Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (XBOX)
By Blue Tongue
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    TLW was released on video (VHS) and laser disc on November 4, 1997.
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    At 8:51:52 AM on 5/10/2013, juniorx eternal said:

    Thanks god we have na open-minded diretor helming our beloved franchise

    At 5:55:19 PM on 5/9/2013, Doni JP said:
    And with all this, one simple question:
    Steven Spielberg no talk nothing about this?
    Spielberg have some connection with production of JP4?

    At 4:37:27 PM on 5/9/2013, Oviraptor said:
    I think he meant the fans, that he may consider adding some of the things we want.

    At 3:58:59 PM on 5/9/2013, dieterstark said:
    The is fantastic news. Totally alleviating all anxiety lingering from the other nights scare. I wonder what Trev means by "we're all directing JPIV".
    At first, I thought "oh, cool they re-hired the concept artist who were fired"
    Then I thought about it again, and wondered if what he meant by that was more along the lines of "we're" being all the producers who have been with the franchise from the beginning and Trev incorporating all of their respectively epic ideas.
    Cheers to JPIV, welcome back to the park.

    At 1:39:27 PM on 5/9/2013, rodkeys said:
    It's a good thing when the crew knows that it's better to wait a little longer and invest in quality instead of making a rushed job and screw things up.

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