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    TLW and JP were finally released on DVD on October 10, 2000.
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    Crimson Moon 3 (Part 3)
    By Aragorn


    The group runs through the dining room.

    When the first person, Ginger, reaches the doorway to the livingroom
    and goes through the mysterious man is just entering the dining room.

    CUT TO:


    Ginger reaches the front screen door, throws it open and goes out onto
    the front porch. The others follow.

    CUT TO:


    The group runs out onto the front porch. Ginger leads them to the
    stairs off the porch, runs down.

    When the group have all gone down the stairs, the five motorcycles
    come roaring down the driveway.

    Oh, fuck.

    The group looks back at the front porch. The front door of the house
    is closed and Jason is nowhere in sight.

    Where'd he go?

    The motorcycles stop in the driveway, shut off, and the eight bikers
    get off of them.

    Shoot them!

    Bruce and Chris raise their rifles.

    Don't come any closer.

    Just stay where you are.

    Thunder rumbles. The bikers are walking toward them, Bird in
    the lead.

    What was that? Couldn't hear you
    over the thunder. There's a storm
    coming in, you know. We thought we
    should seek some shelter.

    Don't feed us that bullshit. Just
    get back on your bikes and get out
    of here.

    The bikers stop about 10 feet in front of the group.

    What do you want from us? Why won't
    you leave us alone?

    This is just an amazing coincidence
    actually. We thought we were done
    fucking with you once you crashed
    your car. We came for her...

    Bird points at Tera.

    The one that was chosen last night
    to join our numbers. But if you don't
    give her to us, it'll just be an extra
    bonus that you're the ones we get to
    rip through to get to her.

    The group glances at Tera, who's standing in the middle of the
    group with her head down and has gotten even hairier since the
    last time we looked at her.

    Do you know these guys?

    Tera shakes her head.

    We see a quick series of flashes- Tera laying on the dirt path,
    screaming as a giant wolf chews into her shoulder. Her being drug
    through the woods by a two-legged werewolf. The werewolf transforming into an over-sized wolf and running away from her unconscious body at dawn.

    Then we're back to the scene.

    You're not getting her. Just leave.

    Give her to us, or you'll soon be
    wishing you had.

    Fuck off.

    Look, we really don't need this
    right now...

    WOMAN #1

    There’s a psycho in the house.

    Bird shrugs.

    Really? There’s some psycho’s out here.

    Bird turns to the other bikers.

    Let's do it.

    The bikers look at the group of people, their skin rippling like there's something underneath it. The biker's fingernails grow into claws as hair pops out all over their hands. They all take off their jackets and drop them on the ground.

    Bird walks toward the group, his eyes changing into the eyes of a wolf.

    What the fuck's wrong with them?

    Don't let him get close!

    Bird stops less than a foot away from the barrel of Chris and Bruce's
    rifles. He looks at Bruce.

    Just give us the girl and we'll go.

    As Bird talks his teeth turn from normal human teeth to sharp, wolfen


    ECU: BRUCE'S FACE - He is staring into Bird's eyes, drowning in them.

    Shoot him!

    Chris looks at Bruce, nervous.


    Bruce is still staring into Bird's eyes.

    Give us the girl.

    (spaced out)
    Maybe we should give them the girl.

    Tera looks up from the ground.


    Trips lunges forward, grabbing Bruce's rifle.

    Give me the fucking gun, I'll shoot

    This jolts Bruce out of it and he fires his rifle.

    The shot hits Bird and he falls to the ground. We rack focus to
    the bikers standing in the background.

    What the hell...

    The bikers are standing there, growling, covered with so much hair
    you can't see their skin through the fur. Their faces are elongating
    into snouts. Their clothes lay ripped on the ground.


    Chris and Bruce open fire on the bikers, shooting them all in their
    chests and stomachs, knocking them to the ground.

    As soon as all of the other bikers are on the ground, Bird gets up,
    now fully changed into a werewolf.

    The other bikers, also fully werewolves now, start getting up.

    Holy shit!

    Back in the house!

    Everyone turns and runs up onto the front porch.

    The last person to reach the porch, Bruce, is suddenly grabbed from
    behind by a werewolf as soon as he steps from the top step onto the porch. He drops his rifle as the werewolf turns and tosses him to the ground.

