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    Blast from the Past: School Wars
    By Aragorn

    Back about 4 or 5 years ago, when I was in Grade 10, I started writing a weekly series called 'School Wars'. it didn't really make too much sense, and was filled with inside jokes that mostly only my friends would understand, however it was fun as hell to write. I only ever made five episodes though (The first story arc), and then dropped it for reasons I can't remember.

    Today I've been going through all my old stories I wrote when I was in Grade 6 - 10 (Most of them written really badly, but look at the age I was), however for some reason, I still found myself getting into this old series I started, but never finished.

    Anyway, I decided, just for fun, to post the first and only 5 episodes of this series that I wrote 4 or 5 years ago, untouched by me now. The way you see them, is the way they were written back then. Hope ya enjoy.



    Episode 1: The Weapons Locker Mission
    Part 1

    “Guns blasted around me. I didn’t know if I was going to live or die. You see, I lost my gun earlier in the battle and I had to resort to hand to hand combat. Well the enemy didn’t want to put down their little guns, so I snuck up behind one, and gave him a karate chop to the back of the neck, killing him. I bent down and retrieved his gun, and then turned around and started firing again.
    I managed to get a few, but then I heard the gun click on empty, right as the ground exploded next to me, sending me flying under tons of dirt, knocking me unconscious.
    When I awoke, all I saw was people from our side crawling around and helping others up. I slowly got to my feet and looked around, seeing the entire enemy dead at our feet. I let out a cry of victory and the others quickly joined.
    That was how we won the Battle of The Arenas.”

    “That’s bull shit, Mike.” Brad shouted. We were in the cafeteria of the school, at a table, drinking Root Beer. We’d all been friends since before the War started. It hadn’t been going on that long, so we were still all together. My name is Long. Jeff Long. And I am a fighter for Wainwright High School. Our enemies: The Blessed Sacrament School and the Elementary School.
    It all started back in late September, 2000. The Bless was having renovations done on it and some of the tar caught fire and burned the school to the ground. Nobody was hurt. Temporary school houses had been built to house them, but before that, they had come to us for help and we had refused to give it to them. If we had known what was going to come of it, we would have acted differently.
    So, while they were in their T.S.’s as we like to call it, they had devised a plan to get back at us. No one had seen it coming. One day, our school was here, and the next, half of it was gone. They had set fire to our school one night, and by the time the fire trucks got to it, half of it was burned to the ground. We started rebuilding it. The cops found the two kids who had done it and arrested them, but what they didn’t know were that the two kids were just working on orders from The Bless.
    We remade our school better and bigger then before with magnetically sealed doors that you’d need a password to get in. each person had their own password. The roof and outside building materials had been fireproof, but what we didn’t call for was a bless student sneaking in when someone else opened the doors. They had planted a bomb and escaped.
    Again, part of the school crumpled to the ground and many students lost their lives.
    The cops couldn’t find out who did it, so we took things into our own hands. We sent our students as spies around town and eventually found out who planted the bomb. We kidnapped him and forced him to tell us everything. Thankfully he had a weak mind, so he told us everything about The Bless and how they were responsible for everything.
    We brought the kid to the cops and he too, was arrested. We re-built the broken walls of our school, but did not add anything to it. Security was heightened around the school and when the town had heard that we had declared war on The Bless, everyone had cleared out, even the cops. Well almost everyone.
    See, I mentioned earlier that we were at war with two schools. The Bless and The Elementary School. Well while The Bless was re-building their school, The Elementary decided to help them and when we found out, we went to war with them as well. Then, one day there was some kind of accident and the Elementary was kicked out of The Bless’s organization, and therefore, creating war among those two schools.
    That was about 4 months ago. Ever since then, the war has continued with no sign of stopping. That basically brings us up to date.
    “No man, it really happened!” Mike argued.
    “Yeah right.” Brad continued.
    “It did.” I spoke up for the first time in awhile. “I was there.” Though I wasn’t, and I had no idea if it was true or not, it was the only way I could get those two to shut up.
    “See?” Mike said to Brad. All off a sudden, the doors to the cafeteria opened and Joanne walked in. Joanne was a short girl that moved from England about two years before and had been going out with Mike for about 4 months. They had recently broken up over some dispute that I wasn’t really informed about.
    She walked over to our table and sat down. “Hey guys.”
    “Hey.” I greeted back. “Where’s Jessica, Joy and Lindsay?”
    “They’re in some kind of briefing.”
    “Why aren’t you with them?” Mike asked. Oh my god. I thought. How could he ask that? Didn’t he know that Joanne wasn’t part of the same unit as them? Of course he did because she was part of ours. Joanne had always been upset about not being in the same unit as her friends. But what she was more upset about was that she couldn’t go back to England. Ever since the war started, students from Wainwright have been denied access on planes. That’s also why I wanted to get this war done and over with. So I could go back to Newfoundland and see all my friends again.
    I was suppose to leave in a year, but then when the war started, I had no hope of leaving. Me and Joanne were in the same boat. Both of us were fighting just so we could get home. That’s all. Others were fighting for the real reason, which was to win. To regain peace and order. But not us. Me and Joanne were just trying to get back to our homes.
    “Because they’re going on some top secret mission. Just them and one other person from Grade 8. They were selected out of random.”
    Oh that was right, Joanne had changed units to the one that Jessica, Lindsey and Joy were in. Ok, never mind what I said about Mike.
    All of a sudden, a red light started flashing on the roof and an alarm started going off. I noticed everyone in the room jumping up and rushing out. That alarm meant that we were needed right away.
    Me, Joanne, Mike, and Brad also got up and left the cafeteria and rushed down the halls, around a couple corners, to the gym. We rushed in and took our seats, just like everyone else.
    Once everyone was seated, the alarm turned on and the lights returned to normal and our Principal, Mr. Codarre walked up to the microphone.
    “Ladies and Gentle.” He began. Oh no, I thought. It must be bad, otherwise he wouldn’t be talking to us himself. He’d only have got some other teacher to talk to us. “We have a matter of extreme importance. It’s Top Secret, but we need some volunteers. A bunch of hands raised in the room, except for mine and a few other people.
    “Raise your hand, Jeff!” Joanne said to me.
    “Why? I don’t want to go out there and get my ass fired off. I just want to go home.”
    “This mission might be able to help win the war. It’s Top Secret which means we don’t know what it is. It might be something big.”
    I considered what she said and slowly raised my own hand as well. Our little group was all picked, except for Brad, and a few other people which I didn’t really know, were picked. We were ordered to stay while the others in the room had to leave.
    Once the others left, the lights dimmed and a picture was projected on the wall.
    “That is The Elementary Weapon Shed.” Mr. Codarre announced. We have located it in the middle of Beven’s Nature area. You well be sent in to attack and destroy it and bring back any weapons that you can. New weapons that we haven’t seen yet are more of a priority then any of the others. It’ll probily be heavily guarded by the little monsters, but I am confident that we can take it. Any questions?”
    I felt my stomach turn inside out once I heard that we were going on a raid of an Elementary building. We might have stood a change against The Bless, but Elementary? Those guys were always in little groups and they rarely used weapons. Harmless you think? You better think again. They have the longest nails I’ve ever seen. I think they were introduced to some kind of toxin or something that made them more animal then human, but I’m not sure. That is the rumor that has been flying around though.
    I knew that everyone else in the room was feeling the same way I was. Well, at least the smart ones.
    “Yeah, I’ve got a question.” All heads turned to the voice of the person talking. It was my old friend, Mark. he was kind of a nerd, but he had his advantages. One thing was for sure, he was no fighter. He was a tech expert. What the hell was he doing here?
    “What the hell am I doing here?” He asked. I almost laughed when he said the exact thing I was thinking. And his nerdy voice didn’t help much either.
    “We believe it is protected by a password and you are one of our top tech experts. Any other questions?” after a minute of silence, he continued. “You well be leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Dismissed.”
    Everyone stood up and we all walked out of the gym as the lights turned back on. We walked out into the hall and Mike stopped us.
    “I’ll catch up with you guys later. I need to go for a smoke.”
    “Wait for me.” Brad said. And so those two went off a different way from me and Joanne. Funny how things are. People used to say that those things’ll kill you. Once the war started, most people started smoking, hoping that it’ll kill them before the enemy does.
    We had turned a corner, when I heard someone shout, “Jeff!” Dread filled my heart and soul as I remembered the voice that just called out my name. It was a voice which I had not heard in a very long time. A voice which belonged to a person who moved away a long time ago. Back before the war and before that person moved away, I was her slave over some stupid cry for help and a bet. When She moved away, I was relived. That voice belonged to no other then Allison!
    I slowly turned around, gritting my teeth. Then a smile formed across my face. It was a fake smile, but to anyone else it looked real enough. “Allison!” Oh well. I wouldn’t have to listen to her now anyway. I have a chain of command I have to go through and she isn’t anywhere on that chain. I hoped.
    “Catch you later.” Joanne whispered. “Looks like you two have some catching up to do.” And with that, she went on ahead.
    “How’ve you been?” Allison asked as she brushed her blonde hair back.
    “Fine. What are you doing back?” I asked. To my shock, I actually felt relived that she was here and for the first time, I suddenly realized how much I had missed her. Even though I used to be her slave and we didn’t always get along, we had still been friends on some level. That fake smile soon became a real smile.
    “I came to fight in the war. I have lots of friends here and I want to help them out. Have you seen Alicia?”
    “Oh no.” I said. “I don’t really know how to tell you this. She was, um, she was k…killed in the last raid.”
    “Here, why don’t we go to the cafeteria? I’ll buy you a round.” And so we walked back to the cafeteria. On the way, I told her how I had a Secret Mission to go on the next day, and while we were drinking, I explained to her about the history of the war.
    We finished catching up on old times, late that night, and so we said good-night, and went to our separate rooms.
    I walked into mine and my roommates, Drew, Josh, and Clay were already asleep. I went over to my hammock and laid down, falling asleep quickly.

