on, Junkee.”

    The two turned and opened the door and jumped down into the tunnels. Ben closed the door behind them.


    Yvonne and JPJunkee switched on the halogen lights on their semi-automatics as they crouched and walked quickly down the tunnels.


    The airplane that had hit Dino-Snore in mid-air was still in the air, but Snore was no longer on the windshield. It’s easily assumed by the color and model of the plane that it’s a military plane.

    The side door slid open and Dino-Snore was standing in it. He had ammo belts strapped around him with two pistols in holsters on the side, a machine gun strapped around his neck and shoulder, and a rocket launcher in hand.

    Dino-Snore leaped out of the plane and plummeted to the earth below. Part way down, he pulled on a cord and a parachute opened up, slowing his descent. He raised the Rocket Launcher to his eye and fired.

    The rocket raced to the ground below and exploded right in the middle of a group of feasting zombies.

    “Good Morning Dan’s!” Snore cheered. Suddenly there was a beeping noise. Snore looked at his watch and saw that his alarm was going off, at 11 PM. “Good Evening Dan’s!”


    Seth Rex rushed down a street. A zombie jumped out at him, growling. He fired the gun, but the shot missed the head. Blood splat out from the newly made wound in the zombie’s chest.



    Seth cocked the gun, but it jammed in the middle of being cocked. “Shit!”

    “Not shit…BRAINS!”

    “Oh shut up.” Seth rammed the gun barrel through the zombie’s head. He pulled it back out and shook the brain matter off of it as the body fell. He tried cocking it again, and this time it worked fine.


    IKK Viper was racing down the street on his motorcycle, weaving through the debris and dead and undead bodies.

    “Ohhhhh Shittttt!”

    Viper’s dodging caused him to hit a slanted piece of debris, which caused him to go flying off the end and through the air, aiming right for a giant stain glass window.


    Carnotaur3 and StealthRaptor_2 were in the Site’s church, praying to the Internet God to save them from the ‘Evil that walks the streets’.


    They opened their eyes and whipped around, seeing a small group of zombies shuffling into the church from outside. Two of the shuffling zombies were pushed out of the way as a Runner Zombie pushed its way to the front. It spotted the two members and snarled. It took off in a run, right towards Carnotaur3 and StealthRaptor.

    The two started to scream, but were cut off when a motorcycle crashed through the stain glass window and landed on the floor, squishing the zombie. The motorcycle continued to drive forward.

    “Move!” Viper shouted, trying to keep his balance. “Move out of the way!”

    Carnotaur3 and StealthRaptor_2 dodged out of the way as the motorcycle made a complete 180 degree turn and rushed towards the group of zombies.

    “I said move!” Viper shouted at them.

    “Brains!” A few of them shouted.

    “Oh, you’re already dead. Never mind.” Viper ran right into the group, knocking most of them down, and even running over a few. His tires ran over one of their heads, squishing it. The motorcycle continued on out the church doors and back into the streets.

    Carnotaur and StealthRaptor looked at each other and used that opportunity to rush past the fallen zombies and out of the church.


    Guilty Spark and Snake-Mark were reaching the edge of the city. “We’re almost out!” Guilty Spark cheered. Snake-Mark shut his eyes and clutched the dashboard, making a scringed up face.

    “What is it?” Guilty Spark asked.

    Snake-Mark slowly opened his eyes and made the expression leave his face. “I was just expecting us to crash or something really bad to happen, that’s all.”

    “Why? Cause I said we’re almost out?”



    “Shut up.”

    The truck zoomed out of the city and into the country, heading for Guilty Spark’s cabin.


    Dino-Snore landed on the ground and disconnected his parachute. He dropped the empty rocket launcher and loaded a clip into his machine gun and started firing around at the nearby zombies.

    Whichever ones didn’t fall down dead, turned to look at him and started stumbling towards him. A few picked up pace and were soon running at him.

    Dino-Snore smiled and took the Runners down first, splattering their brains all over the place. Then he worked on the Slow Movers.

    His gun emptied and he slapped in a new clip and continued on. He saw two people run out from another street and a few of the zombies turned and started moving towards them.

    “Run!” Dino-Snore shouted. They ran towards Dino-Snore and reached him. “I meant away from the zombies!”

    “My name is Carnotaur3, this is StealthRaptor.”

    Dino-Snore handed them his last two guns. “Then use these and let’s kill these fuckers.” All three of them opened fire on the advancing zombies.


    JPJunkee and Yvonne were rushing through the underground access tunnels.

    “How much further?” Yvonne asked.

    “Not too much.” Junkee answered. “It should just be up ahead.”

    Suddenly Yvonne was yanked backwards and she screamed. JPJunkee whipped around and saw a Zombie dragging her down a side-tunnel.


