Jurassic Park
By Michael Crichton
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    Ariana Richards was upset to the point of crying when she discovered that an action figure of her character in JP was not produced. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
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    Dan's Page Kill All Zombies (Part 7)
    By Aragorn

    The soldiers rushed down the streets, killing anything that moved – zombies and live humans alike, making their way to the center of the Site.


    Snake-Mark had the windows of the cabin boarded up, a few extra zombie heads on the floor, and a few more splotches of blood on his sword. He sat in a recliner, looking at the boarded up door as the zombies pounded on it and the windows.

    “Who will be next to taste the end of this sword?” Snake-Mark yelled out as he played with his sword in his hands, aimlessly swinging it about. All of a sudden, all the banging ceased at once.

    Snake-Mark stopped playing with his sword and waited in silence. Then the door bell rang. “Who is it?” Snake-Mark called out as he stood up and walked over to the door..


    “Sorry, I don’t know anyone by that name!” And then Snake-Mark thrusted his sword through the door and felt it connect to something. He pulled it back in and saw some brain matter on the end of it. He looked through the newly made hole in the door and saw a zombie fall down, dead.

    The banging started again.


    Carnotaur3 slowly opened his eyes. He was being shaken, and for some reason hearing a vrooming noise.

    “Get the fuck up!” Dino-Snore whispered loudly.

    “What’s going on?” Carnotaur3 asked.

    “Raiders.” Dino-Snore answered. “A biker gang has broken in. We’ve gotta leave before they find us.”

    “Screw that.” Carnotaur3 reached over and grabbed his gun. “This is our place and I’m going to defend it.” He cocked the gun as he stood up and walked out of the Bed Store.

    StealthRaptor rubbed his eyes and turned to Dino-Snore. “So what do we do?”

    “Let Carnotaur3 do as he wants. I’m getting the fuck out of here.”

    “I’m with you. The place isn’t worth dying over. There are other malls out there.”

    Dino-Snore and StealthRaptor crept out of the store, slowly and stealthily walking down a hall. Below them on the first floor, they could hear the sounds of motorcycles driving around.


    Carnotaur3 hid behind a giant potted plant and leaned over the top of it, resting the gun on the soil. He aimed down to the first floor and waited for a motorcyclist to get in view. He fired.

    The motorcyclist screamed as he flew off his bike, a bullet in the chest. Three others that were with him slowed their bikes to a stop and started looking around. Carnotaur3 smiled and aimed for one of them. He fired, taking that one down as well.

    “Up there!” One of them shouted. The other took out a gun and fired. Part of the pot that Carnotaur3 was resting on chipped away as the bullet hit it.


    “Ok, we’re there!” General RaptorVinny shouted to his troops. He walked to where the Site Destroyer had been laid and entered in a password. He then set the bomb to detonate in an hour.

    “Alright men, let’s get back to base Camp, on the double!”

    Suddenly a nearby manhole cover flew up into the air and a Runner leapt up out of the sewer. It charged the nearest soldier and ripped into him before anyone could fire. All the soldiers turned their attention to the Runner and the bitten soldier and opened fire on both of them.

    From behind the troops, zombies started coming out form every nook and cranny around, and started shuffling towards the soldiers, except for those that could run.

    RaptorVinny heard a moaning sound and whipped around. “Behind us!” He shouted. The other soldiers turned and began firing, but for some of them, it was too late. The zombies had reached them and were hungry for their brains.

    One of the soldiers were yanked to the side as a zombie feasted on him. “They’re all around us!” Another soldier shouted. “They’re everywhere!”

    It was then that RaptorVinny knew that they were surrounded and that they weren’t going to survive.


    Seth Rex ran around a corner and saw the Off-Site Transport nearby, lights on. He ran up towards it, but before he reached it, three armed men stepped in the way of the doorway.

    “Are you infected?” one of the guards asked.

    “No!” Seth shouted. “Now let me on!”

    “We have to make sure you haven’t been bitten.”

    Seth Rex lifted up the sleeves of his shirt and showed them his neck. “See, I’m fine!”

    “We need to see everywhere, sir.”

    “Oh, you’ve gotta be shittin’ me!” Seth stomped the ground. “This is just ridicules!” But he knew the men were serious, so he started stripping down.


    Dino-Snore and StealthRaptor emerged onto the roof of the mall.

    “What do we do now?” StealthRaptor asked as he looked down at the ground. A lot of the zombies had been killed by the Raiders, but enough still remained to pose a threat.

    “We can leap down and make a run for it. We can shoot any zombies that get too close.”

    “Sounds good enough.”

    The two of them jumped off the roof and landed on the ground and began running across the parking lot, shooting any zombies that got near.


    Carnotaur3 jumped up and began firing at the Raiders below as he moved sideways, until he reached a wall that blocked him from them. He put his back up against the wall and began to reload.

    More Raiders had massed below once they found out there was some trouble to be fixed. Carnotaur3 jumped out from behind the wall and fired. He grazed one of them, but he didn’t go down.

    However, Carnotaur3 was hit in the chest by a bullet, and dropped to the floor as blood seeped out.


    Seth was finally onboard the Off-Site Transport and was seated down in a nice comfy seat.

