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    "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"
    On 4/11/2011 at 3:49:57 PM, Pteranadon2003 started the thread:

    Ok kids I wanted to start a thread for this beast of a film that is opening on August 5th this year. It is a prequel to the original classic and stars James Franco, Andy Serkis, and Freida Pinto(drools). The film's offical facebook page released today a 4 second clip of an ape having a very "human" look in his eyes. The teaser is scheduled to drop THIS WEEK. :D

    Despite the convoluted title(changed from "Caesar" to "Rise of the Apes" to the current title)once I knew who was involved my excitement for this film went from "Eh...ok. Maybe." to "I have to see this." Weta Digital is doing the visual effects and if you didn't already know in that clip above...that's a digital chimp right there.

    Official Site

    Msg #1: On 4/11/2011 at 4:28:28 PM, Carnotaur3 replied, saying:
    For some reason, mouths always give away CGI.

        Replies: 2
    Msg #2: On 4/11/2011 at 4:48:16 PM, ST1NG replied to Msg #1, saying:
    In my experience mouths give away lots of things...

    Msg #3: On 4/11/2011 at 5:09:18 PM, Cameron replied, saying:
    Should have kept the title to just Rise of the Apes, this one doesn't roll off the tongue as well

        Replies: 5
    Msg #4: On 4/11/2011 at 5:33:13 PM, Narrator replied, saying:
    title sucks... but this seems pretty cool.

    Msg #5: On 4/11/2011 at 9:33:30 PM, raptor2000 replied to Msg #3, saying:
    Agreed. New title sucks. Rise of the Apes worked fine.

    So this is for sure a prequel to the original film and not the Tim Burton remake?

        Replies: 6
    Msg #6: On 4/11/2011 at 10:35:12 PM, Aragorn replied to Msg #5, saying:
    Yeah, I'm confused on that as well. Some sites say it's related to the original series, while other sites say it's related to Tim Burton's remake. Personally, to me, being a prequel to the remake makes more sense, seeing as how we've already got this story told to us for the original series, in one of the cheap sequels I do believe.

    Msg #7: On 4/11/2011 at 10:36:46 PM, Velociraptor87 replied, saying:
    I kinda like the title, it keeps in with the spirit of the older series with the title always including "Planet of the Apes" somewhere. That clip looks awesome. This is the first time I've even heard of this movie, but this has me pretty excited.

    Msg #8: On 4/11/2011 at 11:52:54 PM, Carnotaur3 replied, saying:
    It's not related to Burton. It's the original series.

    Msg #9: On 4/12/2011 at 12:23:57 AM, Phily replied, saying:
    There are too many "of the's" in the title.

    Msg #10: On 4/12/2011 at 12:59:36 AM, Pteranadon2003 replied, saying:
    Guys come on it's a prequel to the original series. Everyone's trying to forget about Burton's apparently. lol

    This one is in modern day San Fransisco(atleast at first) and deals with the ape, Caesar and the scientist who made him what he was(James Franco).

    Msg #11: On 4/12/2011 at 1:43:58 AM, Reddog2002 replied, saying:
    Improved effects right there but like most films with uppity special effects comes with a so so plot. So it's still not gonna touch the plot of the original films. I'll still see it though, for Cornelious and Zira. :D

        Replies: 12
    Msg #12: On 4/12/2011 at 12:11:20 PM, Velociraptor87 replied to Msg #11, saying:
    The first movie sure, but the sequels, while still totally enjoyable, totally don't match the first in quality imo. That said, where the fuck does that kind of logic come from? "Amazing special effects = so-so plot". Umm... Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, The Matrix (ORIGINAL :B), all 3 Lord of the Rings films, etc.


        Replies: 13, 14
    Msg #13: On 4/12/2011 at 4:01:00 PM, Reddog2002 replied to Msg #12, saying:
    Just sayin nowadays films with super advanced effects and CGI don't have much of a plot like Tron: Legacy, which I didn't see yet and I want to. I think King Kong was the latest film to have awesome effects and great yet predictable plot or was it Avatar?

    Now yeah Terminator 2, LOTR etc. have best of both I forgot to mention those. And these are films with fictional plots.

        Replies: 15
    Msg #14: On 4/12/2011 at 4:04:43 PM, Grizzle replied to Msg #12, saying:
    Also guys, Brian Cox is gonna be in this. (bonus points) Man I hope they do this right... Would be great to have a new Apes movie. Makes me want to go back and watch the original series.

    Also, confession: I like Burton's version.

    Msg #15: On 4/12/2011 at 4:36:49 PM, raptor2000 replied to Msg #13, saying:
    ....So the one example you list to prove your point that CGI-heavy movies don't have plots is a movie you haven't even seen? Pretty weak argument, man.

    And for the record, Tron: Legacy was awesome, and it wasn't due to it having cool special effects. If the success of the series was based solely on the special effects then the franchise never would have continued past the original film.

    Msg #16: On 4/12/2011 at 5:04:27 PM, Narrator replied, saying:
    " And these are films with fictional plots."

    LOL WUT? What does that even mean? ...the fuck?

        Replies: 17
    Msg #17: On 4/12/2011 at 6:09:59 PM, Trainwreck replied to Msg #16, saying:
    As opposed to a film like Transformers, which was based (in part) on my life.

        Replies: 18
    Msg #18: On 4/12/2011 at 9:06:14 PM, Narrator replied to Msg #17, saying:
    Yeah but those movies are so downplayed compared to the epicness of the source material that they barely even scratch the surface of the real thing.