    “Keep going!” Yvonne shouted. “I’ll catch up! I’ve got this fucker!”

    JPJunkee did just that. He turned and continued on. Yvonne raised her gun above her head and pointed it behind her and let off a few rounds. She stopped moving and turned around. The zombie that had been dragging her now laid on the ground, its brains splattered all over everything.

    Yvonne smiled, satisfied. However her thoughts were interrupted when she heard growling and rasping. Glowing eyes suddenly lit up around her. She turned her light up higher and it brightened the area around her.

    She noticed she was surrounded by zombies.

    “Oh shit.” As the zombies pounced on her, she let out a long, blood-curdling scream.


    Aragorn ran down the street, three Runners quickly behind him. As he ran, he kept turning around to fire, but the shots always missed. Sometimes they would hit the zombies, but the shot would always miss the heads.

    Suddenly one of the zombie’s heads exploded.

    “Brains!” The second zombie shouted as it bent down and started eating the brains from the dead zombie. The third zombie however, kept following Aragorn.

    He turned around and waited for the zombie to get closer. Right before it reached him, Aragorn raised his gun and fired it at the zombie’s head, point blank range. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

    The mystery shooter stepped out of the darkness and fired at the feasting zombie, killing it. Aragorn turned to him. “Who are you?”

    “Rex. Seth Rex.”

    Aragorn walked up to him and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you Mr. Rex. Care to join me?”

    “What’s up with the costume?”

    “Oh, it’s modeled after the costume for a superhero I created.”

    “…It’s gay.”

    “You’re gay.”

    “Ohhhh, that was such a good comeback.” Seth Rex said sarcastically.

    “Better then your gofront!”

    “What the hell is a Gofront?”

    “I don’t know. I had nothing.”

    Before Seth Rex could say anything else, they were interrupted. “Brains!” They both turned and fired at a nearby stumbling zombie. It didn’t last much longer.

    “So where you headed?” Seth asked.

    “I’m gonna try to find a transport that’ll take me Off-site.” Aragorn answered. “Try and get the hell away from here while I still can.”

    “Any idea where to?”

    “Some nice little cozy site someplace. Away from all this.”

    “Sounds gay. But sure, I guess. Gotta be better then being eaten by zombies.”

    Aragorn went over to an overturned car, Seth Rex following. He took out a map and unfolded it on the side of the car. He pointed to a spot on it. “We’re around here.” Aragorn said. “We’ve gotta get to here.” He traced his finger over to a spot half-way across the map. “Between us and there is about a few hundred zombies. Think you’re up for it?”

    Seth smiled. “Affirmative.”

    “Alright. Let’s move like we got a purpose.”


    Guilty Spark tried his best to control the truck as it went over bumpy and rough terrain, heading to the cabin.

    “Can’t you slow down a bit?” Snake-Mark yelled.

    “Oh, and let the zombies catch us? Fuck that.” Guilty Spark argued.

    Guilty Spark saw a trio of zombies pushing car wreckage out in front of him, just a little bit too late. The truck slammed into the wreckage and went flying onto its side, crashing into the ground and skidding to a stop.

    Guilty Spark moaned as he touched his bleeding head. “Are you alright?”

    Snake-Mark looked at him slowly and angrily. “I…said…to…FUCKING SLOW DOWN!”

    "They set a trap! They set a fucking trap! How can they do that, man? They're brain-dead!"


    The two turned their heads and saw the three zombies advancing on them. They both undid their seatbelts and fell to the ground. They stood up and exited the truck.

    “Do you trust me?” Snake-Mark asked his partner.

    “I guess…” Guilty Spark said slowly, unsure.

    “Then run!”

    Guilty Spark turned and started running. Snake-Mark took out his long-barreled gun and aimed at the sideways truck.

    “Open wide, mother fuckers.” He fired, exploded the truck. The explosion engulfed the three zombies. “Haha! Take that!”

    “Um, Snake?” Snake-Mark turned and saw what Guilty Spark saw. The explosion had attracted the attention of just about every single zombie around.

    “How far is your cabin?” Snake-Mark asked.

    “In the middle of that forest.” Guilty Spark answered.


    Just then a latch that was hidden in the ground and covered by a bush, lifted up and JPJunkee climbed out, looking muddy after having crawled through the tunnels.

    Snake-Mark and Guilty Spark automatically trained their guns on him.

    “I’m alive!” Junkee shouted. “Don’t shoot me! I’m with the Dan’s JP3 Page Mod Force!” Snake-Mark and Guilty Spark sighed and lowered their guns.

    “We’re headed to my cabin,” Guilty Spark explained. “To wait this thing out. You’re welcome to join us if you want. The city is overran. I doubt there’s anyone else left alive.”

