Jurassic Park
By Michael Crichton
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    Grant and Burke agree that the Raptor's "killer claw" was on the middle toe, when in fact many believe it was on the inside toe. (From: 'Tyrannotaur')
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    By Aragorn

    This is a story I originaly wrote back in 2001. I'm re-posting it under this username though.


    The blackness of night covered the tropical landscape like a warm blanket. A man wore a pair of night vision goggles and had a shotgun raised. The man wore camouflage and was crouching down in between two ferns, sinking slightly in the wet moss below his feet.
    The man's name was Carl Frode. He had grown up in a different time then that of the island. He was used to modern technology. He was raised in a good old fashion city with lots of people, cars, and noise. He had plans of going to University, but his father had died before he could get the application sent, and he just never got around to doing it.
    So he became a hunter. He had hunted all sorts of things: rabbits, birds, and lizards. But not everything he hunted was legal. He also hunted lions, tigers, and bears among other things.
    His short black hair had a red bandanna going around it and he had a black belt around his potbelly. He spit on the ground and his yellow teeth were visible, even in the dark. One of his teeth, a silver tooth, shone even brighter. He also had a gold ring on one of his fingers.
    Behind him was the entrance to a cave, however he was not interested in the cave. He was interested in something far better. He adjusted his night vision goggles and pressed a button on the top that turned on a scanner.
    He panned his head around and the words TYRANNOSAURUS REX. 100 FT. CARNIVORE. Popped up.
    The 100 FT changed to 95 FT. Then 85 FT. Then 75 FT.
    Carl was sweating despite the low night temperatures. He raised his shotgun higher and looked through the aim as he turned the scanner off. The Rex became visible in the night vision goggles and it let out a deafening roar.
    Carl had to force himself not to cover his ears and blow his cover. Suddenly the Rex stopped it’s roar and stopped on the spot as it looked up.
    Carl heard a screeching noise and looked up as well. Above him was a lizard that was flying through the air. He didn't know what it was however, because he refused to put his hand up to turn on his scanner. He looked back through the aimer of his gun and fired.
    The shot hit the Rex in the leg. Drops of blood and chunks of flesh flew off. It let out a loud roar that Carl couldn’t help but drop his gun and cover his ears from.
    When he did this, the Rex automatically saw his movement and located him.
    "Shit!" Carl reached down and grabbed his gun. He got back up and ran away, the Rex giving chase.
    Carl realized that his gun was no good against such a powerful animal, so he ran with his gun in one hand at his side. He ran around the cave entrance and began his climb up the mountainside. He reached a short ledge, but knew he wasn’t high enough. He jumped higher then he ever did before and grabbed onto a sturdy rock in the steep cliff face. He pulled himself up and the second he got his legs up over the edge, the Rex ran by. Carl knew that if he had been a couple seconds slower, he would have lost his legs.
    He shook his head to clear his mind and he turned to look up. Way up. No way was he going to be able to climb any higher without rope and proper climbing equipment. Suddenly the ledge he was standing on began to shake and started to crumble.
    He grabbed onto the side of the ledge as he saw the Rex below, ramming its head up, breaking the ledge. As the ledge broke away and the bits of rock tumbled down, Carl grabbed on to the side of the cliff with one hand, his feet dangling in the air.
    The Rex roared again and Carl threw his gun down as he reached up and pulled his night goggles off. Everything suddenly got a whole lot darker and he needed to adjust his eyes to the pitch blackness.
    He reached up and placed his other hand on the same piece of jutting rock, so now both hands were secured tightly on the side. Then he felt a sharp pain in his legs and a little tug.
    Carl screamed as he felt another tug. He was losing his grip. Yet another tug and his hands came that much closer to slipping.
    One last tug did it. His hands had slipped and he fell to the ground. He moaned as he ran his hands over his injured legs. He felt giant teeth marks in them that were now bloody.
    He began to softly cry as he felt the ground vibrate as the Rex moved in for the kill. He looked up and saw the Rex lower it's open mouth at him.
    He screamed, and then never saw anything again.

    In a busy city, Kevin Telembo walked into a museum, walking past tour groups and random people.
    An older man, the curator, rushed up to him. Kevin was a tall man with wavy brown hair. His muscular built was easy to see, and usually a shorter man felt scared by his presence. When he was little, he loved museums and he loved looking at mummies and dinosaur bones. Then, just like all little kids, he lost interest and got into space. He wanted to be an astronaut ever since he was 11. He had known everything about space and other planets and one day wanted to prove that aliens did exist. But when he turned 17, he lost interest in that as well and became a Freelance Surveyor. He surveyed different theme parks and other things like that to make sure they were safe for visitors.
    Mr. Palik, the curator of the museum had called Kevin for a job, but had refused to tell him about it over the phone. As they walked down a hall, they passed by a wall that had dinosaur fossils coming out of it.
    "It's a new program." Mr. Palik explained. "It's quite a mystery actually."
    "Where is it?" Kevin asked.
    "I'm not sure. I've got the number to call though, so I'll give you that. Don't let them know that you're surveying the place for place for me though, because then they'd treat you with no respect. They already think that I’m trying to shut them down, just because I’ve voiced a few…concerns. By the way, do you have any experience in hunting?"
    "Some. My brother and I used to hunt all the time when we were younger. We still go at least once or twice a year."
    "Good. It's settled then. You can bring him along as well if you want. Think it over and get back to me." Mr. Palik hobbled away before Kevin could get the chance to ask any of the dozens of questions that were running through his head.

    Lacy Bendera was laying on her soft towel, which was laid out over the hot sands of a beach. She was a 21-year-old that loved sun tanning in her spare time. And since she didn’t have a job, she had a lot of free time.
    She brushed some of her blonde hair out of her eye and noticed a couple of men looking at her in her tight red bikini. She didn't really care though. In fact, she kind of liked it. It flattered her.
    He cell phone rang and interrupted her thoughts. She reached into her bag and pulled it and turned it on.
    "Hey, Lacy."
    "Oh, hey Fred." Lacy and Fred were cousins, but they were close enough to be called best friends. Fred's parents had died when he was only a kid so he moved in with Lacy and her family and they’ve been close ever since. “What’s up?”

    Kevin was sitting at the kitchen table in his house, his phone up to his ear. "I'm calling for some information about your new program. I was wondering where it might be located and how to get there."
    "I’m sorry, but the location is a secret. We can’t have people going there without paying. However, we can arrange for a helicopter to fly you there."
    "How much would it cost? I can’t imagine it’s cheap."
    “It all depends on what type of creature you want to hunt, what type of weapon you want to use. Stuff like that. Can I take you're name and number so I call you when a helicopter is available?"
    "Sure.” Kevin proceeded to give her his information. He was getting a tad upset over no one giving him a straight answer, and all the mystery surrounding the program, but he knew he’d know what was going on soon enough. He just needed to get there.

    The next day, Lacy was in her house, reading some cosmetic magazine. The door bell rang and she laid the magazine down and went to answer the door.
    Fred was standing there and they hugged. Lacy stepped back, allowing Fred into her house. "How've you been?" Fred asked.
    "Good. And you?"
    "I’m doing good."
    "What about you're partner, what's his name?"
    "Kevin. He's good too. In fact, that's why I came. He got us a job to survey some type of new hunting program and I was wondering if you wanted to come. I know how much you love animals, and you always enjoyed the hunting trips we went with your dad on."
    "I'd love to! Where's it at?"
    "We don't know. They're very secretive about it. They called Kevin back and said they'd pick us up in a helicopter at the helipad an hour from here."
    "When are we leaving?"
    "Talk about short notice. I better start packing." Lacy offered her cousin some coffee but he turned it down. She went up to her room and got out a suitcase. She began to pack some clothes, when her eyes fell upon the picture on her desk. It was of her when she was just a young teenager, her parents, and Fred, from when they had hunted down and killed an escaped panther from a neighboring zoo. It had been a joy to get all the attention they did.
    Lacy put the picture in her bag.

