Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (XBOX)
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    JP star Laura Dern won a Golden Globe for best actress for her performance in the 1992 TV movie, 'Afterburn'.
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    At 6:18:21 PM on 3/18/2013, Doni JP said:
    Thank you, juniorx eternal.


    At 2:06:42 PM on 3/18/2013, juniorx eternal said:

    At 7:09:02 PM on 3/16/2013, Doni JP said:
    Well, it's time to change the name of this page.

    JURASSIC PARK IV is a great reality now.
    JURASSIC PARK IV have a mission rescue of the spectacle and the success of JURASSIC PARK 1993.

    At 6:25:08 AM on 3/16/2013, juniorx eternal said:

    stan wiston meant LESS CGI to the jp franchise. Im really worried about this one becoming a cgi extravaganza...

    anyway... i already warned the diretor in his twitter

    At 12:12:45 AM on 3/16/2013, CAKES said:
    i agree, good choice, fresh face. but how will the absence of stan winston play into this?

    At 4:53:47 PM on 3/15/2013, Dr. Ian Malcolm said:
    Wheres Spino Goin Down when you need him?

    WOOO Exciting!!!

    At 10:27:31 AM on 3/15/2013, NightCrawler said:
    Not a choice I was expecting but could be an interesting one. At least he's a fan of the series (supposedly), which should give him a puncher's chance. And hopefully as a fan the first thing he should recognise are the reasons why many of us were so pissed off with the 3rd film, not to mention its director, Joe Captain CGI Johnston. The man responsible for this old chestnut "The running time is around 94 minutes, but I still don't understand anyone's alarm with this. As I've said before, this film has more dinosaur shots, both CG and animatronic, than the other two Jurassic Parks combined. What is this hang-up with running time?" What a waste of breath he was, and what a slap in the face to the fans...

    Trevorrow appears to be a good character director (bonus!),and I bet he's got a ton of original idea's to bring to the table with this being his first big summer blockbuster. But it is going to be interesting, from a technical side at least to see if he knows how to make the most of 'real' practical effects (a lost art these days, unless you're Nolan or Del Toro), build tension, suspense and a sense of danger in scenes, and make the most of the 3d to truely emerse the viewer in the environments, rather than using it as a fad like so many movies do.

    All I ask really, is if the script is poor and this looks to be turning into another pointless 95 minute "$100m ship without a rudder" like JP/// or the equally poor A Good Day to Die Hard, walk away! And do what you can to delay production til next year like they should have done with JP///! I think we'd all respect you more in the long run! But if the script holds up, do us proud! This could be your Jaws!

    At 4:39:16 AM on 3/15/2013, MartinRandle said:
    Good news.

    At 7:02:52 PM on 3/14/2013, Doni JP said:
    He is a fan of Trilogy JURASSIC PARK.
    This is a very good.

    Spielberg has to work very close to him to share the JP universe's experience.

    So, the works in JURASSIC PARK 4 starts with a new commander!

    And me and millons of JP FANS in the world says:

    Colin Trevorrow...

    And make a perfect, brilliant and wonderful work in JP4!

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