        Replies: 19
    Msg #19: On 4/12/2011 at 9:26:55 PM, Trainwreck replied to Msg #18, saying:
    Hey, I said "in part," didn't I? Of course they had to downplay the more awesome parts...nobody would've believed it.

    Msg #20: On 4/12/2011 at 10:22:35 PM, Pteranadon2003 replied, saying:

        Replies: 21, 23
    Msg #21: On 4/12/2011 at 10:24:01 PM, Trainwreck replied to Msg #20, saying:
    LOL, win.

    Msg #22: On 4/12/2011 at 10:28:47 PM, Pteranadon2003 replied, saying:

    Msg #23: On 4/13/2011 at 1:28:49 AM, Carnotaur3 replied to Msg #20, saying:
    Fought you.

    Msg #24: On 4/14/2011 at 11:17:31 AM, Adam replied, saying:

    I'm kinda liking what I'm seeing, but Franco is a little off-putting in such a role...

        Replies: 26
    Msg #25: On 4/14/2011 at 12:29:10 PM, The Crow replied, saying:
    Looks extremely silly. Like I'm going to laugh for all of the wrong reasons.

    Msg #26: On 4/14/2011 at 12:41:30 PM, raptor2000 replied to Msg #24, saying:
    Agreed. I have a hard time seeing him as a brilliant scientist. They should have picked an older actor, in the same vein as Charleston Heston in the original film. (and yes I know he wasn't a scientist in that movie)

    Msg #27: On 4/14/2011 at 3:14:39 PM, Aragorn replied, saying:
    I'm with Adam. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

    Msg #28: On 4/14/2011 at 3:20:46 PM, Monkipzzle replied, saying:
    CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

    Msg #29: On 4/14/2011 at 3:21:14 PM, Grizzle replied, saying:
    Trailer left me with a so-so feeling. I hope it's not treated as a "monster" or "animal attack" type movie.

    Anyone know if they will be able to talk in this one?

        Replies: 30
    Msg #30: On 4/14/2011 at 4:48:44 PM, Pteranadon2003 replied to Msg #29, saying:
    Watched "WETA Live" yesterday on livestream and saw a bit of footage along with interviews including one with Andy Serkis. Going from what they said, I don't think he'll be able to full on speak English.

    The trailer is alright. Still excited for this. I just think it's another case of not knowing how to cut a damn trailer(as with Green Lantern) so the tone is all off. From what the filmmakers have been saying, the footage I saw and what Andy Serkis was saying(who was really passionate about it), it's a quieter and much more personal film than the trailer lets on. Although the final section of the movie is nothing short of epic.

    Msg #31: On 4/14/2011 at 4:56:37 PM, JPJunkee replied, saying:
    I've recently become an Apes fan, so I was looking forward to this already. The trailer was all right, didn't create more hype for me, but didn't necessarily cause me to lower my expectations either.

    If it had been Jeff Golblum in Franco's part, I think it would be one of the top films to see this year, heh.

    I kind of can't help but think it's going to flop at the box office, but I'll definitely see it.

        Replies: 36
    Msg #32: On 4/14/2011 at 7:40:41 PM, Narrator replied, saying:
    What were they thinking when they cast Franco? Like seriously, wtf?

    And do the apes talk in this? If so, I hope they attempt to explain that somehow, since apes are physically incapable of speech. I bet they won't, and that will bug the shit out of me.

        Replies: 33
    Msg #33: On 4/14/2011 at 7:47:09 PM, Pteranadon2003 replied to Msg #32, saying:
    Did you not read my post above?

        Replies: 38
    Msg #34: On 4/14/2011 at 9:00:17 PM, JPJunkee replied, saying:
    I quite like Franco actually. Sure, he sucked as an Oscars host. But he's great in 127 Hours, Pineapple Express, Milk, and he's one of the few watchable parts of Spider-Man 3 (his character arc is screwy soap opera stuff, but he delivers a pretty good performance anyway). Based solely on the trailer, he doesn't look like the perfect fit here, but I'm willing to give him a chance.

    Msg #35: On 4/14/2011 at 10:11:11 PM, Monkipzzle replied, saying:


    Msg #36: On 4/14/2011 at 10:23:52 PM, raptor2000 replied to Msg #31, saying:
    I kind of can't help but think it's going to flop at the box office, but I'll definitely see it.

    Unfortunately, I have a sneaking suspicion you are right. It looks good to me (I liked the original and the Burton remake and upon the creation of this thread I finally broke down and bought all 5 original movies on Blu-ray...never seen the sequels before, though) and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, but there doesn't seem to be alot of interest in the Planet of the Apes series anymore...especially not a prequel to a movie that came out decades ago that not a whole lot of younger people today have seen.

    Franco will draw in some people who otherwise wouldn't see it, but I just can't see this movie appealing to a ton of people. It'll probably make its budget back and then some but it won't be a runaway success or a huge blockbuster.

    Msg #37: On 4/14/2011 at 10:33:35 PM, Varan101 replied, saying:
    I dunno, but the thought of a bunch of monkeys taking over the world seems ridiculous to me.

    Msg #38: On 4/15/2011 at 12:09:01 AM, Narrator replied to Msg #33, saying:
    indeed I did not. I see trailer. I post. I no read.

