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    Adam Jones, guitarist for the rock band 'Tool', worked on makeup and set design for several big films, including Jurassic Park and Terminator 2. (From: 'Rancor')
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    At 4:10:29 PM on 6/18/2014, MartinRandle said:
    I think we should hold fast and trust the guy to create a fulfilling and entertaining experience.

    Haters gonna hate,
    however good it turns out.

    At 8:49:04 PM on 5/31/2014, dieterstark said:
    " we arenít doing anything here that Crichton didnít suggest in his novels."- Trev

    That says a lot right there. And I'm totally confident in his vision for Jurassic World.

    I hope they do a teaser trailer like the "SeaWorld" commercials we've been seeing lately on TV. Except, it'll be Jurassic World...but you won't necessarily distinguish it from a SeaWorld commercial until the dinosaurs show up :)

    At 8:38:47 PM on 5/31/2014, dieterstark said:
    Trev's the man.

    At 11:42:40 AM on 5/26/2014, DarthMaulSithLord said:
    I hope this is a bad joke. I don't want to see a Jurassic Park movie transformed into a stupid horro flick with "fake" Dinosaurs

    At 12:57:47 PM on 5/25/2014, CommieX said:
    I hope this isn't true.

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