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    Some university classes in subjects like Biology, Philosophy, and Literature assign the JP novel as required reading. (From: jurassiraptor)
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    At 7:33:34 AM on 3/25/2013, juniorx eternal said:
    agreed nightcrawler

    At 5:03:26 PM on 3/24/2013, NightCrawler said:
    If dinosaurs can change colours after the original in subsequent movies, why cant they grow quills and feathers. You could just say the 3rd or 4th generations developed them as the frog dna became less dominant. But either way why not introduce a new feathered dino? Sure would be nice if this movie acknowledges modern science and recent discoveries. If the popularity of the big bang theory proves one thing, being a little educational doesn't mean you have to be boring.

    At 7:18:29 AM on 3/24/2013, juniorx eternal said:
    boycot ? HOW,?

    At 4:42:17 PM on 3/23/2013, Oviraptor said:
    Probably, I say we boycott the movie now before it's to late. lol

    At 8:36:02 AM on 3/22/2013, juniorx eternal said:
    I SAW a Picture of a dinosaur with guns in COLIN TREVORROWS twitter...

    did anyone see it too?

    that thing made me nervous... does he think thats COOL?

    At 8:34:24 AM on 3/22/2013, juniorx eternal said:
    i agree with you danfield78.

    unhappily it seems that people want ANOTHER COPY OF JP1,TLW AND JP3 instead of wanting a NEW JP.

    At 8:31:54 AM on 3/22/2013, juniorx eternal said:
    Jurassic Park: Dawn of evolution

    2 0 1 4

    At 3:19:36 PM on 3/21/2013, Danfield78 said:
    Ugh. Not to sound like an angry nerd, but the director's comment just dropped my enthusiasm for this project significantly.

    There have been so many awesome dinosaur discoveries in the years since jp3, and a lot of those have feathers.

    Gigantoraptor, Yutyrannus, Therizinosaurus.

    Please don't just be Tyrannosaurus, velociraptor, giant marine reptile.

    At 9:20:49 AM on 3/21/2013, yvonne said:
    Feathers or no feathers aside (doesn't matter to me either way really), I think it's cool how Trevorrow is tweeting about JP4. I hope he keeps doing that all through the production.

    At 4:31:27 AM on 3/21/2013, Cameron said:
    It's Jurassic Park IV for now, but who is to say that will stay the same? Movie hasn;t started filming or announced any casting yet, still early

    At 10:43:22 PM on 3/20/2013, DJ Jerm said:
    mmm.. for the sake of consistency I approve. But any remake/reboot of Jurassic Park should definitely have feathered dinosaurs. They would look WAY more badass

    At 8:43:13 PM on 3/20/2013, dieterstark said:
    Sure Doni, I agree they should come up with something more clever than "Jurassic Park IV" for the title...though I don't really care what they call it, as long as they make it.

    At 7:01:03 PM on 3/20/2013, Doni JP said:
    JP Fans, about the title of movie.
    I wanted the fourth JP movie have a title instead of a number.

    A title in a movie offers the film a air most majestic.

    You agree?

    At 4:52:38 PM on 3/20/2013, Stealth Raptor2 said:
    Oh, hell yes. My excitement for the movie went up about 5 percent.

    At 1:30:14 PM on 3/20/2013, Oviraptor said:
    The female JP3 raptor type could appear, it didn't have feathers/quills.

    At 11:33:52 AM on 3/20/2013, dieterstark said:
    Thank God!!!!

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