    Msg #39: On 8/3/2011 at 10:12:15 PM, Pteranadon2003 replied, saying:
    Well this sucker is coming out tomorrow night in the states. The reviews have been stellar(surprisingly actually) and the Comic Con sizzle reel convinced me completely. Looking forward to it. :D

    Has anyone else come around on this film?

    Comic Con Sizzle Reel

    Msg #40: On 8/3/2011 at 11:16:10 PM, Varan101 replied, saying:
    No, the trailers still look goofy as hell to me.

    Msg #41: On 8/3/2011 at 11:27:51 PM, raptor2000 replied, saying:
    I've been onboard since the film was announced, despite the fact that this prequel is kind of unneccessary given most of the relevant background information was provided in the original film and its 4 sequels. I still haven't quite decided on whether I'll see it in theaters or wait til Blu-ray...really just depends on if somebody will go with me. Nobody I've talked to really seems interested. Still, I will without a doubt see it at some point.

    I still have a sneaking suspicion it'll be a box office dud...I'll be glad to be proven wrong on that, though.

        Replies: 43
    Msg #42: On 8/3/2011 at 11:48:50 PM, Trainwreck replied, saying:
    Honestly, this movie looks like a stinker to me. It'd be great if I'm wrong, but everything about it just looks mediocre, especially the CGI.

    Msg #43: On 8/4/2011 at 12:44:50 AM, IKK_Viper replied to Msg #41, saying:
    So why is going to a movie alone so frowned upon these days?

    Msg #44: On 8/4/2011 at 1:09:42 AM, Ostromite replied, saying:
    I feel like I've already seen it after watching that trailer that came out a while ago. It covered basically the entire plot, from the looks of it.

    Aside from that, this movie already has two strikes against it as far as I'm concerned by (a) milking the legacy of a science fiction classic in a film culture plagued with remakes and prequels and sequels, and (b) trying to explain how the apes took control of the planet without a prior civilization-destroying catastrophe leaving a void for apes to fill. Seriously, the entire premise seems to be that a super-intelligent chimp takes all the zoo apes and lab chimps and leads them into unarmed combat against the U.S. military. I'm detecting an unintentional camp classic.

    Actually, now that I think of it, it has a third strike, too, by replacing the ape makeup - one of the great trademarks of the series - with mediocre CGI. So it strikes out for me already. I'll only see it if the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

    Msg #45: On 8/4/2011 at 3:33:36 AM, Adam replied, saying:
    Australia got this one first too but the looks of it, came out today. Seeing it tonight in a couple hours. Let's hope it's at least decent...

        Replies: 46
    Msg #46: On 8/4/2011 at 4:40:52 AM, Evilgrinch replied to Msg #45, saying:
    'I'll only see it if the reviews are overwhelmingly positive'

    I guess you're going then...

    Seriously though, when are films going to stop using the shitty word 'rise' in the title?


    Msg #47: On 8/4/2011 at 9:48:28 AM, QuickComment replied, saying:
    I'm not going to see it, even though it has a number of actors I enjoy in it. I just can't get past the concept Ostro mentioned: hundreds of unarmed apes taking over a city or the world.

    Msg #48: On 8/4/2011 at 10:27:48 AM, dieterstark replied, saying:
    The guy who played Draco Malfoy plays the "Dieter Stark" of this film- the tazer happy beast keeper who ultimately gets owned by the creatures he tortures. Sweeet.

    Msg #49: On 8/4/2011 at 10:30:50 AM, Adam replied, saying:
    Just got back.

    Um, this is a really, really great film, guys. Best I've seen in quite some time.

    Caesar's arc is just amazing. He makes this film. Serkis is getting an award for this, no question.

    The human characters are all decent, a couple even really good. Lithgow is a standout. Franco is good. I didn't even think once about how out of place he looked when I first saw the trailer.

    There is so many small details too, setting up for future things they want to do with this.

    And no, the apes DON'T take over a whole city or the world. This film is merely the beginning, their escape from captivity and the story of Caesar's rise more than anything else.

    Those of you who can't understand how this would be possible just need to see the film. There is another major story element at play here that is not addressed in any of the trailers, and it's going to have a huge effect on things and how the Apes could ever possibly outnumber the people.

    Just trust the good reviews and positive word this thing is getting, and go see it. You'll understand. I really hope this does well, I want to see more films and follow-ups to this. It really is just a beginning, and very emotionally resonant, focused and great story.

    Oh, and the CGI and Weta effects that had me so iffy watching trailers and clips on a computer screen, somehow just look a great deal better on the big screen. I was relieved. There was easily only a couple of scenes where I didn't believe what was happening on the screen, and I believe they were both near the beginning of the film and during Caesar's baby scenes. Most of it though, you just forget. This is brilliant, brilliant work by Weta.

    Will be seeing again, it's going into my Top of the year.

        Replies: 50
    Msg #50: On 8/4/2011 at 12:01:02 PM, raptor2000 replied to Msg #49, saying:
    I really couldn't care less about the reviews....what I want to know is does it fit into the canon of the original films? Does it specifically contradict any of the already established continuity? If the answer is yes to the first question and no to the second, then I will see it without a doubt. If not, then I'll probably wait til Blu-ray.

    Msg #51: On 8/4/2011 at 12:16:00 PM, Ostromite replied, saying:
    I doubt it has anything to do with the original film canon since that entire first series revolved around human civilization being annihilated in a nuclear war before the rise of the apes.

