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    Ariana Richards' younger sister, Beth, could be seen hanging around the set of JP. Apparently, she had a crush on Joseph Mazzello and tried to kiss him in a swimming pool. (From: 'jurassiraptor')
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    "Unintended, but delightful conequences"
    On 6/23/2015 at 8:10:30 PM, Vinsfeld started the thread:
    So after repeated viewings of Jurassic World, I have to say that Treverrow successfully, although most likely unintentionally, helped fix some of Jurassic Park IIIs' flaws, primarily the Spinosaurus and it's Hollywood monster movie shenanigans.

    One of my biggest gripes with JP3 was how the Spinosaur seemed to act like a monster, rather than an animal. The fact that it was "on Ingen's list" seemed like sloppy writing to just bring a bigger, badder monster into the forray.

    With Jurassic World, we can kind of allude to the idea that Dr. Wu and Ingen were experimenting with dinosaurs on Site B to create what would eventually end up being, the Indominus Rex. This line of thinking, at least eliminates my major complaint about the third one, even if Treverrow didn't mean to connect the movies in this way. The Spinosaur definitely exhibits some of the same "smartness" shown by the Indominus, which originally I chalked up to a shitty "lets make this dinosaur the villain" mentality that kind of ruined the movie and moved Jurassic Park away from "the folly of man and the power of Nature" to "Dinosaurs are cool and act like monsters" style.

    Anyways, food for thought.

    Msg #1: On 6/28/2015 at 5:30:53 PM, Compy01 replied, saying:
    I saw this because I accidentally clicked the wrong link (I meant to go on movie discussion), but I guess you're kind of right.

    It's crazy how boring JP3 was. It's just over half the length as the others and yet it feels twice as long.

        Replies: 2
    Msg #2: On 7/4/2015 at 3:34:01 PM, Vinsfeld replied to Msg #1, saying:
    Yeah I thought about posting this in the JW mega thread, but figured it'd get buried in all the circle jerk going on in there, lol

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