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    The name 'The Lost Island' was originally considered for TLW, with the studio thinking the public may confuse it with the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic. (From: 'Potato Cototo')
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    Dan's Page Kill All Zombies (Part 6)
    By Aragorn

    Rick Arnold sat on the roof of the Mod Station, sniping any zombies that came close as he chugged back a beer. “Any luck on communicating with Dan?” He called back through the opened hatch in the roof.

    “No.” Ben, from inside the Mod Station, said to him, frustrated. “Nothing.”

    Large footsteps stopped Rick from saying anything else. Rick sat straight up in his seat as he saw a large object walk around the corner up ahead. He looked in the scope of his gun to get a better look.

    Zombiefied Mikeymike was walking down the street. Only now he was much bigger and more deformed. He had large red veins going all over his body and one eye was huge, while the other was normal size. He had sharp jagged teeth coming out of his mouth and a rocket launcher in place of his left arm.

    “What the fuck are you?” Rick asked quietly as he loaded in more ammo and took aim. He fired, but it didn’t seem to affect Mutated Zombiefied Mikeymike. Mikeymike just slowly turned and looked in his direction. Then he started walking towards him.

    Rick Arnold fired again and again, but the shots seemed to do nothing. Mikeymike stopped and raised his Rocket Launcher arm and fired.

    “Oh shit!” Rick Arnold turned and jumped down through the hatch into the building, just as a rocket slammed into where he had been sitting.

    Ben and Malcolm helped Rick to his feet. “Get the guns.” Ben commanded to Malcolm. Malcolm nodded as he tossed Ben a gun and picked one up for himself. They watched as a smaller gun barrel emerged from Mikeymike’s Rocket Launcher barrel.

    “Open fire!” Ben yelled. The trio began firing at Mikeymike, shattering the window glass. Mikeymike fired back, the smaller barrel belonging to a chain gun. Within seconds, the three Mods were cut down. Mikeymike stopped firing and the smaller barrel retreated back inside.

    “Brains!” Mikeymike said, much deeper and much louder then before.


    General RaptorVinny’s dropship landed on the surface of Dan’s JP3 Page and the soldiers marched out, some of them pushing the Site Destroyer.

    “I want a tight perimeter set up around this ship.” RaptorVinny ordered a group of soldiers. Once the bomb is activated, we won’t have much time to leave the Site.”

    “Yes, sir.” The soldiers rushed off to set up a perimeter.

    “Team 1,” RaptorVinny shouted. “Move out! Team 2, stay here and protect the ship.”

    RaptorVinny moved out with the running soldiers, going with the Site Destroyer.


    Seth Rex slammed a rock into the back of the zombie’s head, brains oozing out. He shoved the body off of him and checked himself over for any bites or scratches. Satisfied that there were none, he continued on his way. The fragrant smelly thing that Aragorn had put on his back, had fallen off in the scuffle with the zombie.


    In the cabin, Snake-Mark looked out the window at the zombies milling about outside. Behind him, JPJunkee secretly pulled his sleeve up to investigate a bite he had gotten in the battle on the way to the cabin.

    “What’s going on?” JPJunkee quickly covered up the wound as Guilty Spark walked over.

    “Not much.” Snake-Mark answered. “They’re just standing around out there and walking aimlessly. It’s like they don’t even know we’re in here.”

    “I just checked the entire place out. No zombies in here. As long as we keep the door barricaded, we should be fine. If we see the zombies heading our way, we’ll also board up the windows.

    JPJunkee leaned back in the seat, closing his eyes.

    “Good idea.” Snake-Mark said, turning away from the window. He looked at Junkee. “Hey, are you ok?”

    No reply. Guilty Spark slowly approached him. “Hey man, are you asleep?”

    Suddenly JPJunkee, now zombiefied, slammed his head forward and took a huge chunk out of Guilty Spark’s neck. “Join us!” Zombiefied JPJunkee shouted as he leaped to his feet and snarled.

    Snake-Mark rushed him as he took out his sword, but before he could do anything, Junkee grabbed him by the neck and threw him across the room. Snake-Mark crashed into a bookcase and fell to the floor, the bookcase falling down on top of him.