    Kevin was meeting with Mr. Palik in the museum again. "My partner and I well do it." Kevin said.
    "Good." Mr. Palik said back. "Really good. And I'll pay you extra if you can bring back a trophy of some kind."
    "Does this mean you’re going to tell me what the program is now?”
    "You'll have to find out for yourself. I love a good surprise."
    Kevin pushed the old curator up to the wall, a bit more forcibly then he meant to. Growing up, he always had a short temper. "Tell me, old man." he growled through clenched teeth.
    "It's a new hunting program. That's all I'm going to say. They'll tell you the rest on the copter. Now I suggested you go home and pack. You leave soon, if I understood correctly."
    Kevin let Mr. Palik down and stormed out. The old man smiled as Kevin slammed the door behind him.

    The next day, Kevin was waiting for Fred outside his house. Fred was going to be picking him up and then they were going to pick up Lacy, and catch the helicopter.
    Kevin heard his name get shouted out and he whipped around. "Hey Fred." Kevin said as Fred pulled up next to him. "How's Lacy?"
    "She's fine. She's fine. So have you found out what this program is all about?"
    "No. I tried to beat it out of Mr. Palik, but all he did was tell me what we already knew."
    "Who's Palik?"
    "He's the curator of the museum in town. The person who hired us to survey the damn place we’re going."
    Kevin jumped into the car and Fred took off down the road.

    Lacy was waiting by the door of her house, looking at her watch. The boys were running late. "Where are you guys?" She whispered to herself.
    Then, almost on cue, Fred’s car screeched around the corner and stopped in front of Lacy’s house.
    "Hurry!" Fred shouted. "We ran into rush hour. If we don’t hurry, we’ll miss the helicopter.” Lacy threw her bags into the trunk and then jumped inside the car and squished up against Kevin, as there were no backseats.
    "Hi." Lacy said to him.
    "Hey." he said back. They stared in each other's eyes of a moment and Fred slammed on the gas pedal.
    "Time to go!" He raced down the street and then onto the highway.

    About 45 minutes later, the car slowed when they came to a clearing and a helicopter was on a helipad in a field, it's blades rotating, picking up speed.
    "Wait!" Fred shouted as he jumped out of the car after he drove it off the road and onto the grass. After Lacy and Kevin jumped out and grabbed the bags from the trunk, Fred pointed a little remote at his jeep and there was a beep noise as it locked itself. He put the device back in his pocket as the three of them ran to the helicopter.
    Lacy threw him his duffle bag and he caught it. They got to the copter and a female with glasses, wearing a blue suit, opened the door for them. The second the got in, even before they sat down, the person closed the door and the copter took off, knocking them into the seats.
    "Buckle up." the female attendant advised. "Running a little late, are we?"
    "Rush Hour." Kevin explained.
    "Understandable. My name is Ellen."
    "Why aren't there any windows back here?" Lacy asked, looking around the small compartment they were in.
    "So you don't know the location of the area we're going to."
    "What type of hunting program is so secretive that you can't give away the location?" asked Kevin.
    "You'll see." Ellen smiled.

    A group of men were trudging through a jungle during the hot day. Leading the group was Steve Webber, a 34-year-old man that was really muscular and wore a cowboy's hat. With him was Norm Harvey, a tall skinny guy with glasses, and behind him was John Harvey, a short 18 year old that was Norm’s son.
    Steve was holding a shotgun, Norm had a crossbow, and John carried a pistol. They were walking through the jungle, tired and boiling hot, and by the state of their clothes, it was easy to tell that they had been out all day.
    "We've killed four of them." John said. "How come we can't bring them back for trophies?"
    "Because they weren't the type that we have a license to kill." Norm explained.
    "Everyone, shut up." Webber whispered sternly. "Hear that?" They quieted down and noticed that there was a rustling sound and a low growl nearby.
    John reloaded his pistol. A Velociraptor jumped out from a nearby bush and landed on him before he could fire.
    “Kill it!" Norm shouted as he fired his crossbow, the arrow sticking into the raptor's side. It screeched, but otherwise ignored the arrow. Webber fired his shotgun and blew half of the dinosaur's head off.
    The dead raptor fell over, but the damage was already done. John was laying on the ground. His face had thick cuts all over it and there was a deep gash going down his stomach, his intestines half out.
    "Oh god." Norm bent over his son's dead body, crying. Steve Webber however, was looking around at the other bushes around them and a couple began to rustle.
    "Grieve about him later, there's more here. We need to go." Webber picked Norm up and placed him on his feet. When they started to run, two more raptors shot out of the bushes and gave chase. The raptors were blood red with black stripes running down their bodies.
    As the two humans broke out of the jungle, they saw giant Mountains in the distance. They past by a few Mushops along the way, The little knee-height lizards ignored the chase as they continued to eat the grass. One of them even used it’s two sharp front teeth to take out a small mouse.
    One raptor broke away from the chase and went for the Mushops. The little lizards screeched and began running away, but the raptor reached them and tore one apart. The other raptor however, still chased the humans.
    Webber turned and fired his shotgun. The shot clipped the raptor's side, slowing it down. That gave the humans enough time to get to the foot of a mountain. As they began climbing, Webber accidentally knocked a couple loose rocks down. One hit Norm in the glasses, knocking them off his face.
    Norm screamed as the rocks pelted his face. “I need to go back down!” He shouted up to Webber. My glasses fell down. I can’t see without them!” Norm began his climb down, unaware of the raptor that was right below him, waiting.
    "Norm!" Webber cried down, but it was already too late. The raptor jumped up and grabbed Norm's ankle, pulling him down. When the human landed, the raptor began to tear him apart.
    Webber turned and began to climb higher. He'd go back down for the crossbow later. It might come in handy at some point, if he ran out of ammo.

    Inside the helicopter, the passengers were sleeping. They had their bags opened and a few things, such as books and crossword puzzles, were stung about. Fred yawned and wiped sleep from his eyes. He noticed that Kevin was already awake, a barf bag in his hands. Fred looked at his watch.
    "What's taking this flight so long?" Fred asked, yawning again.
    "The location is a fair distance away." answered Ellen.
    Over the intercom, the pilot's male voice came on. "We're almost there. Another five minutes."
    "See. We're there." Ellen said. "I suggest you find you're stuff, sit back down, and enjoy the last five minutes.”
    Fred shook Lacy awake and the three packed up their bags. "I can't wait to land." Lacy said, a smile on her face.
    "I hate flying." Kevin said as he put the barf bag in the garbage.

