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    The Monahooti Ranch in Hawaii (where the JP crew filmed the 'big gate' sequence) is primarily known for its horse breeding. (From: Charles)
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    Dan's Page: Kill All Zombies (Part 2)
    By Aragorn

    Guilty Spark drove down the street, avoiding crashed vehicles and the slow-moving zombies, trying to run over as many as he could without swerving off the road.

    Suddenly he saw one zombie rear back and then sprint forward, running right at his truck. It leaped in the air and crashed through the window to the passenger side door, screeching and growling.

    “Brains!” It growled.

    “Fucker!” Guilty Spark reached onto the floor and brought up a single barrel shotgun and aimed it at the zombie.

    “Oh shit!” Guilty Spark dropped the gun to the seat as he quickly put both hands on the steering wheel and braced himself as the truck went up some slanted debris, like a ramp. The truck landed with a crash soon afterward and continued down the street.

    “Now, where was I?” Guilty Spark asked.


    “Oh, right.” He reached down, picked up the gun, aimed it at the zombie once more, and fired, blasting the zombie’s brains out all over the inside of his truck. “Ewwwwwwww.” Guilty Spark moved his lips back and forth, Ernest-style.


    Guilty Spark turned to look behind him and saw a zombiefied Cameron running towards him, drooling.

    “I got some brains for you.” Guilty Spark aimed the gun at the running Zombie-Cameron, and fired, but only heard a click. “Shit, I’m out of ammo!” When he looked down to reload, he heard a large BAM! Noise and quickly looked back up.

    Cameron fell to the ground, a huge hole in his head. Standing a few feet away from him was Snake-Mark, wearing a trench coat and old-style hat and holding a revolver with a long-ass barrel. He walked slowly towards Guilty Spark, his foot crunching on small pieces of debris.

    Once he reached Guilty Spark, he raised the gun again and aimed it at him. “Wait!” Guilty Spark shouted, holding his hands. “I’m human!”

    Snake-Mark sighed and holstered the gun. “Good.” Suddenly he heard a growl nearby.

    “Behind you!”

    Snake-Mark whipped around, while taking out a sword from under his trench coat, and decapitated a zombie that had snuck up on him. The head rolled across the ground as Snake-Mark continued to turn, retuning back to facing Guilty Spark. He put the sword back away.


    A few minutes later, Guilty Spark and Snake-Mark were driving down a street. “I’ve managed to put enough pieces together to understand these zombies,” Guilty Spark said as he drove. “But I can’t figure out why some of them can run. They’re zombies! Zombies aren’t supposed to run!”

    “I think I got that figured out.” Snake-Mark said. “The newly-turned zombies aren’t very decomposed or rotted. Since they’re fresh zombies, they still have the energy to run. Which also makes them just a tad more dangerous then the slow-movers.”

    “Well I’m headed out to my cabin. Care to join me?”

    “Sure. I guess we can hold up there until this blows over. If it ever does.”

    “Do you know what caused this?” Guilty Spark asked.

    “No idea, although there are rumors going around that it’s a pre-emptive Flooder attack. Some kind of new chemical warfare. But there’s nothing to back that claim up.”


    Raptor Dude stood around in his small apartment, his back up against a wall as he fired his two pistols at the zombies trying to get in through the front door. His roommate, Tobycompy, is against the opposite wall, shooting at the zombies trying to come in through the back door.

    “Do you know the number for Ghostbusters?” Raptor Dude called out to Toby, yelling to be heard above the gunfire.

    “These aren’t ghosts, dumbass! These are fucking zombies!”

    “I know, but they’re the last major company I have left to prank call and I want to do it before I die!”

    Tobycompy looks at him, dumbfounded. In those few seconds that Toby wasn’t firing, zombies emerged into the apartment from the backdoor and grabbed hold of Raptor Dude.

    Raptor Dude screamed as the zombies ripped into him and chewed him to pieces. “No!” Toby raised his guns to fire, but without Raptor Dude fending off the zombies from the front door, that group of zombies shuffled inside and grabbed hold of Toby, also ripping him to pieces admit high-pitched screams.


    Outside in the streets, Aragorn walked down the street dressed in his Nightshade clothes (which is a black cap with a white ‘N’ on it, sunglasses despite it being night, a black cloth covering the face from the mouth down, dark grey shirt with black pants and a black jacket, and black gloves and boots).

    He raised his twin 9MM’s and shot at the nearby Zombies, blasting holes in their heads, splattering the streets with brains. One ran up to him from behind and jumped, knocking him to the ground.


    Aragorn rolled over and used one hand to hold the zombie’s head up and the other to blast its head open. Aragorn was splattered with the brains. He heard more running and quickly got to his feet as two other Runners were approaching him. He filled them up full of holes and then whipped around to kill a few Slow-Movers that were shuffling towards him.

    “Brains!” Aragorn turned to his side and saw a zombiefied Mikeymike shuffling towards him.

    “Oh great, it’s Mikeymike.”

    “I’m not Mikeymike!” The Zombie managed to say with garbled and strained speech.

    “Sure thing, biotch. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.” Aragorn raised his guns and fired at Mikeymike, however his guns clicked on empty. “Oh come on!” Aragorn shouted. “Of all the times!”

    Aragorn holstered his guns and then ran towards Mikeymike. Once he reached them, he jumped in the air and back-kicked him. Mikeymike stumbled back. Aragorn did a spin kick next and knocked the zombie to the ground.

    Mikeymike snarled as he started getting back to his feet. Aragorn kicked his head, twisting it into an unnatural angle. “That…hurt…” Mikeymike rasped.

    “My god, just fucking die!” Aragorn grabbed a nearby metal pole that was on the ground and rammed it straight through Mikeymike’s forehead.. The body fell back down, but no brains oozed out.

    “Well I guess I’d be looking for brains if I didn’t have any either.” Aragorn turned and walked away.

    Behind him, unbeknownst to Aragorn, Mikeymike’s hand slightly moved.

    2/3/2005 10:50:01 PM
    (Updated: 2/3/2005 10:53:53 PM)
    (Updated: 2/3/2005 10:54:36 PM)
    (Updated: 2/3/2005 10:56:08 PM)

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