    The next morning, I woke up and quickly changed and loaded up on a few guns. I left the room and walked down the empty halls to the main doors. The halls were empty because it was still early in the morning.
    I reached the main doors and saw the rest of the men waiting by them. Mike and Joanne walked up to me.
    “Hey Jeff.” Mike greeted. “I heard Allison’s back in town.”
    “And you didn’t get back to your room until late!” Joanne said, smiling.
    “We were in the cafeteria, talking.” I explained, knowing exactly what they were thinking.
    “Sure.” Mike smiled.
    “We were!”
    “Alright men!” a voice called out. We all hushed up and turned to the doors, seeing Mr. Groskey and Mr. Cornish, the old football couches, in front of everyone. It was Mr. Cornish who had started talking. “Form a single file line. When we get there, remember what was taught to you, and do the best you can do. Are you ready?”
    “Sir, yes, sir!” Everyone yelled at once.
    “Good! Let’s go!”
    We all lined up in a single file and we were marched out the doors of the school, down a small walkway lined with now dead plants, and up the steps of a yellow school bus, and to our seats.
    Me, Mike, and Joanne all sat in the same seat. Every few seats, there were guards with their windows down, guns pointing out, so they could fire if anything happened.
    Once the two teachers were on, we did a weapons check and were off, driving down the road, away from the school and headed for Beven’s Nature Area where our mission laid ahead.