    And no, the apes DON'T take over a whole city or the world. This film is merely the beginning, their escape from captivity and the story of Caesar's rise more than anything else.

    So the entire film is essentially a massive prologue designed to kick-start a new blockbuster franchise without even the possibility of it being a stand alone film.

        Replies: 52
    Msg #52: On 8/4/2011 at 12:43:23 PM, raptor2000 replied to Msg #51, saying:
    Yeah, I just read up a bit on this film and realized that it completely ignores the continuity established in any of the previous films, including the original 5 films and the Burton remake, and exists solely to reboot the franchise eventually leading to yet another remake of Planet of the Apes.

    To that, I unfortunatly must say fuck this movie. I don't care how good it is, I'm sick of reobots and reboots of reboots, and I will not support it.

    Msg #53: On 8/4/2011 at 12:45:36 PM, Carnotaur3 replied, saying:
    It kind of couldn't stick to the other Planet of the Apes movies anyway considering it's a quasi-remake of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

    Msg #54: On 8/4/2011 at 6:29:58 PM, Kevy Mac replied, saying:
    Joblo & Arrow In The Head gave it pretty high reviews (7/10 & 3/4, respectively). I'm still not sure how I feel about this film, though. I'm still thinking rental.

        Replies: 56
    Msg #55: On 8/4/2011 at 6:55:28 PM, Cameron replied, saying:
    It's really good. While it is just the beginning and not them fully taking power, it really works how they did it. The first half of the film is very interesting, and the second half is really exciting, this is one of the better films of the year so far for me, and Caesar is one of the best characters of the year so far, which is kind of sad when you think about it, the CGI ape kicks a lot of ass haha. It's definitely trying to begin a new franchise, but I didn't feel ripped off with what we got at all.


    Msg #56: On 8/4/2011 at 10:20:02 PM, raptor2000 replied to Msg #54, saying:
    I've found that JoBlo's reviews, or at least certain reviewers on that site, are terribly unreliable and, as with most of their news stories as well, they are far too opinionated. Most of the time they simply jump on the bandwagon and give the movie a rating that lines up with whatever the internet community is saying. Lots of times I see them fall in love with or decide to hate a movie long before it ever even comes out, so when they do finally see the movie they go in biased and I'm sorry, but if you go into a movie wanting to hate it you are going to hate it, regardless of how good or bad it is. They also focus on the most trivial details and sometimes just flat out forget or ignore parts of the movie to make it seem worse or better than it is. Sometimes their reviews are fun to read but that is about all they are good for...never trust JoBlo on what movie you should see.

        Replies: 57
    Msg #57: On 8/5/2011 at 12:59:09 AM, Kevy Mac replied to Msg #56, saying:
    If I trusted Joblo for what movies to go see, I'd be hitchhiking back to Brandon to go see Rise. I'm not entirely sold on it. They also gave Inception high reviews (so did everyone else) and I just finished watching that.

    Msg #58: On 8/5/2011 at 3:38:48 AM, Adam replied, saying:
    For the record, I went into with extremely low expectations, and came out having experienced one of my favourites of the year. I honestly couldn't give a shit thats its rebooting, I've read up on the original way the apes took over and this new version is by far the better one (cats and dogs dying out and apes becoming the new pets? Seriously?).

    It's a rare feeling indeed when you go in expecting nothing special and half way through you realise - holy shit, I'm am loving this - and then have that continue right through to the credits. It made my day.

    Cameron is correct. Caesar is one of the greatest characters of the year. I won' t say it yet because I wish to see the film once or twice more, but I can easily see him becoming an all-time favourite character of mine too.

    To those of you saying 'fuck this film' because you're too emotionally attached to the original canon, I can offer nothing but a shrug of the shoulders. I don't care for the old films, and Burton's remake is best left forgotten anyway, sorry.

    THIS, right here, is the beginning of a story I want to see told to the end.

    Msg #59: On 8/6/2011 at 3:22:42 AM, PaulSF replied, saying:
    The work by WETA was absolutely a bucket of high achievement win. My jaw was on the floor and Andy Serkis's performance was his usual best. I was engaged by the character he created.

    The overall script? Oh. Fuck me.

    -dull human characters across the board
    -embarrassingly on the nose nods literally throughout; some cases literally screaming quotations at the screen.
    -human beings are assholes and now to remind you repeatedly with Tom Felton being typecast while all the other asshole characters are off-screen being said assholes.
    -a love interest with zero character development or point that's only there because good looking leads always need a love interest, even if it adds nothing

    Other than that it was watchable. The effects are superb, the action in the third act is actually pretty exciting. It does a solid enough job focusing on Ceaser throughout the story, -but- sadly beyond one good human story involving Franco's father, which wraps itself up before the third act begins, I just didn't care and felt manipulated to boot into not caring so much about humanity because of how much it hammers in how much we deserve it. Pretty much every human character in the film sans Franco and his date are either: greedy, corrupt, violent, or just an unfathomable prick. It's a tired routine. But hey, PETA must have written up a hell of a glowing review.


    I went with a friend of mine that absolutely loved it, giving it his only 10/10 of the year. He spent the entire ride home gushing over how nearly every scene tied into the original films in some way perfectly as a canonical work. I saw the first one long ago, never saw the sequels, and the Tim Burton remake remains his worst film. Not passionate about the series at all. WETA and Serkis made this interesting for me.