    The helicopter started to lower itself to a helipad behind a large building. Once it landed and the blades stopped turning, Ellen opened the door and jumped out, allowing Lacy to come out next, followed by Fred and Kevin. They looked around and saw palm trees, other buildings, the main building, and a couple of dirt roads.
    They also saw the ocean not too far away. "I guess we're on an island." Kevin said, still feeling a little sick.
    "Maybe." Ellen said. “Or we might just be on the coast.”
    A tall muscular man with short blonde hair that was wearing a black t-shirt walked out of the main building.
    "Hello, hello. I'm Bruce Kozak,” The man greeted with a British accent. “The guy in charge here. You must be the Surveyors."
    "Yes." Fred answered. "I'm Fred and this is my partner, Kevin." They all shook hands. "And this is my sister, Lacy."
    "And a fine sister she must be." Bruce shook her hand then kissed it. Lacy turned bright red. "Come inside." Bruce offered. "I'll tell you guys everything anything you want to know about the place."
    As they walked up the steps into the main building, Kevin said. "So, what type of hunting program is this?"
    "And why is it so secretive?" Lacy asked.
    Bruce laughed. “All answers will be given to you shortly." They entered the building and inside the lobby was a skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    "What is this place?" Fred asked. "Jurassic Park?"
    Bruce laughed again. "Closer to it then you can imagine."
    "Why do I suddenly have a very bad feeling?” Kevin groaned.
    They walked up a flight of stairs and down a hall, into an office. "Ellen, could you please close the doors behind us?" Bruce asked. Ellen nodded and when everyone was in the office, she closed the doors, staying outside.
    "So what do we hunt?" Lacy asked.
    "First." Bruce interrupted. "What weapon do you guys want?"
    "What?" Kevin asked.
    "Well usually you'd have to pay for a weapon and a license to hunt certain animals, but sense this is business, it's all free for you guys. Just on this one trip though."
    "What weapons do you have?" Lacy asked.
    Bruce pressed a button and the wall started to move. It slid sideways and behind it was another wall with Crossbows, Shotguns, pistols, rifles, knifes, sniper rifles, and many more.
    "Uh," Kevin said. "I'll guess I'll take a sniper rifle."
    "Smart choice." Bruce said as he retrieved them and handed them to Kevin.
    "I'll take a couple pistols." Lacy said. “I could never handle anything much bigger.”
    Bruce gave her a strange look, but got them for her anyway. "And what about you, sir? Fred was it?"
    "I'll have a shotgun."
    Bruce retrieved that for him. "Now, you have some field equipment you can use." He pushed the button again and the wall closed and then he pushed another button and another wall opened. Inside was camouflage suits, binoculars, scanners, some kind of whistle, and cover scent.
    "We'll take a enough of each for all of us." Fred said. Bruce got them all the stuff. He gave them knapsacks to carry it all in.
    "When are we going to be showed to our rooms?" Kevin asked.
    "After once more arrangement." Bruce answered. "What types of license do you want?"
    He pushed the button and the wall closed. Then he pulled open a drawer and laid the different licenses out to show them.
    "Tyrannosaurus Rex?" Fred asked. "Velociraptor? Triceratops?"
    "What is this?" Lacy asked. "Some kind of joke?"
    "Not at all." Bruce answered. "I'm completely serious."
    Kevin searched Bruce's face but found no fault. He was telling the truth as far as Kevin could tell. "How did you do it?" he asked.
    "We're not entirely sure."
    "What do you mean?" Lacy asked.
    "My company and I bought this land off of the government. As far as they knew, no one had ever used it for anything. We bought it, planning to created a regular hunting program, but when we came here, we soon found out what inhabited this area."
    "We'll take a license for all of them." Lacy said, eagerly.
    "Normally you'd have to be extremely rich to have paid for everything you just got, but not on this trip, since it’s all complimentary. And also, normally you'd get money from each trophy you get, but sense you don't pay for the stuff, we don't pay you."
    "Fair enough." Kevin said.
    "Ellen!" Bruce yelled. The doors opened and Ellen walked in. "Show these fine people to their rooms."
    "Right away, sir." she turned to Kevin, Fred, and Lacy. "Follow me." They gathered up all of their stuff and walked down the halls.
    "I still don't believe it." Lacy said.
    "Believe it." Ellen said back. “It’s real.”

    After they were all settled in their rooms, they met in the hall.
    "When do we get to go hunting?" Lacy asked.
    "Lets go find out." Fred suggested. They marched down the halls and came to Bruce's office. They knocked on the door and it opened. They walked in just as Bruce was sitting back down.
    "How may I help you?" he asked.
    "When do we go out hunting?" Lacy repeated her question.
    "Whenever you like. But it's sunset now and the carnivores come out mostly after dark. Though there are a few during the day. During dawn are when the herbivores are out most."
    "Alright. We'll wait till we wake up tomorrow." Kevin said.
    "Fine. Just come by the office when you're ready." They walked out and back down the halls.

    Once Lacy was back in her room, she opened her window, but discovered that on the other side of the glass were bars. She looked out at the sun setting and heard an animal cry someplace in the distance. It didn't sound like anything she had ever heard before.

    Fred was lying on his bed, going through the events of the day. Just twenty-four hours earlier, he would not have dreamed that dinosaurs still existed. It was almost too much to grasp.

    Kevin was sitting on his bed, going through all the equipment and his gun, checking for flaws. Once the sun set and the moon and stars came out, he heard a vicious roar and sighed. He thought about the day and reinforced the idea that they were on an island. It’s the only place he could think of, that dinosaurs could live without being noticed.

    At the bottom of a mountain, there was a little stream with sand banks on either side of it. Here and there were palm trees scattered about. A Dimetrodon was walking slowly along the edge.
    Suddenly, a Spinosaurus ran out from the shadows of the night and roared. It swung its head down and opened its mouth wide.
    It tore a chunk of flesh from the now-dead dinosaur and began on it's first meal of the night.

    The next morning, Lacy opened her eyes, yawning. She checked her watch and it read 9:30. She looked out her window and saw the sun up, shining brightly.
    There was a knock on her door and she got up. "Just a minute!" She quickly got changed, and answered the door.
    "Good morning Fred, we hunting now?"
    "Yep. Let’s go." And so the two of them went to get Kevin.

    Soon enough, all three were meeting Ellen by the main doors. "So," Ellen said, putting sunglasses on. "Are we all ready?"
    "Yep." Lacy practically shouted.
    "Then hop in." Ellen got behind the wheel of a green jeep. Kevin, Lacy, and Fred followed. Ellen started the jeep and drove it off the trail and into the jungle.
    "Where are we going?" Kevin asked.
    "I'm dropping you guys off by a mountain, far enough away from this area, so your chances of finding something soon are better."
    As the jeep drove passed trees, out of the jungle, past small rock formations, grassy fields, and small ponds, they saw a few Mushops, a dimetrodon, and some pterodactyls in the sky.
    After about an hour, they reached the bottom of a really tall mountain. "All off." Ellen said. The three climbed out with their equipment and their camouflage suits on.
    "See you guys later." Ellen waved bye as she backed the jeep up, turned it around, and drove away.
    "Now what?" Fred asked.
    "Now we hunt!" Lacy answered, happy. They checked to make sure their weapons were loaded.
    "We only have limited ammo," Kevin said. "So I suggested we use it only if we have to, and only on the animals that can get us trophies."
    "Lets get moving." Lacy said. They turned and began to walk around the mountain. It took them half an hour of jumping down small little jumps, moving under little bits of jungle, and around a few trees that were here and there.
    Once they got around the mountain, they saw a big lake with smaller ponds around it. Pass all of those was the ocean.
    "What are we looking for?" Fred asked.
    Kevin took all the licenses out and looked at them. On them were pictures of the dinosaurs they were for. He passed them to Lacy and Fred so they could get a good look.
    After a couple minutes, they handed them back to Kevin who put them away. "Look!" Lacy pointed. Up above them were different flying lizards. Fred put his tracker on his gun, lifted his gun, and looked through the tracker.
    "That one is a pteranodon. It's 900 feet above us.” As he lowered his gun, he saw MUSHOPS. OMNIVORE. 2000 FT.
    He lowered his gun more, but the Mushops was too far away to see with the naked eye. When Lacy raised her tracker to the sky, she got a Dimorphodon. Then as that one flew out of site, another one flew in sight. QUETZALCOATLUS. FISH EATER/CARNIVORE. 700FT then it went to 600FT
    "Uh, guys?" Lacy's voice had fear in it. "That really, really big one is headed right at us." she lowered her tracker and turned and ran. The other two did so and a second later, the dinosaur swooped low and was snapped at where they used to be. It turned and flew back up into the air, still following them.
    "Faster!" Fred shouted. He ducked just as the quetza swooped again.
    "Shoot it!" Kevin yelled.
    "But that'll waste a ammo!" Lacy complained.
    "Ah hell!" Kevin turned and aimed through his sniper barrel. Once the quetza came into view, about to swoop again, he fired three shoots into it- one in the wing, one in the head, and one in the other wing.
    It fell down and flopped around on the ground, making a screeching noise. "Come on." Kevin said. "Lets get moving.