    Episode 2: The Weapons Locker Mission
    Part 2

    My name is Coates. Curtis Coates. And I am head of Weapons and Armor Research for Wainwright High School.
    I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria, waiting for my friends, Dillon and Allison. Allison had moved away awhile ago, but she came back the night before to help in the war. She and Jeff had been good friends, and they spent most of the night catching up on old times. That's why I dreaded what I had to tell her about how the mission Jeff went on earlier that day had gone wrong. Sure thing, when I was told about it, I was in shock. Dillon and Jeff weren't that good of friends, but he was good at what he did, so that's why he was being sent to help us.
    I took a gulp of my drink that was in front of me and I heard the shuffling of feet behind me. I turned around and saw Allison standing there. Oh god. I hadn't seen her in a long time and forgot how dangerous she could be when she was mad, which by the look on her face, she was.
    "You're late." I said, almost a whisper.
    "Shut up, Curtis." She mumbled. "You're little meeting call woke me up. This has better be good."
    "Get use to it, Allison." I shot back. "There's a war going on. You can't sleep in everyday."
    "Not everyday. Just today! I had a late night."
    "Yeah, with Jeff." I snickered as I thought of what they might have done.
    "We just talked!" She shouted. "So what am I doing here?"
    My tone suddenly went back to being serious. "I'll tell you when Dillon gets his ass here."
    "I'm here!" I heard Dillon's deep voice boom behind me. I turned and made eye contact with the tall teen. A small staring contest followed. We weren't on the best of terms, due to how I always bugged him before the war.
    "Knock it off!" Allison shouted, annoyed. We both turned to her. "Save that little staring contest for after the war. I want to know what the hell's wrong, so I can go back to bed!"
    I took a deep breath and breathed out. I took out two envelopes from my jacket and passed them to the two people in front of me. Each envelope had the person's name on it and I knew it would hurt Allison when I told her the news of what happened.
    "Better say your good-byes now." I said as they opened the letters. "We have to go and get that team back."
    "What team?" Dillon asked.
    "The one that went on the secret mission a few hours ago. The one that Mark, Joanne, Mike, Jeff and a few others were part of. We've got a transmission from them. They were ambushed and separated and we haven't gotten any other news from them." I saw Allison's face go pale once I mentioned Jeff's name. I knew she'd feel sick. I hoped she was able to go on the mission with Dillon and me and not let her feelings get in the way.
    I waited for Allison to get through the shock of it and continued. "We leave in an hour. Allison, come with me."
    "Why?" She yelled. Then softer, "Sorry."
    "I was told to get you some armor and a couple of weapons."
    "What about me?" Dillon asked as I stood up and finished my drink.
    "Read the paper. You get to test out some new equipment." I led Allison down the halls, passed by the few people that were in them. We headed for what we called the Armory, but was really the old Band room.
    "Jeff told me we didn't have armor." Allison said.
    "It's in the testing stages." I explained. "I don't think Jeff told you. I'm the head of Armor Research."
    "Ah cool! Never thought you would have made it that far!"
    I glared at her and continued. "I have three different types of armor on offer right now. Light, Medium, and Heavy. When we go out in an hour, I'm testing the medium type." As we got to the doors to the band room, I punched in my ID code and there was a beep as I was allowed to enter. Allison looked at the door as we walked into the room.
    "Wow." She stated. I didn't blame her. It was pretty high-tech, especially for a school. I was the same when I first saw it all.
    As we got in, I pointed out the two kinds of armor left: The Light and the Heavy. The light was for quick hit and run attacks and the heavy was for front line assaults and it sure could take a beating. Hey, if Allison was looking at it and it was still intact, it HAS to be strong!
    She picked the lighter armor and a TDE-40. "What is this thing?" She asked as she picked up the rifle.
    "It's the TDE-40.” I explained. “One of Mark's first inventions and it has explosive rounds. Recently, he added an attachment to it that sends out a really small EMP wave that will knock out anything mechanical for a few minutes, but not much longer."
    "How many times can I use it?" Allison asked
    "It can only be fired once every ten minutes or so because it needs to recharge." I passed her a couple of extra clips for her gun in case she ran out of ammo. I really didn't want her to get herself killed if the others were already dead.
    I turned and went into a side room and closed the door behind me. I took off my shirt and put the cold armor on. God, It was freezing! I put the leg armor on and heard it clunk against the upper piece. Once I was done, I walked out and told Allison that she could go get changed.
    While she was gone, I took my gun and waited for Allison. She soon came out and we walked down the hall, away from the band room. Soon, we entered the office waiting room and were met by Dillon.
    He had gone to the testing room of the armory and the people there gave him a new suit to try. Of course, he didn't have it on at the moment like me and Allison had ours, because his was too heavy to just wear around the school.
    A door opened and Mr. Codarre, our principal walked out. "Alright, You guys can come in now." We all stood up and walked into his office. Once everyone was in, I looked up and saw the lights turn off. I swerved my head and saw an overhead projector connected with a lap top computer and with speakers connected on the side. "What you're about to hear is Jeff Long's Transmission to us just about an hour and a half ago."
    Suddenly, fuzzy static filled the room. Then a voice came on. A voice I recognized as my old friend, Jeff. I haven't seen him since before the war because of my status and his, but I still recognized his voice, though. "Jeff Long to Base. The transport was hit hard by a team from The Bless! Lots of us have been separated from each other when our gunfight broke out. Mark, Mike, and Patrick are the ones that have been separated and the rest that are still alive are with me.” Suddenly, gunshots were heard from off screen. “we need pick up and we need it now!” then more gunshots were heard, and soon after, all that was left was static. Mr. Codarre turned the machine off.
    I sure hoped they were still alive. I looked over and didn’t see an expression on Dillon’s face, but Allison was looking a bit sick. I knew that Jeff and her had feelings for each other, even though they’d never admit it, and I hoped, for mine, Allison’s, and Jeff’s sake, that Jeff was still alive.
    “So we just go and pick them up?” I asked. There had to be more to it then that. There just had to be, otherwise why wasn’t a whole full-scale search and rescue mission underway?
    “Yes.” Mr. Codarre answered. “And help them in the top secret mission. It’s a raid on a secret weapons locker that belongs to the Elementary. It was located in Bevens Nature Area and when you locate it, bring back as much of the weapons as you can. New types have priority over the others.”
    I knew it! This was a top-secret mission, so he couldn’t have the entire school knowing about it because information might leak out. We have had proof that some how, someone from our school was leaking information to the enemies, but we haven’t found out who.
    “Curtis, once you find them, if the teachers are dead, I want you to take control of this mission.”
    I was so stunned when I heard that I didn’t even know why I said, “I can’t have that privilege sir. I give it to Allison.”
    “Very well. You are dismissed. A bus well be waiting for you out front.” As we got up to leave, he added, “Good luck. And bring back my students.”
    “We will, sir.” Allison said. But by that she meant that she was going to bring Jeff back and me and Dillon could get the rest.
    We left and walked out into the hall. I turned to Dillon and Allison. “So what do we do now?” I asked, giving Allison a chance at her first order. As I thought she would, she quickly responded.
    “Dillon, go get that new suit you were testing and meet us by the front doors.”
    “Yes sir.” Dillon said smiling. Allison glared at him and he added, “Mam.” He turned and quickly ran down the hall to get suited up.
    Allison and I walked down the hall, headed for the front doors. This must be a lot of pressure on Allison. Her first mission she’s in control of and its rescuing someone she cares about. I didn’t know why I gave it to her.
    “You now,” I said. “if you don’t think you can handle…”
    “What?” She yelled, interrupting me. “You don’t think I can handle this because I’m a girl?”
    “No.” I said, hoping to god she wouldn’t loose it so soon. If she did when The Bless was around, that was good, but not here. “It’s just that this is your first mission and it’s rescuing Jeff.”
    “Well you like him, don’t you?”
    “We’re just friends! That’s all! I can handle this damn mission!”
    Some how, I didn’t really believe her, but well, she was in charge, so what she says, goes. We walked the rest of the way in silence. We reached the doors and stood around them, waiting for Dillon to return.
    I turned and looked down the hall, looking to see if I could see Dillon coming. I soon found my mind wandering over to the mission. I hoped everyone was all right. The more people we had to go on the raid of the weapon’s locker, the better. The Elementary were more dangerous then the Bless was. Something happened over at their school. No one’s sure what, but somehow, it mutated the kids into some kind of creature.
    They had grown sharp teeth and long finger nails and toe nails, not being to were shoes. Over time, their feet got used to the hard ground, so now the ground doesn’t bother them. Almost all our mission that dealt with them failed and that’s why I wanted as many men as possible.
    I turned and saw Allison looking out the window, looking at our bus and I could see she was thinking about the mission ahead. Hopefully Jeff had told her about the two other schools and how deadly The Elementary was. Otherwise I just handed this mission over to a beginner with no idea of what we’re going up against once we rescue the others.
    “All right!” We both turned and saw Dillon walking towards us. He wore a black, bullet proof vest with a metal exo-skeleton running all over his body. Wow! I heard Mark talking about this new suit. It was suppose to inhance your speed and strength with the metal ex-suit and it was supposed to have these metal casings on the arms that opened up and shot out small missiles about the size of a pencil.
    Dillon was holding a rifle and walked up to us. “I’m ready to rock and roll.” He said.
    “Then lets go!” Allison shouted. We turned and opened up the doors. We walked down the path towards the bus. As we did, I found myself wondering why it hasn’t really snowed yet. It was March and we’ve only gotten very little snow. That either meant all the storms passed us, or one big one was heading our way.
    I ignored my thoughts after that as I walked onto the bus and waved to the driver. The three of us sat down in the seats as the doors swooshed closed and a minute later, the bus headed off down the road.
    “I hope he’s all right.” Allison whispered as she looked out the window. No one was supposed to hear, and I don’t think Dillon did, but I heard it. I sat right behind her and heard it fine. I sighed as I looked out my window at the deserted town.
    The bus turned a corner and brought us closer towards our two missions: The rescue and the Weapon’s Locker.