    Bruce is immediately surrounded by the other werewolves, who begin to claw and rip into his stomach. Bruce screams, watching the werewolves tear his guts out.

    The scream is cut off when one of the werewolves bites into his throat.

    While the others are running into the house, Lance has gone back and
    picked up Bruce's rifle. He points it at the werewolves.

    Fuck you!

    He pulls the trigger. The rifle does nothing.


    Lance turns and runs to join the others going into the house.

    CUT TO:


    Lance enters, joining the others in the livingroom. Chris slams the
    door behind him, locks it.

    I hope that psycho’s not in here.

    You people have some fucked up shit
    in this town.

    I've never heard of this before.

    What are those things?


    Everyone turns and begins to run again, but the Mysterious Man continues talking, and they stop for a second.

    I don’t mean to hurt you. Please.

    Then why did you kill our friend?

    Let me start at the beginning. My name is John Slater. My little brother was working at a diner one night when the Bunker Brothers – I’m guessing everyone in the States remembers them – showed up and all hell broke loose. Dozens of people ended up being killed, but not by the Bunker Brothers like the police said. No. My brother, William, managed to sneak away from the carnage and reach a pay phone and called me and told me what was going on. About how there were werewolves killing everyone. I knew my brother better then anyone and he has never lied to me. He died that night and it tore my mom apart. She ended up killing herself. The werewolves took my family away from me and I’ve spent the last half a year tracking them down and killing them. I heard about an ‘over-sized’ wolf in these parts and when I checked into it, I found that Police Chief Miller was on vacation here.

    You killed Miller…

    Miller was the sole survivor of a police station massacre half a year ago. He’s been in the hospital ever since and just recently was relieved from it. My guess is he came here with you guys to relax. Did a little background information into that. The police station was not attacked by some crazed psycho. It was attacked by a band of werewolves. Then after Miller gets out of the hospital and comes here, there are reports of a giant wolf attacking people. I put the pieces together and headed on over here to take him out, just like previous hunts. Of course, he did not leave behind a legacy. He got to someone first. Bit them. Now they are turning into a werewolf, and they are among you. Your friend failed to bring me to her and I have no patience for the ones who aid the Lycans. I feared he had already been bit by her and had to take care of him.

    So you just kill anyone who you even suspect to be a werewolf? That’s fuckin heartless.

    I do what has to be done to destroy the werewolves and stop them from multiplying. I swore on the graves of my family that I will not stop until every last one is dead.

    John looks past everyone at Tera.

    Now hand her over.

    Everyone looks at Tera and notices her changes more. She begins to look scared.

    We can still use her for now. I mean there’s an entire pack of werewolves out there, and when they come in here, we’ll need all the help we can get. One of two things can happen with Tera. Either she helps us and the werewolves kill her, in which case, we didn’t loose anything, just gained extra help, or she helps us until she turns, in which you can kill her then. Either way she’s gone, so what’s the point in killing her now when she can help us before she goes?


    John puts his sword away.

    Werewolves. Wow. Scary thing is, that actually makes sense. How are we on guns?

    This gun's out of bullets.

    So is mine...

    Chris pulls a box of shells from his pocket and puts it on a nearby

    That all the bullets we have?


    How many is that?

    Chris reloads his gun.

    After the guns are reloaded, four
    in each gun, six in the box.


    Why won't those things die? You shot
    all of them!

    So I noticed.

    You don’t need silver bullets. You need to dislocate the body from the brain. Blowing up their heads and decapitation works fine.

    Chris gets his rifle reloaded, hands it to Lance. Lance hands him
    the other rifle, Chris begins reloading it.

    Thunder rumbles, lightning flashes. Thumping sounds start coming
    from off-screen.

    The back door!

    Lance, Trips, and John run for the back door while Chris finishes reloading the other rifle. Chris looks over at Ginger and Jezzy.

    You might want to search around for
    other weapons.

    Just what I was thinking.

    Ginger pulls Jezzy out of the room.

    Let's check the kitchen.

    Tera is sitting in a corner, visibly scared to even move. She
    doesn’t like the idea of knowing she’s going to die, no matter
    what happens.

