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    Richard Attenborough has said that he has never seen either JP or TLW. (From: Oviraptor)
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    At 11:21:20 PM on 6/11/2013, Doni JP said:

    Now, Frank Marshall completely attention for Assassin's Creed!


    "Trevorrow Promises Science and Fiction"

    This questions about dinosaurs have or no have feathers is very ridiculous!


    The important is story and reality of scenes, you group of retards!

    What is JP4!?
    The life find a way...
    And JP4?

    At 5:21:16 PM on 6/11/2013, Doni JP said:
    20th Anniversary of 'Jurassic Park'...

    Any news about JP4 today would be very important.

    But Universal do not care.

    JURASSIC PARK 4... WHY????

    At 6:26:34 PM on 6/7/2013, Doni JP said:
    Thank you, MartinRandle for your lesson about English.
    But English is very complicated.

    Do you want know something in brazilian portuguese?

    Colin Trevorrow talked about JP4: "more news coming soon"

    For GOD, coming soon realy. Not one or two years for more news/rumors.

    Like I thought.

    VERY SAD...
    In Universal Pictures's Site already put Fast and Furious 7 in FUTURE RELEASES (with Release Date).
    And nothing about JP4.

    JURASSIC PARK 4... WHY????

    At 5:53:47 AM on 6/2/2013, MartinRandle said:
    Doni - I know English is not your first language so let me help you out...

    Nobody know nothing about Jurassic Park.

    In English
    Nobody knows anything about Jurassic Park.

    'Nobody' is a negative word and so is 'nothing' 2 negatives make a positive so

    "nobody" know "nothing" means that there is no person that knows nothing - which means logically that at least one person or possibly millions of people know something about Jurassic Park. Which is the opposite of what you are trying to say.

    Also I know, They know, He Knows She Knows, when you say nobody that is like saying "no person" which is the same as "He" or "she".

    At 9:58:56 PM on 5/28/2013, Doni JP said:
    juniorxeternal, lê isso em um site sobre Velozes e Furiosos é triste mesmo:

    Velozes e Furiosos 6 liderou o ranking com cerca de US$ 117 milhões arrecadados nesses quatro dias, superando todos os outros filmes da franquia no país e sendo a maior estreia da história (doméstica e mundial) de um filme da Universal Pictures.

    Velozes e Furiosos com filmes idiotas é o maior sucesso da Universal!

    JP4 is already the third development!!!!
    How can such a business????

    Frank Marshall Twitter????
    Colin Trevorrow Twitter????

    Steven Spielberg open your mouth for talking anything about JP4????

    These stupid have two books for have ideas for JP4!!!!
    Fuckin idiots!!!!

    At 11:20:27 AM on 5/27/2013, juniorx eternal said:
    é Doni, mas vc esqueceu de uma coisa...

    eles conseguem fazer V&F7 e o jp4 ao mesmo tempo se quiserem...

    AGORA VC IMAGINA... uma franquia NOJENTA, CHATA e fuleira que nem Velozes e furiosos chega até o capitulo 6... e uma das franquias mais rentaveis do mundo nao consegue sair do 3... piada mesmo

    At 7:23:51 PM on 5/25/2013, Doni JP said:

    Now Universal forget JP4 completely.
    Fast and Furious 6 is now a big sucess.
    Fast and Furious franchise continues...
    Jurassic Park franchise maybe...

    OH MY GOD!

    JURASSIC PARK 4... WHY????

    E juniorxeternal, não tenho certeza se JP é esse xodo mesmo do Spielberg.
    Em JP3 de todas as imagens que vi, ele aparece no set apenas em dois momentos.
    E JP4 chegar a esse ponto mostra como Spielberg não está envolvido com o projeto.

    E agora com esse sucesso de Velozes e Furiosos 6 a Universal deve ter atenção total para Velozes e Furiosos 7.


    The Director of JP4 shows an perfect photo of the film's locations and five days later everything is frowned upon!!!!
    That was so cruel!!!!
    Somebody explains this????

    At 9:01:19 AM on 5/24/2013, juniorx eternal said:
    WHY ARE U ALL complaining?

    theres no more story to tell in the jurassic park franchise the way they did (since they did not follow the books correctly).

    we need a reboot for the young people who doesnt even know what is JURASSIC PARK

    At 4:55:56 PM on 5/23/2013, Doni JP said:
    ParkerP82, Nobody know nothing about Jurassic Park 4!

    Sam Neill don't knows nothing about JP4.
    He talked any thing. Equal to JJ in 2010.

    At 4:36:04 PM on 5/23/2013, ParkerP82 said:
    Doni you're comments annoy the hell out of me, Sam might know a thing or two...

    At 12:48:04 PM on 5/23/2013, mrprongs said:
    Ah, but MartinRandle, you're combining two different concepts. rebooting, and a more faithful adaptation of the book. No reason to expect that to happen. Nor should a reboot guarantee feathers. Most people don't know this fact, and expect the same dinos they see in everything else. Plus, the book didn't have feathers, so a faithful adaptation wouldn't either.

    At 10:15:22 PM on 5/22/2013, Doni JP said:

    Personally, I don't think Neill knows what he's talking about. He's not involved with the film, and I seriously doubt he follows this stuff as closely as we internet movie people do. The guy is too busy running his Winery and acting. But ya' never know! Maybe he's right, and the sequel is now being retooled as a remake. We'll find out soon enough.

    This completely right.
    Nobody know nothing about Jurassic Park 4!

    JP Fans, did you remember Joe Johnston talking in 2010!!!!:

    Johnston Says JP4 "Beginning of a Second [JP] Trilogy"
    Johnston: "Different" Idea For JP4

    IN 2010!!!!
    And in 2010, Joe Johnston no had no ideia about the what talked on JP4.

    Nobody know nothing about Jurassic Park 4!!!!


    OH GOD!!!!

    At 7:35:52 PM on 5/22/2013, dieterstark said:
    I've been trying to get my hands on "Two Paddocks" wine for at least four years now.

    This is great news; I feel a Jurassic Park movie on the epic scale of the novel! The original Crichton vision on film, maybe even get an R rating. Won't get my hopes up for that, but we can do a lot more with PG13 than we could do in '93.

    I wonder who will play the new Muldoon...

    At 2:36:33 PM on 5/22/2013, MartinRandle said:
    Oh I don't know, I have for a long while hoped that they would reboot the series and make what is in the novel into a movie. With all the build up and extended T-Rex chase, the juvey rex and the river ride. JP the novel has all the best bits of Jurassic Parks I II and III.

    The available technology in 1992 really limited the scope of the movie. None of that matters now. The book can be made with all the bits that were impossible then. I will be happy if they make the movie much closer to the book and if it is a new plot (whatever that is ever likely to be) then I will be happy to see that too.

    Feathered or scaly? If they reboot it then they will be feathered of course - if is not a reboot then they shouldn't be for continuity sake.

    Just no super dinos with guns!

    At 1:01:55 PM on 5/22/2013, mrprongs said:
    Well, reboots have been nothing but money makers for Hollywood recently. Look at the smashing success Total Recall was. (Sarcasm Off)

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