    Junkee looked back towards the city, and then to the other two people. “I’ll escort you to your cabin.” He said. “But then after that, I have to head back to the city and look for any more survivors.”

    “Fair enough, but if we’re going, we better go now.” He pointed at the approaching zombies.

    JPJunkee checked to see how many rounds he had left. “Alright, let’s do this.” The three of them lifted their guns and started jogging towards the forest.

    Snake-Mark blew the heads off of three nearby zombies, while Guilty Spark killed one and Junkee took out a small handful.

    They reached the forest and picked up their pace to a run as more zombies swarmed around them, most of them running.

    Snake-Mark blew the arm off of one, and then took out its head with his second shot. Guilty Spark blasted one zombie’s head, and then shot another in the chest. He used the gun as a bat to knock its head off when it reached him. Junkee fired short, controlled bursts from his gun, taking some zombies down, while others were only hit in the chest or other parts of the body.

    Guilty Spark punched a zombie that got too close, and then after it fell to the ground, he blew its brains out. He fired again and again, taking another two down. Snake-Mark fired his last shot, taking a zombie down. Another one ran up to him and he dropped the gun to the ground as he took out his sword and decapitated the zombie, and then rammed it through another’s chest, pulling up, splitting it’s top half, all the way to the top of the head, in half. Junkee just continued his firing.

    “Man, I feel like we’re in An Uwe Boll flick!” Guilty Spark shouted out.

    “A!” Snake-Mark shouted back to him as he decapitated another zombie. “A Uwe Boll flick! Not An!”

    “Then someone should tell HIM that!” Guilty Spark killed one zombie, and then half-turned and fired at another, also killing it.

    Junkee took down any near zombies, and then took out a knife from its pouch on his leg and he threw it, embedding it into a zombie’s head, digging deep into the brain. He raised his gun and fired some more at other zombies.

    Guilty Spark reached the door to his cabin and looked around for a key. He reached up above the door, but didn’t find it there either. “Ah hell!” He raised his foot and kicked the door in, breaking it off it’s lock.

    “Hurry!” Guilty Spark shouted to the others as he rushed inside, preparing to close the door. Snake-Mark chopped up one last zombie and Junkee blew the brains out of a couple more zombies before they reached the cabin and ran inside as well. Guilty Spark slammed the door shut as the three started pushing furnisher up against it.

    The zombies outside started banging on the door, chanting “Brains! Brains! Brains!” over and over, but none were succeeding in getting inside.

    “Fuck the city.” Junkee said, breathing heavy to catch his breath. “I’m not going back out there!”


    The Zombiefied Mikeymike stumbled down a street among the other zombies, a gaping hole in his head. He was still alive for some unknown reason. Since he didn’t have any brains, he was not killed when the pole was rammed through his head.

    He stopped outside a building labeled ‘Nuclear Testing’. He then started moving again, towards the building.


    Dino-Snore, Carnotaur3, and StealthRaptor had their backs up against a wall, hidden in the shadows.

    “There’s a mall just around the corner.” StealthRaptor explained. “I used to go there all the time.”

    Dino-Snore peaked around the corner and saw a large parking lot filled with zombies shuffling about. Beyond that was a gigantic mall. He brought his head back around. “You’re right, however there is one very large group of undead fuckers in the way and we don’t have enough ammo to deal with them all.”

    “So what do we do?” Carnotaur3 asked. “That mall would be a great place to wait this out, but it’s pointless to even try if we can’t reach it.”

    “Let me think of a plan.” Dino-Snore said. He began to think of a plan, but his thoughts were interrupted when music began playing. It took him a few seconds to realize it was ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyonce’ and Jay-Z. Every single zombie head turned in the direction of the music, which was coming from right above their heads.

    “What the fuck…” Dino-Snore backed up a bit so he could see the roof of the building a bit better. He saw a person on the roof with a CD Player blaring. The person, who wore a nametag for some kind of electronic store that read ‘Dac’ on it, began dancing to the song.

    Even more stranger, the zombies began slowly and clumsily copying his dance moves.

    “Maybe this is what hell really is like.” StealthRaptor said, dumbfounded.

    “Ok, I got a plan.” Dino-Snore spoke up. “Just follow my lead.” Before Carnotaur3 and StealthRaptor could object, Dino-Snore jumped out from behind the corner…And began dancing as well, slowly making his way to the mall’s entrance. The zombies didn’t seem to be going for him.

    “When in Rome…” Carnotaur3 went next.

    “But we’re not in Rome!” StealthRaptor whispered loudly after him. He looked around him and then back out at the zombies and his companions. “Ohhhh maaannnn.” And then he too, followed suit.

    The trio stupidly danced their way past the dancing zombies and reached the mall. Dino-Snore pulled open the doors and all three ran inside. Once inside, they closed and locked the doors.


