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    JP3 Director Joe Johnston directed Disney's classic 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids'
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    On 7/8/2011 at 9:52:49 PM, General Rancor started the thread:
    *types.clicks post!(push only once) button*

    Msg #1: On 7/21/2011 at 2:07:36 AM, Spino144 replied, saying:
    you aren't me

    Msg #2: On 8/8/2011 at 2:41:23 PM, RezSez replied, saying:
    and you aren't you?

    Msg #3: On 8/8/2011 at 2:41:40 PM, RezSez replied, saying:
    test breast

    Msg #4: On 8/9/2011 at 3:40:51 PM, RezSez replied, saying:

    Msg #5: On 9/4/2011 at 9:48:54 AM, Spino144 replied, saying:
    Take this opportunity to post whatever "JP Facts" is currently displayed on your page:

    Neill's first break in acting was in "Omen 3". Neill wasn't so keen with the idea, but a friend insisted -- he even paid for his plane ticket! (From: SeanArcher)
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    Msg #6: On 10/1/2011 at 6:49:13 AM, raptor2000 replied, saying:
    Two versions of the Nick Van Owen, Eddie Carr, Roland Tembo, and Ian Malcolm action figures were released -- the second versions were updated to look more like the actors playing the characters.

    Msg #7: On 10/27/2011 at 12:48:53 AM, Phily replied, saying:
    JP finished principle photography in 70 days, 12 days ahead of schedule. Considering Hurricane Ikiki swept through Kauai during the shoot and all but destroyed the sets, that's not too bad.

    Msg #8: On 11/6/2011 at 2:13:21 PM, Bryan replied, saying:
    Jeff Goldblum appeared in the 1977 Woodie Allen movie, "Annie Hall."

    Incidentally, what does that have to do with JP?

    Msg #9: On 11/14/2011 at 9:59:17 PM, fordprefect replied, saying:
    test test test test

    Msg #10: On 2/21/2012 at 11:11:12 PM, raptor2000 replied, saying:
    The ship that crashes in San Diego in TLW is called 'Venture', an homage to the ship that brought King Kong to New York in the classic 1933 film.

    Msg #11: On 6/23/2012 at 3:26:05 PM, elementry replied, saying:
    A scene in JP3 that was never filmed would of had Grant blowing the raptor whistle, then watching as the raptors killed the spinosaur.

    Msg #12: On 1/13/2013 at 11:50:59 AM, Neo The 1 replied, saying:
    JP3 Director Joe Johnston directed 1995's Jumanji with Robin Williams.
    JP3 Director Joe Johnston directed Disney's classic 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids'
    Dan is a 21 year old guy who goes to the University of Maryland.
    Dan's Lost World Page (the precursor to this page) went live December 23rd, 1996.
    In TLW, the 'San Diego' scenes were actually filmed in Burbank, CA, with proper San Diego street signs attached to the street lights.
    In an industry first (and probably last) 42 theaters across the US were equipped with special strobe lights which flashed in sync with the lightning during the TLW trailer. Outside, signs warned patrons to close their eyes if they felt sick.
    The scene in TLW where Ian and Co. walk through the jungle was filmed in the vast redwood forests of Northern California.
    Spielberg knew he wanted Vince Vaughn to play a role in TLW after seeing his debut performance in 'Swingers'.
    When Nedry is stealing the embryos in JP, labels for 'Stegosaurus' and 'Tyranosaurus' are spelled incorrectly on the container.
    Car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz used TLW to introduce their M Class series of sports utility vehicles.
    The music in both the original JP and TLW teaser trailers was taken from the soundtrack to 'Backdraft' (Specifically, the track 'Burn it all').
    Isla Sorna (aka 'The Lost World') is located 80 miles away from Isla Nublar, the island in the first film.
    One of the stranger TLW promotional tie-ins were brownies with dinosaur sprinkles, dinosaur macaroni 'Hamburger Helper', and TLW 'Three Cheese Stroganoff'
    Arnold Schawrzanegger's 'Last Action Hero' opened the same weekend as JP, proving to be no match for JP's dinos.
    JP3 director Joe Johnston won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in 1982 for his work with ILM on 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.
    Laura Dern was 'a little sad' that she was not to be asked to star in TLW.
    The crew of JP suffered through Hurricane Iniki, which blew through Hawaii during filming, damanging sets and delaying filming.
    The partnership with Hershey's Chocolate for TLW (which included, among others, TLW chocolate bars) was the first movie tie-in for the famous candy-maker.
    Nick's fancy video camera in TLW is a JVC GR-DVM1 with a polycrystalline-silicon TFT LCD color monitor.
    The original billboard advertising for Jurassic Park simply featured the logo, leaving people guessing as to exactly what JP was...
    The cover of the first JP comic featured art by popular comic artist Walt Simonson.
    There were 75 CGI shots in TLW, while JP had 59.
    The Dr. Burke character in TLW is believed to be a subtle 'dig' by Spielberg towards dino expert Robert Bakker, who has written that he consulted on JP when he really did not.
    The budget for TLW was $74 million, but production reportedly came in 6 days early and under that limit.
    The air rifle used in TLW is a 'Holland & Holland 600 Nitro Express Double'.
    Spielberg actually turned-down a 95 million dollar budget for TLW, opting instead for a smaller, 75 million dollar one.
    A major Christian group called TLW a "vote for evolution" and an "attack on Christianity" when it came out in 1997.
    Strange TLW promotions: If you opened your carton of Tropicana Orange Juice contest and poured out water instead of OJ, you won!
    Strange TLW products: "Glow bone dinos", which used heat from your hand to glow.
    TLW is 2 hours and 10 minutes long, three minutes longer than JP.
    NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon teamed up with Universal Studios to promote TLW, with a special 'pre-historic look' for his car.
    In his special 'pre-historic' TLW-themed race car, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon won the first race he entered with the new look.
    The traveling museum exhibit, 'TLW: The Life Death and Death of Dinosaurs' opened in New York the day TLW came out, and is still touring the country today. All proceeds from the tour are donated to scientific organizations which fund dinosaur research.
    The ship that crashes in San Diego in TLW is called 'Venture', an homage to the ship that brought King Kong to New York in the classic 1933 film.
    At the end of TLW, you can see Steven Spielberg sitting between Ian and Sarah in the television reflection.
    The 'unlucky bastard' eaten by the Rex in the San Diego sequence is none other than TLW's screenwriter, David Koepp.
    TLW opened in a record-setting 3,281 theaters across the US.
    Some bigger theaters ordered between 3 to 5 prints of TLW when it was released in 1997, showing the film throughout the day every 45 minutes or less.
    A (joke) warning sign on the street during the San Diego scene in TLW says 'No Dinosaurs, Skating, Skateboarding.' Interestingly, a blown-up picture of this shot ran in a Time Magazine article about the movie, allowing millions to see the joke if they looked carefully.
    The cast of TLW was instructed not to use computer laptops or any electronic equipment on the set, because of the chance they might interfere with the animatronic dinosaurs.
    The baby t-rex in TLW was an all-in-one animatronic (no wires), with 45 'points of movement'.
    The only actor that could actually climb the rope in the trailer scene in TLW was Vince Vaughn.
    To persuade theater owners to invest in a DTS sound system, Universal released TLW only in stereo and DTS audio formats.
    Commenting about the t-rex-eats-dog scene in TLW, screenwriter David Koepp once said, 'It was a pit bull -- I thought it deserved to die!'
    The original ending to TLW had pteradons attacking the escape helicopter and a longer raptor sequence.
    During the San Diego sequence in TLW, several joke movie ads can be seen in the video store, including Robin Williams in 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and Arnold Schwartzenager in 'King Lear'.
    Two scenes that were cut from TLW (including a bar fight with Tembo and a inGen boardroom scene with Ludlow) are included on the TLW DVD.
    TLW earned a record $90.1 million during it's first weekend (which included the Memorial Day weekend) -- experts said that rainy weather across the country coupled with the recognizable JP brand helped TLW break records.
    On May 28, 1997, the official TLW website was hacked -- intruders changed the opening graphic to read 'The Duck World: Jurassic Pond'.
    When Ian takes the binoculars from Eddie in TLW to look at the inGen helicopters, he looks through them backwards.
    Despite collaborating on the script to TLW, David Koepp and Michael Crichton never met in person or spoke on the phone.
    Spielberg made a pretty penny on TLW -- about 17.5 cents for every dollar grossed (15 percent more than his take for the first film).
    The Japanese businessmen running from the rex in the San Diego sequence of TLW are saying 'I left Tokyo to get away from this!' in their native language.
    When Spielberg's wife Kate slid a piece of paper with TLW's 2-day gross across the table to him, Spielberg first thought it read $2.2 million -- he later looked again to realize it was actually $22 million.