    Episode 3: The Weapons Locker Mission
    Part 3

    My name is Luk. Allison Luk. And I am a fighter for Wainwright High School. I recently arrived here at Wainwright from a nearby city about 4 hours away. I used to live here, in Wainwright, and was raised her until I was 15. Then my family moved away and once I heard about the war that started here, I wanted to come back and fight and help my friends out.
    My mom wouldn’t let me, so after a few months, I gathered the guts and ran away. I eventually got there and one of the first people I saw was my old friend, Jeff. He used to be my slave before I moved, but I set him free right before I moved. He had asked me for help one day and I refused to do it unless he agreed to be my slave.
    I always knew he liked me, and after awhile, I started to fall for him. I won’t admit it to anyone though, and I don’t plan on it.
    Anyway, My first morning here, I was given an assignment. I was to team up with my old friends, Dillon and Curtis and go rescue some people who were under attack, and then carry on with their mission. I was so happy because I was put in command of the mission and it was only my first full day there!
    But I soon found out that one of the people that was on the bus that was attacked, was Jeff. I immediately became serious and that kinda brings us up to now. Me, Dillon, and Curtis are riding on the bus, heading for the drop-off point. Yep, that’s now.
    The bus soon got to Wallace Pond, which was where the transmission was traced to. It used to be a small park, with a pond in the middle and a highway next to it. Now it was a field of short grass with broken climbing bars and little things that belong to a park, the pond was still there, and so was the highway, but the highway was damaged with bomb holes and craters in it, making it impossible to drive on it.
    As the bus rounded the corner, we saw the other bus, on its side and smoking. Oh god, I hoped Jeff was still alive. I really did.
    Suddenly, there was an explosion close by and the sound caused me to cover my ears. I turned to my window and saw three students from The Bless, two with machine guns, and one with a small rocket launcher. I probily would have wondered where they got the guns from, but the night before Jeff had told me that the schools had gone on trips to the Army Base close by and salvaged any left over weapons from there.
    Suddenly, the engine hood popped up on the bus and a cannon pointed out. Holy shit! I’ve never seen a school bus do that before! Suddenly it fired and the cannon ball hit right in front of the three Bless students, killing them.
    “Hurry!” The bus driver shouted.
    “Move out!” I yelled, without even thinking. Dillon, Curtis, and me stood up and made our way to the door and walked out, immediately raising our guns and pointing them out, away from us.
    I heard a banging sound and whipped around, seeing that the hood of the engine went back down, covering the cannon, and I watched as the bus turned around and drove off.
    The deadly silence bothered me. I’ve never heard so much silence before! If it wasn’t for all the destruction and a couple of dead bodies here and there, It would have been hard to tell that there was a battle here just about 2 hours before.
    “Where is everyone?” Dillon whispered.
    “I don’t know.” Curtis responded. I was starting to get scared. It was starting to seem like there wasn’t any survivors and if there were, they were taken hostage.
    I signaled for us to move to the smoking, overturned bus and so we quietly started walking towards it. As we did, I looked over at the pond and the only ripples in it were from the wind.
    I remembered when that pond was alive with fish and birds. Now not a single thing lived in it, thanks to the war.
    We got right up next to the bus, when, suddenly, bullets were heard being fired and I yelled, “Inside the bus!”
    We all started running and Dillon was the first there. He leaped, and with the help of the exo-suit, he jumped from the ground, onto the side of the over-turned bus, with no problems.
    He reached down and helped Curtis up, then me. Once we got up, Curtis and Me pointed our guns out, seeing our attackers. There was a group of about 6 or 7 people from The Bless that just ran out from an abandoned house that was close by.
    Me and Curtis began moving our guns back and fourth as we fired. I heard a smash behind me and glanced over my shoulder, seeing that Dillon had used the strength from the Exo-suit to brake in the door of the bus. He was the first to jump down inside of it.
    I tapped Curtis on the shoulder and when he turned around, I pointed to the smashed on door, and then we both went towards it and jumped down inside of the bus.
    Once we got inside, I looked around and saw that we were standing on the ground through broken windows, and the side of the bus. The only other windows were facing up. Great. We were stuck and we couldn’t fire out. But at least we were also protected.
    “Now what do we do?” I yelled. Dillon brought his hand back and then forward, smashing a hole in the side of the bus with the help of the suit. He did this twice more and then stuck his gun out of one of the holes.
    Good idea. I did the same, and soon, Curtis followed. There was enough space above the gun to look out as well, so we looked out as we fired, looking for the enemy. A couple of them went down, but we kept missing the others.
    Suddenly, there was a loud splash and I heard multiple guns being fired and moved my gun out of the way as I peered through the hole, watching the Bless students being shot down.
    I wondered what the hell was going on and hoped it wasn’t the Elementary. From what Jeff has told me about them, they were very lethal. More so the Bless.
    Soon, after the Bless students had been shot down, I could hear footsteps getting closer to the bus. Dillon, Curtis, and me pointed our guns up towards the door, waiting for whoever was out there to open it.
    The door was blasted in and fell down to the bottom. I couldn’t help but scream, not expecting it. My first reaction was the same as the other two people in the bus; to fire like crazy.
    We began firing, and heard someone say, “Cease fire!” That voice! It was so familiar, but I couldn’t really pick it out because we were still firing. I stopped firing, but Dillon and Curtis didn’t.
    “Hold fire!” I yelled at them, but they weren’t listening. Great. Time to be the bitch. “I said hold fire!” I shouted and turned around, kicking both of them, but not doing any damage because of the armor and suit, but they did listen to me. So they knew what was good for themselves, after all!
    Suddenly, a person jumped down. He was in a diving suit with a breathing mask on and I couldn’t tell who it was. He moved towards us, and soon, three more people, in the same suits, jumped down. All the suits were wet and that’s when I realized that the splashing noise I heard was them coming out of the pond!
    “You can put down your weapons.” The person in the front said. It was that voice again! I looked and saw that the four divers had guns, but they weren’t pointed at them.
    “No way!” I heard Curtis say from behind me.
    “Curtis, Dillon,” I said, not taking my eyes away from the person in the front. “lower your guns.”
    “But…” Dillon started to protest.
    “Do it!” I yelled.
    “Just as commandive as ever!” the voice from the first person said.
    “Listen, buddy, you’ve got about five seconds to take your mask off, or I’ll shoot ya myself!” Who did this jerk think he was? He’s lucky I ordered Curtis and Dillon to put their guns down.
    “As you wish.” The lead diver laid his gun against the side and his hands reached up and there was a hissing sound as he removed some tubes. Then, he removed the mask and dropped it to the floor.
    My heart skipped many beats as my face lit up, seeing that it was a smiling Jeff! “Jeff!” I dropped my gun and ran to him, hugging him. After a second, I quickly backed away, remembering that other people were here.
    “These suits were put into the bus before we left.” Jeff explained. “There were rumors that the Bless had taken over some of the houses in this area and we had to pass by here so we were loaded with these. Though most of us didn’t make it.”
    Curtis stepped up in front of me and asked, “Where’s Mark, Mike, Joanne, and Patrick?”
    There was another hissing as another person removed their mask. It was a short girl with red hair. “Well Joanne’s here.” She said with her English accent.
    “Mark, Mike, and Patrick were separated from us. They should all be together though, wherever they are.” Soon, I heard more hissing, as the other two people removed their masks. They were younger, both guys, my guess, was from Grade 9 or 8.
    “Who are these?” I asked, pointing to the two younger kids.
    Jeff pointed to them. “That’s Chad and that’s Spencer.”
    “So what do we do now?” Chad asked. Holy shit, he was short!
    “I have command of this mission now.” I informed Jeff.
    “What?” he yelled.
    “Since no teachers are alive, I am now in command of The Weapons Locker Raid.”
    “Oh great.” Jeff mumbled.
    “Move out!” I yelled. “We need to find the others and continue on with the mission!”
    The people in the back moved first, then Jeff, then me, then Curtis, then Dillon. We jumped up to the outside of the bus and then jumped down to the ground.
    “Which way did they go?” Curtis asked. Oh no. he wasn’t doing this to me!
    “Hey!” I shouted as I turned to face him. “I’m in charge here!” Then I turned back to Jeff. “Which way did they go?”
    “Follow me.” He responded. What was it with these people? Why were they always trying to take my leadership away? Well screw them.
    “No, tell me!” I shouted. “Or else I’m staying right here.” I stomped my foot down.
    “Ok, fine.” Jeff said as him and the others began walking away. They were actually going to leave me behind!
    “Hey!” I yelled as I ran to catch up. “Wait for me!” I caught up and walked beside the others, Jeff in the lead, Chad and Spencer in the back. We left the park and walked out into the empty streets of the town.
    We walked down the streets, walking down the middle of them. Suddenly, I heard a boom and I was sent flying and I hit a tree and fell to the ground. I fought to stay awake, but my eyes soon closed and the last thing I heard was Jeff shouting out my name.