    IKK Viper walked around the inside of the Nuclear Testing building. He figured it was a safe enough place to hide for the time being. He had managed to find a few guns of varying class around and about and so he had loaded up on those. He currently held a nice rocket launcher, fully loaded.

    He removed the bandage from his arm and saw the infection from his bite was spreading. It now currently occupied his entire hand and wrist. Suddenly the hand moved on its own. Nothing major really, just jerked a bit, almost like a spasm.

    Viper looked at his hand, and then suddenly it turned to ‘look’ at him. Before he knew what was going on, it poked him in the eyes. Viper screamed and dropped the rocket launcher as the Hand reached onto his belt and pulled off a handgun. It pointed it at him, but Viper knocked it away with his other hand and then used his hand and knees to hold his bad Hand down.

    “You’re dead, sucker.”

    Viper took out a hunting knife and raised it up. He brought it down with all the force he could and chopped his Zombiefied Hand off. Blood splattered up across his face as he screamed in pain.

    The Hand immediately got up and used its fingers to run across the room and hide behind a computer terminal.

    “Say Goodbye, bitch.”

    Viper used his good hand and raised the rocket launcher onto his shoulder. He lined the computer terminal up with the eye sight and fired.

    Zombiefied Mikeymike stumbled into the room.


    The rocket slammed into the computer terminal, and caused a massive explosion that resulted in a chain reaction that caused the entire facility to explode in one gigantic fireball.


    A zombie’s head exploded. Aragorn and Seth Rex rushed down the street, firing at the next zombie that moved towards them. In the distance, there was a massive explosion. A few seconds later they were hit by a warm blast of air.

    “What the hell was that?” Aragorn asked.

    “I think that was the Nuclear Testing Facility.” Seth Rex answered. “I don’t know what the hell is going on out there, but I think we should pick up the pace.”

    Aragorn nodded his head in agreement.


    On a nearby Site, General Rancor turned to his troops, which were all standing at attention. “Dan’s has been infected by a viral outbreak. We must not allow this disease to spread to other Sites.”

    “How do we do that, sir?” One of the soldiers asked.

    “Simple. General RaptorVinny, if you please…”

    RaptorVinny walked into the room, pushing a large, heavy, metal object. “This is a Fusion Site Destroyer.” Vinny explained. “We plant this in the middle of the Site and…Boom.” Vinny made an explosive motion with his hands.

    “You boys will be sent in to place the explosive in the heart of the Site.” General Rancor explained. “You will be led by General RaptorVinny himself. Good luck and Godspeed.”

    The men saluted and then turned and walked out of the room, and began loading up into a dropship. A few of the soldiers rushed up to RaptorVinny and started pushing the Site Destroyer onto the dropship.


    Dino-Snore opened the door to the Electrical Room and pushed all the switches up. Lights began turning on all over the mall and peaceful music began playing over the system.

    “There.” Dino-Snore said to himself. He turned and walked back out to where Carnotaur3 and StealthRaptor were waiting.

    “So now what?” StealthRaptor asked.

    “We can survive here for awhile.” Carnotaur3 answered. “As long as the zombies stay out there and we stay in here, the place is ours. Do what we want.”

    “I don’t know about you guys,” Dino-Snore said, “But I feel like getting rid of some of the competition outside.”

    “What do you mean?” StealthRaptor asked.

    Dino-Snore just smiled and walked down the hall.

    “What does he mean?” StealthRaptor asked Carnotaur3, who just shrugged.


    A few minutes later Dino-Snore was on the roof of the mall, a pile of guns and ammo next to him. On his way to the roof he had stopped in at the gun store and stocked up. Carnotaur3 and StealthRaptor emerged behind him.

    “What are you doing?” StealthRaptor asked.

    Dino-Snore raised a rifle and aimed down at the group of shuffling zombies. He fired and a head exploded in a display of gore. He aimed at another and did the same thing. Then another.

    “Hey, guys where did our friend on the roof go?” Carnotaur3 asked. They all looked over at the roof that Dac had been on, but he was no longer there. Instead, three zombies milled about on the roof.

    “Bastards must have got him.” Dino-Snore swore. He raised the gun and fired three times. The zombies went down.


    Seth Rex and Aragorn were rushing down a street. Aragorn killed a nearby zombie. “I’m out.” He said, throwing his guns to the ground.

    Seth Rex fired his last few shots at nearby zombies. “So am I.” He threw his gun away as well. “Now what?”

    Aragorn looked at the shuffling zombies as they continued to jog. “Just keep running.” Aragorn said. “They can’t catch us if we move quickly.”

    “I want brains!”

    Aragorn and Seth turned their heads and saw a Runner take off after them. “Shit!” Aragorn yelled.