    For the "Tall Grass Scene" in TLW, Michael Lanteri's effects crew were responsible for planting and growing 8 acres of "elephant grass". The project was started a year in advance to make sure that the grass would be at sufficient height for the scene.
    For some odd reason, the cast of TV's 'Spin City' is given 'Special Thanks' in the credits of TLW.
    TLW was released as 'El Mundo Perdito' in Spain and 'Il Mondo Perduto' in Italy.
    Two versions of the Nick Van Owen, Eddie Carr, Roland Tembo, and Ian Malcolm action figures were released -- the second versions were updated to look more like the actors playing the characters.
    Knowing there would be a third movie and he would not direct, Spielberg 'selfishly' (his word) put a dinos-on-the-mainland sequence into TLW.
    When TLW opened in Mexico in August '97, it was beaten at the box office by an unlikely competitor: the film 'Volcano'. The reason? A real volcano was waking up in the surrounding area at the time.
    TLW was released on video (VHS) and laser disc on November 4, 1997.
    TLW and JP were finally released on DVD on October 10, 2000.
    Watch carefully during the TLW trailer scene, and you can see Vince Vaughn wince in pain when Jeff Goldblum accidentally kicks his hand while trying to open the door.
    David Koepp, TLW's screenwriter, named the characters of Roland and Nick Van Owen after Warren Zevon's song 'Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner'.
    JP currently sits at #3 on the all-time world-wide box office list, with a gross of $919,700,000.
    TLW is #10 on the all-time world-wide box office list, with a gross of $614,300,000.
    Jurassic Park won three Oscars: Best Visual Effects, Best Sound, and Best Sound Effects Editing.
    JP grossed $356,763,175 in the US (#5 on the all-time US box office list, and the highest grossing movie ever to be based on a novel).
    The plot of JP3 is rumored to be from a story 'hatched by Spielberg'.
    Before becoming a director, JP3 director Joe Johnston had a long career as art director on several films, including the Star Wars trilogy, where he helped give designs a 'worn-out look'.
    JP3 director Joe Johnston appeared uncredited in 1977's Star Wars as a storm trooper -- in the superlaser sequence, Joe is one of the two troopers huddled in the laser canon conduit. Also, he was in the regiment who brought Leia to Vader. (From: Oviraptor + Jedi A. Malcolm)
    Before JP3, Johnston directed October Sky, Jumanji, The Pagemaster, The Rocketeer, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids.
    Joe Johnston made his directoral debut in 1989, with 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids'.
    In 1999, JP3 director Joe Johnston worked on the design of the giant robot in the animated film, 'Iron Giant'.
    Sam Neill was born in Ireland in 1947, and later went on to get his BA in English Literature.
    Sam Neill owns a winery in New Zealand, which he named "Two Paddocks". T-rex paddock?
    Sam Neill was considered by the James Bond production team to play 007 in 1987 and 1995, but the role was eventually filled by other actors.
    After meeting on the set of Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern hit it off, becoming engaged in 1995 (they broke up in 1997, however).
    JP star Laura Dern was nominated for an Oscar in 1992 for her work in 'Rambling Rose'.
    JP star Laura Dern won a Golden Globe for best actress for her performance in the 1992 TV movie, 'Afterburn'.
    In 1982, Laura Dern was selected as 'Miss Golden Globe', the woman who appears on stage and hands statues to the winners. Ironically, Dern would receive her own Golden Globe 10 years later.
    Jeff Goldblum was once married to Geena Davis.
    Jeff Goldblum appeared in the 1977 Woodie Allen movie, 'Annie Hall'.
    Jeff Goldblum's first role was in the 1974 cult classic, 'Death Wish' as 'Freak #1'.
    JP3 star William H. Macy worked as a 'voice-over talent' earlier in his career -- he was the original voice of Secret 'Strong Enough for a Man, but Made for a Woman' Deodorant.
    Guests at William H. Macy's home are routinely forced to play charades.
    The TLW 'trailer scene' was filmed at a set on the Universal Studios lot, which consisted of a large cliff literally built up the side of an employee parking garage.
    Celebrity gossip: Laura Dern broke up with Jeff Goldblum for Billy Bob Thorton, who soon afterward left the JP star (without telling her!), to marry Angelina Jolie.
    TLW star Richard Schiff (Eddie) now has a starring role in TV's acclaimed drama 'The West Wing'.
    TLW star Richard Schiff (Eddie) chose to have his wedding to actress Sheila Kelley featured on E! Entertainment TV's show 'Hollywood Weddings'.
    TLW star Richard Schiff (Eddie) quit college in 1973 and moved to Colorado, where he passed time chopping firewood and 'living a hippy life'.
    TLW star Richard Schiff (Eddie) originally disliked acting, suffering from stage fright. He would direct several off-Broadway plays before trying to land an acting role.
    TLW screenwriter David Koepp is one of Hollywood's top talents, writing 1996's "Mission: Impossible", and 1992's "Death Becomes Her".
    TLW screenwriter David Koepp has tried his hand at directing several times, helming 1996's "The Trigger Effect" and 1999's "Stir of Echoes".
    In Michael Crichton's JP novel, the ages of the children are reversed: the boy is older, while the girl is younger. Spielberg reportedly flipped the ages of the kids so Joseph Mazello could play Tim.
    JP star Joesph Mazello made his acting debut in the 1990 TV movie 'Unspeakable Acts'.
    TLW star Julianne Moore is due to star in 2001's sequel to 'Silence of the Lambs', 'Hannibal', where she will take on the same role Jodie Foster played in the first film.
    TLW star Julianne Moore's real name is Julie Anne Smith -- she only changed it when every combination of her name was taken when she tried to register with the Screen Actor's Guild.
    Michael Crichton's original plan for the JP novel was for it to be about a combination of dinosaurs and child abuse. When his publisher balked at the idea, he decided instead to focus solely on dinosaurs. (From: 'Chase')
    The actor who played Carter in TLW was not used to such a big role: Thomas Rosales Jr. has served as a stunt man in more than 70 films.
    The idea for the Dilophosaurus' fan in Jurassic Park was based on the Frilled Lizard of Australia, which is known to take a bipedal stance and run while displaying it's fan as a means of defense and intimidation. (From: 'Dilophosaurus')
    In TLW, the Parasaurolophus is strangly reffered to in the closed captioning as "Carnithosaurus", a non-existant dinonsaur. This dinosaur also appears and is referred to in several TLW based books geared for younger fans. (From: 'Dilophosaurus')
    Vince Vaughn starred as the eerie Norman Bates in the 1998 remake of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho", once again teaming up with TLW co-star Julianne Moore as Lila Crane. In addition, JP3's William H. Macy played the role of Private Eye Milton Arbogast in the film. (From: 'Dilophosaurus')
    Other actors considered for the role of Alan Grant in JP included Sean Connery, Richard Dreyfuss and Kurt Russell (rejected because their price tags were too large) and William Hurt (who turned down the role). (From: 'Dilophosaurus' + Oviraptor)
    Gerald R. Molen, one of the producers of Jurassic Park, makes a cameo appearance in Jurassic Park as Dr. Gerry Harding. (From: 'Dilophosaurus')
    Because of Steven Speilberg's contributions to museums in Japan, they honored him by naming a dinosaur after the characters in JP. (From: 'Dinosaur_Neil')
    During the raptor pen scene, Laura Dern can be seen at one point almost cracking-up, due to director Steven Spielberg's raptor-noises from off-camera. (From: Ryan)
    JP's Lex says she's a vegetarian, but later in the film she is seen eating Jello -- she must not have known that the gelatin in Jello is routinely made from animal parts. (From: 'Jasper')
    The strange characters that are seen projected against the raptor during the JP finale are actually the letters A, C, T, and G, the letters used for describing sections of DNA code. (From: 'MegaRaptor')
    Several famous Hollywood directors originally expressed interest in directing JP, including Tim Burton. (From: 'Chase')
    TLW star Julianne Moore collabarated with JP3 star William H. Macy in 'Boogie Nights', 'Psycho', and 'Magnolia'. (From: 'livinglikeaking')
    Steven Spielberg was very impressed with Ariana Richards (Lex) bloodcurdling screams during her audition (she did it for 2 minutes straight), comparing them to Fay Wray in King Kong (From: Utahraptor)
    Ariana Richards was previously terrorized by giant worms in 1990's 'Tremors'. (From: 'Utahraptor')
    Jeff Goldblum, Ariana Richards, and Joesph Mazzello were joined by General Norman Schwartzkopf for the first official ride of 'JP: The Ride' in Orlando. (From: 'Utahraptor')
    Best way to survive a trip to JP? Be a woman or a child -- heavily armed men seem to be the most likely to get killed by dinos. (From 'Evilgrinch')
    JP3 director Joe Johnston directed an episode of George Lucas' "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" (From: 'Evilgrinch')
    A constant debate among scientists was whehter the t-rex could reach his mouth with its tiny forearms. In TLW, however, the debate is 'resolved' when the Rex scratches its head while walking through San Diego. (From: 'Neelis')
    When Dennis Nedry falls down the muddly slope, listen carefully: A slide-whistle sound is played, giving his fall a subliminally cartoony quality. (From 'Dilophosaurus')
    In the JP 'Gift Shop' shown in the film, 'The Making of Jurassic Park' by Jody Ducan can be seen. (From: 'Dilophosaurus')
    Rather than to create the TLW Mamenchisaurus CGI model from scratch, the ILM animators merely streched out the Brachiosaurus model from Jurassic Park in all the right places and gave it a new skin. (From 'Dilophosaurus')
    Jurassic Park made obscure dinosaurs like Velociraptor and Dilophosaurus household names. The newfound fame attracted marketers to the dinosaur money train, inspiring new basketball teams (the Toronto Raptors), and useless spin-off products such as the Meanie Babies' "Velocicrapper". (From: 'Dilophosaurus')
    Jurassic Park's promotion included a series of six cups available at McDonald's, each featuring a different series. For The Lost World, Burger King issued a set of four TLW themed watches, each of which could be picked up for 1.99 with the additional purchase of a Burger King Kid's Club meal. (From: 'Dilophosaurus')
    In JP, a stage light and a tree pot-holder can be seen in the first t-rex attack scene. (From: 'Seba')
    In the original TLW movie, they planned to have a parasailing scene immediatly after the raptor chase the humans off a cliff. While the scene was ultimately scrapped, a similar scene is rumored to be in JP3. (From: 'Vader')
    During the final Raptor vs. Rex fight in JP, there is one frame of the film where the raptor disappears, only to return in the next frame. (From: 'JackMuldoon')
    An early idea for the ending of JP called for a raptor to get stuck in the jaws of the skeleton dinosaur when it came to the ground. (From: 'JackMuldoon')
    Steven Spielberg made the velociraptors in JP considerably larger than they were believe to be. However, during post-production, the Utahraptor was discovered, which fit the JP velociraptors dimensions perfectly. (From: 'Dean')
    Dr. Harding and Dr. Wu have only tiny parts in JP: The Movie, while in Crichton's book they were far more important to the plot. (From: 'Vito')
    An alternate ending to JP, where Hammond was left behind on the island while the others escape, was briefly considered by the producers but ultimately scrapped. (From: 'AlanGrantJr.')
