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    Sam Neill was considered by the James Bond production team to play 007 in 1987 and 1995, but the role was eventually filled by other actors.
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    Escape from Miami- Chapter 6: Downtown Nightmare
    By My Name is Earl

    Deportation Center
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    “Where is Plissken now?" asked the president anxiously as he stood in the main control room drinking a cup of coffee, hands shaking nervously. The room was filled with monitors and computers of all shapes and sizes. “His last reported location was Dolphin Stadium about 45 minutes ago.” said Mallory. “So what does that mean?” asked the president. “He broke his locater about 40 minutes ago.” said Mallory. The president stood there staring at Mallory. “You know Mallory, you’re not as good as your cousin Malloy.” said the president with a smirk.

    Miami Island
    Downtown Miami

    Snake and Ann had reached an area of downtown Miami called by the locals “Satan’s Mouth”. As they drove into there, they could her bloodcurdling screams and mysterious figures walking through the shadows. Suddenly, a man with a knife jumped onto the hood of the car. Snake pulled out his gun and shot through the front glass. The man fell off. Ann began driving faster. More men with knives began running up the side of the car. “Who are they?” yelled Snake to Ann. “ Cannibals.” said Ann. Ann pulled a pipe bomb out of the glove box and put the flame over the wick with her cigarette lighter. She instructed Snake to roll down the window as she threw the pipe bomb out.
    A huge explosion rocked the car, killing four of the five cannibals. The fifth cannibal ran into the shadows letting out a horrible scream.
    The car was now doing about 65 mph as the reached the end of “Satan’s Mouth”. “No luck here.” said Ann. Snake sat there thinking of where Missy could be. “We could ask my friend Tom. He knows these streets like the back of his hand.” said Ann. "Where is he at?" asked Snake. “Some old movie theater.” said Ann. “Take me to him… now.” demanded Snake.

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