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    Typo! The back cover of the JP Audio Book says Isla Nublar is located off the coast of the Domincan Republic, not Costa Rica. (From: Jedi Malcolm)
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    At 10:45:34 AM on 5/8/2013, ParkerP82 said:
    Well we knew this was coming, well I had a feeling it would be delayed. It's good it's being put on hold if a team doesn't work good together, stay positive :)

    At 5:03:16 AM on 5/8/2013, Evilgrinch said:
    Putting it back into development is a smart move.

    If the project isn't gonna make its date without significantly compromising quality, they shouldn't be going into production.

    At 4:19:33 AM on 5/8/2013, MartinRandle said:
    If this is true it will be heartbreaking.

    At 2:58:38 AM on 5/8/2013, dieterstark said:
    The entire production crew let go? Holy shit.

    This reminds me of that poor guy, Richard Stanley who had a bad-ass script he wrote himself; The Island of Dr. Moreau. The studio greenlit it, gave this Stanley new director his chance. He did all the work. A few dailies come back to the execs of Kilmer fucking about on set, and storms halted production for a few weeks. Well Stanley was quickly fired, the studio re-wrote and DESTROYED his scripts integrity and any real magic it had (and the original script, which can be read online on Stanley's site, is a great read.) They brought in Frankenheimer and he pissed on it, not caring about the story or the characters any more at all. Brando gave up with the constant script rewrites and ended up using an ear piece to be fed lines. Occasionally he'd pick up local police interference and shout, "There's a robbery at Walworths!", thinking it the script.

    I pray this isn't the case here. Trev is the man, he can do this. I'm tired of half assed Spielberg "Produced" JP films. I want something new, and Colin was going to bring something new. God willing, he still will.

    At 2:51:17 AM on 5/8/2013, dieterstark said:
    No. NOO. NOOOOO.

    This can not be happening, come was so perfect, every little tid bit of news so far; so perfect.

    Shit. Fuck. Shit.

    At 12:40:17 AM on 5/8/2013, Doni JP said:
    Oh, Guys. What means this?

    JP4 did not need Jack Horner!

    JP4 need not be 100% correct scientifically.
    Dinosaurs should have is a feature and a behavior that would attract the public and the fans.
    No need to rely totally in the science.

    One question: Spielberg is executive producer of Transformers 4 too?

    At 10:30:07 PM on 5/7/2013, Oviraptor said:

    At 10:27:42 PM on 5/7/2013, T-rex23 said:
    I hope this is fake, honestly unless I see treverrow say it then I'm ignoring it..

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