    They walked into a big circular valley where the sides of the mountains were going almost straight up, with only one path into the area. There was also a bunch of logs and ditches about, and in some of them were water.
    "Great ambush point." Lacy said. We kill one of the small dinosaurs and use it as bait to lure a meat-eater in here, were we are hidden away and then we fire at it."
    "Sounds good to me." Fred said.
    "One problem." Kevin said. "What are we going to use as bait?"

    A Gallimimus was walking around on a sandy beach, alone. It bent down and munched on some ferns that were growing at the edge of the jungle.
    Suddenly, an Allosaurus ran out from behind a nearby grassy hill and jumped, knocking the Gallimimus to the ground and taking a bite out of it as it tried to squirm away.

    Lacy, Kevin, and Fred came across the beach and found the dead Gallimimus. "What killed it?" Lacy asked.
    "Who knows." Kevin said. "We'll find a live one of these close to the ambush point and kill it. This one is already scraped to the bone. " He swatted some flies that were buzzing around.
    "Sounds good." Fred agreed.

    Ellen was driving the jeep back to the main building. She passed by a giant wall made out of logs. There were holes in parts of it and the door was of its hinges. She slowed the jeep down and got out.
    She walked through the doorway and noticed the giant steep mountains on both sides. She knew that the other wall for the back of the area was far away. She looked around and saw some huts made out of logs and straw. Some were destroyed and some were intact. Some also weren’t quite intact, but not completely destroyed either.
    A dimetrodon chewed on some grass near one of the huts. As She continued to look around the area, Ellen saw 3 mushops' eating grass not far away from the Dimetrodon. Her memory went back to many years before.

    It was long after the sun had gone down, and a group of people stood around the same area that Ellen just visited, only all the huts were completely intact.
    "This is where the base should be." Said a much younger Bruce. He walked out of one of the huts, two people following them.
    "Dad!" Bruce turned to look and saw an 11-year-old girl run over to him and hug him.
    "Oh, hello Ellen."
    "Dad, the watchmen at the front say that there's something that's making the other dinosaurs scramble. They’re all spooked."
    "Shit." a serious expression came across his face.
    "What is?" asked a red-head man that was one of the people who walked out of the hut with Bruce.
    "I think one of the Rex's are coming."
    "Stations!" shouted a short fat man who was the other person that had followed Bruce out of the hut.
    They heard shouts and screaming from the watchers at the back. "Stay here!" Bruce said to Ellen. "In fact, go inside that hut." Ellen did as she was told.
    Bruce lit a bunch of torches and passed them around. "Come with me!" he shouted to the two men that were with him, along with one other one. The four of them ran to the back of the compound.
    Another couple people ran up beside them as they ran. "Here sir." one of them said and passed Bruce a rifle.
    The group got to the back gate and saw small holes in the bottom. They looked around and the bodies of the watchers were lying around, gutted, slashed, mutilated, and ripped to shreds.
    "My god!" one of the men yelled
    "It was the Raptors!" Bruce shouted. They moved the torches closer to the ground and saw small footprints in the mud and dirt.
    "Come on." the short fat man said. "They're inside the premises!"
    "We've got to get the people out of here." the red-head suggested. Then all of a sudden, his stomach bursted outward, spraying blood onto everyone.
    They all screamed as his body fell down and there was a Raptor on the body’s back. It pulled its foot out of the red-head's back, the long sharp claw glistening more blood then the foot itself.
    "Shoot it!" Bruce managed to say, even though he couldn’t see how. He was stuck in a grip of shock. He raised his gun, as did everyone else, and they all fired, flinging the dinosaur back. Once it died, they stopped.
    "It's over." the fat man said.
    "No. Raptors almost always hunt in packs." Bruce said. Then they heard more screaming. They all turned and ran back to the huts.
    Once they reached the area, they saw Raptors all over the place, causing havoc. One person was stumbling along with a raptor on his back, eating his neck. Another bunch of people already laid dead on the ground. They opened fire on the animals.

    Ellen had dozed off when she went in the hut but woke up to someone breathing on her with hot breath. Once she opened her eyes, the figure she saw wasn't a person.
    A Raptor was staring at her, inches from her face. She screamed and punched it in the jaws.
    It's head snapped back. Ellen, crying, backed away and jumped out the window. She saw Raptors on the roof of some of the huts.
    Then she saw her father, surrounded by two raptors who were cornering him against one of the mountainsides.
    She started to run over when she looked down and saw the fat man's head, a few feet from the body.
    Ellen screamed. The guards at the front said there was a disturbance. But yet the raptors came from the back, not even two minutes later. They couldn’t have gone all the way to the back and sneak in, within that time period.
    Then the front door bursted in with such force that it was almost knocked off it’s hinges. Then there were a few bangs on the log wall and there was a giant hole ripped in one as a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s head smashed through and roared. It’s head retreated and the door flew off it’s hinges as the Rex burst into the area.
    The two Raptors that were attacking Bruce turned and ran at the Rex who chomped on one and stepped on the other. The other Raptors turned and ran away, screeching.
    The Rex walked towards the middle of the area, chasing around running people. It's tail swiped, caving in one hut and leaving a big hole in another. A person ran by, but it picked him up in it's jaws and the person's bottom half detached from his top half as the teeth sang down. The bottom half fell to the ground.
    Bruce ran over to his daughter and yelled, "Come on!" The two ran around behind the buildings and out of the fort, along with a very lucky few who also made it out.

    Now here she was again, for the second time since it happened and much older, Ellen stood and looked at what was left over from the chaos with about 20 years behind it. Now there was grass growing tall and small tress here and there, with small dinosaurs eating roaming around.
    Ellen wiped sweat from her head and glared up at the afternoon sun. She decided she'd get back in the jeep and get a move on.
    She heard a soft hiss as an Ornithosuchus came from behind one of the huts. It was a little bit bigger then a Raptor, but bent over a little. It was orange with black dots and little spikes going up and down it's back like a crocodile.
    "Oh shit." Ellen turned and ran, the Ornith chasing after her. She ran and jumped. Her hands grasped the edge of the roof to a hut and she pulled herself up on top of the straw roof. She started laughing, but the roof collapsed and she fell into the hut.
    The Ornith walked in and growled when it located her. A minute later, her worrying ended when the vicious dinosaur ended her life.

