Jurassic Park
By Michael Crichton
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    The surveillance camera monitoring the embryo room in JP is fake -- the same camera is sold in catalogs for about $80 for use to discourage thieves..
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    At 12:54:24 AM on 5/1/2013, Doni JP said:
    Talking about JP3D...

    JP3D debut in Brazil only in August 2013.

    And in China, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy...
    JP3D go for this countries?

    Universal should promote more JP3D other countries.
    Universal should be more interested in JP3D in worldwide, because JP3D may be his first film on the mark of 1 billion dollars.

    At 11:55:23 PM on 4/27/2013, Doni JP said:
    Talking about JP3D...

    JP3D will be shown in theaters of China?

    The shit of Titanic 3d make 145 millions of dollares only in China!
    This is possible?

    At 2:28:25 PM on 4/24/2013, ParkerP82 said:
    God lets hope not about the feathers thing

    At 9:01:32 PM on 4/23/2013, distresspattern said:
    this means two things: 1) jp4 dinos will have feathers, and 2) the t-rex will be made out to be a punk again. horner hates the t-rex.

    At 12:24:05 AM on 4/23/2013, Sinornis said:
    “The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.”

    ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

    At 9:29:26 PM on 4/22/2013, dieterstark said:
    Cartman voice* Nooo. NOOOOO!

    Seriously thought, it would DESTROY the mythology of the Jurassic Park dinosaur to randomly add feathers to them in the 4th movie because this decades trendy dinosaur theory is "oh, hey, some of them may have had feathery downs! Especially the fan favorites, the raptors! I got a good idea, lets ALIENATE and entire loyal Jurassic Park fan base by feathering the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park 4..."

    Remember that kid in the first Jurassic Park, who said the velociraptor looks more like a "Six Foot Turkey"....well that's what we are going to get if they feather these beasts- 6 foot fuckin turkeys. I want DINOSAURS in my JP DINOSAUR movie OK?

    At 6:31:04 PM on 4/22/2013, juniorx eternal said:
    Honer BETTER put the feathers at least in the RAPTORS

    At 2:33:56 PM on 4/22/2013, dieterstark said:
    Better NOT put feathers on my JP dinosaurs. Damn why is there no edit button here?

    At 2:33:18 PM on 4/22/2013, dieterstark said:
    Oh no. Horner, that bastard better put feathers on my JP dinosaurs.

    At 1:23:59 PM on 4/22/2013, juniorx eternal said:
    Thanks god! things are progressing..

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