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    To convince Spielberg to go with CGI dinosaurs instead of stop-motion effects, the ILM team animated a herd of dinosaur skeletons running across a field. (From: 'Vader')
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    "Fallen Kingdom"
    On 9/21/2018 at 3:33:37 PM, Evilgrinch started the thread:
    Series low point.

    Msg #1: On 9/25/2018 at 5:37:23 PM, Colin replied, saying:
    I personally felt as though Jurassic World was the series low point. I found a handful of things somewhat worth caring about in the new film.

    I found the direction to be rather strong -- JA Bayona is an exceptional talent, even if the script and story had issues. Then again -- It may be just that watching JW was somewhat traumatizing after waiting all that time and seeing its sequel wasn't ever going to be as damaging since I'd already gone numb.

    Msg #2: On 9/25/2018 at 6:40:36 PM, Pteranadon2003 replied, saying:
    I can see myself watching it again...but the more I think about it, the more things I disliked about it come to light. I used to think "Of course JP3 is still the worst one" but you know what? I like JP3 just fine. It's not great but it's an entertaining romp with some cool sequences. Fallen Kingdom aimed for more I guess but I personally don't care for the direction of the film and I really don't like much of its execution. Not to say there aren't things I did like about it but honestly I feel like I've been lying to myself about this film since I saw it. I WANTED to love it but I think this one failed for me...

    If I had to rank them right now it would be:

    1. Jurassic Park
    2. The Lost World
    3. Jurassic World
    4. Jurassic Park III
    5. Fallen Kingdom

    Msg #3: On 9/25/2018 at 7:32:33 PM, Colin replied, saying:
    Upon retrospect, I consider JP3 to be middling. JW is disastrous (in my eyes).

    Msg #4: On 9/29/2018 at 4:00:50 AM, PaulSF replied, saying:
    Solidly the second best for me. Not even a close call. JW was a blast from a story and action standpoint with a self-admitted unapologetically childish (and child perspective) direction from Trevorrow. It's a storyteller jumping up and down on his bed with a juice box in cinematic form. If you've grown old in your heart and in relating to how you approach your genre movies (and love of dinosaurs), JW just wasn't made for you. I happily jump on with him when I watch it. Bayona, however, is very nearly the class of visual storyteller that Steven Spielberg is with the same deeply cine-literate knowledge (the mans a film professor too, for fuck sake), and the narrative here ran much deeper. Most reading already know that from other places regarding my thoughts, though. I adored the direction it took, Bayonas gorgeous visuals and shooting style, and the aforementioned ballsy choices at work in the screenplay from Trevorrow. Loved the genre mashing, too; there's even clearly some Indiana Jones going on at times with Owen during the third acts physicality/action (before it goes full on Gothic). I'm sorry, there isn't a bone in my body that doesn't absolutely adore and appreciate that. It's the fourth sequel in a long running series. Do something new -- it did. I've always wanted things like Gothic horror injected into Jurassic, and boy did I fucking get it.

    The Brachio death and Blue blood transfusion scene (the latter in particular a masterfully edited and scored piece of filmmaking, by the way) also mark the only times in the series I was actually hit emotionally. It's like finally getting feature length apologies for the sequels that began severely letting me down from 1997 - 2001. Can't wait for June 2021. I enjoy JP3 more these days somewhat; it's fun/very re-watchable and greatly contributed to the raptor intelligence themes that would fully payoff from JW foward. J.A. Bayona completely outclassed a largely uninterested Steven Spielberg on TLW with the exception of the brilliant trailer sequence, and Trevorrow wrote a script that actually evolved the franchise in a bold new direction that I cannot wait to see unfold (and before doing so, blew up that fucking island so we can't go back). Praying for the return of Laura Dern and Sam Neill in some capacity. Trevorrow has said watching Bayona work has improved him as a filmmaker, and I'm inclined to believe that.

    <3 This man's eye.

    1. Jurassic Park
    2. Fallen Kingdom
    3. Jurassic World
    4. Jurassic Park 3
    5. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

        Replies: 5
    Msg #5: On 10/5/2018 at 5:59:45 AM, Evilgrinch replied to Msg #4, saying:
    I certainly agree the brachiosaur death scene was beautifully shot (I actually enjoyed a fair bit of the stuff on the island itself), but I just can't share your general enthusiasm.

    I'm not particularly down on Bayona per se, my problem is Trevorrow. His storytelling instincts are so fundamentally unsound that I'm flabbergasted he's continuing to get work. The screenplay on this is shoddy, shoddy, first-draft stuff. Structurally unsound, tonally uneven and never thematically coherent. I feel bad that Bayona's sklll as a stylist and ability to spin an effective setpiece is let down so badly by the actual storytelling. Why/how did Marshall and Spielberg sign off on this draft? The thing needed waaaay more development.

    I hope he improves. I hope having a new co-writer on JP6 helps things, and boy do they have an intriguing opening point, but consider me sceptical for now.


    PS - Hope all's well, it's been a long time!

        Replies: 6
    Msg #6: On 10/6/2018 at 1:07:47 AM, PaulSF replied to Msg #5, saying:
    FK is a weird, weird Jurassic movie. It's not like I'm baffled by the mixed to negative fan and critical reaction. Everything you said I think is a valid reaction to the bonkersville tonal shifts and goings-on within that last hour, but I was on board for a lot of reasons, chiefly that it finally felt like someone was doing something fresh. The opening hour on the island is exactly the type of movie you've come to know. After that, it's The Book Of Henry of Jurassic Park. You think you're getting one thing, and begin to sit comfortably within that chair, but then someone runs up to you, flips the chair, and the leg goes straight up your ass if you aren't ready for it.

    Thing is, I greatly appreciated all of those risky choices and the genre mish-mashing did its job in entertaining the shit out of me while injecting a fourth sequel with some fresh creative juices. I couldn't ever say before that a JP movie made my jaw drop with a narrative twist, for another example. This did, and upon further examination, it was both nicely alluded to beforehand in many visual ways and also very pure Crichton thematic content. Some of these choices probably could have been executed much cleaner by further drafts, but I appreciated the vision too much to dwell extensively on what wasn't there.... particularly because what I wanted most of all, I got; a Jurassic that had more in common with Dracula or The Wolf Man than traditional JP.

    It is a good thing a new writer is involved with the next one. Trevorrow may be a better idea man than he is a writer, but as a JP fan that's been burned twice in my life, he's still delivering me sequels that actually do something for me again beyond being disposable run-from-dinos entertainment. This was thematic, beautiful, scary, and again... ballsy. I think, as you said, even people that didn't like the movie are intrigued about the next one. To me that's proof of doing something right in regards to storytelling. If it was another safe, basic sequel no one would give a fuck about what happens next. You may have liked it as another JP3 level fun dinosaur movie, but people wouldn't be talking about it. Fallen Kingdom, like The Last Jedi, get people talking with little to no "Eh it was okay." It's either people love it, or it's easily the worst shit of the series. That's what gets me interested. Rob Zombie tapped into that one pretty good with his ambitious and fucking weird Halloween II.

    I'm doing well. Hope you are too. The "conversation" has since moved to Discord, ran by a couple old mods from Dans JP3 past, FYI.

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