    Fred, Lacy, and Kevin were waiting. They had killed a wandering Gallimimus and were in their positions.
    Fred was in one of the smaller ditches, aiming his gun barely over the top. Kevin had climbed the side of a hill and was on top, camouflaged in with the grass and trees, his sniper rifle aimed out. Lacy was hiding behind a bunch of boulders. They had all put on cover scent as well.
    There was a snorting sound as a Spinosaurus came into view. It slowly walked into the area, almost doubtfully, and walked over to the freshly killed Gallimimus. Lacy jumped out at the entrance to block it, Fred jumped up, and Kevin readied himself.
    Then, from behind Lacy, an Allosaurus walked up. Lacy heard the sounds of it approaching and turned around.
    She screamed, which caused the Spinosaurus to look up and see the hunters. Lacy began backing up and started shooting the Allosaurus. It roared in rage. "These damn guns don't do shit!" she shouted.
    The Spinosaurus roared and the Allosaurus roared as well and ran past Lacy. The two carnivores started to battle it out.
    Up on the top of the steep hill, Kevin looked confused. Fred got up out of his ditch and ran to his cousin.
    "You all right?" He asked Lacy.
    "A little shaky, but yeah, I'm A-ok."
    The Spinosaurus tore a piece of flesh off of the smaller Allosaurus and the Allosaurus dug it's claws into the Spinosaurus' skin.
    The Allosaurus kicked with the claws on its feet. The Spinosaurus bit into the Allosaurus's neck, ripping more flesh away. A minute later, the Allosaurus lay dead on the ground, the Spinosaur bending down, eating it, leaving the long since dead Gallimimus alone.

    Up on the hill, Kevin looked through his aimer of his sniper rifle and fired thee swift, quiet shots and killed the Spinosaur.
    He felt a small buzz in his pocket and laid his gun down. He took out the licenses he had. Next to Spinosaur, was the number 1. He had no idea how the things operated, so he’d have to ask Bruce when they got back to the compound. He grabbed his gun and jumped down the hill to meet Fred and Lacy who were already at the two dead dinosaurs.
    "That was cool!" Lacy exclaimed. “Other then the part where I almost died.”
    "Did any of those count as a trophy?" Fred wondered.
    "Yeah. The Spinosaur did." Kevin said and then explained about what happened with the license. They walked away and back onto the nearby beach.
    They walked for a long time, and ended up going back into the thick jungle, and then out of the jungle and onto a wide, grassy field. After awhile, they saw a giant log wall in the distance.
    "What’s that?" Fred pointed. “Let’s go check it out.” The other two agreed and so they started walking towards it.
    "Stop!" Lacy whispered loudly.
    "What is it?" Kevin asked. Lacy pointed and raised her two guns. A second later, a Stegosaurus walked out from the jungle. It got wind of them and turned and started to run away. Lacy started firing her two pistols as she ran after it. Before long, it fell down dead.
    She cheered and the noise caused a mushops to run out from under a bush.
    "We better get to that settlement over there." Fred suggested as Lacy watched the number 1 form on the Stegosaurus license. "It's going to be dark soon."
    They began to walk towards the settlement again. Along the way, they saw another Stego. Lacy started to fire, but the shots bounced off its plates. It started to run towards her and once it got close enough, it swept its tail at her. She ducked and fired at its stomach. Kevin and Fred both fired at it as well.
    The Stego fell down and the number 2 formed by the Stegosaurus license.
    They continued their walk to the long-since ruined fort as darkness slowly crept in. Once they reached it, it was completely dark out.
    “Looks like something major happened here." Fred said as they looked around at the ruined huts.
    "Wasn't that Ellen's jeep out front?" Lacy asked.
    "No." Kevin replied. "She went back early this morning. All the jeeps here probably look the same."
    "We should get some rest." Fred suggested. “We’re too far from the main base to make it back tonight.”
    They walked to the nearest hut, but turned away once they saw that part of it was missing. They walked to the intact hut across from it.

    Back at the main complex, Bruce was wide awake, wondering where his daughter was. The only people who really worked on the island was him, her, a couple others who were gone on vacation, and the helicopter pilot. After what happened years before, he didn’t want to chance having a lot of people working there.
    He was getting worried that maybe Ellen was killed, but dismissed it off with the wave of a hand just thinking that she decided to join the surveyors. If she still wasn't back by morning, he'd go look for her.

    Later that night, the crickets were chirping loudly. Lacy opened her eyes as she heard a bunch of feet shuffle past the hut. She became very wide awake at that point and started to wake Fred and Kevin up.
    "What do you think it is?" Fred asked, whispering.
    "I don't know." Kevin said. "Raptors, Allosaurus’, or maybe something else.”
    At that moment, an Ornithosuchus's head broke through the wall and they all screamed. It screeched and brought it's head back out. A second later, it's body smashed through the wall and it fell to the floor. By the time it got back up, Fred had his shotgun pointed at it and he fired.
    The Ornith's head blew up, spraying dinosaur brains and blood all over the inside of the hut.
    They breathed a sigh of relief as they walked out of the hut to find a new one. They looked around and saw that a whole pack of Ornith's were in the area, rummaging around.
    "Shit." Lacy breathed out and took out her near-empty guns and aimed them up. Kevin raised his sniper rifle and Fred raised his shotgun.
    The Ornith's began to move in on them. Just as one jumped ahead of the others, Kevin quickly aimed his gun at it and fired, sending it flying back as it was in the middle of the air. That started the rage in the carnivorous dinosaurs and they all ran at the humans.
    The three people began to fire like crazy at the incoming Dinosaurs.
    As they shot the dinosaurs out of the air and back off their feet, the people also backed up, getting closer and closer to the main wall.
    One of the Ornith's jumped onto a roof of a hut behind them, so they didn't noticed. It jumped and landed on Fred, knocking him down, face first.
    Fred screamed as he felt sharp pains in his back, which was the Ornith ripping open his back with it's teeth and claws.
    Lacy screamed and cried as she fired and sent the dinosaur flying off her cousin. She ran over to him and knelt down, but it was too late. He was already dead.
    "No." she said with tears in her eyes. She took his shotgun and fired at any of the creatures that came close. Suddenly, three jumped behind Lacy and Kevin, blocking the entrance and their way out.
    "Now what?" Kevin yelled. Then there were many gunshots in rapid succession and all three dinosaurs suddenly fell down dead. A man wearing a black cowboy hat walked in through the doorway.
    "Heard your screaming." said the man.
    "Who are you?' Lacy asked, tears still in her eyes.
    "I'm Steve Webber. The Raptors killed my partners and I take it that these dinosaurs killed yours?"
    "He was my cousin." Lacy said.
    "Oh. Well enough chit chat for now and lets kill these motherfuckers." He raised his shotgun and fired at the rushing Orniths. Kevin and Lacy joined.
    After a few minutes later, a jeep broke through part of the wall, in a weak, rotted spot, and a man stood up and raised a crossbow above the windshield. Kevin noticed that he was Bruce.
    "Hop in!" Bruce shouted.
    "Where's Ellen?" Lacy asked as she fired one last time and got in.
    "That's her body over there." Bruce pointed to a hut close to where they were and they could she Ellen's body through the entrance. Lacy noticed that Bruce didn’t seem all that upset.
    "Aren't you sad?"
    "Yeah, but now's not the time for grieving over my daughter's death. He fired a shot with his crossbow and the arrow got an Ornith in the eye.
    Kevin and Webber fired some more and finally got in. They stopped firing as Bruce sat down and backed the jeep out of there and turned it around really fast. The jeep drove off quickly, a couple of the Ornith's following after it.
    As they drove onto a path that went into the trees, a Spinosaurus jumped out of the trees and knocked one of the following Ornith's down and started to attack it.
    The last following Ornith jumped into the air and the jeep pulled a hard left, causing the dinosaur to jump over the side of a cliff, falling to it's doom.
    "Now we have a new problem." Kevin said as he pointed and the rest saw that the Spinosaurus was now fallowing them.
    "Faster!" Lacy shouted.
    "I can't!" Bruce shouted back.
    "What are we going to do?" Webber yelled.
    "I have an idea!" Kevin said. "Just keep going!"
    Kevin took a pole that was in the back of the jeep and he stood up with it. The Spinosaurus was almost on them, when he jammed the pole into its mouth and it slowed down as it crouched down on it. Then the jeep went over a bump and Kevin almost fell out the back.
    Steve Webber laughed and Kevin smiled. "You better sit down!" Webber said to him. Then they hit a bigger bump and Kevin went flying out of the jeep as it continued to drive away.
    Kevin looked up in time to see the Spinosaurus looking down at him, very mad. It roared and bent down to take a bite.
    Kevin rolled out of the way and the Spinosaurus’ teeth hit the dirt trail. Kevin rolled until he became hidden in the bushes and ferns. He saw the Spinosaurus looking all over for him and went off in the opposite direction.
    Pain shot through his head from the fall and he realized he must have hit it off the ground when he fell. He rolled over onto his back and before he knew it, he was unconscious.

