Jurassic Park
By Michael Crichton
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    Spielberg reportedly had to plea Richard Attenborough to play John Hammond, as he had been retired from acting for 15 years.
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    Carnosaur chapter summeries - Chapters 1 & 2
    By Aragorn


    The chapter begins with a farmer, Des Cartwright, being woken up in the middle of the night by his wife, who noticed that the chickens are acting strange. Des, thinking its either a fox or a wolf, gets up to scare the critter away as his wife goes back to sleep.
    As he gets ready to go out and scare off the animal, he begins to wonder how an animal could have gotten in, because he had checked the fencing earlier that day and it was fine.
    As he goes to get his rifle, he hears the sound of a cage being overturned out in the chicken coop, and he begins to think that itís probably a local dog. He goes outside, where we, the reader, discover that it is the middle of summer.
    Des approaches the 3 chicken big sheds, which the chickens from all 3 were going crazy. And after hearing a crashing noise from the middle one, he heads towards that shed.
    The chickens get even louder as Des walks into the shed, walking down the aisle, looking for the dog. He goes into another aisle and sees that a whole section of cages had been knocked over. The cages had also been ripped open, with nothing left but some feathers.
    Suddenly he picks up on a bad smell, and he begins to get scared, despite the gun in his hand. He turns and starts heading back to the other aisle, and towards the door, when a creature steps out in front of him, blocking his path.
    It was 6 feet tall, with skin the color of dried blood. Itís a deinonychus, however Des doesnít even guess that itís a dinosaur. He just knows itís a giant 2-legged reptile with teeth and claws, and itís after him.
    The deinonychus charges towards him, screeching. It reaches him and grabs him as it lifts its foot up, slashing his stomach open with its claw. Dez falls to the floor, firing the gun, but to no effect. The deinonychus reaches down and starts eating him, starting on his face and neck first.

    Desís wife, Julie, wakes up again, hearing the screech, and then the gunshot. Worried for Des, she gets changed and goes outside. She runs to the middle shed, calling out for her husband.
    She goes inside the shed and sees her husbandís mutilated body, with the deinonychus in the process of eating it. (Take note that the descriptions are also pretty graphic. Even more so then in the Jurassic Park books.). Julie screams, which causes the dinosaur to look up at her and ran, jumping on her, knocking her down.
    It runs past her and into the yard, running away with a screech. Julie has a heart attack.

    A teenage girl, Pat, sneaks away from a dance with a rich boy thatís the son of some important political figure, in his car, out in the country. She feels no attraction to him, but wants to have sex with him for his car and money.
    During sex, she sees a shape go by the window and a second later, something touches her foot, which was hanging out a window. She freaks out and the boy, Jeremy sits up, planning on beating up the Ďnosey peopleí. Suddenly a clawed, leathery hand breaks through the window and rips open Jeremyís neck.
    When it pulls out, it drags Jeremy out as well, kicking and screaming. Pat sees a fair-sized two-legged lizard walking away, dragging Jeremyís body with it. She freaks out and turns on the car, slamming on the gas. She zooms down a hill and crashes into a tree, causing her body to fly out the front window, hit off the tree, and rest on the front hood of the car, her neck and back broken.


    David Pascal is a reporter in his late 20ís. He works for a local Newspaper in Warchester, England. He goes into his work, the only other person there is a co-worker, Jenny, who he had once had a relationship with, but ended it because she was a better reporter and knew that if she got offered a job at a bigger newspaper in the city, she would leave him to go to it and to save him the pain, he ended it.
    He goes through his morning ritual, looking at news stories and deciding which ones to write up, not wanting to do any because heís tired of nothing ever happening and having to do all Ďboringí news stories. (Some stuff does happen, like dirty cops and sex scandals, but the newspaperís owner refuses to print that kind of stuff, wanting to print only things thatíll help the townís reputation.)
    David has a fear of never leaving the town and ending up a drunk with no life, like one of his other co-workers.
    He find himself still attracted to her both physically and mentally, still having feelings for her. They have a basic conversation about how he looks grumpy in the mornings, and he tries to change the topic so as to not turn the conversation into an argument.
    David states that heís going to the police station to listen in on their calls and police radios, so he could maybe pick up a better story. Jenny states he spends more time there then he does at the Newspaper building.

    David arrives at the police building and has a friendly discussion with three of the officers that he knows pretty good. One of them, Keith Driscoll, he grew up with. Keith makes a joke about hiding all top secret papers, when David walks in, which causes a good laugh from him. After that they have a discussion about how nothing new ever happens there and they go through the exact same routine every day with no excitement.
    David sees a flicker in the eyes of one of the officers and sense that something is up and they arenít telling him something. Keith says that they got a call from Stanley Pitt, an important political figure, who was saying that his son hadnít come home the night before. They go on to say that no reports of any accidents have come in, but a women from the next town over said that her daughter, Pat, had come to this town to the dance and never came home last night either. When Patís friends were questioned they all said that she was getting a ride home that night with Jeremy Pitt.
    Everyone guesses that they hooked up somewhere for the night and will both show up later in the day. The cops also state that their Sarge and another officer are out cruising around, randomly looking for them on the route they suspect Jeremy would have taken.
    David is happy after he finds out that Pat is only 15 years old. That means he can do up a news article, pinning the son of a big political figure, with statutory rape.
    A call comes in from someone who finds Des and his wife dead out at their farm, and by the sounds of it, it appears they were murdered. Discoll orders one cop to stay at the station and try to get a hold of their Sergeant, and orders the other to come with him. David is getting really excited now because there had never been a murder in Warchester before and two interesting things have happened in one day so far! David ends up tagging along with Driscoll and the other cop.

    At the chicken farm, they come across the wife first, who had died from a heart attack. David, who had originally thought he would be sick if he saw the dead bodies, began to think that it wasnít as bad as he first thought it was going to be.
    Then, after a short walk-through of the inside, they see the husband, Des, ripped up and gutted, laying in a pool of blood. Between seeing the body, and smelling it, David feels like heís about to throw up. David makes the observation of bite marks on the body, as if something had tried to chew the body.
    Discoll and the other officer quickly agrees that it was definitely an animal that killed Des.

    3/24/2004 8:18:25 PM
    (Updated: 3/24/2004 8:22:39 PM)

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