    I awoke to lots of firing noises. I opened my eyes and saw that the others were firing at a house. I looked up and saw Bless troops pointing guns out the windows, firing at us! I looked around and saw a Grade 9 or 8 student lying dead. It was either Chad or Spencer. I couldn’t remember which was which. Wait, Chad was the short one, I think, so it was Spencer that was dead.
    I tried standing, but found that I couldn’t. I looked down and saw that my armor was ripped in two and a piece of it was jutting into my stomach, a little bit of blood trickling down to the ground.
    It was Jeff that turned around and saw me. “Joanne!” He yelled. “Go help Allison out!”
    “Ok.” I saw the red-haired English girl run towards me and bend down. “Can you stand?” she asked.
    What type of question was that? If I could, didn’t she think that I would have by now? “No.” I tried saying, but came out as a whisper. I pointed to my armor.
    She looked down and saw it. She walked behind me and put her hands under my arms and I felt myself being dragged away. I was dragged behind a house across from the enemy house, and out of danger.
    She reached down and removed the top half of my armor. Well the top half of my chest armor. The bottom half was stuck into my chest where it was ripped apart from the top half. She reached down and I felt immense pain as she pulled on the piece of metal and it came out of my stomach.
    She threw it on the ground and reached down with a cloth that she pulled out from her diver suit and put it in my hands. I covered the wound with it as she began to strip out of the diving suit.
    What was going on? Here I was, half naked, and this chick was undressing too? Then I saw that she had cloths on, under the suit and she gave me the diver suit. Ah, it was something for me to wear since my armor wasn’t going back on.
    With Joanne’s help, I stood up and put the diver suit on. We got back around to the front, just as the firing stopped.
    Jeff walked back towards us as we approached. “Are you all right?”
    “Yeah, I’m fine.” I said. That too, came out as a whisper.
    “Sounds like something’s wrong with your lungs. I want you to go back to the school.” He said. I couldn’t believe this! I was his boss for this mission! His master forever! He can’t do this!
    “I’ll send Chad and Joanne to go back with you.”
    I tried to argue, but no sound came from my mouth. “You need to see a medic, and then rest.” Jeff said. Then he turned to Joanne and Chad. “Escort her back to the school.”
    “Ok.” They both said. They grabbed me by my arms and helped me walk away, leaving the others behind. Right before we went around a corner, I looked back and saw Jeff looking as I left, a concerned look on his face. I sighed as we went around the corner, a house blocking my view.
    I hope they did well on this mission and I hoped that Jeff and the others make it back. Even though I knew that most won’t, if any. I turned my head back around as me and the other two walked back to the school.

