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    When TLW was filmed in 1997, satellite phones were complicated pieces of technology that required a brief-case full of equipment. The satellite phone in JP3, however, is only slightly larger than most cell phones (and works much better too).
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    College week 1
    By Aragorn

    Wednesday, Sept. 10th, 2003

    I started collage today. Today was my short day though. I only had two classes, English and Video Basics, both were two hours long, but we got to have a ten minute break in English and we got to leave half an hour early in Video Basics. Since my Aunt works at the school, all the teachers pick on me, but its cool. Its really funny. My english teacher is so much more cooler then my old one. gah, Mr. Payne would have a hay day if he saw the way this teacher works, haha! She doesn't care if you're late, as long as its not imensely. (Like fifteen minutes), she's ALWAYS joking around and she lets us wear our hats in her class. The only thing she doesn't let us do, is eat in her class, but that's also because there's computers in the room as well, so that's understandable. And we can call teachers by their first names!

    I'm the youngest, or well rather one of the youngest. Everyone in my class are in their twenties except me and this one chick who both just graduated. Everyone else has already been through collage or university and is just back to pick up some extra courses they missed along the way. I was hanging out with this one 23 year old and his friend most of the day. They also take the same bus I do tog et to school. They're pretty cool, and when I wasn't hangin with them, I was talking to that chick. but today was a short day though. Only there from 9:20 until 12:40, but we got to leave half an hour early, so I was only there until 12:15. Tomorrow I don't get off until 4 in the afternoon, but I don't have to be in unitl 11 in the morning.

    Thursday, Sept. 11, 2003

    Well for those who read my last intry about college, you'll know that everyone in my class is in their twenties except me and this other chick, who both just graduated. Anyway, we were talkin today, and she was sayin how she never got to see Freddy vs Jason yet but she really wanted to. Her birthday's on Monday, so she's turnin 18 then, and I want to see it again, but none of my friends down here are over 18, so they can't get in (Cause its R down here, not 18A).

    Anyway, we were talkin the rest of the day, and we hung out a bit, and I asked her if she wanted to go see Freddy vs Jason on Wednesday (Cause my parents are here until Monday, so I can't go any sooner, plus Wednesday is my short day at school and I don't have to be in until 11 on Thursday), and she said ok, and gave me her number and told me to call her tonight, so I did, and we were talkin, and she was sayin how her last boyfriend was a real jerk, ect, and she hasn't really been gone out on a date since they broke up before the summer.

    So yeah, I'm going out on a date on Wednesday. What are YOU doing?

    Friday, Sept. 12th, 2003

    Well for those of you who have been following my last couple of entries about college, you'll know about Charlene, the chick I'm going out with on Wednesday night. Anyway, we spent most of the day today hangin out, and I found out she is so awsome! She's the only other person I've ever met that watches Paradise Hotel every week besides me! So we were talkin about that alot, and we basicly hold the same views on everything that's happenin there. SHE came up to ME and asked me if I liked Ginger Snaps (The movie). Hahahahahaha. That's my favorite werewolf movie and one of my all-time favorite movies. Guess what? Its hers too!

    We even have the same attitude almost. Its really freaky.

    However, there is this other guy in the class, Dan. He's 19 I think. Anyway, he likes her too, and she was flirten with him a bit today as well. But he never got her phone number, while certain other people did, HAHA Dan, take that! (I don't like Dan, as some may have guessed)

    Anyway, Charlene's really cool and awsome. Though there was this one part in the last class, where the principal came and gave her a message. Now that's bad. REALLY bad. Cause she's told us over and over, that if there's any phone messages, we'll get them during our breaks, unless they're a dire emergancy. And it was, I gathered, cause she came back, almost in tears. When the teacher left the room for a few minutes, I asked her if everything's ok, and she said that she just found out her dad has cancer, and I can totaly relate to that, cause one of my friends up in Good 'ol AB has cancer, so I was talkin to her about that for a bit as well.

    After school, I went home and slept, and when I woke up I called her and we talked on the phone for a good hour before she had to go, cause she was going home for the weekend. (Like me, her parents don't live here in St. John's.) she said she'll call me back when she gets back on Sunday.


    Week 2 to come this upcoming Friday evening.

    9/14/2003 2:02:46 PM

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