    The jeep pulled into the main building. It was still nighttime and Bruce, Lacy, and Steve got out of the jeep.
    "We have to go look for him!" Lacy yelled.
    "Not tonight." Bruce said. "Too many Predators out. If he's still alive, which I doubt, then you can look for him tomorrow."
    "What about you?"
    "I didn't go out there to save you guys. I went out there to get my daughter who was dead anyway. You guys just happened to be there. People die here all the time."
    Lacy and Webber both punched Bruce, sending him flying into the doors and causing them to fly open as he fell to the floor.
    "My friend and his son are dead." Webber said.
    "And my cousin is dead." Lacy said. "Because of you. Now even if there's a chance that my friend is still alive, I'm going back out to look for him tomorrow."
    "I'll help." Webber suggested.
    "Thanks." They walked into the building and to their rooms. Lacy cried for a long time before she finally went back to sleep.

    Kevin opened his eyes to the morning sunlight. He stood up and quickly recounted last night’s events. He slowly walked and came to a small hill. He walked over it and saw the beach below and the ocean. Not far from land, was a really big dinosaur, dipping its long neck down below the water to munch on seaweed.
    Kevin thought it was a Brachiosaurus, but wasn't sure because his tracker had been with his gun, on the jeep. The long neck bent down again and reached under the water. A minute later, it came back up with seaweed in its mouth and it chewed.
    Kevin jumped in the water and went under. He heard the dinosaur's trumpeting noise even as he swam under the water. He resurfaced to breathe and went back under. He patted the Brachio on the leg and swam back to shore. He walked onto the beach just in time to see a raptor run across the beach. It suddenly stopped and turned to look at him.
    Kevin made a dash towards the jungle. He ran, dodging the trees, until he stopped and climbed one that was close to a tall mountain.
    At the bottom, the Raptor jumped, but couldn't quite reach him. Kevin quickly thought of what he could do. He was going to break off a branch, throw it off and the opposite side, getting the Raptor to go there, and then he would jump onto the mountain and climb.
    He grabbed the closest big branch and broke it off. Here goes nothing. He thought to himself.
    He threw the branch down and the Raptor immediately launched itself at it. Kevin used that moment to jump onto the cliff face and began climbing. It was a hard task and it would take a long time, but he was going to do it because he had no other choice.

    Lacy woke up when there was a knock on her door. She gave permission for the person to enter and Steve Webber walked in with a shotgun. "We ready to go find your friend?"
    "Yeah. Just give me time to get ready. And get me a rifle from the weapons locker if you wouldn’t mind."
    "Sure." Webber left, closing the door behind him. Lacy quickly stripped out of yesterday’s clothes and into fresh new ones after taking a quick shower.
    When she was ready, she opened her door and Webber was walking down the hall with a rifle slung around his shoulder and a sniper rifle in his other hand. He gave her the rifle and slung the sniper rifle around his shoulder.
    "Got this from the jeep. When we find your friend, we're giving this back to him.” Webber reached behind his back and unslung his own shotgun. They walked down the halls, out the main doors, and down a trail through the trees.

    Bruce sat in his office. He had radioed his helicopter pilot to come pick him up and leave the surveyor and the cowboy there, but the pilot said it was going to take awhile to get there.
    Bruce turned the radio off and threw it across the room in a fit of rage. He sat back in his chair forcefully and looked out his window. He saw a pack of deinonychus’ that were light green with dark green stripes on their backs, heading in the building’s general direction.
    Bruce went over to his weapons locker and pushed a button. It opened and he grabbed a crossbow and lots of arrows for it. He slammed the door shut and ran out of the room.

    Outside, the Deino's (Deinonychus) were walking towards the doors. Just as one jumped and kicked the door opened, Bruce had gone out the back door and was slowly creeping around to the front.
    As they started to walk into the main base, Bruce tried to sneak past them. One of them heard him and cocked its head and then turned to his direction. Soon all the Deino's turned to look at him.
    "Come on!" he yelled at them. He fired a shot and the arrow went right through the carnivore's neck. The other Deino's started to chase after him, who turned and ran into the trees, not bothering to follow the trails.

    Lacy and Webber were following the trail from the night before, when they saw a pack of Parasuralaphus eating from the trees near the trail.
    "I'm going for it." Lacy said. “Dinosaurs have killed my cousin. I wish they would all just die.” But by the time they got close enough, the Para heard already heard them and set off running.
    Lacy and Webber started to chase after them. After they ran over a small hill and by a few ponds, Webber raised his shotgun and fired. The shot rang out and a second later, there was a dying Para on the ground. Lacy fired her rifle and brought a second one down.
    When the other ones got really far away, a Tyrannosaurus Rex ran from behind a hill and attacked them, bringing two of them down and ripping their flesh off.
    Lucy and Webber walked away and jumped over a ledge and slid down a hill to the grassy plains below.
    They began walking again.

    Kevin finally got to the top of the mountain and saw dozens of nests belonging to the flying reptiles. There were tons of the different flying reptiles either over or around their separate mounds with eggs or babies in them.
    As he walked passed some nests, the parents that were by the nests snapped at him, but never left their spot. Then when he was part way across the area, a giant Pteranodon swooped down and just as Kevin ducked, it snapped at where his head would have been.
    "Not this again!" Kevin shouted as he started running and ducking. All the flying animals that were in the air, swooped down at him. Kevin kept his head low and even sometimes, stopped and went to his knees then stood back up and continued running.
    He saw two of them coming for him so he ducked and they both hit each other, knocking each other out, both of them falling to the ground where Kevin was just seconds before.
    Just as another one swooped down, Kevin jumped and he went over the edge of the cliff, the flying creature missing him. He looked down and saw a small pond that he was going to hit.
    The second before he hit it, he saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex drinking out of it. Then he hit and went below the water.
    When he surfaced again, he wiped water out of his eyes and saw the Rex drinking out of the pond. The Rex looked up and saw Kevin floating there. It roared and hesitated but then stepped into the pond.
    Kevin went under and saw the Rex's legs move through the water, faster and faster. Kevin turned and began to swim really fast. The Rex foot came down and just narrowly him. He quickly turned directions just as the Rex head poked below the water. It pulled back up a second later, also changing directions.

