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    The "raptors in the kitchen" scene in JP was filmed on Joseph Mazzello's birthday. During one take, Joe ran into one of the raptors and was injured. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
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    At 12:37:21 PM on 1/26/2013, mrprongs said:
    If the Discovery Center Dark Ride breaks down, do the dinos eat the tourists?

    At 10:07:17 PM on 1/22/2013, raptor2000 said:
    I always thought the Discovery Center was a tremendous waste of space. It looks cool on the outside, but on the inside it is a bunch of nothing unless you are a 5 year old. Considering JP is more of an adult movie, I felt like the JP section of Islands of Adventure was way too child oriented. The only good thing about it was the River Adventure ride.

    It is good to see them finally sprucing the area up and adding some new stuff, as it was starting to feel a bit stale (and the River Adventure ride is way too short). However, these two new rides I'm not sure about. The Discovery Center one sounds cool from a nostalgia standpoint, but honestly, if it is like the movie version, it doesn't seem like it'll be all that fun. As for the "amber mine coaster"...well, that seems more like a ride for an Indiana Jones-themed park. There are too many great action scenes in the three JP films they could base rides on without having to make such a mundane scene from the film into a full fledged attraction.

    Plus, there's a new film coming out next year. Seems kind of foolish to have all the rides based on the first film instead of waiting and having one based on the new one.

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