Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (XBOX)
By Blue Tongue
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    Before becoming a director, JP3 director Joe Johnston had a long career as art director on several films, including the Star Wars trilogy, where he helped give designs a 'worn-out look'.
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    At 1:52:03 PM on 1/5/2013, JPController said:
    Jurassic Life will be a better mod than telltales crap.

    At 12:47:30 PM on 12/11/2011, Jaab said:
    Spielberg talks about JPIV:

    Though, it's not much.

    At 2:46:20 PM on 11/29/2011, JPController said:
    And that is why I'm more interested in Jurassic Life.

    At 8:01:53 PM on 11/23/2011, juniorx eternal said:
    hands raised


    At 1:44:34 PM on 11/23/2011, DarthMaulSithLord said:
    Raise your hands if you saw this coming that this game would suck donkey balls.

    Ok i think i have made my point.

    At 11:41:13 AM on 11/19/2011, juniorx eternal said:

    It's a total mess at METACRITIC, everyone giving zeros to JURASSIC PARK! its gone virall !!! ahaha

    soo, let's do our jobs as LOYAL JP FANS! let's register at metacritic and give a 10 to JP.(i already did it) PLEAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    let's show them that JP FANS ARE CRAZIER THAN STAR WARS FANS !!!!

    (PS: the game sucked but its still JP)

    At 11:15:37 AM on 11/19/2011, juniorx eternal said:
    Listen up Daniel finkelteins and everybody else: WHY UNIVERSAL gave the license to one of the worst game studios around? we needed a HD FPS game with top AAA graphics not this click and click shit!

    well, bu...t im buying anyway since its JP.


    At 12:46:17 AM on 11/19/2011, Spino144 said:
    That's it! That's enough! I'm going to make a JP game using Adobe Flash, and it will be good!

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