The Lost World
By Michael Crichton
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    InGen, the company which created Jurassic Park, is only seen once in the first film -- on the side of the helicopter. (From: Anthony)
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    [Trailer] The Final Days
    By Aragorn

    A spaceship that looks similar to a jet flies through space.

    An Army walks through a jungle, guns in their hands.

    There's a rumble on a desert planet and the sand starts to shake as a shadow pases over.

    A Unique spaceship flies through space. It looks flat, but at the back, is a large circular device with fans in it, like aa giant fan, propelling the ship.

    "WHo are you and what is your identifaction number?" Dino-Snore's voice demanded over an intercom.

    On board a spaceship, there was a humanoid alien. it's skin was blue, and it had pointed ears like an elf or bat. It's head was bald, but rounded like a humans. it's eyes had slits like a cat. When it opened it's mouth, rows of sharp teeth can be seen. "Wipe them out!" it said with a growl as it stood up quickly from a metal seat.

    An army of the alien ships fly in space towards a planet.

    Tons of the ships fly qucikly through the streets and around buildings, firing at objects and people, blowing things up and killing people.

    "I'm on my way!" Aragorn (Me) shouts.

    A Giant Triangular ship flies through space.

    "We Must bring you in for questioning." RaptorVinny demanded.

    One of the blue aliens are trapped in a jail cell.

    The jet ship flies quickly down right above the ground and TyrannoRex112 jumps in through an open hatch in the side, in the second that the ship flies by.

    An army of the Blue Aliens are in the streets of a city and all lift their giant guns, which look like small cannons, up on their shoulders and aim at the buildings in front of them.

    A Ship blows up in space.

    RaptorVinny is fighting one of the Aliens in a hall, hand to hand, and he's already pretty beat up and bleeding.

    StealthRaptor2's jet ship is landed outside a burning cottage and he's running inside. "Amber!"

    The leader of the Aliens (The first one in the preview) Swings a device down. This device is a pole, and at the end, is a sharp, curved peice of metal, almost like an axe, only it goes in a circle and meets back with the pole.
    Aragorn blocks with curved sword.

    An army of circular ships (Flying Saucers) fly through space, and as they do, the sides open and guns slowly come out.

    "The Final Days"

    Writtin by Jeff Long, author of School Day, Crimson Moon series, Resident Flooder, and more.

    Based off the Adventure, All-Out War.

    10/6/2002 11:30:47 PM

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