    The infamous 'ripples in the water glass' in JP were created by a crew member plucking guitar strings attached under the dashboard. (From: 'tuomo')
    Jurassic Park inspired now-retired cartoonist Gary Larson, the mind behind the popular "The Far Side" comics, to create a cartoon of several dinosaurs parking cars in a lot. The caption? "Jurassic Parking" (From: 'Dilophosaurus')
    The distinctive T-Rex noises were based on a mix of sounds made by elephants, tigers, alligators, dogs, whales and penguins. (From: 'Parasaurolophus')
    Jeff Goldblum will star in 'Perfume' in 2001, an improvisational film. (From: 'Dr. Alan Grant')
    While a Triceratops gets sick in the JP movie, it is a Stegosaur that was ill in the novel. (From: 'SiteC')
    During filming of JP, the action had to be continually stopped during the 'Rex vs. Jeep' scene so the crew could dry off the skin of the t-rex, which would shake violently when it became wet. (From: 'Dinosaur_neill')
    Even though Speilberg directed TLW, he has been quoted saying that sequels are nothing more than a "cheap canary trick" (From: 'Dinosaur_neill')
    The TLW cereal "Jurassic Park Crunch" featured a "chameleon T-Rex" marshmallow, despite the fact that the Carnotaurus was not featured in the film. (From: 'Tango')
    In the JP novel, the DNA sequence listed at one point actually translates to a section of chicken DNA, the words 'MARK WAS HERE', and 'NIH'. (From: 'Drakkenfyre')
    The five islands in Las Cinco Muertes are: Isla Matanceros, Isla Muerte, Isla Sorna, Isla Tacano, and Isla Pena. (From: 'JP Animal Control')
    Jurassic Park's dinosaurs were originally going to be realized using stop motion animation. When Spielberg saw what ILM could do with CGI, however, he changed his mind. (From: 't.rex')
    The name 'The Lost Island' was originally considered for TLW, with the studio thinking the public may confuse it with the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic. (From: 'Potato Cototo')
    Kenner created action figures for most of the main characters in JP, though two were missing: John Hammond and Lex Murphy. (From: 'SiteC')
    A scene in 1999's 'American Pie' features a strange off-camera voice saying 'Dr. Grant!' in a Hammond-like voice. Apparently, it's a left-over from a cut scene which was to be an homage to JP: A kid hiding in a closet during a sex scene says, 'Wow, that was better than Jurassic Park!' (From: 'Dr.Alan Grant')
    While Ariana Richards (Lex) will not run from dinos again in Jurassic Park 3, she will run from worms again in 'Tremors 3', to be shown on TV in 2001. (From: 'Utahraptor')
    Lex's stunt double mistakenly looked up at the camera during the scene in JP where she falls through the ceiling tile -- not a problem, however, as ILM simply pasted Ariana Richards's face onto the double. (From: 'Alisha')
    It has been said that when Steven Spielberg goes on 'Jurassic Park: The Ride', he makes them stop the raft right before the final drop so he can take the elevator down. (From: 'Vader')
    JP star B.D. Wong (Dr. Wu) now has a recurring role in HBO's prison drama, 'Oz'.
    In JP, the triceratops' sickness is supposedly caused by berries ingested with stones for use in their gizzards. Apparently the writers were unaware that ceratopsians did not have gizzards. (From: 'Rancor')
    Some paleontologists think that the t-rex wouldn't actually have caused the ripples in the water when it approached, since it could control it's weight effortlessly, stepping softly so it would not scare away prey. (From: 'Dinosaur_neill')
    Alan Grant had a beard in the JP novel, which explains why early production drawings featured a bearded Grant. (From: 'Evilgrinch')
    Thirteen stunt-people worked on JP, while 50 were used for TLW. (From: 'Alisha')
    Jeff Goldbum appeared in 'Buckaroo Banzi: Across the 8th Dimension' with John Lithgow and Christopher Lloyd. (From: 'Rob')
    The original JP logo, as envisioned by Michael Crichton in his novel, was blue. (From: 'Drakkenfyre')
    Land Cruisers were the vehicle of choice in the JP novel, not the Ford Explorers as in the film. (From: 'Drakkenfyre')
    McDonald's briefly considered making JP toys for their Happy Meal's, but the PG-13 rating forced them to offer collectors cups instead. (From: 'Drakkenfyre')
    In Crichton's TLW novel, a supporting character near the beginning of the story is named 'John Roxton' -- an homage to a character who appears in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic 'The Lost World'. (From: 'Ankylosaurus')
    Despite the scene where a Brachiosaurus is seen munching plants, Sauropods had peg-like teeth and could not chew with their teeth. (From: 'Dinosaur_neill')
    Dan created the official website for 'Wing Commander' the movie in 1999.
    Before starting this site, Dan previously ran a fan site for the 'Wing Commander' movie.
    Dan's voice is actually featured in the 'Wing Commander' movie during an intense battle scene. Here's an mp3 clip.
    During his free time, Dan likes to create computer programs, including the popular 'Cli-Mate', a program that retreives weather updates from the Internet.
    Dan programmed 'DQL', one of the first add-on game launchers for the 3-D game, Quake.
    Dan and his brother Matt were the models for the illustrations in the children's book 'All the Lights in the Night'.
    InGen's memorable slogan is 'InGen: We Make Your Future." (From: Oviraptor)
    Velociraptor is just one of the dinosaurs in the "raptor" family of dinos. It is actually the smallest of the group, consisting of Velociraptor, Deinonychus, Dromaeosaurus, and the recently discovered Utahraptor. (From: Irusha S.)
    The dilophosaurus in JP was actually very small compared to the actual Dilophosaurs. The real ones were about 15-20 ft long and were pretty tall, too. (From: Irusha S.)
