The Lost World
By Michael Crichton
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    A low-budget 1993 film which attempted to capitalize on the success of JP was called "Carnosaur" -- Ironically, it starred Larua Dern's mother, Diane Ladd. (From: jurassiraptor)
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    #Date of last post..
    JP for the Game Boy.Panos13 10/16/2006 10:35:03 AM
    By: dark hunte..
    CUBS!nik10 10/12/2006 11:39:01 PM
    By: Troodontid
    Your Chibi-Anime Self.Maester15 10/5/2006 8:44:48 PM
    By: pfcGentry
    going portablePanos6 10/1/2006 11:25:14 PM
    By: shmoogo
    .::.nik13 8/23/2006 9:15:08 AM
    By: Maester
    age of empiresstormenator..1 8/11/2006 7:41:34 PM
    By: Smith
    Carnosaur,did you find it scary?Dino whacke..2 8/7/2006 11:07:36 PM
    By: Panos
    ahahaha Nintendo WIIDan9 7/22/2006 2:04:02 AM
    By: Smith
    TWMB - R1 - Evil Cult vs You got ServedSeth Rex13 6/5/2006 8:10:56 PM
    By: Seth Rex
    JP for Sega Mega Drive/Genesisemanresu0011 5/28/2006 12:32:03 PM
    By: Panos
    Uwe Boll: The Gamethe_westona..34 5/20/2006 4:11:40 PM
    By: RaptorVinn..
    Eva Longoriaspyder11 4/23/2006 7:58:20 AM
    By: DarthMaulS..
    Best JP/Dino related games console is...emanresu0012 4/4/2006 10:26:21 AM
    By: Jackle
    *Adventure* Kill All VampiresAragorn11 3/31/2006 8:59:20 PM
    By: jp3 girl
    Destroy Dan's here...MartinRandl..2 2/19/2006 6:38:39 PM
    By: hunter2.0
    Jurassic Park ExtinctionpfcGentry11 1/24/2006 1:34:45 PM
    By: pfcGentry
    (Adventure) When Aliens Attack DetroitDino-Snore30 1/16/2006 12:58:01 PM
    By: Troodontid
    360: Core or systemReddog20023 1/13/2006 5:41:21 PM
    By: Smith
    SW Battlefront II Impressions aynone?DarthMaulSi..9 12/21/2005 6:52:31 PM
    By: DarthMaulS..
    EA Games, f**K you!!!DarthMaulSi..10 12/4/2005 6:55:31 PM
    By: DarthMaulS..
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