    “Now what?”

    “We split up!” Aragorn suggested. “You take the left ally, I’ll take the right. We’ll meet up at the Off-Site transport.”

    “Ok. Good-luck.” Seth Rex said.

    Aragorn patted him on the back. “You too.”

    Seth turned and ran down an ally while Aragorn turned and ran down the opposite ally. He stopped and looked back, seeing the Runner chasing after Seth. He chuckled.


    “You too.” As Aragorn patted Seth on the back, he attached a fragrant smelly thing to the back of Seth’s shirt.


    “No hard feelings.” Aragorn smiled as he walked down the ally.


    Seth screamed as the Runner chased after him, catching up. Seth ran around a corner and quickly hid in front of a lightpole. As the Runner ran by, Seth chuckled and turned to go back the other way, but saw he was face-to-face with another zombie.

    “Gulp,” was all Seth could say before the zombie leaped on him.


    Rick Arnold sat on the roof of the Mod Station, sniping any zombies that came close as he chugged back a beer. “Any luck on communicating with Dan?” He called back through the opened hatch in the roof.

    “No.” Ben, from inside the Mod Station, said to him, frustrated. “Nothing.”

    Large footsteps stopped Rick from saying anything else. Rick sat straight up in his seat as he saw a large object walk around the corner up ahead. He looked in the scope of his gun to get a better look.

    Zombiefied Mikeymike was walking down the street. Only now he was much bigger and more deformed. He had large red veins going all over his body and one eye was huge, while the other was normal size. He had sharp jagged teeth coming out of his mouth and a rocket launcher in place of his left arm.

    “What the fuck are you?” Rick asked quietly as he loaded in more ammo and took aim. He fired, but it didn’t seem to affect Mutated Zombiefied Mikeymike. Mikeymike just slowly turned and looked in his direction. Then he started walking towards him.

    Rick Arnold fired again and again, but the shots seemed to do nothing. Mikeymike stopped and raised his Rocket Launcher arm and fired.

    “Oh shit!” Rick Arnold turned and jumped down through the hatch into the building, just as a rocket slammed into where he had been sitting.

    Ben and Malcolm helped Rick to his feet. “Get the guns.” Ben commanded to Malcolm. Malcolm nodded as he tossed Ben a gun and picked one up for himself. They watched as a smaller gun barrel emerged from Mikeymike’s Rocket Launcher barrel.

    “Open fire!” Ben yelled. The trio began firing at Mikeymike, shattering the window glass. Mikeymike fired back, the smaller barrel belonging to a chain gun. Within seconds, the three Mods were cut down. Mikeymike stopped firing and the smaller barrel retreated back inside.

    “Brains!” Mikeymike said, much deeper and much louder then before.


    General RaptorVinny’s dropship landed on the surface of Dan’s JP3 Page and the soldiers marched out, some of them pushing the Site Destroyer.

    “I want a tight perimeter set up around this ship.” RaptorVinny ordered a group of soldiers. Once the bomb is activated, we won’t have much time to leave the Site.”

    “Yes, sir.” The soldiers rushed off to set up a perimeter.

    “Team 1,” RaptorVinny shouted. “Move out! Team 2, stay here and protect the ship.”

    RaptorVinny moved out with the running soldiers, going with the Site Destroyer.


    Seth Rex slammed a rock into the back of the zombie’s head, brains oozing out. He shoved the body off of him and checked himself over for any bites or scratches. Satisfied that there were none, he continued on his way. The fragrant smelly thing that Aragorn had put on his back, had fallen off in the scuffle with the zombie.


    In the cabin, Snake-Mark looked out the window at the zombies milling about outside. Behind him, JPJunkee secretly pulled his sleeve up to investigate a bite he had gotten in the battle on the way to the cabin.

    “What’s going on?” JPJunkee quickly covered up the wound as Guilty Spark walked over.

    “Not much.” Snake-Mark answered. “They’re just standing around out there and walking aimlessly. It’s like they don’t even know we’re in here.”

    “I just checked the entire place out. No zombies in here. As long as we keep the door barricaded, we should be fine. If we see the zombies heading our way, we’ll board up the windows.

    JPJunkee leaned back in the seat, closing his eyes.

    “Good idea.” Snake-Mark said, turning away from the window. He looked at Junkee. “Hey, are you ok?”

    No reply. Guilty Spark slowly approached him. “Hey man, are you asleep?”

    Suddenly JPJunkee, now zombiefied, slammed his head forward and took a huge chunk out of Guilty Spark’s neck. “Join us!” Zombiefied JPJunkee shouted as he leaped to his feet and snarled.

    Snake-Mark rushed him as he took out his sword, but before he could do anything, Junkee grabbed him by the neck and threw him across the room. Snake-Mark crashed into a bookcase and fell to the floor, the bookcase falling down on top of him.