    John Williams apparently personally recommended Don Davis to provide the score for JP3. (From: 'Vader')
    Star Wars fans might recognize the redwood forests Ian & Co. walk through in TLW as Endor from ROTJ -- the same Northern California forests were used. (From: 'Vader')
    While two Brachiosaurus are seen emerging from a lake at the beginning of JP, in reality scientists think that it would have been extremely difficult for a Brachiosaurus to breathe in water due to the intense water pressure on their large bodies. (From: 'Rancor')
    While the male T-rex seems to be bigger than the female in TLW, in reality scientists believe the female was the bigger of the two. (From: 'Rancor')
    Jophery Brown, the actor who played the ill-fated 'Gate Keeper' at the beginning of JP, once had a budding baseball career -- he pitched one inning in relief for the Chigaco Cubs in 1968. (From: 'Anti T-rex')
    In one of his first starring roles, Jeff Goldblum played Ichabod Crane in a 1980 TV version of 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'. (From: 'Seth Rex')
    To convince Spielberg to go with CGI dinosaurs instead of stop-motion effects, the ILM team animated a herd of dinosaur skeletons running across a field. (From: 'Vader')
    JP Star Joseph Mazello (Tim) originally auditioned for the role of the young lead in another Spielberg movie, "Hook". Spielberg found him too young for the role, but promised Mazello personally that he would use him if the right role came up. (From: Matt)
    When Nedry meets with Dodgson in San Jose (JP) they are at a beachside restaurant with the ocean clearly in the background. San Jose is situated inland, away from any ocean. (From: 'MW834')
    1993's Wayne's World 2 featured a JP spoof where a t-rex looks into Wayne and Garth's car. (From: 'Dryptosaur')
    The Lost World was Michael Crichton's only sequel to one of his novels. (From: 'Oviraptor')
    At first a Triceratops was to be used as the dinosaur hatching in JP, though Spielberg wisely opted for a Raptor hatchling instead. (From: 'Oviraptor')
    Christina Ricci reportedly was one of many young actresses who auditioned for the role of Lex. (From: 'Utahraptor')
    The cool-lookin' shotgun Muldoon sports in JP is a Franchi-SPAS12. (From: Dave)
    Jeff Goldblum teaches the 'Meisner technique', a form of acting, at a Hollywood school he helped to found. (From: 'Oviraptor')
    The first skeletal remains of the Spinosaurus was destroyed in a bombing raid on Munich, West Germany during World War II. (From: 'Oviraptor')
    In the Jurassic Park video game for the SEGA Genesis, you had to make bones fall on raptors to win the game, hinting at the original finale to the first film. (From: Donny)
    Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc was the helicopter pilot in both JP and TLW -- Zajonc is a verteran pilot who has worked on dozens of Hollywood films. (From: 'HammondBoy')
    In "The Naked Gun 33 1/3", the Academy awards sequence fetures a JP spoof called "Geriatric Park". A scene shows a Grant-type going up against a 3-story grandpa, only to be crushed by a giant walker. (From: 'Ianspino')
    JP star Jeff Goldblum starred as scientist Jim Watson in the 1987 TV movie about the race to define the structure of DNA before a rival group of scientists did so, "The Race for the Double Helix". (From: 'BJP3E')
    Author Michael Crichton did not think the Ian Malcolm character would become as popular as he did in the JP movie, so killed him off in the first novel. Asked to explain how he magically came back to life in the second book, Crichton said he Ian was only "slightly dead." (From: Dan J.)
    While Eddie successfully pulls the two-part trailer back up the cliff in TLW with his Mercedes ML320, it's unlikely that the SUVs' 215-hp V6 engine could have done it. (From: 'JasonSpidey')
    In the inner cover of the TLW novel, 'Maisaura' is incorrectly labeled as 'Maiasaurus'. (From: 'Rancor')
    Recent paleontology suggests that Raptors may have actually been covered in feathers. (From: 'Mallon')
    Crichton intentionally chose the name 'Dennis Nedry' for the evil computer hacker in the JP book.. it is an anagram for 'Nerdy Sinned'. (From: 'ellersaur')
    Cinda-Lin James will be Tea Lenoi's stunt double in JP3 -- James also stunt doubled Julianne Moore in TLW and Hannibal. (From: 'Dilophosaurus')
    JP producers considered having the Raptors spit poison, but instead bestowed that "ability" on Dilophosaurus instead. (From: 'Unknown')
    The animatronic Tyrannosaur built for TLW was very strong -- it was actually used to pull Eddie out of the car and Burke out of the waterfall. (From: 'Kevy Mac')
    One of the sound effects that went into the scene where the Rex attacks the gallimimuses in JP was the sound editors' dog playing with a chew toy. (From: Stephen F.)
    The cut Ingen boardroom scene in TLW (available on the DVD's) was actually part of the second TLW theatrical trailer. (From: 'Spinorex')
    Some paleontologists believe Compys were actually not pack hunters and instead ate small lizards and bugs. (From: 'compy')
    JP first came out on video on October 4, 1994. The DVD's would not follow until October 10, 2000. (From: 'Kevy Mac')
    Spielberg reportedly began working on storyboards for Jurassic Park immediately after Crichton told him about the story, even before he knew he would direct. (From: 'eggy')
    Leopold Page, the Holocaust survivor whose story inspired Spielberg's 'Schindler's List', constantly hounded the director to take on the project while he worked on Jurassic Park. "Stop playing around with dinosaurs," he reportedly told Spielberg. "I promise you, you'll get an Oscar for Oskar [Schindler]."
    In "Toy Story 2", the characters in the film pay homage to JP when we see Rex chasing after the car through the rear-view mirror, with "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" printed on it. (From: Jared)
    In the Jurassic Park novel, Tim activates the security systems using a touch screen monitor. In the movie, Lex uses a mouse. (From: 'Banning')
    Spielberg reportedly had to plea Richard Attenborough to play John Hammond, as he had been retired from acting for 15 years.
    Strange coincidences: 'When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth', the banner inside the Visitors Center in JP, was a name of a sci-fi movie written by J.G. Ballard, who also wrote the novel that Spielberg's 'Empire of the Sun' is based upon. (From: 'Alexandra')
    Adam Jones, guitarist for the rock band 'Tool', worked on makeup and set design for several big films, including Jurassic Park and Terminator 2. (From: 'Rancor')
    After stop-motion expert Phil Tippet witnessed ILM's computer animated wizardry, he knew Spielberg would pass on stop-motion effects for JP, saying "I think I'm extinct." As we all know, the memorable line would later appear in the film. (From: 'Mikey')
    Spielberg reportedly started drawing storyboards and ideas for a Jurassic Park Ride even before the film was released in theaters. (From: 'Gladiator6k')
    According to Crichton's JP novel, John Hammond's middle name is "Alfred". In the film, however, it's "Parker". (From: 'eggy')
    A brown-and-tan tiger stripe pattern was originally considered for the raptors in JP, but not used. The pattern would eventually show up on the male raptors in TLW. (From: Dan)
    The paleolife artwork of professional dinosaur artist Greg Paul can be seen on the inside wall of the mobile trailer in TLW. (From: 'Mallon')
    The "blood sucking lawyer" character in JP was actually a bad-ass in the novel, who survived a raptor attack bare handed. (From: Ed)
    Trevor Morgan (JP3's Eric) played a sick patient in several episodes of 'ER' (From: 'Dr. Grant Fan')
    While JP fans may recognize Jeff Goldblum's famous line from JP, 'Must go faster', during the climatic scene in 1996's 'Independence Day', in fact, the director of ID4 sampled it from JP and inserted it into the scene. (From: JS)
    The two Mercedes SUV's in TLW were actually pre-production models of the cars, as they had not yet been released during filming. (From: 'SlickSpino1')
    The reason that McDonald's decided against Jurassic Park' Happy Meal toys? Toys for another PG-13 film, 'Batman Returns', had gotten them in trouble with parents groups the year before, who claimed that the film was too violent to be associated with children's Happy Meals. (From: Doug)
    Before joining Stan Winston Studios in 1988, Mark "Crash" McCreery spent most of his time playing guitar in local bands. (From: 'Oviraptor')
    John Hammond was a much kinder character in the JP movie -- in the novel he was mean old man. (From: Cliff)
    InGen is short for "International Genetics". (From: 'Cliff')
    Jeff Goldblum once directed a short film called "Little Surprises" which was nominated for an Academy Award. (From: 'Troodon')
    Crichton wrote about a 'Dr. Felicity Hammond' and an 'Irving Levine' in his novel 'Congo'. Are these characters related to the ones in JP and TLW, or does Crichton just like the names? You decide! (From: 'Troodon')
    After Spielberg decided on using CGI instead of stop-motion for JP, the talents of the stop-motion experts were nevertheless put to good use, with ILM inventing a special device (the DID) to allow the animators to manipulate a CGI representation of a physical model.
    Since much larger dinos have been discovered, many new books leave off "Rex" from "Tyrannosaurus", as it means "king". (From: 'Justisaur2')
    The Brachiosaur snot in JP was a mixture of K-Y jelly, yellow and green food coloring, spinach, and a food thickener. (From: 'Utahraptor')
    There is a species of pteranodon called "Pteranodon InGens" (capitalization for emphasis). (From: 'Dr. Clabby')
    JP3's Trevor Morgan (Eric) landed his first big role in a Disney Channel made-for-TV movie, where he played a genius trying to make himself popular. (From: 'Banning')
    The comedy "Mafia!" features a TLW parody where a kid hops over a log only to be killed by compys. (From: 'Kevy Mac')
    Grant and Burke agree that the Raptor's "killer claw" was on the middle toe, when in fact many believe it was on the inside toe. (From: 'Tyrannotaur')
    Joe Johnston directed parts of Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow" where blue screen was needed. (From: 'MAD-REX')
    JP finished principle photography in 70 days, 12 days ahead of schedule. Considering Hurricane Ikiki swept through Kauai during the shoot and all but destroyed the sets, that's not too bad. (From: Dan J.)