        Replies: 65
    Msg #60: On 8/6/2011 at 3:28:55 AM, Ostromite replied, saying:
    -embarrassingly on the nose nods literally throughout; some cases literally screaming quotations at the screen.

    This is what I feared. Can you give some examples, Paul? I'm a huge fan of the original and if this sort of thing is going on in it, I've lost what little interest I did have.

    Msg #61: On 8/6/2011 at 3:34:35 AM, PaulSF replied, saying:
    1.) Felton: It's a MAD HOUSE! A MAD HOUSE!


    3.) Security guard watching the original film on TV.

    4, etc) http://www.castnews.us/rise-of-the-planet-of-the-apes-easter-eggs-youll-go-bananas-for-17359/. When it was more subtle I was fine, when it wasn't, dear God.

    Msg #62: On 8/6/2011 at 3:45:52 AM, Ostromite replied, saying:
    3.) Security guard watching the original film on TV.

    That's unforgivable.

        Replies: 63
    Msg #63: On 8/6/2011 at 4:19:10 AM, PaulSF replied to Msg #62, saying:
    Like I said, embarrassingly bad.

    EDIT: Someone is trying to convince me that if I had seen the original films, especially familiarized myself with the original, I would have loved it and appreciated the characters and what they represented. I didn't realize you needed to watch a movie released when you were trapped inside your old man's balls to judge a current film's merit.

    Msg #64: On 8/6/2011 at 4:51:46 AM, Ostromite replied, saying:
    I very much doubt that. The original movie is based on a novel that was an ironic allegory for how the author was tortured by the Japanese during World War II, and the director and writers adapted the same metaphors to American racism and anti-evolution rhetoric. Unless the new film is some brilliant three-way commentary on slave sweatshops in the Third World, Abu Ghraib, and fundamentalist Christianity, then I don't buy it. For instance, in the trailer it shows the chimpanzee in a cage getting prodded and tormented, which is a scene lifted straight out of the original movie but with the apes and humans reverses, which completely negates the entire point of the scene in the first place.

    Msg #65: On 8/6/2011 at 4:53:33 AM, Pteranadon2003 replied to Msg #59, saying:
    Hahahaha naw dude

    One of the best films of the summer. Exciting, fascinating and even touching. It's a must see.

    Msg #66: On 8/6/2011 at 5:00:10 AM, Narrator replied, saying:
    Actually, if you think about it, this movie is awesome.

    I just wanted it to keep going

    Msg #67: On 8/6/2011 at 5:08:25 AM, PaulSF replied, saying:
    I'm glad you guys enjoyed it but I honestly cannot fathom not finding any flaw with this. The Stinkin' Paws line alone (which I guess now is a series fucking catchphrase) isn't just bad, it's put in the worst possible fucking place they could have placed it. Not five seconds later, arguably the biggest, most dramatic moment of the film is unleashed -- it is completely fucking ruined by what proceeded it seconds before. Had Felton simply barked something like "Get back in your cage, you pathetic monkey!" followed immediately by what happens... that would have blown my hair back. It didn't. It didn't because I was too busy recovering from groaning so hard.

        Replies: 68
    Msg #68: On 8/6/2011 at 8:09:36 PM, Narrator replied to Msg #67, saying:
    sucks for you I guess. I just didn't let one slightly cheesy line ruin an entire scene for me. I actually didn't mind the line at all. I'm no fan of the original films, I've never seen them and only know a few catch phrases from pop culture so I enjoyed hearing them in this. Even if it was lame, why dwell on it?

    Msg #69: On 8/6/2011 at 8:28:29 PM, Varan101 replied, saying:
    Obviously this movie was marketed extremely deceptively. Really, the "Planet of the Apes" never happens. At least not yet. I really enjoyed Caesar - easily one of the strongest characters in a movie this year.

    I agree with whoever said that the female character is extremely useless. Totally unneeded.

    The dicks in the ape prison were pretty lame and stereotypical bully characters. Brian Cox is completely wasted.

    I'm undecided whether I like the action sequences or not.

    Msg #70: On 8/6/2011 at 10:51:29 PM, ST1NG replied, saying:
    Just got back from it. Despite a few cheesy bits, I thought it was pretty great. Caeser is an awesome character. The special effects were brilliant, but really Andy Serkis is the best part about this movie.


    Msg #71: On 8/7/2011 at 6:17:35 AM, Adam replied, saying:
    The fact that they are still a far sight from being a 'Planet of the Apes' is probably the main reason they originally wanted the film to simply be called 'Rise of the Apes' which is much more fitting, until they freaked thinking people wouldn't recognise what it is. They really don't give the general audience much credit, and for good reason I suppose.

    Seriously though, I loved this film. I really want to see it again. Like Narrator said, it was just one of those instances where I didn't want it to end, and it left me wanting so much more.

    Sure the human characters aren't the best ever created but they are far from bad. Lithgow and Franco are great, the rest are just there to serve more as story propulsion for Caesar more than anything. I honestly couldn't have cared less while I was being treated to one of the best and most rich character arcs I've seen in years, in the form of a fucking monkey.

    The cheesy one-liners didn't bother me either. The 'damn dirty ape' line certainly didn't ruin the film's climatic moment in my cinema. A couple of people chuckled for a moment but as soon as Caesar just roars that guttural NO, everyone just shut the fuck up. You could feel the tension in the cinema, and I fucking love moments like that. They are far too rare.

    If Serkis doesn't at least get nominated for this... fuck.