    Guilty Spark stumbled around the room, clutching at his bleeding neck. “Brains! I want your brains!” Junkee ran towards Snake-Mark.

    Snake-Mark took a fallen book and threw it, hitting JPJunkee in the head, causing him to stumble back. Snake-Mark used that chance to climb out from under the bookcase and back to his feet.

    “You’ll be dead by dawn!” Snake-Mark turned and saw that Guilty Spark was now also a zombie.

    “Dead by dawn!” Junkee chanted.

    “Dead by Dawn!” Guilty Spark chimed in. The two zombies began chanting that over and over and over.

    Snake-Mark picked up his fallen sword and ran towards Junkee. He swung in a massive arc and knocked the zombie to the floor and proceeded to chop him up, spraying the walls with blood.

    Guilty Spark stopped chanting and rushed towards Snake-Mark. “You’re brains! Give them!” Snake-Mark turned around and swung, decapitating Guilty Spark. Snake-Mark breathed heavy to catch his breath.

    Suddenly, he heard the chanting of “Brains!” coming from outside. He put his sword away and rushed to the window. The zombies were slowly all turning towards the direction of the cabin and walking towards it, with the exception of a few Runners, which were running towards it.

    “Oh shit. This is not good…” Snake-Mark muttered.


    Carnotaur3 laid on a bed in a Bed Store. StealthRaptor laid on a bed next to his and Dino-Snore laid on a bed on the other side, chewing something.

    “Why do you chew Hubba Bubba bubblegum?” Carnotaur3 asked.

    “This shit will make you a god damn sexual tyrannosaur…just like me.” Dino-Snore answered.

    “I think at least one person should stay on Watch while the others sleep. We can rotate or something.” StealthRaptor suggested, yawning.

    “Sounds good.” Dino-Snore said. “You can have first watch.” But StealthRaptor didn’t hear. He was already asleep. “Damn it. Carnotaur3, how about you?” Dino-Snore looked over at Carnotaur3, but he too was already gone to sleep. “Fuckers.”


    RaptorVinny led his team of soldiers through the city, the soldiers killing any zombies they see.

    Three people walked out from a nearby building. The soldiers raised their weapons at them.

    “Wait! Don’t shoot! My name is SeanArcher. This is MuldoonLives and SmartRaptor. We’re human!”

    “They could be infected.” RaptorVinny said to the soldier next to him. “Open fire.” The soldier fired at the three humans and all the other soldiers quickly did the same.

    Once the bodies fell to the ground, filled with holes, RaptorVinny shouted, “Alright, let’s keep moving!”


    Aragorn rushed down a street and saw a few too many zombies then he cared for and changed directions, going inside of a nearby building. His plan was to go out the back into a different ally and continue on from there.

    Of course he wasn’t counting on a family of zombies to ambush him and rip him to pieces either, but let’s leave those gory details out.


    Back at Base Camp, flood lights and barbed wire had been set up to mark the perimeter. The drop ship was located right in the center. A small group of soldiers patrolled around the edges of the perimeter, while the others stood around, their fingers on the trigger of their guns, just waiting for some kind of action to take place.

    Suddenly there was a gigantic explosion and body parts went flying. The surviving soldiers all started rushing around the area, trying to figure out what happened. They all stopped as loud footsteps were heard.

    From out of the smoke walked Mutated Zombiefied Mikeymike. “Brains.” He roared as he raised his rocket launcher and fired another shot, taking out another handful of soldiers, and the last of the flood lights.

    The remaining soldiers all started firing through the pitch darkness, hoping to hit the creature. The only light came from the bullets as they whizzed through the air, and the guns as they fired.

    Mikeymike returned fire with his mini-gun. Suddenly a bunch of soldiers started dropping down, dead, without even being hit.

    “What’s going on?” One soldier asked.

    “The quick flashes of light!” Another answered. “They’re getting seizures from them!” The next sound that came from him was the gurgle of blood as Mikeymike’s bullets ripped into him.

    Soon after, the rest of the soldiers shared the same fate, and the drop ship was destroyed by a rocket.


    The soldiers rushed down the streets, killing anything that moved – zombies and live humans alike, making their way to the center of the Site.


    Snake-Mark had the windows of the cabin boarded up, a few extra zombie heads on the floor, and a few more splotches of blood on his sword. He sat in a recliner, looking at the boarded up door as the zombies pounded on it and the windows.

    “Who will be next to taste the end of this sword?” Snake-Mark yelled out as he played with his sword in his hands, aimlessly swinging it about. All of a sudden, all the banging ceased at once.

    Snake-Mark stopped playing with his sword and waited in silence. Then the door bell rang. “Who is it?” Snake-Mark called out as he stood up and walked over to the door.