    Episode 4: The Weapons Locker Mission
    Part 4

    My name is Abbot. Mark Abbot. And I am A Tech Expert and inventor for Wainwright High School. I’ve lived on a farm just outside Wainwright for my entire life, and now I live at the school because of the war.
    Anyway, I was on this top-secret mission and the only reason I was needed was to crack a code. Well the mission went wrong and we were attacked by The Bless, and some of us tried to escape, but we were all caught except for Mike and the two teachers. They went on ahead.
    Me and a grade 9 known as Patrick were taken to a near-by abandoned house and we were being tortured to tell them about plans for the High School. They were beating us and it was really beginning to hurt. About half an hour ago, Patrick was taken out of the room and I haven’t seen him since.
    Suddenly, I heard gunshots ring out and I looked over, seeing that the two Bless people who were in my room, were over at the windows, firing down at something. I heard a scream and heard a voice shout out, “Allison!”
    Oh good! I was going to be rescued! What would Captain Kirk do in a situation like this?
    I tried moving, but my hands and legs were tied behind my back and I was in the corner of the room. One of the two people that were at the window, fell back, dead. Soon after, the other followed.
    The shooting noises continued for what seemed to me like a long time, but was only about 5 minutes. I really wanted to go back now. I was really missing my Starcraft game.
    Soon, the shooting stopped and I heard the sound of the door being shot in. Oh no! There was more Bless students inside the halls of the house! They’ll be waiting for the rescuers!
    Soon, I heard more shooting, and a few minutes later, the shooting stopped and I heard pounding footsteps coming up the stairs. I screamed as the door bursted inwards and I saw a bunch of people walking into the room.
    Once I saw who it was, I was relived! It was Jeff, Dillon, and Curtis! Jeff was in some kind of black swim/diver suit, Curtis was in some kind of thick armor and Dillon was in the new type of Ex-Suit I helped create.
    “Mark!” Jeff shouted as he walked over and bent down, untying the ropes.
    “Jeff, Am I glad to see you. What happened to you?” I asked.
    “It’s a long story and we don’t have the time right now. Maybe when we get back, we’ll tell it to ya over a couple of beers.”
    “I don’t drink beer.” I said, thinking how he could have even suggested it.
    “I mean Root Beer.”
    “I don’t drink beer!” I shouted. God, didn’t he get the hint? I don’t drink any type of beer! I heard him sigh as I stood up, free of the ropes.
    “Where are the others?” Curtis asked.
    I started to explain. “Mike and the two teachers never got caught and Patrick was taken out of the room about half an hour ago.”
    “We need to him.” Dillon said. “We’ve already lost a couple people and we needed to sent three more back. We need all the people we can.”
    “Then lets start looking!” I shouted as I walked over to a dead Bless student and took his gun.
    “Lets go!” Jeff shouted. “We need to find him!” we all moved out of the room, and started looking in all the upstairs rooms. We didn’t find him, so we rushed down the stairs and we found him tied up, under the stairs.
    Jeff and Dillon untied him and gave him a gun from a dead Bless student.
    “We need to hurry!” Jeff said. Holy Cripes! Did he always have to rush us? I was really tired!
    We all started running out of the house, and once we reached outside, I saw a couple dead bodies, but only one from our team. We began walking down the street. Jeff must have finally realized that Patrick and me have been getting beaten up all morning.
    “Thanks.” Patrick said to Jeff. “Thanks a lot.”
    “No problem.” Jeff answered.
    We walked down the sidewalk and we were almost at the end of the street, when we heard a scurrying sound close by. We all looked in the direction we heard it, raising our guns. Oh no! if it was what I thought it was, then we’re dead.
    “Guards up.” I heard Jeff say. We scanned the side dirt trail that ran next to the road and we just saw a shadow go around a corner. A short, small shadow. It was what I expected: An elementary kid! We were in trouble now!
    “Hurry!” Jeff whispered. I could barley hear him because he was so quiet. “Lets get out of here.”
    We all started baking up, away from the area, our guns pointed towards the side dirt road. As we were backing up, a tumbleweed blew across the road in front of us. Boy, I only thought that happened in the movies! I chanced a glance down at my watch and once I saw that it was lunch time, I hoped that we would be back at the school, in time for me to catch the newest episode of the new Star Trek show.
    As we turned a corner, and headed down another street, there was the distant sound of an engine, getting louder.
    “Something’s coming!” I pointed out. Everyone else glared at me, but I couldn’t figure out why. Jeff did some kind of moving thing with his hand, and I saw the others moving towards the closest house, so I followed.
    We got to the house and went to open the door, but found it locked! I turned around to face the road, and saw a jeep with no roof on it drive from around the corner, Bless kids inside of it, most leaning out, pointing their guns at us. I screamed a really high pitched scream and turned and tried to open the door, kicking it.
    I quickly drew my foot back, feeling pain shooting into it from kicking the door to hard. Bullets started whizzing by me and I saw the wall of the house getting shot up.
    “What do we do know?” Patrick asked, taking his gun, turning around, and firing.
    “Hang on!” Dillon shouted. He punched a giant hole in the door and reached inside and soon I heard a click. The door opened and we all ran inside, Curtis and Patrick, walking in backwards, firing at the enemy.
    When I turned to look, I saw that the jeep was swerving because one of the tires were shot out, and soon it swerved too much and crashed right into the house next to the one we were in.
    Patrick and Curtis got in and closed the door.
    “This way!” Jeff shouted. We all followed him down a hall, to the kitchen. At the back of the kitchen, was a glass sliding door that opened up to a balcony and that had stairs and led to the backyard.
    “We need to get to Beven’s!” Patrick argued. “Not stuck in some house!”
    “We will get to Beven’s!” Jeff said back. “It’s only about another 15 minutes from here if we run most of the way. But first, we need to get rid of the Bless men that are after us.”
    Personally, I didn’t see why. They were good as dead. That jeep plowed right into a house! Sure thing, back before the war when a car was just pulling out of a parking lot and bumped into me, I broke my shoulder! Those things are strong! They had to be dead!
    Suddenly, the glass from the sliding doors shattered as we heard gunfire. We all ducked down and made our way behind the counter. Well all except for Curtis, he slipped on some of the broken glass and fell flat on his back.
    I peeked around the corner and saw three Blessies walk in through the space and looked down at Curtis. No! He couldn’t die! I jumped out from my place behind the counter, screaming and firing my gun. Well I would have been firing my gun if I anything came out from it. I started swearing and moving it around, wondering what was wrong with it.
    Then, I looked up and saw them smiling and raised their guns from Curtis, who quickly scrambled away, to me. My eyes went wide, but heard shots being fired from behind me, and saw one Blessie fall down dead, and the other two backed out and went around the side of the house.
    I turned and yelled, “What’s wrong with this gun!”
    “Let me see it.” Patrick said, walking over. He took it from me and pointed. “The safety’s still on.” He pressed a button. “Now it’s not.” He handed me back my gun.
    “We should leave soon.” Curtis suggested, getting up. “If we stay here, we might chance getting killed and we need all the people we can.”
    “Plus we still need to find Mike, Mr. Grosky, and Mr. Cornish.” Jeff said. Great. This mission just kept getting better and better. At this rate, it looked like I was going to miss my Star Trek show!
    We started moving to the front door, when it suddenly flew off it’s hinges and the other two Blessies walked in, firing.
    “Back!” Jeff shouted. We all ducked and ran out the back, where the glass doors used to be.
    We ran outside, and across a small field. I started falling behind because the others were faster then me. I looked back and saw the two Blessies running after us, with another member of their team.
    We ran around a corner and down a street. We soon got to Main Street, which was were all the stores were. Of course they were all closed down, but this is where we came to get various pieces of equipment.
    We ran by a giant clock in the middle and ran down the street where the old theater used to be. We turned a corner and ran behind the Theater and into the Co-Op parking lot.
    We ran across the lot and across the street, to where a line of low bushes were. I saw Jeff jump down and land on the ground, on his stomach. The others did the same and so did I, but it hurt a lot and the others knew when I expressed my pain, verbally.
    “Where did they go?” I whispered. Jeff looked back and brought his head forward. “They’re back in the parking lot, running this way. On the count of three, we get up and run like crazy, ok?”
    I nodded as did the others. “One, two three!” we all jumped up and ran, turning to the side, hearing guns being fired.
    We ran down the street as fast as we could, turning corners when we had to. Then as we turned another corner, I saw it: Beven’s Nature Area! An area of thick woods with a dirt walking trail going through a part of it.
    We sped up faster, the three Blessies turning the corner and coming after us, not firing. I didn’t know why they weren’t firing, but my guess was because they’d miss from there and they wanted to save their bullets for when they got closer.
    Soon enough, we reached the grass, and a second after running across that, we reached Bevens.
    We slowed to a walk once we got inside the forest, and quickly turned and went off the trail, into the thick woods.
    We started walking very slow, dead leaves and twigs braking under us. Suddenly, we heard someone say, “Halt!”
    Everyone ahead of me stopped, but I couldn’t see why. Then when I moved to the side, I saw the three Blessies standing in front of us, guns pointed outward.
    “Now,” The one in the front said. “Come with us or we’ll kill you.”
    “I’d rather be dead.” Curtis spat. Yay for him! I wish I had the guts to do that.
    “Fine.” The Blessie said. He raised his gun, and was going to fire, when we heard a high pitch scream.
    We all looked all over for source of the sound, including The Blessies. Then, I looked up in a tree and saw an E.S. (Elementary Student) looking down at us. Oh boy was it ugly.
    I think it used to be in grade 3 or 4. I’m not sure. But it had no socks or shoes on and its toe nails were long and sharp. It also had long and sharp fingernails. When it opened its mouth to scream again, I saw that its teeth were razor sharp.
    “Look!” I pointed everyone looked up and saw it, raising their weapons. And that’s when the attack came.