        Replies: 73
    Msg #72: On 8/7/2011 at 10:36:32 AM, Vinsfeld replied, saying:

    Msg #73: On 8/7/2011 at 7:25:37 PM, ST1NG replied to Msg #71, saying:
    The 'damn dirty ape' line certainly didn't ruin the film's climatic moment in my cinema. A couple of people chuckled for a moment but as soon as Caesar just roars that guttural NO, everyone just shut the fuck up. You could feel the tension in the cinema, and I fucking love moments like that. They are far too rare.

    I had the same experience at my local theater. Really, the only part that kind of bugged me was the "mad house" line. It wasn't so much that the line felt like it was shoehorned in, I just think Felton's delivery was cheesy.

    Anyway, I think I'll see this again soon.

    Msg #74: On 8/7/2011 at 7:33:25 PM, Ostromite replied, saying:
    What the hell is that from, Vinsfeld?

        Replies: 75
    Msg #75: On 8/7/2011 at 8:28:08 PM, fordprefect replied to Msg #74, saying:

    Msg #76: On 8/7/2011 at 8:29:49 PM, Ostromite replied, saying:
    Is that a werewolf, then? Why is it so big? While I'm at it, why is Twilight so big? Or, really, why is Twilight?

        Replies: 77, 78, 81
    Msg #77: On 8/7/2011 at 8:34:34 PM, fordprefect replied to Msg #76, saying:
    Yeah that's Taylor Lautner's character. I dunno why he's that big.

    Er...I saw it with my girlfriend. Don't judge me.

    Msg #78: On 8/7/2011 at 9:00:48 PM, Trainwreck replied to Msg #76, saying:
    Why am I suddenly feeling jealous of Ostro?

    Msg #79: On 8/7/2011 at 9:09:21 PM, Vinsfeld replied, saying:
    Andy Serkis' competition for oscar season. I had to post the gif because it was too funny when i first stumbled upon it. I can't imagine being that actor. "ok kneel here and be petted"

    Msg #80: On 8/7/2011 at 9:17:12 PM, dieterstark replied, saying:
    You know, I really liked Feltons character he played the sadistic prick very well; if only he had been more suave with his cattle prod. He shares alot with Dieter Stark and I find that refreshing. Both too prideful for their own good, both like to use tazers on defensless creatures, both get killed by said defenseless creatures. Both characters are great because you love to hate them and when they get their just rewards its all the more fun to watch.

    Though I do sympathize more with Dieter, he didn't seem like that much of an idiot (besides walking 50 yards to take a shit), and it was ironicly sad that he could have been saved from IMO the worst fate out of anyone in TLW if Carter had not been listening to his Mexican groove rock.

    Msg #81: On 8/7/2011 at 10:06:11 PM, ST1NG replied to Msg #76, saying:
    That last one is (as far as I'm concerned) the best question this decade.

    Msg #82: On 8/7/2011 at 11:30:27 PM, Varan101 replied, saying:
    You liked Tom Felton in this movie? That guy was shitty. He couldn't deliver a line to save his life. I thought he was shitty in the Potter movies too.

        Replies: 83
    Msg #83: On 8/7/2011 at 11:44:48 PM, dieterstark replied to Msg #82, saying:
    I always liked Malfoy in the novels, and was kind of bummed when he didn't get a "redemption" in the last, final novel. He was just a little bitch to the end, and any redeeming quality I saw in his character in the novels up until then (what little ones they were, he had a few times where he did good) was obviously gone and Rowling went with the "straight up villain" technique instead of the complicated, redeemed villain who switched to the good side at the very last minute. Up until the last book he was one of my favorite characters. So it was cool to see the actor play in 'Rise'...and I think he did a good job, when we left the theatre my family all said that the human characters (Felton in particular) made them really side with the apes in the movie. Which is an odd thing, for a movie to accomplish that...have us humans side for the apes, we all know there are far too many people out there exactly like Feltons character or much worse in one way or the other.

        Replies: 84
    Msg #84: On 8/8/2011 at 2:16:52 AM, Oviraptor replied to Msg #83, saying:

    Loved it, 100 times better than Burton's POTA. Not that it's hard for it to be, but I still thought it was a better and great film.

    Can't wait for the sequels.

    Msg #85: On 8/8/2011 at 5:12:21 AM, elementry replied, saying:
    Just saw it. Loved it. Except for the teenage girls sitting next to me that giggled the whole time when the apes were on the screen.

    Msg #86: On 8/8/2011 at 6:43:32 AM, Adam replied, saying:
    The apes made them horny? Was it that type of giggling? 'Cause if so, that's hot.

    Msg #87: On 8/8/2011 at 2:54:47 PM, RezSez replied, saying:
    This was brilliant in every way. I'm surprised at the morons(Paul) who felt certain characters were useless, and then I just remind myself that they are morons(Paul) and even though they have gone to school for noticing important stuff like why certain things are in a script(Paul), they fail to realize why a character is in the film. Tell me this folks, how should the scene in the trees where James Dean is about to eat Indian Food and the world's most famous salad(WMFS) realizes he is alone without a bitch of his own to bang go without Indian Food? Maybe WMFS should walk in on James Dean jerking off? No, because then WMFS could just jerk off too. Maybe James Dean could have been a bisexual(BLASPHEMY) and gotten it on with WMFS? Tell me you didn't think a kiss was going to happen at the end. Come on, dipshits. The whole five minutes or so of screentime given to Indian Food is to show situations where companionship is needed, which WMFS lacks.