    In the Dreamworks PS game "Medal of Honor", if you enter your name as "SSpielberg" you can play as a raptor in multiplayer levels. (From: 'Mad Hatter')
    The spinosaur has apparently been tossed as a possible character for a long time -- you can play as the spino in the PS game "Warpath: Jurassic Park" (From: 'Mad Hatter')
    A MAD Magazine spoof of JP was called 'Jurass-has-had-it Park'. (From: 'Mad Hatter')
    Bob Peck (JP's Robert Muldoon), died in 1999 of cancer at age 53. (From: Rex)
    Stan Winston has said he will never make anything as big as JP3's spinosaur again. (From: Brett)
    'Weird' Al Yankovic released an album in 1993 called "Alapalooza", which featured a song about JP sung to the tune of "McArthur Park". (From: 'Dryptosaur')
    Cracked Magazine writer Dick Kulpa appears in the comic book "Return to Jurassic Park #8" as a newspaper editor attempting to purchase illegal dinosaur photos. (From: Brad)
    The JP ride at Universal Studios is loosly based on the infamous "river" sequence in the novel. (From: 'rexyraptor')
    Ellie is engaged to a doctor in Crichton's JP novel, not attached to Grant as in the film. (From: 'Austin')
    Joe Johnson originaly expressed interest in directing 'The Lost World'. When Speilberg decided to direct the film, however, he promised Johnson could direct Jurassic Park 3.
    In Crichton's TLW novel Gennaro (the lawyer) died of dysentery.
    A scene in JP was planned where they found Gennaro's leg with a t-rex tooth embedded in it. The idea was scrapped due to its 'gore factor'. (From: 'Writer')
    During the making of the film "Dragonheart", ILM animators used an elongated version of the JP t-rex head model during early production. (From: 'Paws')
    Only the top-halves of the t-rex were made for the two rex animatronic models in TLW -- they were placed on rail tracks so they could be moved. (From: 'BlockParty')
    The infamous "rippling water puddle" from JP has been copied in everything from Disney's "Dinosaurs" to "The Simpsons" and "Deuce Bigalow". (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    The book Tim carries with him during the first part of the tour is "Digging Dinosaurs" by paleontologist Jack Horner, who served as a scientific consultant on the film. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    The "raptors in the kitchen" scene in JP was filmed on Joseph Mazzello's birthday. During one take, Joe ran into one of the raptors and was injured. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    A character in an issue of the "Return to Jurassic Park" comic book series is seen wearing a "I survived Hurrican Iniki" t-shirt, which were given to the cast and crew of JP. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    On September 11, 1993, Hurrican Iniki hit the island of Kauai, delaying production of JP. Ironically, this was Ariana Richards' 13th birthday. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    Ariana Richards was upset to the point of crying when she discovered that an action figure of her character in JP was not produced. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    Ariana Richards' younger sister, Beth, could be seen hanging around the set of JP. Apparently, she had a crush on Joseph Mazzello and tried to kiss him in a swimming pool. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    After making JP, Ariana Richards developed a great interest in dinosaurs, and assisted Jack Horner on an actual dinosaur dig in Montana the following summer. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    While still acting ocassionally, Ariana Richards is now a professional graphic artist. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    Ariana Richards released a pop music CD entitled "First Love" in Japan back in December 1993. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    The helicopter that takes Grant & Co. to the island in JP crashed back in March 2001. No one was injured in the crash, but the helicopter was destroyed.
    While Malcolm says he has three kids in the first film, in the second we see one (Kelly), but no mention of the other two. (From: 'Orbital Frame')
    It is believed that the first shot of the original JP3 teaser (on the DVD's) was taken from the Universal film, 'Six Days, Seven Nights'. (From: Brett)
    While Jack Horner is the 'dino consultant' on all three JP films, he has written books suggesting the T-rex was a scavenger, who ate the carcasses of other animals. (From: 'Redoctober')
    The Jurassic Park game for the SNES was one of the few titles for the system that worked with the SNES mouse. (From: 'icesword')
    Ariana Richards could be found painting watercolors while on the set of JP. In fact, one in particular (featuring Tim, Lex, and the Brachiosaurus) caught Spielberg's attention and is now hanging in his office. (From: Utahraptor)
    InGen, the company which created Jurassic Park, is only seen once in the first film -- on the side of the helicopter. (From: Anthony)
    Mark Harelik (JP3's Ben) and Joe Mazzello (JP's Tim) appeared together in the 1990 TV movie "Unspeakable Acts". (From: Bob)
    You can tell Nedry is talking to a pre-recorded video clip of the man at the dock in JP, as you can see the video controls and the progress meter at the bottom of the screen. (From: jester)
    The small, armored dinosaur named in honor of JP and TLW author Michael Crichton is called "Bienosaurus crichtoni". (From: Patrick)
    A low-budget 1993 film which attempted to capitalize on the success of JP was called "Carnosaur" -- Ironically, it starred Larua Dern's mother, Diane Ladd. (From: jurassiraptor)
    During the opening of TLW in Baltimore, Md., two rival gangs got into a gun fight while in line. One gang member was killed and two bystanders were seriously injured. (From: Juan)
    In the original Topps JP trading card series, the dilophosaurus card describes the dilo as "forty feet tall and spotted like an owl". (From: 'jurassic pets')
    Since the JP novel features Land Cruisers, Crichton changed the vehicles to Ford Explorers in the TLW novel to keep in line with the film. In TLW, the film, however, Mercedes cars were used. (From: Acrocanthosaur)
    Jack Horner quickly nixed the idea of the raptors having "flicking toungues" like snakes in JP. (From: Erick)
    The croaking sound made by the dilophosaur in JP was created by mixing several sounds, including a mating swan's call. (From: Erick)
    The infamous green and red Ford Explorers from JP can be found on display at a car museum in Gatlinburg, TN. (From: Erick)
    Paleontologists believe dinosaurs were not bloody when they emerged from their eggs, unlike the baby raptor in JP. (From: Erick)
    Michael Crichton's JP novel originally began life as a movie screenplay in 1981, a story by Crichton about a dinosaur park written from a child's perspective. (From: Eddie)
    Stan Winston begged Spielberg to cut down on the water in TLW, as the many rain scenes in JP proved to weigh down the animatronics, causing them to shake. (From: 'dinosaur_neill')
    Actress Robin Wright was in contention for the Ellie Sattler role, but turned it down to make Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks. (From: 'Raptorboy')
    A magazine ad several years ago promoting creativity in children pictured a thick essay with the words 'Dinosaur Island: By Michael Crichton, 7th grade".
    The first two JP films have made a combined $1.5 billion world-wide. (From: 'Kevy mac')
    In the boardroom scene in TLW (cut from the theatrical version, though on the DVD's), Ludlow mistakingly calls Ray Arnold "John". (From: 'Malcolm')
    The large trailer in TLW is actually a Fleetwood Bounder Motorcoach with a bus trailer on attached on back. (From: Brian)
    No JP (human) cast member has appeared in all three films. (From: Mike)
    Michael Crichton is an honorary board member of "The Dinosaur Society", which raises funds for dinosaur research and encourages scientifically accurate dino toys, books, etc. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    Ross on NBC's "Friends" is a paleontologist who occaisionally makes reference to JP on the show (It's his favorite movie). (From: jurassiraptor)
    Part of Burger King's TLW promotions incldued chicken fingers shaped like dinosaurs. (From: jurassiraptor)
    The author of the "Dinosaur World" series of childrens books sued Crichton and Universal several years ago for copyright infringement, but lost the case. (From: jurassiraptor)
    While all the dinos in JP are supposed to be female, the length of the horn on the back of the Parasaurolophus indicates that it is male. (From: Jake)
    The "Toronto Raptors" NBA team was name because the owner's kids were JP fans -- apparently "Toronto T-Rex" was also briefly considered. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
    The SNES game "Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues" was actually released far before even the TLW novel came out. (From: Drakkenfyre)
    JP author Michael Crichton wrote the forward to Philip J. Currie and Kevin Padians "Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" book. (From: Raptaur)
    Strange coincidences: According to local legend, John (Hays) Hammond haunts the Hammond Castle in Massachusetts. He was known as a "mad scientist" during his life because of his efforts to revive dead people. (From: 'Chase')
    Eddie Carr was originally supposed to be the "hero" in TLW, which explains why the Eddie action figure comes with the so-called "hero hat". (From: 'Salvester2')
    Ian seems to know there are "four lunatics" Hammond wants to send to Site B in TLW before Hammond mentions a specific number.. (From: Frost)
    JP3 Director Joe Johnston, along with production artist Ralph McQuarrie, are responsible for the design of well-loved Star Wars villain Boba Fett. (From: Matt)
    In the JP comic series, Muldoon is alive and well -- according to the comic, Muldoon survived the raptor attack and we never saw his body. (From: Aki)
    Julianne Moore (TLW's Sarah Harding), is starring in the upcoming movie, "Evolution". (From: Seba)
    Producers considered covering the baby t-rex in TLW with down feathers, as it was in the novel, but it proved too difficult. (From: Aki)
    Soon after filming of JP was complete, a raptor skeleton discovered in Wyoming was quickly dubbed "Spielberg's raptor" because of its uncanny resembelance to the raptors in JP. (From: Rippnraptor)
    While the t-rex's "suspicion" may have been based on movement, scientists believe his sense of smell was excellent -- Grant and the kids, therefore, would have been lunch. (From: velocirapteryx)
    TLW's Thomas Duffy (Dr. Burke) makes a brief appearance in Independece Day as a Lieutenant. (From: Alan)
    During the 1994 MTV Movie Awards, a short film spoof of JP with chimps being attacked by a t-rex was shown. (From: MegaRaptor500)
    JP3 will be Trevor Morgan's second movie starring dinosaurs: He also appeared in 1998's "Barney's Great Adventure". (From: Raptorboy2001)
    TLW was nominated for an Oscar for Best Special Effects in 1998, but lost to "Titanic". (From: spiny1000)
    Running from the t-rex in the TLW San Diego sequence is cinematographer Januz Kaminski and producer Katleen Kennedy, among other members of the crew.
