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    Soon after filming of JP was complete, a raptor skeleton discovered in Wyoming was quickly dubbed "Spielberg's raptor" because of its uncanny resembelance to the raptors in JP. (From: Rippnraptor)
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    "A New Perspective"
    On 4/20/2013 at 11:27:53 AM, Maester started the thread:
    We don't really know much about the "dinosaurs" of Jurassic Park 4, if some of us still want to call them that. We all know they are dino-bird-frogs. Beside that, each Jurassic Park has had some form of paleontological progression whether it was nature, appearance, whatever. The fourth once should continue in that step, but if not feathers, or so, why not this:

    Recently it had been discovered that a lot of the dinosaurs we thought we knew didn't actually exist as we knew them. Triceratops didn't exist, because it was really a juvenile Torosaurus, but considering people know about Triceratops that's the name that took. Likewise, Nanotyrannus is really a juvenile Tyrannosaurus and Dracorex is just Pachycephalosaurus.

    My idea is if it might be possible, with Jack Horner on the team again, and him being the lead paleontologist on this new issue that we'll see the new differences. Maybe a juvenile Tyrannosaurus that is much like Nanotyrannus was described, or a larger Triceratops just as we know Torosaurus to be. It's something very minor, even subtle, but I think it would be atleast a nod to the progression of knowledge we are gaining about Dinosaurs. Even if the Director is living in the past with his naked scaly freaks.

    Msg #1: On 4/29/2013 at 9:26:32 PM, dieterstark replied, saying:
    I'd love to see the Deinosuchus (30-40 ft Jurassic Crocodilian)

    How about this for an opening scene?

    It would be AMAZING to have the first scene on Isla Nublar, because the lake areas were never visited in the movies OR it can easily just be Isla Sorna to keep it all straight.
    Here it is:

    LOCATION: ISLA SORNA (Camera is panning underwater, in a river)

    Camera pans by something we see briefly, but cannot make out what it is as the pan up reveals a beautiful sight for JP fan eyes. Herbivores roam a grassy meadow near the river, they call to each other in their own language.

    The scene, it is tranquil, calm, a peaceful lost world. Herbivores graze in the back ground as the Spinosaurus slowly walks towards the water to drink; quence its searing thirst.

    It does not see what we see.

    We see the Deinosuchus, slowly submerge like a giant tree in the river, and ripples form as it makes its way to the waters edge.

    CUT TO: underwater shot of the Spinosaurs snout, an animatronic snout oblivious to the peril meters away.

    SUDDENLY: the spinosaur freezes, he senses something; but it is too late, a DEINOSUCHUS ERUPTS from the water.

    He is all teeth and jaw, and has the spinosaur by the neck..much like the rex did in JP3...but unlike the rex in JP3 the deinosuchus pulls the Spino into the water with a wip of the head, pulling him down and shaking like a dog with a toy.

    CUT TO: SURPRISE spinosaurs roars in defeat, terror, and unbelief at its foolishness. The spino takes one last breath before he is VIOLENTLY yanked underwater.

    The water ripples away, and is now calm. The attack took 30 seconds, and now the scene is as if nothing happened at all. A few dinosaurs back away from the water, a Brachiosaur trumpets his approval.

    PAN UP over Isla Sorna, just the dinosaurs roaming the river bank and the plains beyond- fade out to

    JURASSIC PARK IV (or Return to JP, whatever they end up calling it)

    Here is some art for my scene idea (Trevorrow, any one working on JPIV feel FREE to use any and all of my ideas if you think they are cool enough). I don't care about money, I just want this movie to be the best it can be- to make up for the atrocity that was JP3.

        Replies: 2, 8
    Msg #2: On 5/7/2013 at 4:11:11 PM, Maester replied to Msg #1, saying:
    Jurassic Park 3 was my favorite of the franchise. Also, I'm pretty sure they've got it under control and do not peruse sites like this just hoping for someone one out there to have an idea for them to use.

        Replies: 3
    Msg #3: On 5/11/2013 at 6:16:14 PM, dieterstark replied to Msg #2, saying:
    I think it would be ironic and effective to have the Spinosaurus killed off or not shown in JPIV Maester. Either by a BIG T-Rex, or a Deinosuchus like above; or the new dinosaurs (though I imagine the new dinosaur is not going to be a BIG super predator- we've seen that before)...I think the new dinosaur will be either the camo-Carnosaur , Troodon, or Dimetridon (spl?).

    What do you think the new dino will be Maester?

    Msg #4: On 5/11/2013 at 8:42:33 PM, Maester replied, saying:
    Spinosaurus is my pride and joy. Nothing will happen to it.

    Msg #5: On 5/13/2013 at 12:59:57 PM, Siir replied, saying:
    Triceratops was named before Torosaurus. So Triceratops will persist as the name for the genus, regardless of whether or not it is shown that Torosaurus merely represents a mature form of the same genus - which seems to be debated still.