    Msg #88: On 8/8/2011 at 4:09:18 PM, Ostromite replied, saying:
    I didn't see this movie yet, so I have literally no idea what Rez is talking about.

        Replies: 89
    Msg #89: On 8/8/2011 at 7:03:20 PM, dieterstark replied to Msg #88, saying:
    No one knows what he is talking about.

    Msg #90: On 8/9/2011 at 3:37:41 AM, Ostromite replied, saying:
    I guess I'm going to see this movie tomorrow or the next day. Literally every single person I know who's seen it has loved it (and, remember, I hang out with mostly film people), so I guess I'm just going to have swallow my skepticism and cough up the 16 bucks. Still can't decide if I want to see it on a double feature with Captain America or not, though.

        Replies: 91
    Msg #91: On 8/9/2011 at 11:15:19 PM, dieterstark replied to Msg #90, saying:
    Go ahead and see the monkey movie and don't expect much. You might get a pleasant surprise.

    Msg #92: On 8/9/2011 at 11:41:58 PM, Pteranadon2003 replied, saying:
    Everyone quite being a dick and see it. It's the last of the summer movies.

    Msg #93: On 8/10/2011 at 6:41:28 AM, Adam replied, saying:
    Rez is correct in a round-about sort of way. The girlfriend character existed to create that ulterior form of distraction for Franco's character, which Caesar clearly notices in the forest scene and makes him unsettled. Like I said, aside from Franco and Lithgow, most characters are plot developers, but it's still a fantastic film through and through.

    Msg #94: On 8/12/2011 at 12:23:12 AM, raptor2000 replied, saying:
    Well, my dad is a big fan of the original movie and he wanted me to go see this with him and being as how he was paying I couldn't exactly say no, so I saw this tonight.

    It was ok. Only ok. It is really getting overrated right now due to the motion-capture performances by Andy Serkis and others, and rightfully so because the CGI is amazing, but special effects alone don't carry a movie. The acting was good enough (I thought Franco did fine, contrary to most reviews), the music was decent, the special effects are great, but the story was meh. I'm still pissed they apparently are aiming at making a new series instead of adding to the old one, though it seems even the makers of this movie weren't entirely sure whether their film was a prequel to the original or the first chapter in a new series, what with all the references to the first movie....they went much farther than just paying homage.
    Anyway, I have to be at work at 5 so that's all for now.


    Msg #95: On 8/12/2011 at 12:35:44 AM, PaulSF replied, saying:
    Winner ding ding.

    Msg #96: On 8/18/2011 at 1:24:59 AM, Phily replied, saying:
    Love, love, loved this. 4/5 hearts.

        Replies: 97
    Msg #97: On 8/18/2011 at 1:41:12 AM, Pteranadon2003 replied to Msg #96, saying:
    Watched it again. Love this flick. A few flaws isn't gonna deter me from naming this one of my top 3 movies of the year.

    It's also one of the few movies I can think of that I want a sequel to RIGHT NOW.

        Replies: 98
    Msg #98: On 8/18/2011 at 4:17:41 AM, Evilgrinch replied to Msg #97, saying:
    My thoughts...

    Though both share weak, underdeveloped romances, ‘Apes’ and ‘Thor’ represent pretty much the only American blockbusters with anything resembling pace, humour and heart this summer. Patrick Doyle seems to have the magic touch. His scores for both soar – complementing the emotional beats and the efficient, enjoyable setpieces. Throw Potter and Vin into the mix and its been an okay season.

    Ignoring the awful title (please, please a moratorium on use of the word ‘Rise’), ‘Apes’ works well by sidestepping the focus on human characters and placing the chimpy hero front and centre. Serkis performs with a wild, full-bodied energy, inhabiting the CG creation with the same monkey magic as his Kong. Where they differ though is that Kong, marvellous though he was, had mere flashes of a soul behind the eyes. Caesar is as fully realised, if not more so, than his fleshy counterparts. He steals every scene – each blink and gesture vindicating those of us who’ve defended his right to be counted and prized alongside the onscreen actors.




    Msg #99: On 8/18/2011 at 3:03:47 PM, Bryan replied, saying:
    Great film. Looking forward to the sequel:

    The Escape from the Conquest of the Battle for the Rise from Beneath The Planet of the Apes.

    Msg #100: On 8/18/2011 at 3:58:22 PM, JPJunkee replied, saying:
    I really, really liked it. Great action, amazing special effects, and an interesting enough story. Yeah, there are some issues with character development, but it wasn't too bad. Though, I think it does say something about the film when I can remember 5 or 6 ape names, but not really any human character's names.

    Have we reached the point where there should be a new special effects award for a special effects performance? Andy Serkis' work as Caesar is brilliant, you can't take your eyes off him. And for that matter, I would have personally thrown some awards recognition Zoe Saldana's way long before some of the other awards Avatar was nominated for.

    I had a really good time. Some of the final act was the most trilling I had seen in a big special effects movie in a long while. It makes my Top 5 of the year. . . so far.

    EDIT: Whee! Post 100.