    Chris finishes reloading the rifle and puts the box of shells back
    in his pocket.

    Are you alright?

    I feel really strange...

    CUT TO:


    The back door is opening and a werewolf is starting to come in
    when Lance, John, and Trips run up. Trips goes to the door, jumping and slamming himself against the door, shutting it hard on the werewolf.

    The werewolf howls, starting to swipe its claws at Trips. Trips
    yells as he tries to keep the door shut on the werewolf.

    It claws him along the side of the face, hitting the door over
    and over, nearly knocking Trips away from the door every time.

    Shoot it! Kill it!

    John takes the rifle from Lance, who was in shock, as Trips slides
    as far away from the werewolf as he can while still keeping the door shut on it.

    John fires the rifle.

    The shot hits the werewolf in the top of the head, blowing brains
    and blood all over Trips and the wall.

    Trips groans in disgust. The werewolf falls to the floor, apparently dead.

    Trips and Lance look at the werewolf, then look at each other. John sighs and hands the rifle back to Lance.

    You killed it.

    Never hesitate to shoot. It’ll cost you your life or the life of a friend.

    As Trips and Lance watch, the dead werewolf with a large hole in its
    head turns into a dead person with a large hole in his head: One
    of the bikers.


    John bends down and starts dragging the body into the house so they can close the door.

    Help me.

    Lance and Trips bend down and helps Trips drag the body into the house, out of the way of the door.

    John then stands and goes to shut the door. We see another werewolf
    outside, running toward the door.

    Shut it!

    Lance and Trips run over and help John shut the door at the same second that the werewolf reaches it. The werewolf slams hard into the door. A second later the werewolf's fist bursts through the door, right beside Trips face.

    It claws five scratches across Trips' face as it pulls back out
    of the door.


    The werewolf slams itself against the door again. Trips turns around, looking at John.

    These are some determined...

    Trips trails off.

    TRIPS'S P.O.V. - Lance is standing between Trips and the open bathroom door. A werewolf had snuck through an open bathroom window and was stepping out of the bathroom, behind Lance.


    Lance takes the advice, just as the werewolf swings a clawed hand. Instead of taking Lance’s head off, the claws get stuck into the wall.

    Lance drops to the floor, rolls over and aims the rifle up at the werewolf.

    The werewolf frees its hand and slams it down at Lance before he gets
    a chance to pull the trigger. Lance rolls over and the claws stick deep into the floor right where Lance's stomach had been. During all this, John quickly runs around into the bathroom and shuts the open window.

    Lance kicks the werewolf in the side of the head while it's bending over, trying to rip its claws out of the floor.

    The werewolf stands back upright, pulling its claws out of the floor.
    Lance scrambles to his feet and joins Trips at the door. The other werewolf is still beating on the outside of the door.

    The werewolf starts walking towards them. There's a gunshot and it stops. it slowly turns around. John is standing in the doorway of the bathroom, guns aimed at the werewolf. Chris comes from around another corner, aiming his rifle at the werewolf as well. It is now surrounded.

    The werewolf swings its head down at Chris and bites the fingers of the hand holding the rifle. Chris screams, falling back against the wall,
    looking at his hand, which is now missing two fingers, the stubs squirting blood. The werewolf steps towards him and swings at him. Chris dodges just as Lance and John both start firing at the werewolf, causing its head to explode.

    The other werewolf's fist bursts through the door.

    This werewolf ain't gonna give up on
    this door.

    John looks over at Trips as the clawed hand swipes around through the hole. John puts his guns away and takes out his sword.

    Want to try something crazy?

    Think we can get out of the way?

    Like I said, we can try.

    Let's do it.

    Trips turns around, grabbing the doorknob.

    Trips pulls the door open. Trips and Lance flatten themselves against the wall, using the door as a sort of shield.

    The werewolf charges into the house, growling. It heads towards the first person it sees: John. It charges forward, then jumps at him.

    The werewolf slams into John, knocking him to the ground. The
    werewolf goes to bite John in the face, but he blocks it by
    sticking the blade of his sword in it's mouth, sharp side up.

    The werewolf continues snapping at John's face with the blade in
    its mouth. The blade cuts up its tongue, blood and spit pouring
    out onto John's face.