    Episode 5: The Weapons Locker Mission

    Part 5

    We were standing in the middle of the woods, us and the Blessies, looking around for what made that shrill scream. Oh yeah, almost forgot. My name is Lavergne. Dillon Lavergne. And I am a fighter for Wainwright High School.
    I’ve lived in Wainwright my entire live and I always hated The Bless, so that’s why I was in this war. I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s how I felt.
    Anyway, these three Blessies chased after us our entire way to Beven’s Nature Area, and had taken us hostage, when we all heard a screaming noise. Everyone, including the Blessies were looking around for what made that noise. That’s when we all heard Mark shout, “Up there!”
    We all looked up and saw an E.S. It had no socks or shoes on and it’s toe nails were long and sharp. It also had long and sharp fingernails. It hissed at us when we all looked up and I saw its sharp teeth.
    Then we heard a scream right behind us, and we all turned and saw that one of the Blessies had been pulled to the ground, and was being dragged away through the forest, by a mutated grade 2. Man, whatever caused the little kids to change, must have given them strength as well.
    Then the E.S. that was in the tree jumped down and landed in front of us, many, many more E.S.’s coming out of the forest behind it.
    “Fall back.” I heard Jeff whisper. Allison used to be in command of the mission, until she was injured in an attack by the Bless and Joanne and some little grade 9 had to bring her back to the school for medical treatment.
    Everyone started backing up, including the Blessies, guns pointed in front of us, in case the E.S.’s made any sudden movements.
    Then, we heard another scream and I looked behind and again, I saw another of The Blessies being pulled away through the forest. Man, good thing those guys were in back!
    Then I turned around and started walking as everyone else started walking backwards. I saw an E.S. sneak up behind the last Bless student, and I would have let him get killed, but we needed as much help as we could get from these mutations.
    I fired and didn’t let go of the trigger until the little thing was splattered all over the place.
    That’s when I heard shouting and whipped around. Everyone was yelling and I saw why. The entire group of E.S.’s had started walking towards us, hunched over, snarling like animals.
    Everyone started firing and the first bunch of E.S.’s in the front, got wasted. But after that, the others got smarter and left their little group and started darting all over the place.
    I started firing with the rest, practically moving my gun wherever I saw movement. I saw a couple of bushes begin to rustle and moved to the side, just as a mutated grade 1 jumped from them.
    I turned to look to see where it landed, and saw that it landed on Patrick, knocking his gun to the ground, Patrick following close behind with the E.S. on top of him.
    I was about to fire, but my heart sank when I saw the E.S. bring its clawed hand back and dig it into Patrick’s chest, killing him. No! Not another team member! We were losing them fast!
    I started firing, but by then, the E.S. had already ran off. I looked back and saw that everyone was being split apart and running their own way, trying to get away.
    “Stay together!” I heard Jeff shout, as he ran away as well, trying to catch up with Curtis.
    I fired a couple more shots into the closest bushes and turned and ran with the last Bless student that was with us.
    We ran, pushing branches and twigs out of our way, getting whipped in the face here and there.
    I heard a screech and looked behind me, seeing that a bunch of the E.S. had started chasing after us, catching up fast.
    I used my Exo-Suit to enhance my speed, causing me to go way faster, passing The Blessie.
    I turned back around and saw a few of the E.S.’s climbing trees and jumping from tree to tree.
    I turned back around and ran out of the forest, into a small clearing, seeing more of the forest on the other side of the clearing.
    I looked back and saw the Blessie running, almost at the clearing. Then I saw an E.S. jump from out of a tree and land on his back, knocking him to the ground. Then three more jumped out of the trees and a couple more ran up from behind. They all were all over him, tearing and ripping him up.
    Great. Another one lost. Now it was only me, Curtis, Mark, and Jeff. Even then, I might have still been the only one left alive because all the others were separated.
    I glared at the E.S.’s as they ripped away. One of them looked up at me and tilted its head. I raised my gun and tried to fire, but only heard the click of the empty chambers. Apparently the E.S. did as well because it started to smile. Then it hissed and all the others looked up, seeing me.
    They soon forgot about The Blessie and had started running towards me. I dropped my gun and lifted my arm up. I started pressing a couple buttons on the side of my wrist and a small metal covering popped up on the side of my arm and three little pencil-sized missiles shot out, heading for the E.S.’s.
    It hit right in front of them and in the middle of them, killing all of them in a couple of small explosions.
    I waited for the smoke to clear, and saw that they were all dead. I turned and began to run into the other part of the forest, hoping to find the others so we could continue on with the mission. I didn’t come this far, just to fail.
    I ran through the forest and puddles, and got to the walking trail, stopping to take a brake. I wondered where the others could be. I didn’t hear a single sound, and that got me wondering where the other E.S.’s were.
    I started walking down the trail as I heard thunder boom. I looked up in the sky and saw that it had clouded over and I felt a tiny bit of water droped on my face. Great. Now it was beginning to rain.
    I started walking as the rain quickly became a shower and lightning flashed in the dark sky above me. It was only a little after noon, but because of the clouds, it was pretty dark, and the heavy rain didn’t help much, either.
    I hoped that my suit was water proof, because if not, then it wasn’t going to be working to well after this. I tried running, and then when I tried using the suit to make me go faster, nothing happened. I slowed back to a walk and realized that I was walking slower with the suit on, then I would have been with it off.
    I reached up and detached the suit, taking it off, and throwing it on the ground. I picked it up again and threw it into the forest, hoping that no one would find it. My shirt starting getting soaked right away, leaving me drenched.
    Suddenly, after about 10 minutes of walking, getting soaked, I heard my name being called out.
    Thunder boomed and lightning flashed again, and when it did, I thought I saw an E.S. run across the path in front of me, from one side of the woods to the other, but I wasn’t sure. It might have just been my imagination.
    I slowed my walk down as I approached the area I thought I saw the E.S., ignoring the calls of my name.
    As I got to the area, I hoped it was nothing because I was armorless and weaponless.
    Just then, an E.S. jumped out of a tree and landed in front of me, just as lightning flashed. Then just as thunder boomed, the E.S. I thought I saw, ran out of the forest and onto the path in front of me, with the other E.S.
    Oh shit! I turned and ran off the trail, into the forest, hearing the two E.S.’s chasing after me, also running through the forest.
    “Somebody help me!” I shouted as I ran. Unfortunately, thunder boomed at the same time I yelled that, so no one would have heard it. I yelled it again once the thunder ended.
    As I left the forest and out onto another part of the trail, I slipped in a puddle and fell down, landing on my back, rain drops pounding into my face, causing me to squint my eyes.
    I heard a snarling and when I glanced up, saw an E.S. looking down at me. Then I saw the other one look down at me.
    I closed my eyes, waiting for it to end.