    Msg #101: On 8/20/2011 at 12:13:11 PM, Monkappotamus replied, saying:
    Finally got to see it last night. The first thing that struck me once it was all over was how blatantly deceptive the trailers were. They made the apes seem to be all evil, and determined almost from the start to overthrow humans. I'm glad it wasn't like this though. As literally everyone else has been saying, Andy Serkis and the CGI people did a fantastic job making Caesar a bona fide character, with reactions and emotions resembling but not exactly like that of a human. The movie did still kind of try to make you feel like the apes escaping was an ominous thing, with all their roaring and chest thumping. But of course Caesar was just trying to lead them all to freedom - and even avoid human casualties where possible (opposite of trailers' vibe, and perhaps a little over the top/unnecessary).

    The credits scene was also cool in that it both confirmed the likely cause of man's downfall for those of us too slow to connect the dots earlier (*raises hand*) and leave it flexible as to whether or not there'll be a sequel (could be, but now not really necessary).

    Msg #102: On 8/20/2011 at 5:06:25 PM, Trainwreck replied, saying:
    Just saw it today. Stuff I liked:

    + Caesar, like everybody else has said
    + The way the apes WILL take over the world. I'm not the biggest on PotA lore, so I don't know if it differs from the original. But it's certainly more plausible than the thought of apes taking over the world, which would be impossible.
    + The orangutan and gorilla were as wonderfully rendered as Caesar.
    + John Lithgow.
    + The hot, HOT love interest of this film.
    + The dude from Super Troopers.

    Stuff I didn't like:

    - Demonization of corporations, especially pharmaceuticals.
    - Campy, one-sided ape-keeper was one dimensional and boring. I guess we needed someone to hate, so whatever...
    - Most other chimps weren't so flawlessly rendered. It seemed kind of jarring to me that many of the apes were so flawlessly done, yet others looked so fake at times.
    - The awful, AWFUL implementation of the "damn dirty ape" line, especially right before Caesar's 'rise' almost ruined it.

    All in all, I'd give the movie about a 6.5/10. I had a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing where they take the next one.

    Msg #103: On 8/20/2011 at 7:43:31 PM, Phily replied, saying:
    Freida Pinto's face is nice, but the rest is way too skinny for me. She's the one Indian you can have lol. =]

    Also, I freaking love this movie.

        Replies: 104
    Msg #104: On 8/20/2011 at 9:21:21 PM, Trainwreck replied to Msg #103, saying:
    She's about the only Indian I would have, lol. I didn't really notice how skinny she was, but now that I Google her, you're kind of right. Still doable, however.

    Msg #105: On 8/21/2011 at 7:42:44 PM, Vinsfeld replied, saying:
    Priya Rai

        Replies: 106, 108
    Msg #106: On 8/21/2011 at 8:28:25 PM, Trainwreck replied to Msg #105, saying:
    God, no. That chick is so artificial and disgusting. Not saying I haven't...seen her work, however. Hah

    Msg #107: On 8/22/2011 at 4:03:24 PM, Pteranadon2003 replied, saying:
    Freida Pinto as "doable". The Arrogant Understatement of the year. lol

    Msg #108: On 8/22/2011 at 4:35:20 PM, Ostromite replied to Msg #105, saying:
    Hmm, I've never heard of that woman...

    *Googles Priya Rai*

        Replies: 109
    Msg #109: On 8/22/2011 at 5:18:44 PM, Trainwreck replied to Msg #108, saying:
    Well, more than just "doable," Ptera. What I meant is she's still very attractive, but she could stand to gain 10 lbs. Not really trying to be arrogant here.

    Ostro, Priya Rai was probably hot back in the day...but she's been so used up by the porn industry and lately seems to have had so many surgeries (most notably her absurdly over-inflated collagen lips) that she's now disgusting. Plus, she wears so much makeup to cover the fact that the porn industry has taken her soul and made her into a dried out, washed-up whore with nothing to show for it but broken dreams and $15 she made behind the dumpster of a 7-Eleven.

        Replies: 111
    Msg #110: On 8/22/2011 at 5:24:07 PM, fordprefect replied, saying:

    Msg #111: On 8/23/2011 at 2:36:28 PM, Pteranadon2003 replied to Msg #109, saying:
    Hehe I wasn't being that serious man. To each his own. :)

    LOL at the post btw.

    Msg #112: On 8/24/2011 at 1:50:37 PM, Colin replied, saying:
    I saw it and thought it was amazing with two exceptions --


    1. Yeah, Tom Felton sucked balls.

    2. Father's death was too business-like and detached... Right after the touching scene where he denies more of the virus to potentially cure him.


    The Golden Gate bridge scene was phenomenal. What a wonderful use of the structure of the bridge for the plot and how the apes could use it for their advantage.

    Wonderful final scene "Caesar is home." The speaking was done very well and could have been extremely cheesy.

    Msg #113: On 9/4/2011 at 12:59:06 PM, Ostromite replied, saying:
    Saw it last night on a double bill at the drive-in. Rarely does a summer movie so viciously make me eat my words. Easily the best Planet of the Apes movies since the original.

    Msg #114: On 9/4/2011 at 1:23:34 PM, Cameron replied, saying:
    Glad you enjoyed it, I'm happy it did so well, surprised me how well it did, being an August release.

    Msg #115: On 1/2/2019 at 12:20:16 AM, PaulSF replied, saying:
    This movie still blows. Look at how much better the following two are. Always ahead of the game. Bumped so Vinny could read after finally seeing this overrated piss bomb.

        Replies: 116
    Msg #116: On 3/2/2019 at 5:43:11 PM, Pteranadon2003 replied to Msg #115, saying:
    Naw bro still good. Parts 2 and 3 are better but I still like this one. :P

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