    “This is MartinRandel, your Captain speaking.” A voice over the intercom said. “We are preparing to take off. Our flight will be navigated to the nearest habitable Site by the ship’s A.I. which we like to refer to as the Red Mother.”

    The ship started to take off and Seth breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, it was too soon. A massive explosion rocked the ship as it started to take off and the passengers began screaming.

    Seth looked out the window and saw Mutated Zombiefied Mikeymike walk down the street, heading towards them.


    MartinRandel sat in the cockpit of the ship and pressed some buttons. “Red Mother, can reroute 90% power to weapon systems.”

    There was a beeping noise and Martin cheered. He took a couple joysticks and pressed the button located on them.

    Two missile turrets opened up on the outside the ship and fired missiles at the creature. They slammed into Mikeymike, knocking him off his feet and causing him to roar in pain.

    “Red Mother, see if you can operate the lasers. Fire at anything bigger then these measurements.” Martin typed some keys and imputed some data into the computer.

    Mikeymike got back to his feet and raised the rocket launcher again and fired.

    “Woah!” Martin maneuvered the ship slightly away, causing the rocket to just barely miss. Lasers shout out from the ship, from a few different places, all hitting Mikeymike, causing sparks to fly a blood to splatter.

    “Brains!” Mikeymike roared with rage. The mini-gun turret shot out and he started firing again.

    The shots bounced off the outer hull of the ship, denting it.

    “Red Mother, we can’t take much more of this. See if you can finish this.”

    Every single weapon turret – laser, rocket, machine gun, and water gun – all aimed at Mikeymike.

    “All power into weapons!” Martin shouted.

    The ship dropped like a rock towards the ground below as every single turret fired at once. The shots all hit Mikeymike, causing him to explode in a grisly showcase of blood and guts.

    Right before the ship hit the ground, Red Mother gave power back to the rest of the ship and Martin pulled up and it leveled off. He wiped sweat from his forehead as he started lifting the ship up again, and flew it across the city as it picked up speed and height.


    Snake-Mark could hear all the moaning and shoutings of “Brains!”
    Coming from outside and knew that the entire cabin was completely surrounded. He knew he was going to die.

    He stood up and readied his sword as he walked over to the door and began un-barricading it. He opened the door and with a battle cry, rushed out into the horde of zombies, hoping to kill as many of them as he could before they killed him.


    Carnotaur3 was approached by two Raiders, both sneering. “Fuck you.” He raised his gun and fired. The head of one exploded and the blood sprayed the other. The second Raider fired, blowing up Carnotaur3’s head.


    StealthRaptor and Dino-Snore were just about to the end of the parking lot when a Runner jumped from the top of a nearby building and landed on StealthRaptor, ripping him to pieces.

    Dino-Snore turned and fired at the zombie, killing it.

    “Kill…Kill me…” StealthRaptor gurgled up blood. “Don’t let…me turn into one of…Them.”

    “Sure thing, buddy.” Dino-Snore aimed his gun down and fired. A loud click was heard. “Out of bullets. Sorry.” Dino-Snore dropped the gun and ran away, leaving StealthRaptor on the ground to eventually turn into a zombie.

    As Dino-Snore was running, he was flooded with a beam of light.


    Onboard the Off-Site Carrier, MartinRandel slowed it to a stop right above Dino-Snore. The computer system says he’s an Uninfected. Red Mother, Activate the Transport Beam.”


    Dino-Snore felt a tingling inside him and before he knew it, he was being lifted off the ground and was being sucked towards the ship. Before long, he was safely onboard.


    RaptorVinny’s body fell against the Site Destroyer as it continued to count down. Another half an hour to go. He had a deep gash running across his neck and his guts were hanging out.

    RaptorVinny, with weak eyes, looked out at the carnage happening all around. There were no soldiers left. They were all being ripped apart and eaten.

    RaptorVinny lifted his hand and with his last breath, brought it down on the ‘Emergency Destruct’ button. His hand slid off of it, leaving a red smear of blood.

    The Site Destroyer exploded.


    The Off-Site Transport began to shake uncontrollably as the Site below and around it began to explode and fall apart.


    Snake-Mark was fighting off a few zombies when eh was grabbed from behind by one and then another one, and then another, and they began tearing into him. Then there was a bright blinding light and it was all over for everyone.


    The Off-Site Transport reached Outer Space just as Dan’s JP3 Page collapsed into nothingness, leaving nothing behind in it’s wake, not even specks of dust.

    “Wow…” Seth whispered, looking out his window. “It’s all gone.” He continued to stare out into the blank space where Dan’s used to be.

    “This is your captain speaking…” MartinRandel’s voice came over the intercom. “For your enjoyment, we will be playing requested music for the duration of the trip. And we have our first request. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.”

    The intercom system turned off as ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyonce’ and Jay-Z began playing. Dino-Snore’s eyes went wide as he heard the song start up. “Oh no. Oh hell no!”

    A bit further behind him, Dac was sitting, bobbing his head to the music with a smile.


    The Off-Site Transport zoomed through space, Destination: Unknown.

    To be continued in


    Coming Soon.

    2/11/2005 1:34:31 AM

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