    And AFAIK, Nanotyrannus remains a separate genus. Some believe that it is merely a juvenile Tyrannosaurus, but until that case is made convincingly in peer reviewed literature, it will likely remain considered a separate genus.

        Replies: 6
    Msg #6: On 5/13/2013 at 5:38:26 PM, dieterstark replied to Msg #5, saying:
    Very true, and a good point. It is damn hard to classify and name a species, if we are not sure if it IS a new species; especially when all we have to go off of is fossils. Like you say, Nanotyrannus could easily be just a juvenile T-Rex...and on the other hand, Giganotasaurus (spl?) could be an example of a massively large T-Rex fossil, much larger than any other T-Rex specimen we have ever found.

    Interesting to ponder the ramifications of this...

    Msg #7: On 5/14/2013 at 6:47:32 PM, Maester replied, saying:
    What are you talking about? Clearly you don't know what it is you're saying. I'm not going to play arm-chair paleontologist with you. What i'm talking about is backed up by ground-breaking study and science. More needs to be done, but those fossils, Dooter, that you claim can't tell us much has given more information than you think would be needed.

    Has anyone here seen Horner's TED talks on juvenile dinosaurs? If not, here it is:

    I don't know everything, myself, and I'm not going to say anything as %100 certain, but I will always go by what current evidence suggests is the firmest path forward toward reality.

        Replies: 10
    Msg #8: On 5/23/2013 at 12:18:04 PM, MartinRandle replied to Msg #1, saying:
    Been Done! Substitute Spinosaurus for Allosaurus and Deinosuchus for Liopleurodon and that was the opening to Walking With Dinosaurs Cruel Seas - which in turn was ripped out of the original novel Meg by Steve Alten.

    So hardly a new idea!

    walking with dinosaurs Cruel Seas

        Replies: 9, 11
    Msg #9: On 5/23/2013 at 7:39:24 PM, Siir replied to Msg #8, saying:
    It was a Eustreptospondylus that got nabbed by the Liopleurodon in WWD.

        Replies: 12
    Msg #10: On 5/28/2013 at 5:43:24 PM, dieterstark replied to Msg #7, saying:
    " but I will always go by what current evidence suggests is the firmest path forward toward reality."

    I know you will.
    I don't see how you do it though, these scientific theories change every year. Major paradigm shifts in theories typically occur ever 10 to 20 years (stat fact). Its always changing, and I guess I can see how that is exciting; especially to people like you who adore science and love the new discoveries. I just cannot put faith in science; it IS too unreliable.

    JP proved that; they had all the best science and "spared no expense" in the movie and book...but their science, however new it was at the time, ultimately failed them. It not only failed them, it destroyed them; it was unreliable, and characters like Malcolm and Muldoon warned of this; even though it was just foreshadowing events to come, the point is still valid.
    Their science was the newest.
    They spared no expense on science and research and development.
    They thought their "version" of science was the right one at the time.
    Yet, it (the science behind Jurassic Park in novel and movie) proved to be unreliable at best, and destructive and deadly at its worst.

    Msg #11: On 5/28/2013 at 5:44:08 PM, dieterstark replied to Msg #8, saying:
    Good catch.

    Msg #12: On 6/2/2013 at 6:01:36 AM, MartinRandle replied to Msg #9, saying:
    So it was, though in fairness I hadn't seen WWD in about 15 years and was remembering the scene. Either way the point still stands - the underwater stalker leaping out and grabbing the smaller but better known predator has been done twice before.

        Replies: 13, 15
    Msg #13: On 6/2/2013 at 2:39:45 PM, Siir replied to Msg #12, saying:
    I just watched WWD last week off Netflix, and honestly, it looks like they just recycled the Allosaurus model for the Eustrepto, just giving it a different color scheme.

    Msg #14: On 6/2/2013 at 11:23:41 PM, elementry replied, saying:
    I tired to watch that Jack Horner video but his constant heavy breathing and lip smacking drove me crazy.

    Msg #15: On 6/3/2013 at 12:35:24 PM, dieterstark replied to Msg #12, saying:
    I just had such an beautiful and intense scene in mind, with wrecked fences complimenting the jungle, the Aviary in the back ground as the attack occurs.

    But you are right Martin, its been done before, twice.

    How else can we open the film? And how else can we rid our self of the Spino? I'm not a Spino fan, but I'd like to see him get killed by a big Rexy.

    I believe the choice to set the movie on Isla Nublar may make this conversation moot, as there were no Spino's on Nublar...and Nublar was a much smaller island. Right?

        Replies: 16
    Msg #16: On 6/7/2013 at 6:21:23 AM, MartinRandle replied to Msg #15, saying:
    Start with the rotting corpse of the spino washed up on a beach with waves lapping at it. A couple of South American kids approach it, tentatively poking it with a stick. They try to get to it but it is huge and wedged into the sand and rocks. Then out of the gut burst a couple of raptors. Bloodied from feeding off the corpse the insides revealing a large clutch of eggs. The kids back off and start to run up the beach.

    We pan back and hear one of them scream while the other panic stricken kid makes it to the road....

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