    “Sorry, I don’t know anyone by that name!” And then Snake-Mark thrusted his sword through the door and felt it connect to something. He pulled it back in and saw some brain matter on the end of it. He looked through the newly made hole in the door and saw a zombie fall down, dead.

    The banging started again.


    Carnotaur3 slowly opened his eyes. He was being shaken, and for some reason hearing a vrooming noise.

    “Get the fuck up!” Dino-Snore whispered loudly.

    “What’s going on?” Carnotaur3 asked.

    “Raiders.” Dino-Snore answered. “A biker gang has broken in. We’ve gotta leave before they find us.”

    “Screw that.” Carnotaur3 reached over and grabbed his gun. “This is our place and I’m going to defend it.” He cocked the gun as he stood up and walked out of the Bed Store.

    StealthRaptor rubbed his eyes and turned to Dino-Snore. “So what do we do?”

    “Let Carnotaur3 do as he wants. I’m getting the fuck out of here.”

    “I’m with you. The place isn’t worth dying over. There are other malls out there.”

    Dino-Snore and StealthRaptor crept out of the store, slowly and stealthily walking down a hall. Below them on the first floor, they could hear the sounds of motorcycles driving around.


    Carnotaur3 hid behind a giant potted plant and leaned over the top of it, resting the gun on the soil. He aimed down to the first floor and waited for a motorcyclist to get in view. He fired.

    The motorcyclist screamed as he flew off his bike, a bullet in the chest. Three others that were with him slowed their bikes to a stop and started looking around. Carnotaur3 smiled and aimed for one of them. He fired, taking that one down as well.

    “Up there!” One of them shouted. The others took out a gun and fired. Part of the pot that Carnotaur3 was resting on chipped away as the bullet hit it.


    “Ok, we’re there!” General RaptorVinny shouted to his troops. He walked to where the Site Destroyer had been laid and entered in a password. He then set the bomb to detonate in an hour.

    “Alright men, let’s get back to Base Camp, on the double!”

    Suddenly a nearby manhole cover flew up into the air and a Runner leapt up out of the sewer. It charged the nearest soldier and ripped into him before anyone could fire. All the soldiers turned their attention to the Runner and the bitten soldier and opened fire on both of them.

    From behind the troops, zombies started coming out from every nook and cranny around, and started shuffling towards the soldiers, except for those that could run.

    RaptorVinny heard a moaning sound and whipped around. “Behind us!” He shouted. The other soldiers turned and began firing, but for some of them, it was too late. The zombies had reached them and were hungry for their brains.

    One of the soldiers were yanked to the side as a zombie feasted on him. “They’re all around us!” Another soldier shouted. “They’re everywhere!”

    It was then that RaptorVinny knew that they were surrounded and that they weren’t going to survive.


    Seth Rex ran around a corner and saw the Off-Site Transport nearby, lights on. He ran up towards it, but before he reached it, three armed men stepped in the way of the doorway.

    “Are you infected?” one of the guards asked.

    “No!” Seth shouted. “Now let me on!”

    “We have to make sure you haven’t been bitten.”

    Seth Rex lifted up the sleeves of his shirt and showed them his neck. “See, I’m fine!”

    “We need to see everywhere, sir.”

    “Oh, you’ve gotta be shittin’ me!” Seth stomped the ground. “This is just ridicules!” But he knew the men were serious, so he started stripping down.


    Dino-Snore and StealthRaptor emerged onto the roof of the mall.

    “What do we do now?” StealthRaptor asked as he looked down at the ground. A lot of the zombies had been killed by the Raiders, but enough still remained to pose a threat.

    “We can leap down and make a run for it. We can shoot any zombies that get too close.”

    “Sounds good enough.”

    The two of them jumped off the roof and landed on the ground and began running across the parking lot, shooting any zombies that got near.


    Carnotaur3 jumped up and began firing at the Raiders below as he moved sideways, until he reached a wall that blocked him from them. He put his back up against the wall and began to reload.

    More Raiders had massed below once they found out there was some trouble to be fixed. Carnotaur3 jumped out from behind the wall and fired. He grazed one of them, but he didn’t go down.

    However, Carnotaur3 was hit in the chest by a bullet, and dropped to the floor as blood seeped out.


    Seth was finally onboard the Off-Site Transport and was seated down in a nice comfy seat.

    “This is MartinRandle, your Captain speaking.” A voice over the intercom said. “We are preparing to take off. Our flight will be navigated to the nearest habitable Site by the ship’s A.I. which we like to refer to as the Red Mother.”

    The ship started to take off and Seth breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, it was too soon. A massive explosion rocked the ship as it started to take off and the passengers began screaming.