    I was running down a path through the pouring rain as thunder boomed and lightning flashed. A few seconds after that ended, I heard someone shout out, “Help me!”
    I wasn’t sure who it was, but I had to hurry. You see, my name is Forrest. Mike Forrest and I was on my own. Once we were ambushed back at the beginning of the mission, me and Mr. Cornish and Mr. Grosky had left with Mark and Patrick, but Mark and Patrick were captured, while me and the teachers were able to get away.
    We decided to continue with the mission and on our way to Beven’s, we were ambushed yet again. But unlike the first time, it was the Elementary that ambushed us this time. We were running down a side dirt road, when we were attacked. I climbed a fence next to us and watched through the holes as Mr. Grosky was killed, refusing to move.
    Mr. Cornish moved when the E.S.’s wanted him to, and I don’t know where they took him after that. I continued on with the mission and made it to Bevens. I came across a few E.S.’s here and there, but I either killed them or got away.
    Then recently, I started hearing guns being fired and screaming and screeching. Then, just now, I heard some one shout, “Help me!” it sounded like it came from in front of me and I ran harder down that path.
    I rounded the corner just as lightning flashed and saw a body on the ground, two E.S.’s tearing it apart.
    I raised my gun and fired, killing one of the E.S.’s. The other looked up and screeched and started running for me. I fired, but missed. I moved my gun sideways, shooting it, knocking it back.
    I walked closer and saw that it wasn’t dead, just injured. I lowered my gun and kept the trigger down until there was nothing left of the E.S.
    I continued running after that, hoping to find others. As I passed by the body, I saw that it was my old friend, Dillon. I felt sick, knowing he was dead. We had been friends, even after the war started, and I talked to him, just the day before. I bent down and covered his eyes.
    Then I stood up and continued running as thunder boomed and the sky was lit up.
    After running for a while, I stopped to catch my breath and I heard a running sound. I wasn’t sure if it was the rain or a couple of people running my way. Just in case, I lifted my gun up, waiting to see if anyone came.
    Then, three people ran around the corner, and I nearly fired, but then saw that it was Jeff, Curtis, and Mark.
    “Mike!” They shouted and rushed over.
    “What happened?” Jeff asked. That’s when I quickly explained to them of what happened after we left them at the bus and I told them how I just found Dillon dead.
    “We should hurry!” Curtis said, being hard to hear above the pouring rain and the thunder booms. “We’re all that’s left to get this mission done.”
    We all started running down the path, wondering where the Weapon’s Locker could be located.
    “Wait!” I heard Mark shout. We all stopped and once he caught up, he suggested something. “We’ve been all over this forest and haven’t seen any Weapons Locker.”
    “Maybe we missed something.” Jeff suggested.
    “No. the woods aren’t that big. The entire thing was a set up! Some one gave us false information and told the Elementary that we were coming. It was a trap!”
    “Mark’s right!” I agreed. “Someone gave us false info.”
    “But who?” Curtis asked.
    “It would have to be someone for our school.” Jeff said. “Those are the only people that Mr. Codarre would listen to.”
    “Maybe it was Allison!” I suggested. Hey, she did just come here yesterday, maybe she set this entire thing up. Where was she anyway?
    “It wasn’t Allison!” Jeff shouted. “We’re going to save the rest of this discussion until we get back and report it to Mr. Codarre. We need to leave!”
    We turned to leave, but saw a bunch of E.S.’s standing in our way. Then as thunder boomed, they started moving to the two sides, letting something big come through.
    Once I saw what it was, I gasped. I finally found out what happened to Mr. Cornish. He stood there, only he was different. His skin was a dark blue and he had two sharp teeth coming out of the top of his mouth. He had long claws on his fingers and toes like the others, and he also had 4 spikes coming out his back and one out his front.
    “So, we meet!” he said in a raspy voice.
    “What happened to you?” Jeff asked.
    “Well,” Mr. Cornish began. “The Elementary was mad about being kicked out of The Bless’s organization, so they started creating this super weapon that was suppose to blow up in the air above the town and rain down on everyone with a type of liquid that was supposed to kill people instantly.
    “Something went wrong and it released this gas throughout the school, mutating them into what they are now. What we are now.”
    Jeff raised his gun to fire, but Mr. Cornish leaped into the air, the bullets only hitting an E.S., not even killing it.
    Mr. Cornish landed beside Jeff and hit him with the back of his hand, sending Jeff flying and landing in a bush.
    Mark, Curtis, and me raised our guns to fire, but Mr. Cornish leaped up and landed in a tree.
    He jumped down and knocked Mark to the ground and lowered his head, about to rip into the flesh, when lightning streaked down and zapped Mr. Cornish, sending him flying off of Mark.
    Mark stood up with Curtis’s help and the three of us watched as Mr. Cornish slowly stood up and growled.
    “Retreat!” he shouted. The little E.S.’s turned and ran off, in the opposite direction from us. “Remember this.” Mr. Cornish hissed. “I could have had them rip you apart right here and now.”
    “Then why didn’t you?” I asked.
    “Because I guess I still have a little bit of human left inside of me.” And at that, he went down on all fours and ran away, disappearing into the woods. I heard a groan and looked over, seeing Jeff standing up.
    He walked over to Mark and me. “We now know that they can turn others into them.” Jeff said as we began to walk away. “We have to warn the others.”
    As we walked out of Beven’s, I agreed with Jeff about having to warn the others, but silently, I had no intention to.


    And then I was going to start another story arc after that, but never did for reasons I can't remember.

    9/13/2004 6:55:45 PM

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