    A 10-minute long JP cartoon pilot was produced, though rumor has it the animators caught Spielberg on a bad day, as he refused even to look at it. (From: Erine)
    The tour vehicles in the JP movie are 1992 Ford Explorer XLT's. (From: Chris K.)
    In the JP video game "Warpath", the spinosaurs is actually smaller than the t-rex, unlike in JP3. (From: Tom)
    In a nod to Spielberg, the comedy "Mafia!" has one scene where a bearded man gets out of a truck for a company called "Steven's Exctinct Lizards". (From: CrookedLine)
    The surveillance camera monitoring the embryo room in JP is fake -- the same camera is sold in catalogs for about $80 for use to discourage thieves..
    The two dino skeletons that are "battling" in the JP visitors center are a t-rex and alamosaurus (From: raptor1982)
    Since a full skeleton of a pachycephlasaurus has never been found, TLW producers build half of it using "educated" guesswork. (From: Adam)
    JP's Dr. Wu (B.D. Wong) appeared on Broadway in the 1999 revival of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown". (From: Dr. Alan Dark)
    The tour vehicles in JP didn't actually drive themselves, crew members were crouched under the dashboards controlling them. (From: stak640)
    Jurassic Park is considered the 35th "most thrilling" movie according to the American Film Institute. (From: AlanGrantJr.)
    The Jeeps seen in JP were 1992 Jeep YJ Wranglers. (From: JPJarus)
    Jeff Goldblum said "Uh" 73 times in JP and TLW. (And yes, 'Chaos Edge CZ/Acrocanthosaur' actually counted.)
    Some palentoligsts think the spinosaur was actually not as big as depicted in JP3: They think it was a lightly-built animal, with most of it's length coming from its extremely long tail. (From: HT)
    The skeleton Grant digs up in JP looks more like a Deinonychus, which are found all over the western U.S. (From: Otakon)
    In the N64 game 'Beetle Adventure Racing', there is a level where you drive through a Jurassic Park-type area with electrical fences and a t-rex. (From: limebubble)
    JP3's pteranodons are not real dinosuars -- they are actully considered large flying reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic. As a matter of fact, to this date no "flying dinosaurs", or "aquatic dinosaurs" for that matter, have been discovered. (From: Otakon)
    The pteranodons featured in TLW and JP are called Pteranodon Sternbergi, discovered in Kansas by world famous paleontologist Charles Sternberg. (From: Ernie)
    In the Playstation game Dino Crisis, one of the characters (Rick) makes reference to Jurassic Park when he says "This is just like that movie." (From: Otakon)
    Kenner actually produced a spinosaurs action figure for TLW, despite the fact it was not in the film. (From: limebubble)
    For a long time, the spinosaurus was shown in palentoligical drawings as having a t-rex-like skull. Recent discovereies, however, prove the spino had a long, thin snout. (From: Raptor-Rex)
    Despite all the other effects Michael Lantieri had to perform for JP, he considers the "rippling water glass" effect the hardest to figure out. Apparently he asked every sound person he knew before stumbling on the solution. (From: Staindallover2K2)
    A dinosaur called "Tianchisaurus nedegoapeferima" (a type of ankylosaur) was named after the cast of JP. The letters in the name come from 'Sam NEill, Laura DErn, Jeff GOldblum, Sir Richard Attenborough, Bob PEck, Martin FERrero, Ariana RIchards, & Joseph MAzzello. (From Utahraptor)
    A character named 'Cooper' existed in both JP3 and the video game 'Dino Crisis'. (From: Joe)
    In a scene in the kids film "We're Back, A Dinosaur Story" the characters parade by a movie theater listing 'Jurassic Park' on the maruqee. (From: SmartRaptor)
    A JP coloring book features a page with a raptor caught in the jaws of a t-rex skeleton, hinting at the original ending to the film. (From: 'Raptor_34')
    In "Viva Rock Vegas", the Flintstones notice a "JP: The Ride" sign in an amusement park. Fred laughs and says, "Who wants to pay to see dinosaurs when I already have them in my backyard." (From: Reddog2K43)
    JP was the first film to have the new Universal logo attached to it. (From: 'RecycleYourPets')
    One of the reasons for the failure of a planned JP cartoon was that the creators reportedly only offered Jeff Goldblum $100 for his likeness. Obviously, the actor refused. (From: jurassiraptor)
    The 1998 MTV movie awards featured Ben Stiller, Jeneane Garaffalo, and Mike Myers in the roles of Malcolm, Sarah, and Nick in a parody of TLW's trailer scene. In the parody, a giant Jay Leno attacks the trailer and is subdued by TLW's own Vince Vaughn, both appearing as themselves. (From: jurassiraptor)
    The name of the punk-rock group "Jurassic 5" was reportedly inspired by JP. (From: jurassiraptor)
    It was theorized by some in the scientific community not too long ago that the back vertebrae of Spinosaurus didn't support a sail as most often depicted, but actually a large hump, like bison. (From: jurassiraptor)
    Since the plates and spikes on Ankylosaurs' backs are usually not intact when the fossil remains are discovered, their exact placement and orientation on the animal's back is often educated guesswork or based on other, more complete specimens. (From: jurassiraptor)
    Look closely at the coloring on the snake that kills Dr. Burke in TLW and you'll notice that it's not the poisonous Coral Snake (red, yellow, black stripes) -- instead, it's a "False Coral" (red, black, yellow). From: Pancho
    While TLW was released in Australia 6 days after the US release, JP3 wasn't released there until almost 2 months after the US release. (From: Adam)
    The big gun used to blow up the plane in JP3 is a BAR .50 caliber BMG. The round used is a .50 cal explosive/incendiary tipped round, which go for about $1,500 to $3,000 each. (From: NuclearRaptor)
    In real life, Ankylosaurus was probably pink. Scientists put some of the armor of the dinosaur through a CAT scan and found that it contained blood vessels. This means that the animal could flood blood into its armor and body, giving it a pinkish color. (From: Ernie the Velociraptor)
    The waterfall that appears in JP is Manawaiopuna Falls, a famous tourist attraction in Hawaii. (From: Oviraptor)
    Scientists believe the part of the spinosaurus brain devoted to vision was enlarged, suggesting it had excellent sight. (From: sPitter)
    In college, Michael Jeter (Udesky3) gave up his career in medicine to become an actor. (From: Green Mamba)
    Nedry's container in JP looks as though it only has spots for 10 or 11 embryos -- it would have been pretty difficult to get all 15 off the island. (From: frohike)
    Judging from newer, more complete skeletons, scientists now believe that Compsognapthus may have actually had a fan shaped tail like an eagle rather than the long, slender tail depicted in TLW and JP3. (From: JPJairus)
    The final issue of the JP comic book, "Jurassic Jam", had 12 artists contributing to it -- each artist did a page or two. (From: Drakkenfyre)
    One of the sounds which made up the t-rex roar in JP is a airforce flight simulator. Apparently Spielberg found it so loud, he insisted it be part of the roar. (From: Cloner)
    In the previous JP movies, Isla Nublar is described as being "120 miles west of Costa Rica", and Sorna is "87 miles southwest of Isla Nublar". That calculates Sorna out to be about 163 miles west of Costa Rica, though JP3 claims it is 270 miles away. (From: SeanArcher)
    "Mar Del Plata", the boat in TLW, means "sea of the silver". It's also the name of a popular fishing city near Buenos Aries, with a population of about 500,000. (From: SeanArcher)
    Crichton's TLW novel describes sloth's as also inhabiting the islands along with the dinosaurs. (From: Cloner)
    Only one dinosaur in all three JP movies has been killed by a human -- a raptor was killed by Kelly's devistating kick in TLW. (From: Cloner)
    The Simpsons Comics #30 features a parody of JP where Smithers suggest making clones of himself to do work. When the two enter a theater to see a "Mr. DNA" style show on the plan, Burns says, "Oh, goodie, a show! Mayhap it will be a cautionary tale of technology gone awry with spectacular effects and paper thin characters!" (From: Green Mamba)