    Seth looked out the window and saw Mutated Zombiefied Mikeymike walk down the street, heading towards them.


    MartinRandle sat in the cockpit of the ship and pressed some buttons. “Red Mother, reroute 90% power to weapon systems.”

    There was a beeping noise and Martin cheered. He took a couple joysticks and pressed the button located on them.

    Two missile turrets opened up on the outside the ship and fired missiles at the creature. They slammed into Mikeymike, knocking him off his feet and causing him to roar in pain.

    “Red Mother, see if you can operate the lasers. Fire at anything that moves that is bigger then these measurements.” Martin typed some keys and imputed some data into the computer.

    Mikeymike got back to his feet and raised the rocket launcher again and fired.

    “Woah!” Martin maneuvered the ship slightly away, causing the rocket to just barely miss. Lasers shout out from the ship, from a few different places, all hitting Mikeymike, causing sparks to fly a blood to splatter.

    “Brains!” Mikeymike roared with rage. The mini-gun turret shot out and he started firing again.

    The shots bounced off the outer hull of the ship, denting it.

    “Red Mother, we can’t take much more of this. See if you can finish this.”

    Every single weapon turret – laser, rocket, machine gun, and water gun – all aimed at Mikeymike.

    “All power into weapons!” Martin shouted.

    The ship dropped like a rock towards the ground below as every single turret fired at once. The shots all hit Mikeymike, causing him to explode in a grisly showcase of blood and guts.

    Right before the ship hit the ground, Red Mother gave power back to the rest of the ship and Martin pulled up and it leveled off. He wiped sweat from his forehead as he started lifting the ship up again, and flew it across the city as it picked up speed and height.


    Snake-Mark could hear all the moaning and shoutings of “Brains!”
    Coming from outside and knew that the entire cabin was completely surrounded. He knew he was going to die.

    He stood up and readied his sword as he walked over to the door and began un-barricading it. He opened the door and with a battle cry, rushed out into the horde of zombies, hoping to kill as many of them as he could before they killed him.


    Carnotaur3 was approached by two Raiders, both sneering. “Fuck you.” He raised his gun and fired. The head of one exploded and the blood sprayed the other. The second Raider fired, blowing up Carnotaur3’s head.


    StealthRaptor and Dino-Snore were just about to the end of the parking lot when a Runner jumped from the top of a nearby building and landed on StealthRaptor, ripping him to pieces.

    Dino-Snore turned and fired at the zombie, killing it.

    “Kill…Kill me…” StealthRaptor gurgled up blood. “Don’t let…me turn into one of…Them.”

    “Sure thing, buddy.” Dino-Snore aimed his gun down and fired. A loud click was heard. “Out of bullets. Sorry.” Dino-Snore dropped the gun and ran away, leaving StealthRaptor on the ground to eventually turn into a zombie.

    As Dino-Snore was running, he was flooded with a beam of light.


    Onboard the Off-Site Carrier, MartinRandle slowed it to a stop right above Dino-Snore. “The computer system says he’s an Uninfected. Red Mother, Activate the Transport Beam.”


    Dino-Snore felt a tingling inside him and before he knew it, he was being lifted off the ground and was being sucked towards the ship. Before long, he was safely onboard.


    RaptorVinny’s body fell against the Site Destroyer as it continued to count down. Another half an hour to go. He had a deep gash running across his neck and his guts were hanging out.

    RaptorVinny, with weak eyes, looked out at the carnage happening all around. There were no soldiers left. They were all being ripped apart and eaten.

    RaptorVinny lifted his hand and with his last breath, brought it down on the ‘Emergency Destruct’ button. His hand slid off of it, leaving a red smear of blood.

    The Site Destroyer exploded.


    The Off-Site Transport began to shake uncontrollably as the Site below and around it began to explode and fall apart.


    Snake-Mark was fighting off a few zombies when eh was grabbed from behind by one and then another one, and then another, and they began tearing into him. Then there was a bright blinding light and it was all over for everyone.


    The Off-Site Transport reached Outer Space just as Dan’s JP3 Page collapsed into nothingness, leaving nothing behind in it’s wake, not even specks of dust.

    “Wow…” Seth whispered, looking out his window. “It’s all gone.” He continued to stare out into the blank space where Dan’s used to be.

    “This is your captain speaking…” MartinRandle’s voice came over the intercom. “For your enjoyment, we will be playing requested music for the duration of the trip. And we have our first request. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.”

    The intercom system turned off as ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyonce’ and Jay-Z began playing. Dino-Snore’s eyes went wide as he heard the song start up. “Oh no. Oh hell no!”

    A bit further behind him, Dac was sitting, bobbing his head to the music with a smile.


    The Off-Site Transport zoomed through space, Destination: Unknown.

    To be continued in


    Coming Soon.

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