The Lost World
By Michael Crichton
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    Recent David Koepp screenwriting hits include the screenplay for David Fincher's "Panic Room" and Sam Rami's "Spiderman". (From: Dino_Dude)
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    At 4:06:04 PM on 9/12/2013, DJ Jerm said:

    At 4:05:55 PM on 9/12/2013, DJ Jerm said:
    I'm also starting to think that the new dinosaur that messes everything up (the one Horner has been talking about) is the Carnotaurus..? The chameleon version from the Lost World novel. It could definitely be problematic for keepers if they can't see them properly and also would be something to prevent you from turning off the lights as at night.

    At 5:49:03 AM on 9/12/2013, juniorx eternal said:
    Maybe the dinos get released all over the world?


    i think its a new story, a new beggining, just like the new spider-man, its about a HUGE park like sea world or disney world (thats why JURASSIC WORLD).

    believe me, most of the teenagers i talk to and ask about JP MOVIES, they dont have a clue of what it is... I THINK universal knows this, they know they need a new jp for the new generation of people that has born since 1998, 2000, 2001...

    At 12:45:48 PM on 9/11/2013, dieterstark said:
    Aughra you are on to a very good point.

    Maybe they will redo the series and follow the books much more closely.

    Make The Lost the book.

    At 12:43:15 PM on 9/11/2013, mrprongs said:
    Maybe the dinos get released all over the world?

    At 12:02:00 PM on 9/11/2013, aughra said:
    Does anyone remember back about 2008 or 2009, there was a release of both Jurassic Park and Lost World novels bound as one book. was called... Jurassic World. I'm SO excited for this movie! Yay for more dinosaurs!

    At 2:39:25 AM on 9/11/2013, MartinRandle said:
    I think you might be onto something there DJ Jerm. Jurassic World could be based on Sea World or Disney World. The aquatic colour scheme could be indicative of a water park. Both of the 2 recent official Jurassic Park games have included an aquatic area and this is one area that the movies have not explored.

    At 1:16:38 AM on 9/11/2013, scallenger said:
    So, is Dan going to rename the site "Dan's JW Page"? ;)

    At 11:40:01 PM on 9/10/2013, DJ Jerm said:
    Or maybe SeaWorld is the more appropriate comparison..

    At 11:33:10 PM on 9/10/2013, DJ Jerm said:
    my guess now is that its definitely a new theme park.. bigger than the original Jurassic Park.. Sort of like Disney Land vs. Disney World.

    At 11:31:40 PM on 9/10/2013, DJ Jerm said:
    haha wow .. Shit name.. whatever. Will try not to judge....

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