    JP3 composer Don Davis has served as an orchestrator on many movies, including a conductor on Disney's "Toy Story". (From: IanSpino)
    The TLW novel mentions dinosaur-like creatures rumored to exist in the jungles of the Congo. Called 'mokele-mbembe', several expeditions to find them have so far turned up nothing. (From: Deinonyclaw)
    "Pinky, Elmira, and the Brain" featured a JP3 parody where a Barney-type dino stalked Pinky + the Brain in a kitchen. (From: Nick)
    Veteran actor Richard Kiley, the "voice" of Jurassic Park, died of bone marrow disease on March 5, 1999. (From: Oviraptor)
    The set of the popular game show "Who Wants to be a Millionare" was reportedly inspired by the control room in Jurassic Park. (From: Brad)
    While the Pteranodons seen in the JP films are supposedly Pteranodon sternbergi, their narrow and elongated crests really suggest they are Pteranodon ingens and longiceps. (From: Cryolophosaurus)
    In "The Hunt for Red October" (1990), Sam Neill tells Sean Connery's character that he would 'love to live in Montana' -- where Dr. Alan Grant lives! (From: Jay)
    Divorce seems to be a continuing theme in the JP series: Lex + Tim's parents are getting one in JP, Malcolm is stuck with his kid while his ex-wife is in Paris in TLW, and Paul + Amanda have got one in JP3. (From: TommyB)
    Some university classes in subjects like Biology, Philosophy, and Literature assign the JP novel as required reading. (From: jurassiraptor)
    Some of the pictures projected in the background during the lunch scene in JP are actually pre-production paintings for Universal Studio's 'JP:The Ride'. (From: jurassiraptor)
    Two dinosaur names that end in "saura" (the feminine form of "saurus") are Maiasaura and Leaellynasaura. Because Maiasaura means "good mother lizard" and Leaellynasaura is named after the discoverer's daughter Leaellyn, the feminine names seemed appropriate. (From: jurassiraptor)
    In the horrid movie, "Miss Congeniality", one of the characters says of Sandra Bullock's character, 'I haven't seen a walk like that since Jurassic Park!'. (From: Paully)
    Both Biosyn and inGen (International Genentics, Ltd.) are real bio-tech companies. (From: Cloner)
    Mercedes reportedly paid TLW's producers $1 million to feature their new SUV, the M-Class, in the film. They apparently outbid Mitsubishi and Chrystler for the rights.
    It's been said that director Steven Spielberg only takes on films where the plot can be described in one sentence.
    Jurassic Park won the 1993 'Nickelodeon Kid's Choice' award for Movie of the year. (From: SpinoRex)
    The dinosaur the T-Rex is snacking on in JP3 is a Datausaurus, according to the JP3 novelization. (From: OsamaKiller)
    JP Cinematographer Dean Cundey makes a cameo appearance in the film as the BioSyn ship mate. (From: Oviraptor)
    Michael Lanteri, special effects coordinator on all three JP films, directed the 1999 film "Komodo". (From: Oviraptor)
    What other songs were featured in a JP movie besides Randy Newman's "Big Hat, No Cattle" in JP3? JP had "Que Milagro Chaparita", while TLW had "Tres dias", two mariachi songs from Mexico. (From: imap)
    Scientists believe the Ceratosaurus actually may of had three horns, instead of the one as featured in JP3. (From: sPItter)
    James Van Der Beek's character in "Dawson's Creek" is an aspiring filmmaker who admires Steven Spielberg. Posters of several Spielberg films can be seen in his bedroom, including JP and TLW. (From: jurassicraptor)
    On the JP3 DVD, the "cast and crew" section misspells Ellie Sattler name as "Sadler". (From: Phil)
    Among his many designs for the original Star Wars series, JP3 director Joe Johnston also had a hand at creating wise Jedi master Yoda. (From: SeanArcher)
    JP3's Bruce Young ("Nash") appeared alongside Sam Neill ("Dr. Grant") in the 1994 film "The War". (From: SeanArcher)
    Trevor Morgan wanted the role of Eric in JP3 so much, he practically begged director Joe Johnston for it, saying (referring to the pteranodon scene): "Peck at me! I can take it! I'm from Chicago!". (From: Ashley)
    When Lex says, "It's a UNIX system, I know this!", she's right! The 3-D graphical interface shown in JP is a real program (the "Virtual File System") that users of SGI's high-end graphics workstations (that run on UNIX) can actually use to navigate their computers.
    In reality, no self-respecting computer programmer would program essential systems (lights, door locks, etc.) to fail if the computer system went down.
    The "White rabbit object" Mr. Arnold talks in JP is an allusion to the Lewis Carroll classic "Alice in Wonderland": In the story, Alice unwisely follows a white rabbit down a rabbit hole into Wonderland.
    "Object" files, such as "White_rbt.obj" in JP, are files programmers use to store common computer code. They usually have a ".obj" extension.
    The voice of "Mr. DNA", Greg Burson, has done countless voice-over work over the years, including Bugs in recent Bugs Bunny cartoons, "Boss Nass" in Star Wars: Episode I, and Mr. Magoo.
    When TLW was filmed in 1997, satellite phones were complicated pieces of technology that required a brief-case full of equipment. The satellite phone in JP3, however, is only slightly larger than most cell phones (and works much better too).
    Kurtz & Friends Studios, who did the "Mr. DNA" animation for JP, also worked on the titles for "George of the Jungle" and Tim Matheson's acid-trip sequence in "A Very Brady Sequel".
    Bob Kurtz, founder of Kurtz & Friends Studios ("Mr. DNA" animation), was an original Disney "Imagineer" who worked on the designs for Disney's EPCOT Center.
    The graphics on the numerous computer monitors in JP's control room were actually created in a office full of SGI workstations near the set, then piped in to the monitors via long monitor cables.
    The flatware and dishes the guests eat off of during their dinner in JP are custom china from up-scale retailer Tiffany & Co.
    Chilian Sea Bass (served to the guests in JP) is a flavorful fatty fish that is usually caught in the cold waters near Antarctica (and thus, very expensive).
    Two shots in JP3 use the same CG animation of a raptor, just reversed: Look carefully at the raptors responding to the other's call, and during the shot where Grant is surrounded. (From: BMAN)
    The truck Grant gets out of in JP3 belongs to Jack Horner, dinosaur consultant for all three JP movies. A quick shot of the logo on the door reads, "Montana State University Dept. of Paleontology" and "Museum of the Rockies", the name of Horner's museum in Bozeman, MT.
    Recent palentology suggests pteranodons did not really flap their wings to fly, but instead used their wings as sort of prehistoric gliders. (From: Mattosaurus)
    Neill's first break in acting was in "Omen 3". Neill wasn't so keen with the idea, but a friend insisted -- he even paid for his plane ticket! (From: SeanArcher)
    John Dielh, the actor who played Cooper in JP3, once considered becoming a missionary, making his line in the film where he tells Grant he knows the Kirby's "Through his church" all the more funny. (From: Robzyraptor!)
    The raptor "resonating chamber" in JP3 was actually a mold from a dog, but increased in size substantially. From: Oviraptor.
    According to a prop from the film, the Kirby's live at "333 Seneca Ave" in Enid, Oklahoma. Both Seneca Ave and Westgate Rd (the location of Kirby Paint & Tile Plus) are real roads in Enid. (From: SeanArcher)
    The "Hell Creek Bar", the tavern featured in JP3, is a real place located in Jordan, Montana. (From: Oviraptor)
    One of the first recorded discoveries of dinosaur bones dates to 300 A.D., when a Chinese man described some fossils he found as "dragon bones". (From: SeanArcher)
    When characters in the recent film "Big Fat Liar" take a tour of Universal Studios, they not only hear the JP theme, but discover a feathered JP3 raptor and pachycephalosaurus in a prop room. (From: Ceratopsian)
    Jeff Goldblum first starred alongside Sam Jackson in the 1992 film "Fathers and Sons".