    Guilty Spark stumbled around the room, clutching at his bleeding neck. “Brains! I want your brains!” Junkee ran towards Snake-Mark.

    Snake-Mark took a fallen book and threw it, hitting JPJunkee in the head, causing him to stumble back. Snake-Mark used that chance to climb out from under the bookcase and back to his feet.

    “You’ll be dead by dawn!” Snake-Mark turned and saw that Guilty Spark was now also a zombie.

    “Dead by dawn!” Junkee chanted.

    “Dead by Dawn!” Guilty Spark chimed in. The two zombies began chanting that over and over and over.

    Snake-Mark picked up his fallen sword and ran towards Junkee. He swung in a massive arc and knocked the zombie to the floor and proceeded to chop him up, spraying the walls with blood.

    Guilty Spark stopped chanting and rushed towards Snake-Mark. “You’re brains! Give them!” Snake-Mark turned around and swung, decapitating Guilty Spark. Snake-Mark breathed heavy to catch his breath.

    Suddenly, he heard the chanting of “Brains!” coming from outside. He put his sword away and rushed to the window. The zombies were slowly all turning towards the direction of the cabin and walking towards it, with the exception of a few Runners, which were running towards it.

    “Oh shit. This is not good…” Snake-Mark muttered.


    Carnotaur3 laid on a bed in a Bed Store. StealthRaptor laid on a bed next to his and Dino-Snore laid on a bed on the other side, chewing something.

    “Why do you chew Hubba Bubba bubblegum?” Carnotaur3 asked.

    “This shit will make you a god damn sexual tyrannosaur…just like me.” Dino-Snore answered.

    “I think at least one person should stay on Watch while the others sleep. We can rotate or something.” StealthRaptor suggested, yawning.

    “Sounds good.” Dino-Snore said. “You can have first watch.” But StealthRaptor didn’t hear. He was already asleep. “Damn it. Carnotaur3, how about you?” Dino-Snore looked over at Carnotaur3, but he too was already gone to sleep. “Fuckers.”


    RaptorVinny led his team of soldiers through the city, the soldiers killing any zombies they see.

    Three people walked out from a nearby building. The soldiers raised their weapons at them.

    “Wait! Don’t shoot! My name is SeanArcher. This is MuldoonLives and SmartRaptor. We’re human!”

    “They could be infected.” RaptorVinny said to the soldier next to him. “Open fire.” The soldier fired at the three humans and all the other soldiers quickly did the same.

    Once the bodies fell to the ground, filled with holes, RaptorVinny shouted, “Alright, let’s keep moving!”


    Aragorn rushed down a street and saw a few too many zombies then he cared for and changed directions, going inside of a nearby building. His plan was to go out the back into a different ally and continue on from there.

    Of course he wasn’t counting on a family of zombies to ambush him and rip him to pieces either, but let’s leave those gory details out.


    Back at Base Camp, flood lights and barbed wire had been set up to mark the perimeter. The drop ship was located right in the center. A small group of soldiers patrolled around the edges of the perimeter, while the others stood around, their fingers on the trigger of their guns, just waiting for some kind of action to take place.

    Suddenly there was a gigantic explosion and body parts went flying. The surviving soldiers all started rushing around the area, trying to figure out what happened. They all stopped as loud footsteps were heard.

    From out of the smoke walked Mutated Zombiefied Mikeymike. “Brains.” He roared as he raised his rocket launcher and fired another shot, taking out another handful of soldiers, and the last of the flood lights.

    The remaining soldiers all started firing through the pitch darkness, hoping to hit the creature. The only light came from the bullets as they whizzed through the air, and the guns as they fired.

    Mikeymike returned fire with his mini-gun. Suddenly a bunch of soldiers started dropping down, dead, without even being hit.

    “What’s going on?” One soldier asked.

    “The quick flashing of light!” Another answered. “They’re getting seizures from them!” The next sound that came from him was the gurgle of blood as Mikeymike’s bullets ripped into him.

    Soon after, the rest of the soldiers shared the same fate, and the drop ship was destroyed by a rocket.

    2/10/2005 8:48:01 PM
    (Updated: 2/10/2005 8:48:57 PM)

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