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    Scientists believe the part of the spinosaurus brain devoted to vision was enlarged, suggesting it had excellent sight. (From: sPitter)
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    "Jurassic park 4 predictions"
    On 1/19/2013 at 3:10:40 AM, skittle brow started the thread:
    So, what do you predict we will hear untill june next year?

    Msg #1: On 1/20/2013 at 10:43:59 AM, Carnotaur3 replied, saying:
    Early February: JP4 will have a director and possibly a small, vague description of the film. They will also list a shooting date goal for August.

    Early April: Official word on casting. To be continued until Late May.

    Early to Mid August: Shooting in Hawaii (or some other new location) commences and lasts to early December.

    Crew takes a break for Christmas and New Years.

    Early January to June: Editing and Effects Frenzy.

    Msg #2: On 1/20/2013 at 7:26:37 PM, skittle brow replied, saying:
    Cant wait for the description, its killing me not knowing! Personally Im hoping for a prequel.

        Replies: 3
    Msg #3: On 1/21/2013 at 7:26:15 AM, MartinRandle replied to Msg #2, saying:
    I am actually surprised in the light of the current trend for reboots that this isn't going to be a remake. There were so many compromises made converting the book into a movie format that conveniently fit into the then standard 90 minute format. Some of the most iconic scenes in the book were cut from the movie. A remake or "reboot" if you will, that took the original story as the source rather than the movie would be my first choice. However. I will forgive all, if we can have an action packed, scientifically sound, Jurassic Park movie.


        Replies: 4
    Msg #4: On 1/21/2013 at 7:04:15 PM, BJP3E replied to Msg #3, saying:
    scientifically sound would not work as it would deviate from the originals too much as far dino looks or actions there by killing continuity JP3 did that enough already

    Msg #5: On 1/24/2013 at 1:44:28 AM, Doni JP replied, saying:

    My Dear Steven Spielberg,
    My Dear Kathleen Kennedy,
    My Dear Frank Marshall,

    See some very important points about JPIV:

    01) The story must have some scientific element to make the story relevant facts and connect with JP.

    02) Jurassic Park IV has to be a serious film with lots of action and adventure (talk business of the Ingen and business what envolves the genetic engineering). Is necessary exists the rescue of all the excitement of JP.

    03) Director: Must be an experienced person with movies action/adventure. A smart director who knows how to combine of perfect way the story and the action/adventure. (Steven Spielberg; Robert Zemeckis)

    04) The scenes with dinosaurs: They need to be scenes with good length of time (example: The first scene of the TRex of JP). We need and want to see the details of the Dinosaurs.

    05) JPIV need to have scenes of fighting between dinosaurs. That would be very exciting! And combats with good length of time too (example: Scene of King Kong with the TRexs). And not a fight as short as combat of Spino with TRex in JP3.

    06) Runtime: Jurassic Park IV must have an average of 120 minutes. Two hours or more!

    07) John Williams.


    If you understood my english,
    do you agree with these ideas?

    I think those ideas are what every JP Fan wants to see in the JPIV.

    Do you agree?

    I'M HERE...

    Msg #6: On 1/26/2013 at 12:18:20 AM, Doni JP replied, saying:
    Why not the Universal announces soon Spielberg as Director of JPIV.
    Spielberg has no plans for other films.
    Today, Spielberg is totally free to assume direction of JPIV.

    Come on, Steven Spielberg!
    Back to our favorite Park!

    Msg #7: On 1/26/2013 at 6:42:02 PM, skittle brow replied, saying:
    It would be great to have Steven back in the directors chair! Very interested to see how this all turns out..

        Replies: 8
    Msg #8: On 1/26/2013 at 11:27:22 PM, BJP3E replied to Msg #7, saying:
    As much as I want another movie I have little faith they can recover from JP3

    They either need to go back to square one and reboot or flat out end the series with say an animal rights vs poacher type story?