    Lacy, with her rifle, and Webber, with his shotgun, walked up from the beach and saw the Rex in the water, up to it's knees, chasing after something.
    "It's not the same one that saw us." Webber said. "This one is red. The last was brown."
    "What's it after?" Lacy asked.
    "I don't know." Webber admitted. "Lets leave." Just before Lacy turned away, she thought she saw a person surface for a second and go back under.
    "Wait!" she shouted, before Webber got very far.
    "I think there's a person in the pond." Lacy raised her binoculars and saw Kevin surface and go back under.
    "It's Kevin!" she shouted again. "He's in trouble!" Lacy and Webber raised their guns and ran towards the meat-eater and it's prey.
    "Get away from him!" Lacy shouted, shooting at the Rex. The Rex lifted its head out of the water, roaring. There was blood in the water.
    "No!" Lacy screamed when they got closer.
    "Watch out!" Webber shouted as the Rex turned and started to go for them. It stepped out of the water and took a couple steps when Webber fired, the shot hitting right below the eye, causing the dinosaur to roar again. Then he fired again, and the Rex's eye exploded. It fell down, dead.
    "Why'd it die so quickly?" Lacy asked, in tears.
    "Because." answered a voice. They looked up and Kevin, soaking wet, walked out of the pond. "I busted its other eye with a really sharp rock.”
    "You're alive!" Lacy ran to him and hugged him.
    "I suggested we get moving before our little friend Bruce decides to do anything else.” Webber spoke up.

    Bruce was running through the Forrest, the Deino's no where to be seen. Bruce stopped and looked around. "Good." he said, straightening his cloths and lowering his crossbow. "They gave up.”
    He turned around to start to head back, but heard a chirping sound and immediately froze, slowly rising the crossbow again. He slowly bent lower to the ground.
    He didn't think he could run anymore with the afternoon sun as hot as it was. He was sweating and breathing heavily. He got up and started to run. Suddenly, all the Deino's that were chasing him ran from surrounding bushes and foliage and gave chase to him again.
    He ran past a couple of mushops and a Deino jumped in the air and landed on it, it's claw ripping open the back.
    A Gallimimus ran by and Bruce shot an arrow into it, causing it to squeal and fall down dead. The Deino's ignored it and continued after him. He kept turning around to fire an arrow here and there. He shot one and the arrow went through the head and out the back, a little bit of dino brains on it.
    He fired another shot and got a Deino in the gut. Then he turned back around and ran faster. In the distance he could see the giant log wall. He ran faster.

    Back in civilization, the helicopter pilot was in a diner, talking to his friend. "Yeah, I've gotta leave soon to go pick up my boss."
    "Yeah, see ya when you get back." the friend said to the pilot.
    "We’ll have to have a party or something." the pilot stood up and left the table. He ran out of the restaurant and across the street to the helipad that held his helicopter and got in. He turned it on and the rotors started up. Finally the helicopter took off, leaving the ground far below. It turned around and flew away.

    A Spinosaurus was crouched down, eating what's left of a Stegosaurus it had caught and killed. It slowed down it's eating when rain broke out during the hot afternoon.

    Kevin, Lacy, and Webber were walking when it started to rain. "This is yours." Webber unslung the sniper rifle and handed it back to Kevin. Once the rain really started to come down, they began jogging. They got to a small mountain and climbed up it's rock face which regularly would have taken only a couple minutes, took about half an hour because their hands kept slipping on the wet rock.
    The day had become gray once the rain started and it was creating fog and mist, making it harder to see.
    They got to the top and walked down the other side. Lacy slipped and slid down, her shorts muddy when she got to the bottom. Kevin and Webber were laughing when they got to the bottom and Lacy playfully pushed them.
    They dragged her down with them as they fell down, laughing and landed in the mud, rolling around in it. Webber was the first up and pointed.
    "Look!" he said, almost too quit for them to hear.
    "What?" Asked Kevin and Lacy. Webber pointed again and they saw the Spinosaurus eating the Stego.

    The rain was exactly what Bruce needed to cool him down. The Deino's were still after him and he was running low on breath. He reached the old fort and saw the jeep his daughter had left there when she died.
    He smiled and as he started running to it, slipped and fell to the ground. His smile faded when the Deino's suddenly caught up to him. One leaped, but another dinosaur intercepted it in mid-air and they both went flying away from Bruce.
    When he looked he saw that an Ornith had attacked the Deino and now all the other Ornith's were running from the broken log wall and rushing at the Deino's that trespassed on their territory.
    A Deinonychus slashed it's claw and ripped off the leg of an Ornithosuchus and in another place, two Ornith's were chewing up a Deino.
    Bruce decided to let the two species battle it out. He got up and ran to the jeep. He turned the key, but the engine wouldn't start.
    "Damn rain!" he cursed. The rain had short-circuited the jeep because there was no roof on it.
    An Ornith was running towards him and he fired an arrow and it stuck into the dinosaur. He tried starting the jeep again and it still wouldn't start.
    He fired another couple of arrows at any incoming dinosaurs - both Ornith's and Deino's.
    He tried again and it started up. He backed the jeep up really fast and drove onwards, away from the chaos that the two species were inflicting.
    He got about five minutes away when he heard a chirp and then a hiss. He turned around and there was a Deinonychus in the back of the jeep.
    Bruce screamed. He brought one arm back with the crossbow, but still trying to drive with the other.
    Bruce fired but missed and the Deino slashed its claw and ripped a gash in his arm. He dropped the crossbow and brought his other hand up to cover the wound. The jeep lost control and hit a big rock, sending it flying and turning onto its side.
    Bruce crawled out of the wreckage and saw that the Deino was dead. It was squashed between the jeep and the ground.
    He slowly stood up and heard a growl. He looked up and saw an Allosaurus staring at him from on top of a rock.
    Before Bruce could do anything, the Allosaurus jumped and landed on Bruce, crushing every bone in his body and then lowered it's mouth and began to tear up the skin and eat anything it could find including his intestines which it now currently held in it's mouth, blood dripping down.

    Kevin, Lacy, and Webber had been standing in the same spot for awhile, too scared to move because of the Spinosaurus. The carnivore finished it's meal and looked up and saw them. It's eyes shined with hunger and a look that the three of them knew very well.
    "It's coming." Lacy pointed out as the Spinosaurus stood up and began to walk their way.
    "Yeah, thanks for telling us." Kevin said, sarcastically. "Like we didn't noticed a giant man-eating dinosaur only a few feet away from us for the past half an hour!"
    "Shut up." Lacy said through clenched teeth. Webber raised his shotgun and fired. The shot hit the dinosaur in the arm and it roared in pain and started running.
    "Shit!" Webber yelled. "Run!" They turned and ran, the Spinosaurus not far behind. They jumped down in between a bunch of boulders that had fallen from the nearby mountain long time ago. The dinosaur reached the area, but couldn't find them. Its nostrils began moving, signifying that it was smelling around for them.
    Lacy raised her rifle and Kevin raised his sniper rifle. Kevin fired first and hit the Spinosaurus in the back. Lacy missed when she fired, the bullet hitting off a nearby rock.
    The Spino turned and saw them, and then roared.
    "It's found us!" Lacy screamed. It began to move towards them, but they all opened fire on it. Before it reached them, it fell down, dead. They left their hiding spot and walked out into the open again.
    "Lets get back soon. Night's going to bee here within the next hour or so." Webber informed them.
    "He's right." Kevin agreed. "Lets go."

    The helicopter landed on an island, but it was populated with humans. The pilot left the copter and ran into a giant building that was close by.
    He came back out with two people that were carrying a giant hose. He took something off of the side of the helicopter and the two men put the hose in it. A minute later, they took it out and the pilot put the cover back on.
    He followed the two men back inside and came back out. His helicopter had refueled and now he was good till he got to the island and back here again. He jumped back in the pilots seat and turned the chopper back on again. The rotors started up and the helicopter took off. It then pointed in the direction it had to go and flew away.