    The CGI "Scurrier" creatures developed at ILM for "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Special Edition" were loosely based on Velociraptor studies developed for Jurassic Park. (From: Oviraptor)
    The establishing shot of the dig site in JP3 was actual footage filmed in early summer 2001 at Jack Horner's dinosaur excavation. (From: jurassiraptor)
    Lewis Dodgson (aka Cameron Thor) has a cameo role in another Spielberg film, playing "Ron" in Hook (1991). (From: Oviraptor)
    Bill Macy (Paul Kirby) and John Diehl (Cooper) both previously starred together in the 1994 film, "The Client". (From: Tyrannosaurus Rex)
    It's been rumored Wayne Knight (Nedry) was the first actor cast in JP. (From: T-Rex)
    An early trailer for JP3 featured a zoom-in shot to Isla Nublar even though the movie took place on Sorna. (From: Troy)
    The voice over in a trailer for JP3 said "New Adventures, New Island...." despite the fact the island in JP3 is not new -- we visited Sorna in TLW.
    An early trailer for JP3 has a voice over saying, "They thought.. the island was terminated. They thought.. nothing had survived. They... were wrong." Of course, "they" knew there were dinos left on Sorna -- Hammond gives a big speech about it at the end. (From: SnakeEyeJP)
    John Diehl (JP3's Cooper) co-stars as a cop on the FX hit "The Shield". (From: Kyle)
    An early German copy of the JP novel had the title translated to "Dino Park" -- in subsequent versions, however, the English "Jurassic Park" was used. (From: jphp)
    The inGen building in TLW was built right next to the old Psycho house at Universal Studios -- little did Vince Vaughn and Julianne Moore know that they would soon star in a Psycho remake, directed by Jan de Bont. (From: Billys_Gal)
    Alessandro Nivola's big acting break was as "Polocks Troy" in John Woo's "Face/Off". (From: spinorextor)
    According to a prop from the movie, Nash's dogtag's indicate his initials are "M. B.", his birthday was "6/3/70", and he was once a Sgt. Major in the army. (From: SeanArcher)
    Recent David Koepp screenwriting hits include the screenplay for David Fincher's "Panic Room" and Sam Rami's "Spiderman". (From: Dino_Dude)
    A scene in JP3 that was never filmed would of had Grant blowing the raptor whistle, then watching as the raptors killed the spinosaur. (From: Chase)
    In 1997, The Lost World was the first film to have a new 3-D Universal logo that can still be seen before Universal films released today. (From: Billybrennen)
    During early work on A.I., Spielberg reportedly considered JP's Joseph Mazzello (Tim) to play the lead role. However, by the time the movie got off the drawing board, Mazzello was no longer age-appropriate for the part. (From: jurassiraptor)
    After seeing the special effects in the first JP, Stanley Kubric was inspired to turn his longstanding idea for "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" to reality. (From: jurassiraptor)
    Sam Neill was born and lived part of his life in Ireland, where his father served in the army. (From: SeanArcher)
    Sam Neill's real first name is "Nigel" -- Sam changed it because he felt was too common of a name in New Zealand, where he grew up. (From: SeanArcher)
    Joe Mazello (Tim) now attends the pretigious USC film school, studying to be a filmmaker. Rumor has it Steven Spielberg himself wrote a letter of reccomendation to help him get in. (From: SeanArcher)
    Richard Attenborough has said that he has never seen either JP or TLW. (From: Oviraptor)
    JP in Dutch was translated to "Het SauriŽr Park".. Literally, "The Saurian Park". (From: Darth_Chaotic)
    Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg once planned on creating "E.R." as a theatrical movie, but after returning to the project after working on JP, decided it would do better as a TV show. (From: SeanArcher)
    The pyro unit on JP3 had to bring in more propane to create fire effects on the water that weren't "puny". It took an extra day to prepare the shot as a result. (From: SeanArcher)
    JP3 is the only film in the JP trilogy not to have a crew member playing someone in the cast. (From: Oviraptor)
    A line performed by the late Notorious B.I.G. in Puff Daddy's song "Victory" goes: "trying to make dough like Jurassic Park did." (From: jurassiraptor)
    If you look carefully (and know something about guns), you can see that Muldoon's gun is not cocked and has the safety on right before he's killed in JP. Poor Muldoon. (From: Rexy!)
    Typo! The back cover of the JP Audio Book says Isla Nublar is located off the coast of the Domincan Republic, not Costa Rica. (From: Jedi Malcolm)
    It would have been unlikely that the video camera in JP3 could have been powered by the flashlight batteries -- video cameras use lithium batteries. (From: Spikes)
    TLW's Richard Schiff's (Eddie) wife has an interesting profession -- she gives private exotic dancing lessons to women in their house, and has recently written a book on the subject. (From: SeanArcher)
    Dennis Nedry's desk features a can of Jolt Cola, the popular (and stereotypical) drink of Hackers. (From: Frederick)
    Michael Crichton's original idea for Jurassic Park was a story about a college student who created a single dinosaur from fossil remains. After finding that unsatisfactory, he put it aside before coming up with the theme park idea. (From: SeanArcher)
    Ian Abercrombie, Hammond's butler in TLW, stars as the "wiseman" in the cult hit "Army of Darkness". (From: Jerm)
    Rumor has it John Williams secretly composed the "Spinosaurus River Attack" sequence in JP3, hence why it doesn't appear on Don Davis' soundtrack. (From: Jospeh)
    When filming the scene in TLW where the raptors attack Ian in the gas station, Jeff Goldblum apparently hit himself so hard with the door that he knocked himself out. (From: Evo16)
    When ILM was working on new creatures for the Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition, they used a stretched out Brachiosaurus model from JP. The animators nick-named the creature "Bronto", which George Lucas shortened to "Ronto" in the final film. (From: T-Rex)
    Taylor Nichols (JP3's Mark Degler, Ellie's Husband), also appeared in another movie based on a Crichton book, "Congo". (From: RaptorVinny)
    In 1975, the rock/jazz/pop group Steely Dan released an album called "Katy Lied" with a song titled "Dr. Wu". Crichton's inspiration? (From: Holden)
    According to the JP3 DVD, the movie had the biggest jungle set ever created for a movie. (From: SpinoJP3)
    In JP3, Alan Grant holds a Spinosaurus tooth out to Billy and the tooth is visibly curved, but a real Spinosaurus tooth is straight. (From: English_Spino)
    Besides being TLW's writer, David Koepp also supervised the direction of some scenes as the "2nd Unit Director". (From: SeanArcher)
    It is beleved that TLW scribe David Koepp is one of the several uncredited writers who helped sort out JP3's script. (From: SpinoJP3)
    Jeff Goldblum was the original voice of villian "Duke Nukem" on the cartoon "Captain Planet and the Planeteers". (From: Jedi Malcolm)
    Dilophosaurus is the only dinosaur genus in Jurassic Park not to return in a JP sequel. (From: Oviraptor)
    JP3's main dino was originally going to be the Baryonyx, not the Spino. (From: BillybrennanIII)
    The Gallimimus herd scene in JP was filmed at popular tourist spot Kualoa Ranch on Kauai. The large tree branch Grant and the kids hide behind is still there. (From: SeanArcher)
    Ian Abercrombie, who plays Hammond's butler in TLW, can currently be seen playing another butler on the WB show "Birds of Prey". (From: Wallace)
    The helicopter used to take everyone to the island in JP crashed in Hawaii on March 22, 2001. No one was hurt, but the helicopter was destroyed. You can read the full incident report here.
    Spielberg liked the T-Rex sound effect in the original "King Kong" that he reportedly used it in both Jaws and Duel. (From: Ronald)
    When JP first came out, much of the media attention focused on whether the film was too scary for kids. (From: Jedi)
    When Hammond visits Grant and Ellie in the trailer, pay attention to some of the newspaper clippings next to the fridge: Among them are "Space Aliens Stole My Face" and "Dinosaurs on Mars!". (From: Patrick)
    Out of all the embryos Nedry steals, Metricanthosaurus is the only dinosaur never featured in any of the films. (From: SpinoSlayer)
    Udesky's big-ass gun in Jurassic Park III is the Austrian Steyr AUG .223cal assault rifle. (From: Majestic-1)
    The only dinosaurs to appear in all three JP movies are Velociraptor, T-Rex, Triceratops and Parasaurolophus. (From: SpinoJP3)
    As Gennaro is being pulled ashore in the beginning of JP, the line Juanito says in spanish translates to "I bet you he falls." (From: SeanArcher0
    Realizing JP was going to be in pre-production for a long time, Steven Spielberg began working on the film "Hook" while supervising the script and animatronics for JP at the same time. (From: SeanArcher)
    The Monahooti Ranch in Hawaii (where the JP crew filmed the 'big gate' sequence) is primarily known for its horse breeding. (From: Charles)
    'Moveable feast' is a rarely-used phrase that refers to a holiday that can fall on a different date each year (like Easter). So when Roland yells 'Let's get this movable feast underway!', refering to his large group of potential T-Rex snacks, TLW scribe David Koepp is ironically changing the definition.
    The song a young Tonya Harding skated to to win the 1994 National Figure Skating Championships was -- you guessed it -- the JP theme.

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