    John grabs the back of his sword’s blade with his left hand, holding the handle with his right, and shoves the sword upwards hard, through
    the werewolf's mouth, cutting through the back of it's head.

    The top of the werewolf's head falls off, landing above John's head.
    The bottom half stays in his face, squirting more blood all over
    his face.

    CUT TO:


    Tera is still sitting in the corner. She looks up at the ceiling,
    her face covered with fur. Her face starts to elongate into a
    snout and she starts screaming. Once the snout gets into typical
    werewolf length, the scream turns into a howl. So much for her helping the others.

    CUT TO:


    John gets to his feet and walks toward Chris, who's still leaning
    against the wall, holding his bleeding hand.

    At floor level, John's boots walk past the top half of the werewolf's
    head. Its eyes turn, watching the boots go past.

    Chris fires the rifle at the severed head, blowing up what was left of it. John jumps back, not expecting the shot, and definitely not expecting it as he walked by. As he jumps back, he stumbles and trips, falling backwards out the door. As he lands at the bottom of the stairs, he hits his head hard, getting knocked out.

    CUT TO:


    Lightning flashes, thunder rumbles, and rain finally starts to pour.

    Trips and Lance stand in the back doorway, looking down at John.

    John! John, wake up, man!

    John remains unconscious.


    Howls are heard close by.

    Lance sets the rifle aside and runs down the steps, grabbing John's
    arms and starting to pull him up the steps.

    John, you really need to wake the
    fuck up. And Trips, you could give me a hand here.

    Trips begins to move towards them to help, but suddenly catches some glowing eyes coming out of the bushes and turns and runs back inside. Lance looks at Trips run inside and then at what he had been looking at.
    Shit. John, wake up!

    In the background we see Chris reloading his rifle as a werewolf growls and moves in on Lance and John.

    Chris is having trouble re-loading with his injured hand. The werewolf reaches John’s body and Lance, and seeing Lance as a moving, target, decides he’d be best to go after. It reaches out and down and grabs him by the legs, standing up, holding Lance up, upside down.

    Someone help me!

    The werewolf looks down at Lance’s face and snarls.

    Let go you fuck!

    Chris steps up, rifle aimed at the werewolf.

    Shoot him in the head!

    Chris fires, but the werewolf moved, so the shot hit it in the chest, sending it stumbling back. It regained its footing, still holding Lance.

    Shoot him again!

    The werewolf moves Lance’s body in front of him, so Chris can't get a clear shot.


    Lance is interrupted when the werewolf rams its hand through his back, out his front, grasping his heart in its hand. It drops the heart and pulls its hand out, dropping the body.


    Chris opens fire on him. He only gets two shots then the rifle goes empty.

    Screams come from behind and Chris turns and looks back.

    CUT TO:


    Ginger and Jezzy come running into the hallway, followed by the
    werewolf that once was Tera.

    Ginger reaches the bathroom doorway, grabs the doorframe and
    swings into the bathroom. Jezzy continues running down the hall,
    the werewolf right behind her.

    Jezzy reaches the doorway to the outside, sees that another werewolf is
    right outside. She stops and turns around to face the werewolf
    coming toward her from inside.

    The werewolf jumps and right before it would've slammed into Jezzy,
    Chris pulls her out of the way.

    The werewolf flies out the door, landing on the ground right in front
    of the other one. Chris slams the door shut as Trips comes around the corner.

    You alright, Jezzy?


    How about you, Ginger?

    Ginger comes out of the bathroom.

    As alright as I can be in this

    Have any of you been bit?


    Ginger shakes her head.

    No, but...

    Trips motions to his scratched-up face.

    I've been scratched. I don't know...
    I think, in some of the movies you
    can be infected by a scratch.
    John would know, but he’s as good as dead now.

    Chris motions to one of the naked, dead bikers on the floor.

    How did that happen?

    John shot it in the head. As he said,
    Destroy the brain or sever the brain from the body.

    Trips motions to the werewolf with half a head just beyond the dead,
    naked biker.

    Thank God the silver bullet
    thing is bullshit.

    3/22/2004 8:04:12 PM
    (Updated: 7/22/2004 3:29:01 AM)

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