    Kevin, Webber, and Lacy were muddy, wet, and tired. They were in a Forrest and saw a dead Deinonychus here and there with arrows in them.
    "Looks like our little weasel got what he deserved." Lacy sneered.
    "There it is." Webber pointed through the trees and on the other side was the small ‘town’ with the main building. They pushed the last of the branches out of the way and walked across the dirt path and through the main doors.
    They walked down the halls and up a flight of stairs to Bruce's office they tried to open the door, but it was locked. "Stand back." Webber warned them and then fired his shotgun at the door and blew a hole in it. He reached in and unlocked it. They opened it up and walked in.
    On his desk were tons of paper and other objects.
    "Look at this." Kevin said. Lacy and Webber walked over. Kevin was holding a yellow post-it note that said

    'Helicopter - a few hours.'

    "Looks like he was trying to leave us here." Webber said.
    "Wait." Lacy interrupted. "That means a helicopter will be landing here. We just have to wait until it comes."
    They all cheered and hugged each other, but were interrupted when they heard a growling. They whipped around and saw a Deinonychus standing in the doorway.
    “Shit!” Lacy shouted. It jumped into the room and landed less then a meter from her. It moved towards her, but Kevin fired, the shot hitting it in the neck, killing it.
    "We don't know how many of those there are." Webber said.
    "But we can't go outside." Lacy argued. "It's almost dark. It'll be suicide."
    "Then we go to a bigger room and barricade it." Kevin suggested.
    "There's a really big shed behind this building. It has windows but bars are over them and it's the weapons shed where Bruce keeps all his extra guns and ammo." Webber explained. He showed it to us before we went hunting.
    "Lets go." Kevin and Lacy agreed. They left the room and there were two more Deino's down the hall. The three of them jumped back when they saw them.
    "Run!" Webber shouted. As they turned and ran down the hall, the 2 Deino's started to chase them.
    They got to a door and flung it open and ran down the stairs. They were part way, when a Deino jumped on the door, banging it open, and landing on the stairs, losing it's balance, and fell down, braking it's neck. The door closed before the other one could get through and it just kept banging on it with its head.
    "Faster!" Webber yelled and they tore through the bottom door and down another hall. They got to the main doors and ran out them.
    They were all hit with the suddenness of the dark night and they had to stay in one spot until their eyes adjusted.
    "Follow me." Webber ordered and he started running again, Lacy and Kevin following. They ran behind the main building.
    "There it is!" Webber yelled. Then a dinosaur jumped down in front of the door to the shed and jumped again, landing on Webber, knocking him to the ground and causing him to drop his gun.
    "Help me!" he cried out. He felt a sharp claw dig into his leg and Kevin and Lacy ran over.
    "It's a Raptor!" Lacy shouted. It looked up at them and Lacy and Kevin fired, knocking the Raptor off, shooting it up full of holes.
    "You ok?" Kevin asked as he and Lacy helped Webber up and helped him walk to the shed.
    "I've been better. The Raptor's claw dug into my leg." They reached the shed and Lacy blew the lock off. She opened the door and the three of them went inside and closed the door behind them.
    It was damp and cold in the metal shed and Kevin reached up and pulled on a chain, turning the light on. They were surrounded by weapons and ammo. They took the tops off the crates and broke them down so they could used a piece to be placed through the handle on the door, stopping anything from getting in.
    They reloaded their guns and Webber laid down.
    "Now what do we do?" Lacy asked, speaking in a low voice.
    "We wait until we hear helicopter propellers." Kevin said.
    Lacy moved and leaned against the bars covering one of the windows. All of a sudden, the glass smashed as a Ceratosaurus' head broke it. It hit the bars and brought it's head back out. Lacy screamed as the glass cut into her back.
    A second later, after Lacy moved, the head came back down and the horn went through the bars and narrowly missed Lacy. The head left and came back. Left again.
    A few seconds after, there was a banging on the door and it started to splinter. "Here it comes!" Kevin yelled. Lacy was too injured to do anything and Webber couldn't hit it from where he was.
    The door bursted inwards and the head came through, the horn going through Lacy's shoulder.
    Lacy screamed in pain as the head pulled out. She fell to the floor. The head came back in, snapped a couple times and left again. When it came back in, Kevin fired. It roared and retreated its head once more.
    They all had to cover their ears when it had roared except Lacy who was losing too much blood and was too weak to move her hands.
    Kevin ran over to her. "Don't worry. The chopper’s going to be here soon." He took some of the packaging from the crates and gave it to her to cover her shoulder with, but that wouldn't help with all glass in her back.

    The helicopter reached the island and was flying towards the main base, it's lights shining bright.

    In the shed, Kevin waited with his sniper rifle for the next time the head poked in.
    When it did , he fired, but the gun jammed up. "

    The pilot saw what was happening and shone the light on the Ceratosaurus and turned on the speakers.
    "Get away from there!" the Ceratosaurus backed out and turned to face the helicopter. It roared.
    "Did you think there wasn't going to be weapons on a helicopter that brings people to an island with nature’s most deadly animals?" He pressed a button and side panels came off the helicopter and a missile launcher poked out of each side.
    "Bye-bye." he said. The dinosaur roared as he pressed the fire button twice and the missile from both the launchers fired down at the dinosaur, hitting it and blowing it up and burning part of the concrete on the shed.
    The helicopter landed, the missile launchers disappearing and the panels going back into place. The pilot kept the rotators going as he got out to meet Kevin who was helping Lacy and Webber.
    "Where's Bruce?" the pilot asked.
    "Dead." Kevin responded. "Now lets get out the hell out of here." They got inside the Chopper and the pilot lifted off and flew away from the island.

    A few days later, Lacy and Webber were in a hospital. Four men walked in, each with a machine gun.
    "Hi." said a man wearing a suit. "I'm Mr. Palik. Is it true that you went to an island with dinosaurs?"
    "Yes." said Lacy. Webber noticed the guns and his eyes went wide.
    "Well it seems the island is too dangerous to keep it in its current state. However, that means that the witnesses must be silenced."
    "What are you talking about?" Lacy asked.
    Mr. Palik continued. "You, and you're two friends are the only survivors. We can't have you going around, telling everyone about the dinosaurs."
    "What are you going to do?" Lacy asked. “We can tell whoever we want.”
    Mr. Palik turned and before he walked out of the room, gave a signal with his hands. The soldiers put silencers on their guns and fired, putting holes in Lacy and Webber, blood seeping through them. The soldiers walked out of the room.

    The helicopter pilot was landing his chopper at a helipad in an open field. Before he got out, a ball landed in his open door.
    He bent down to see and saw that it wasn't a ball, but a grenade. His eyes went wide, but it was too late. The grenade went off, blowing up him and his chopper.
    Out in the tall grass, a few soldiers stood up and opened fire on what was left of the chopper.

    Mr. Palik was sitting in a chair in an office. The door opened and one of the soldiers walked in.
    "What is it?"
    "We've dealt with all the witnesses except for a Kevin Telembo. He's missing."
    "I don't care how you find him. Just do it! He must have heard about the others and went into hiding."
    "Don't worry sir, we'll find him. No matter what."

    Lots of planes flew around the island. One was flying over the old fort and dropped many fire bombs. When one hit the wood wall, it exploded, catching the wall on fire. Soon, most of the other buildings were also burning.
    Other planes did that all over the island, erasing any evidence that humans were ever on it, destroying all the buildings.


    Carnivores 2 coming soon.

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