    Msg #9: On 1/27/2013 at 1:44:10 AM, skittle brow replied, saying:
    I know what you mean. Thats why id like to see a prequel about the setting up of the islands or whatever. I think the only way they could bring any of the original cast back in it is if they come together to reveal the truth about what happened at the park, and maybe go back to nublar to do a documentary thinking the dinosaurs are dead. I can see why they had difficulty with a new story to follow JP3 though - JP3 should have been a grand finale, if they hadnt of stuffed it.

    Msg #10: On 2/12/2013 at 9:20:57 PM, Maester replied, saying:
    I'm going to go against the grain here, because I was #BornVillain.

    I'm not going to list predictions because psychics don't exist, I am however going to list some trends in each film and sort of compare them with some of the things you all desired/predicted.

    1. There will most likely be a child, or two in the next Jurassic Park.

    The reason for this is the trend shows from film to three that there has been at least someone under the age of eighteen on the island(s). Tim and Lex, Kelly, and then Eric.

    2. The dinosaurs will become progressively more accurate, but still retain its established roots.

    In each film we've seen the team try to display something about dinosaurs that was learned up until that point. In the first one we got bird-like dinosaurs that were more natural than reptilian. Secondly, The Lost World gave us parental dinosaurs, and showed them in an even more natural light as they should be: As animals. They care for their young as they truly had in the prehistoric eras. Thirdly, the third film tried to do a lot in one fell swoop, going on the idea of evolution, but I think the fact that they've established 6ft Velociraptors, a lone predatory Tyrannosaur as opposed to pack hunting, and unbelievably intelligent raptors, we're going to see this in the next film.

    That said, I think the fourth will still try to improve on the image of what we know about dinosaurs and try to incorporate that within the film. I hope it isn't with the raptors, cause I'm fcking sick of Velociraptors. Maybe Dilophosaurus will be 10ft, as opposed to small thing in the first film, or the hadrosaurs will reflect the new info gained from the dinosaur mummies?

    3. Someone will return.

    The trend so far has seen Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant as the two lead protagonists of this tale told. Both individuals have been in at least two films, one together and then one featured alone. One might suggest that the next film should feature Ian, since JP3 was about Grant. I can't say if either will be in it, but I know that someone from the original films will be returning as the main protagonist.

    4. Those fcking Velociraptors

    Oh, how I hate them. I hated how Michael Crichton in his shameful willful ignorance described them the way that most people on this planet see them as. They weren't built the way he had them, point is, they're tiny fcking animals. However, this is more about them being the big feature, or at least being in it.

    Each film that incorporated Alan Grant had his antagonist being the Velociraptor. So, if Grant returns, I can assume that those fcking raptors will perverse the screen again with their unscientific disingenuous garbage. If Ian Malcolm is featured, then suffice to say that the Rex will probably be the antagonist for him that dinosaur was the one to injure him in the first film, and nearly kill him in the second. Either way, it's going to be a Tyrannosaurus, or Velociraptor. Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Compsognathus, which ever may appear, but the two initially mentioned will always be the main antagonists of Jurassic Park's two lead protagonists.

    Final Word.

    I would like to see Grant more, as well as Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding. I loved Julianne Moore in the film, but there's also no denying that Sam Neill's presence on Jurassic Park film is simply like watching Harrison Ford as Indianna Jones. Dr. Alan Grant is the Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones of Jurassic Park. Also, to speak of chemistry, the onscreen duo of Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant is also a real joy to watch. It would be nice to see them both together, even if they're not both on an island with dinosaurs.

        Replies: 11

    Msg #11: On 3/15/2013 at 4:53:24 AM, MartinRandle replied to Msg #10, saying:
    You know what? I am totally with you on the velociraptors. I am always disappointed when the movies get to the raptor section as they are always anticlimactic.

    Save the biggest baddest boss till last, not the ones you could take out with a pistol or hefty base ball bat.

    Thing is, you could say that Chrichton and Spielberg have so elevated the humble velociraptor that it is now seen in common culture as something as bad and smart as the xenomorph from Alien. Rather than a grumpy emu.

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