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    JP's Dr. Wu (B.D. Wong) appeared on Broadway in the 1999 revival of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". (From: Dr. Alan Dark)
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    Dan's Page: Kill All Zombies (Part 3)
    By Aragorn

    IKK Viper ran from his house. His entire family, now zombiefied, ran out after him, growling and snarling. His younger sister reached him and grabbed onto his arm, taking a bite out of his flesh.

    Viper screamed in pain as he elbowed his sister in the head, knocking her back. He spotted a motorcycle nearby and made a dash for it.

    He hopped on and started it up, driving away, leaving his zombie family behind. Blood gushed out of his wound.


    Paleeoguy rushed down the stairs to an apartment complex, shotgun in hand. Behind him, a horde of zombies rushed down after him, snarling and growling.

    Paleeoguy turned around and fired a round. The shot went into a zombie’s head, out the back, and into another zombie’s head. They both fell down. A few of the other zombies stopped to feast on the fallen remains.

    Paleeoguy continued on down the staircase. One of the zombies jumped the rail and fell a couple flights of stairs and landed right in front of Paleeoguy, causing him to stop on the spot.

    “Fuck you, stinky.” Paleeoguy raised the butt of his gun and slammed it into the zombie’s head, snapping it back. He lowered the gun into the firing position, pumped it, and fired, blowing the zombie’s brains out the back of it’s head.

    Paleeoguy leaped over the body and continued on down the stairs as the other zombies rushed after him.

    He rushed out of the exit doors at the bottom of the stairs and ran outside, right into someone. They both fell down, screaming and within a few seconds, they both stopped screaming.

    “I thought you were one of those things, man!” The other person, Seth Rex, said. He moved one of his hands to form claws, and made a mock growling noise. They both broke out laughing.

    Suddenly Seth Rex got splashed with blood and his laughing stopped. There was a bloody hand protruding from Paleeoguy’s forehead, his brains in the hand. The hand pulls out and behind Paleeoguy’s dead body was a zombie, feasting on his brains.

    Seth Rex took up Paleeoguy’s fallen gun and fired, killing the zombie. He stood up and pumped the gun, looking around at the empty streets.


    The Mod Force that consisted of Ben, Malcolm, Rick Arnold, Yvonne, and JPJunkee were barricaded inside the Mod Headquarters. A window smashed as a zombie’s hand broke through. Rick Arnold aimed a grenade launcher in the direction and fired. There was a small explosion as blood and body parts flew into the room.

    “Score another one for the badasses!”

    “We should be out there,” JPJunkee said. “Assisting the members of the Site.”

    “Fuck them!” Malcolm shouted.

    “It’s out job!” Junkee shouted back.

    Rick Arnold walked over next to Malcolm. “Take a look around, Junkee. We don’t have a job anymore. The Site is in chaos. There’s nothing we can do but just try to survive.”

    “There has to be something we can do.”

    “Junkee’s right.” Yvonne agreed. “We have to protect the site.”

    “There’s no fuckin’ way I’m opening those doors!” Malcolm shouted. “If you want to go out there and die, fine, but you’re not taking me out with you. If you want out, find another way out.”

    Ben spoke up. “There’s an underground tunnel system. We have a trap door that leads down into it. You two can take that if you want.” Ben reaches down and rips open apart of the carpet to show a trap door.

    “What about you?” Yvonne asked.

    “I have to stay and wait for Dan’s communication. He’s off-site and is supposed to be calling in sometime today. He has to know what’s going on.”

    Yvonne nodded, understanding. “Come on Junkee.”

    The two turn and open the door and jump down into the tunnels. Ben closes the door above them.


    Yvonne and JPJunkee switch on the halogen lights on their semi-automatics as they crouched and walked quickly down the tunnels.


    The airplane that had hit Dino-Snore in mid-air was still in the air, but Snore was no longer on the windshield. We can tell by the color and model of the plane that it’s a military plane.

    Suddenly the side door slides open and Dino-Snore is standing in it. He has ammo belts stripped around him with two pistols in holsters on the side, a machine gun strapped around his neck and shoulder, and a rocket launched in hand.

    Dino-Snore leaps out of the plane and plummets to the earth below. Part way down, he pulls on a cord and a parachute opens up, slowing his descent. He raised the Rocket Launcher to his eye and fired.

    The rocket raced to the ground below and exploded right in the middle of a group of feasting zombies.

    “Good Morning Dan’s!” Snore cheered. Suddenly there was a beeping noise. Snore looked at his watch and saw that his alarm was going off, at 11PM. “Good Evening Dan’s!”


    Seth Rex rushed down a street. A zombie jumped out at him, growling. He fired the gun, but the shot missed the head. Blood splat out from the newly made wound in the zombie’s chest.



    Seth cocked the gun, but it jammed in the middle of being cocked. “Shit!”

    “Not shit…BRAINS!”

    “Oh shut up.” Seth rammed the gun barrel through the zombie’s head. He pulled it back out and shook the brain matter off of it as the body fell. He tried cocking it again, and this time it worked fine.

    IKK Viper was racing down the street on the motorcycle, weaving through the debris and dead bodies and undead bodies.

    “Ohhhhh Shittttt!”

    Viper’s dodging caused him to hit a slanted piece of debris, which caused him to go flying off the end and through the air, aiming right for a giant stain glass window.


    Carnotaur 3 and StealthRaptor_2 were in the Site’s Church, praying to God to save them from the ‘Evil that walks the streets’.


    They opened their eyes and whipped around, seeing a small group of zombies shuffling into the church from outside. Two of the shuffling zombies were pushed out of the way as a Runner Zombie pushed it’s way to the front. It spotted the two members and snarled. It took off in a run, right towards Carnotaur3 and StealthRaptor.

    The two started to scream, but were cut off when a motorcycle crashed through the stain glass window and landed on the floor, squishing the zombie. The motorcycle continued to drive forward.

    “Move!” Viper shouted, trying to keep his balance. “Move out of the way!”

    Carnotaur 3 and StealthRaptor 2 dodged out of the way as the motorcycle made a complete 180 degree turn and rushed towards the group of zombies.

    “I said move, fuckers!” Viper shouted at them.

    “Brains!” A few of them shouted.

    “Oh, you’re dead. Nevermind.” Viper ran right into the group, knocking most of them down, and even running over a few. His tires ran over one of their heads, squishing it. The motorcycle continued on out the church doors and back into the streets.

    Carnotaur and StealthRaptor looked at each other and used that opportunity to rush past the fallen zombies and out of the church.


    Guilty Spark and Snake-Mark were reaching the edge of the city. “We’re almost out!” Guilty Spark cheered. Snake-Mark shut his eyes and clutched the dashboard, making a scringed up face.

    “What is it?” Guilty Spark asked.

    Snake-Mark slowly opened his eyes and made the expression leave his face. “I was just expecting us to crash or something really bad to happen, that’s all.”

    “Why? Cause I said we’re almost out?”



    “Shut up.”

    The truck zoomed out of the city and into the country, heading for Guilty Spark’s cabin.

    2/5/2005 5:56:21 PM

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